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Making healthcare organizations transcend to a new level with waves of diverse, innovative & disrupting technological solutions.

JanBask Digital Design aims at empowering global healthcare organizations & their professionals of all scale & size. With technology products that are future-proof and viable in holistically improving the healthcare industry. We deliver custom software solutions to diverse healthcare connoisseurs, with an intent to help them grasp on smarter ways of accomplishing processes and reach patients or target in the best possible way.

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Digital Healthcare Services & Solutions

Digitize Your Healthcare Business to Take on the Future

The healthcare industry has been uninterruptedly transforming digitally from the past two decades. From local hospitals to clinics to pharmacists to high-level pharmaceutical companies to fitness & nutrition services providers, everyone is shaking hands with digital technologies to harness --- improved processes, reduced costs, faster market research & positioning, enhanced productivity and quality patient care services.

Today’s healthcare landscapes have dramatically changed. Patients records are now stored & shared digitally. Doctors can examine & treat their patients virtually. It’s getting easy to diagnose diseases, reasons behind it and prepare a preventive treatment plan for it, from remote locations.

It’s a deadlift when one has to juggle between delivering well-timed medical assistance or care to patients, cutting operational costs and optimizing the clinical management. To wipe out that juggle, we develop & deliver multi-faceted digital technology run products to let healthcare providers find the perfect balance between their internal processes and quality services.

At JanBask Digital Design, we aim at delivering problem-solving technology solutions to a variety of healthcare professionals & organizations, with which they could improve patient care quality & streamline internal routine tasks. Our developed software products are for all small to medium to high healthcare businesses. From healthcare website design & healthcare website development to developing different OS supporting mobile and other handheld devices applications, we can be your lifelong IT partner to strengthen your technology infrastructure.

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Helping Every Player of Health Sector Innovate With Digitalization

As an experienced healthcare software development company, we extend services to every player of the healthcare industry be it --- patient care or health & fitness services startups, high-level healthcare providers, payers & insurance providers, pharma companies or local pharmacy, medical research centers or government & public health services providers

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Reasons Why Digitizing Healthcare Services is a Must Today

You serve better quality care services to your patients when the flow of information is delivered seamlessly to them at their comfort over digital networks. When you deliver your services with the help of technology software products like enterprise-level content management systems, desktop applications, websites (internal server-based or SaaS-based), mobile applications and other feature specific custom applications/software ---- you achieve fast, cost optimum and quality-led workflow and deliverables to end-users.

    By transitioning into digital business, you will achieve:

  • Reducing costs: With these distributed systems you can automate your redundant & time-consuming tasks like paperwork or other information delivery, which will help you & your patient save on a lot of costs.
  • Diagnosis & treatment will be faster: When the required information is circulated via fast-paced technology products, the diagnosis and treatment will be much faster.d
  • Smooth coordination between caregivers and the patients: When patients & caregivers will be able to reach out to each other faster & better, the coordination between giving & receiving care services will be much smoother.
  • Patient care quality will significantly enhance: When caregivers will have quick access to their patients’ records, documents or so, they will have enough time to prepare a quality care service plan for their patients.

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Our Healthcare Software Development Services

Tailor-Made Healthcare Software Products

We provide a complete end-to-end software engineering process --- right from ideating to planning to prototyping to healthcare website design to healthcare website development to deployment to add-on development to further maintenance. Every software usability & role is in compliance with the national or international healthcare industry standards.

With us, you can have your diverse technology products requirements fulfilled, be it - CMS, CRM, websites, mobile applications or other custom-made feature-specific software.

Our solutions are aimed at delivering the following benefits to the partnering client:

  • Optimized and well-managed care services
  • Detection and eradication of unnecessary expenses
  • Fraud & theft prevention
  • Minimized wastage of resources & medical errors
  • Increased revenue generation & fastest profitability
  • Great compliance with health industry standards
  • Smooth & fast information delivery & interoperability

Website or Software Redesigning or Restructuring

To help health businesses preserve on unmatched market reputation and entice large sections of care receivers towards the services, we deliver state-of-the-art website redesigning & revamp services. Transforming old-age websites into the award winning healthcare websites. If your website look & feel has started to horrifying the user experience, come our healthcare website designers will help you land on the best healthcare website design.

Whether you want to reinvent your home care website design or tweak the medicine supply eCommerce platform --- we got you covered in every diverse need.

Powerful third-party integrations

We integrate real-time and innovative API into the health services providers’ distributed system. With powerful and secure third-party API integrations, we aim at helping businesses solidify their decision making, quality caregiving, information delivery, treatment patterns, and costs.

Deploy medical big data & analytics

We take the help of medical big data to process and turn it into a user-friendly, health services-centric, user interface (UI). We infuse data analysis and insights throughout the project development model, in a way where quality care services are elevated, internal business workflow and financial gains of the organizations are improved.

Whether you want to reinvent your home care website design or tweak the medicine supply eCommerce platform --- we got you covered in every diverse need.

Healthcare SEO & marketing services

You don’t have to exclusively lookout for the healthcare SEO companies or healthcare SEO services, as we being one-stop solutions company will help you with healthcare search engine optimization and marketing funnel too. Once done with developing the desired software product, we will help you in marketing that product over digital platforms as well. Our range of optimization strategies are accurate & robust in accelerating any product high in the rankings and smoothly reaching within the target users’ search query.

Whether you need home care SEO or medicines supplying software SEO - we’ll help you get through every kind of search engines visibility concerns.

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Our Healthcare Software Development Stages

Our healthcare applications & software products are prepared by following sequenced development stages. We employ agile methodology to prepare every solution. Our streamlined software development lifecycle let us prepare the software in a given timeline and cost expectations.

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Stage 1 - Product requirement analysis

Here we gather and analyze the user requirements from a concrete level. We prepare workable project management techniques & roadmaps to cover the product development & deployment path. Here we discuss the expectations from the core level, decide the architecture process and the requirement of resources, alongside cost & time window.

Stage 2 - Development of the desired product

Here we employ the best-suited technology-stack, frameworks, and tools to complete the development process. We have the iterative work sequences to get the desired outcomes.

Stage 3 - Compliance of the engineered product with different factors

Here we check the compliance of the product with quality standards, industry standards, privacy standards and more. We calculate the nuances between the prototyped product and the actual outcome to fill in those nuances timely before delivering.

Stage 4 - Quality assurance & deployment of final product

We process the product rigorously through different quality assurance patches to identify the possible bugs and defects, timely. Integrates security solutions to ensure the safety and soundness of the product from all major threats. With approval from the QA team, we deliver the final outcome or product for the client’s disposal.

Stage 5 - Maintenance & support services

To ensure lifelong sustainability and soundness of the product, we extend timely maintenance & technical support services to pre-treat the application from ever lapsing in its lifecycle.

Major Challenges Faced by Healthcare Providers & How We Mitigate Them

Healthcare providers when only operates on the offline fronts, they often experience some strong waves of challenges like:

  • Incremental costs of medical advances
  • High-quality & speedy care demands
  • Safety in information exchange
  • Compliance with industry & regulatory standards
  • Streamlining workflow & internal management
  • Finance and costs tracking
  • Managing IT infrastructure

Healthcare players have a massive role to offer high-quality care services, gauge on accelerating costs of medical advances, minimize the time length between the caregiving and care receiving, and fasten the information interoperability between the patients & clinicians.

Therefore, to help every healthcare player elevate, we create solutions that are robust, intuitive and smart enough to jump past these challenges. We prepare a compact product that takes care of all the roadblocks of the local to high-end healthcare services providers. Our developed products are infused with proactive measures than preventive ones.

Since the inception stage until the delivery phase, we inject proactive measures that are sure-fire in treating the major health business hassles.

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Why Choose Us For the Custom Healthcare Software Development Requirement?

As a one-stop solutions company, we aim at helping healthcare businesses fulfill their basic to diverse requirements under one hood. Since we have enough exposure in developing types of health assistance applications, we can act on any custom health system development requirements.

We won’t host you with regular next door solutions and then add the sulking amount to your cost sheet. We would rather introspect your business problems and end-goals holistically, prepare and deliver you the software solutions that are substantial to help you recuperate from those problems and reach faster towards your end-goals.

We follow a fixed timeline and price window model and determine it at the time of the product requirement analysis stage itself. We don’t levy hidden costs. You will know what you are paying for. No changes in the pricing & deadline until your needs don’t change or upgrade.

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