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Put Your Sales Lead Generation on Auto-Pilot with Email Marketing Services

Get Our Email Marketing Automation Services To Shoot Emails To Your Leads Inbox, Not Spam!

Are you losing potential lead generation & conversion because of poorly drafted and undelivered emails? JanBask Digital Design is a lead-focused email marketing agency that can help you brace your sales cycle in a shorter run. Our automated email marketing services are effective at converting the potential sales leads into loyal customers. Ideate, draft and send action-triggering automated mails that compels your target audience to buy your distinguished products & services.

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Why Email Marketing Is Immense For Digital Businesses?

Do you know more than 34% (about 2.5 million) of people use email daily? It’s predicted that in the next 2 years, there will be around 2.8 million email users across the globe. Wondering how email marketing can be an important ingredient for your overall digital marketing efforts. Let’s give you a few reasons why you shouldn’t be ignoring this marketing channel and hiring of direct mail marketing companies:

There is no guesswork in email marketing as its observations are quite measurable. By using Mailchimp email marketing automation software, you can easily count how many people opened the email, which links they clicked, and how many people decided to unlist themselves from the subscribers’ list. In short, it’s easy to assess how your email marketing campaigns are doing in the market.

Emails are the direct source to drive traffic and ultimate sales to the business. An email is a result-oriented recipe that triggers customers to initiate a query or turn into loyal customers. By partnering with the best marketing automation companies, you will experience the conversions in no time.

The best part about emails is that you can draft it as per the personalized need of your different targeted audiences. By doing a clear screening of buyers’ persona, you can address people individually via a personal message. They say “targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue in a business. And emails that hold the recipient's name get 26% chances of being opened”.

If you are a small business owner with a pea-size budget, by focusing on email delivery you can target a large number of people at a negligible cost per message. “85% of US retailers feel that email marketing is one of the best customer acquisition methods today we have.

Social media is all about engaging with the audience & building strong relationships with them. Social platforms do promote conversions of prospects into customers but not as fast as email marketing platforms.

91% of users make use of mobile devices to check their emails”. People have become obsessed with accessing emails via their phones all the time - in the line of Starbucks, at the grocery stores, in the doctor’s waiting room, and everywhere. There you as a business have huge potential to become highly accessible to those potential customers via pulling personalized and craftsy email marketing campaigns.

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Know What All We Offer As A Full Service Email Marketing Agency

We as an email marketing firm offer end-to-end services --- right from designing custom email templates to professional copywriting of email scripts, list management, subscription management, message scheduling, campaign tracking, open and click-through tracking, bounce handling, implementation of analytics reporting & monitoring methods for every email campaign. Let’s walk you around our exceptional services:

Making You Win Big With Leading Marketing Channels

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Why JanBask Digital Design Over Other Email Marketing Companies?

JanBask Digital Design as an email marketing automation service provider hosts you with end to end automated professional marketing efforts that drive growing traffic, sales lead and brand recognition. Want to know why choose us as a direct email marketing firm? Here are the reasons why we are a recognized brand name amongst the top-notch full service email marketing companies.


You Get A Dedicated And Specialized Team Of Solution Accelerators

We will build a team of mobile marketing automation experts that will guide and support you until you don’t get the desired full service email marketing results. We will weave a compact & professional team for your requirements, inclusive of - data analysts, developers, and graphic designers, and email marketing specialists.


You Get Transparent And Communicable Results

We believe in treating your business like our very own. Thus, we make you part of every process by staying transparent & communicable about every action that we take throughout marketing automation implementation services.


We Won’t Charge You What You Didn’t Expect

We work only if it's affordable for your business. We will sit and build custom email marketing packages as per your allocated budget. Email marketing is the most cost-effective marketing method on the planet and along with our streamlined resources and process, the solutions received will be much more affordable & result-oriented.


We Are A Result-Oriented Email Internet Marketing Service

Our agency is more than just a regular email internet marketing service provider. We deliver you the solutions and wait until you see the genuine & visible results. We put great automation in digital marketing efforts to help you fuel your business with profitable results. We won’t move from the picture until you start seeing the actually wanted sales lead, brand reach, and the growing business cycle.


Have Advanced Internet Marketing Automation Led Processes And Tools

We know how fast today’s digital market is, thus, we have hands-on advanced and innovation-seeking internet marketing automation led processes and tools. We host you with advanced automated solutions that help you cut your cost, expand your profits and win the desired marketplace in a shorter run.


Marketing Automation Consulting Services

Looking for marketing automation consulting companies? Here we are. We provide result-centric marketing automation consulting services to help businesses know what, when and how to implement automated marketing solutions. We take an enormous time to understand the business identity and shape an effective marketing plan to meet expected results.

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Tired of searching for professional email advertising companies, email marketing companies in USA or email marketing USA? Our email marketing agency is here to put a stop on all your endless searches. Our opt-in email marketing services are proven in enhancing the business reach, generating and converting sales leads. If you have a business to flourish, then we have our solution architects of email marketing automation services to help you swim towards visible results.

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