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Engaging You Throughout The Design & Development Process...
Increases Visibility & Enhances The Final Product

Understanding You & Your Business Need

At Websites has become common needs for businesses not only to showcase their products or services but also involve the customers with their business processes in order to educate the customers on your service offerings and building the strong customer relationship for the Brand building, gaining new customers, and retaining existing customers. When it comes to Website design and development either for Small Business or Large Enterprise; it is very important that we understand the approach involved to address the entire website or application development life cycle process

Before we start gathering actual website architecture and design related requirements, we spend extra time analyzing your business process, and your company positioning. We go one step back and identify your need of the Website, your audience types, your competitors, and most importantly your customers. Improving customer relationship maintenance by providing them user friendly and easy to browse navigations on your Customer Portal is our goal. We analyze and determine the scope of the project, and then draw out the project planning and implementation schedules. This gives you the better visibility on the timeframe and project management areas.

We are ‘Agile’: What is it?

We are not just a typical web design and development company;we are in IT consulting firm specializing in Cloud Computing using ‘Salesforce.com’ CRM solutions, Mobile Apps Development, and Web Apps development areas. We understand the importance of the ‘process’ involved in development of a new project. The project could be large or small; does not matter to us as we follow the same process throughout the project development life cycle. We have been working on both the Waterfall and Agile application development models. In simple words ‘Agile’ model is customer driven process focusing on delivering features with iterative approach providing teams short term goals. Its ‘User Stories’ approach not only helps the team to identify the requirements but also related business outcome defining acceptance criteria.

Quick Catchy Benefits:

  • Risk Reduction
  • Speed to market by controlling your releases.
  • Better Quality Control
  • Customer’s Visibility by active participation
  • Improved Cost Control
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Right Product; by improved Gap Analysis
  • High Team Morale

Understanding Requirements

Once the project scope is clear to us, we start capturing User Stories from both business users as well as end customers. User stories not only provide us the actual requirements but also the related acceptance criteria. This helps us to better understand your website needs and drives the testing once the site/application is developed. We identify the team members both from your team and our team, and draw a road map to conduct and facilitate these meetings and future project schedules. We use different tools to make requirement session interactive and meaningful using –, Use Cases, Process-Flow Charts, and Functionality Diagram.

Design Sessions

Once our User Stories are finalized, and project schedule is ready; we start design sessions in parallel and do the regular demos with the customer to ensure there is no ‘Gap’. For the visual representation you get meaningful and easy to understand ‘Wireframes’ and ‘Mock-ups’ which will give a future feel of the website/application and its uses. With regular reviews and approval processes we will improve the final designs , and once a design is selected we start building it. Since we follow agile; you are always involved as the ‘Product Owner’ and get better visibility on the entire project development progress. We use all the advanced technology platforms based on your need to build your site including - WordPress, Drupal, Php, CMS, HTML, CSS, DotNet, and Java etc.

Development & Testing

Once we have our design prototype ready; the real website/application building gets started. Our software professionals utilize the best practices of coding and testing to build the site. We ensure that all the SEO guidelines are followed throughout this process. As the development proceeds, as a customer you get equal visibility and technical knowledge on different components used. Our testers in parallel perform the functional and system testing. Our quality team ensures the usability of each and every feature present on the site by regression testing. All the website ‘Content’ goes through proof reading process with both of our team members to ensure the good quality, proper color fonts, and readability of the content.

Support & Maintenance

Once the site is launched, we stand by to monitor the performance and in case of any problems which may occur. Our programmers are expert to address any such issues on time. We are always open to take more work from you and help you to enhance the existing website by adding more functionality, and content, new product or service offerings related pages. If you use CMS; we educate you how to manage the Content by yourself. Most of our clients are happy with our service offerings and the way we work with them. Finally it’s all about building the business relationships and helping your firm to make your brand visibility better, and reaching new customers.

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