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Today, more and more people are using mobile devices for internet purposes, and are increasingly finding solutions over Internet using mobile devices as laptops and desktops are now a thing of the past. Thus, having a mobile friendly website has become an essential need for every business.

We currently live in an era which is ruled by smartphones. The market is filled with new mobile devices being launched everyday and this has made the access to Internet easier than ever before. With this being said, the day isn?t far when Internet users through smartphones will outnumber the laptop and desktop users. Keeping this in mind, businesses all over the world are importing their offerings on the mobile platform in the form of specially designed mobile websites in order to cover as much audience as possible.

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Wondering why visitors don?t stay on your site for long?

Even though your website is receiving the kind of traffic you expected, you still hardly get any sales. What exactly is the reason behind that? The reason, perhaps is, your visitors leave your site within 5 seconds.

There are many reasons why visitors don?t stay at your website, especially on a mobile platform. The user access Internet through that tiny piece of device to gain information and if the site doesn?t appear simple with all the relevant information accessible easily, user tend to visit the next one in no time. With JanBask mobile web designing services, your mobile website is designed keeping this factor in mind. The experts here have immense knowledge about mobile devices and operating systems and create a website that can be browsed easily without the need of zooming and scrolling. We make sure to showcase only the information required by visitors, hence, allowing the website visitors to stay longer in your website.

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Take your business to the next level by targeting users on mobile devices

As mentioned above, mobile users leave your website due to barriers such as slow loading, unreadable texts and regular zooming in and out issues. In short, you are missing the opportunity of potential sales on a large platform.

JanBask mobile web designing services offers the solution to all the above mentioned issues accurately by deeply analyzing the businesses offering and its target audience. They create a user friendly mobile website that adapts depending on the screen resolution it is being viewed. Proper font size and shape would be filled so that your customers don?t require all the zooming and scrolling which leads to spending the valuable time of your customers. And with effective use of search engine optimization, your website will be ranked higher on search results allowing more visibility. The latest statistics also show that mobile users tend to buy more often than desktop users. This is because your customers mainly visit your website through mobile to find relevant information and buying products.

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Why does your business require responsive mobile web design service?

The number of smartphone users has been increasing rapidly and if we compare the numbers from 2010, the rise of mobile Internet users is a whopping 60 times! This means a significant number of Internet users are using smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to access your business and if your website loads slowly, it could affect your overall sales.

All this can help your business to have a professional and interactive look that increases customer confidence and thus making them more likely to visit your website again later. A well structured mobile website is essential for your business, and it mainly targets website visitors who are on the go and might be of immense help if you are running businesses such as restaurants, hotels, travels etc.

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Features of a quality mobile web designing

  • Same URL for mobile and desktop website
  • Large geographical target
  • Restraint from duplicate content
  • Fast loading and web browser friendly
  • Compatible with all mobile operating systems such as iPhone, Android, Windows, etc.
  • Integration with mobile analytics tools for maintaining a website
  • Easy social media integration
  • Quick customer support


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