Email Marketing – Connect Directly with the Brand Audience

 18 Jan, 2017

When we send an email to the group of people for the commercial purpose then this process is known as Email Marketing. Using email marketing, we try to educate the targeted audience about the best deals, discount offers, business related services as well as products, and lots more. The main purpose of every promotional activity is to ensure huge amount of profitability as well as ROI simply by educating them through the electronic medium best known as Email.

Types of Email Marketing

Types of Email Marketing

Direct Email

This is the type of email marketing where a promotional email is sent to the group of existing customers. For example, a catalog is sent to the group of people and it consists products information, special deals, discount offers, and lots more. In direct email, we have a list of email addresses of existing customers and using this list, we have sent a direct email which spreads the awareness of business and its related services.

Transactional Email

Transaction emails are those which are sent to the customers if they perform any action over our business website. Additionally, if customer agrees to receive emails from the company only then the communication can start between both the parties. Some of the examples of transactional emails are forget password, reset contact information such as email address, order confirmation emails, order delivery emails, notification emails, order cancellation emails, and more.

After understanding the email marketing and its types, let’s discuss the benefits of using email marketing in the era of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Overwhelm the Importance of Email Marketing

Today, era is moving fast due to new inventions and discoveries in the field of web development as well as marketing. Now, marketing becomes digital due to the utilization of digital channels mainly Internet. Digital marketing is also known as Internet or Online marketing where our only target is to ensure huge amount of quality web traffic for our business. Huge web traffic is the only source of higher profitability and ROI for a business. Digital marketing overwhelms the importance of email marketing where we send an email to the group of existing customers and directly interact with them.

On the other hand, digital marketing is comparatively a widen term then email marketing. In digital marketing, we promote our business world widely and try to gain the attention of large number of audience. If we compare digital marketing with email marketing, then we realize that digital marketing has the capability to maximize the business profitability and return on investment.

Benefits of Using Email Marketing

Benefits of Using Email Marketing

  • Not require special knowledge to send a commercial email to the group of people
  • Easily track the processing of email marketing and its return
  • Cost effective solution as compare to other form of marketing
  • Direct way to easily and quickly interact with targeted audience

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