Manufacturing Software Development

We provide rapid, innovative and latest technology integrated portal solutions for manufacturing companies

At JanBask Digital Design, we architect mission-critical software products that are relevant to the specific needs of the diverse manufacturing businesses. We strive at inventing CMS websites and mobile solutions that are customized, problem-solving and pure state-of-the-art for the industry.

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Innovating & digitizing manufacturing businesses with customized web based CMS

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Manufacturers or manufacturing companies have full potential of maximizing efficiency and winning the competitive edge by investing smartly in the custom made technology products. Nowadays, relying only on offline porch is not much gainful when every client & contemporary out there is whirling in the digital space. And as business tasks are multiplying, following outdated, redundant, manual procedures are no more substantial, especially when the market is evolving at a mushroom speed. To cover the market faster & rightly, manufacturers need to unfold themselves towards automated & real-time products that could help in streamlining their process.

Whether you want to build a digital portfolio, automate the business process, improve the enterprise asset management or transparent supply chain management, JanBask Digital Design can help you build a unified product that’s capable of fulfilling all your diverse needs.

How custom software development can help the manufacturing industry?

Manufacturing businesses are unfolding towards the great need for custom software in their every aspect of doing business. Right from designing to implementation, production, shipping, employee management, invoicing, customer demand, customer relationship management (CRM).

With real-time, tailor-made and automated software, manufacturing businesses can easily enlarge upon accelerating productivity and enjoy faster market reach.

Effective monitoring of processes & machinery

A custom software specially designed for process flow and machinery can help in tracking the minutest of machinery & process flow. Such software will help in pre-identifying problems & rectify them before the onset of major problems.

Portfolio to attract potential business partners

A stellar and well-functioning manufacturing web design and development can help in contributing to the online portfolio for such companies. With best manufacturing websites, a company of any scale and size can attract the potential base and profits without requiring to playing that hard. We extend the top-notch manufacturing website design that turns into top manufacturing websites.

Software powered by business intelligence

We create every custom software or website design for manufacturing companies with an infusion of advanced IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning to result in a business intelligence led product. Where manufacturing peers can easily collect data or insights to run every pulse of their organization. We create solutions that can help you fine-tune your inventory, supply chain, employee management, and other important tasks or functions.

With our custom software solutions or web design for manufacturing companies, we aim at helping manufacturing leaders find the perfect balance between decision making, process, cost & time efficiencies, and customer demand.

Smooth customer relationship management (CRM)

A custom CRM software solution can help in figure out real-time process errors to ensure every produced product is of high-quality. In addition, it offers demand forecasting to shorten the nuances & gap between product concept phase and market delivery. A well-functioning CRM software can help in establishing a smart & automated supply chain, processes, inventory management, warehousing, and delivery.

We produce a tailor-made and real-time CRM software that’s best at achieving better client and process handling with reducing errors and faster responses.

Optimizes the production & its related processes

A custom software can help in optimizing the business processes in a more systematic & time-efficient manner. The custom software that we create helps businesses achieve the right mix of resources and production needs.

CMS solutions for Manufacturing Industry

Services that JanBask Digital Design delivers to manufacturing businesses

We build scalable, interactive and secure software solutions that drives innovation and accelerates your business in the tech world. Whether you need a full-stack custom technology application solution or third-party software solutions, we will nurture your every need.

We create exceptional & best manufacturing website design that is adept in streamlining businesses virtual presence & processes.

Want to be a part of the top 10 manufacturing websites? Send in your dreamed manufacturing website examples and we will deploy our finest resources, tools & methods to help you transition those examples into way better & unique looking designs.

How our full-cycle manufacturing software development work?

We follow a streamlined and systematic approach to develop and deliver any software product of the manufacturing industry. Our product development lifecycle is workable, flexible and result-oriented. Each stage is cautiously performed and checked to proceed on the next step of the cycle. By following the agile methodology and collaborating the resources & technology stack rightly, we commence in the following structure:

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Stage 1 - Product requirement analysis & estimation stage

  • We start by carefully consulting on the product idea or requirement. Further, assess all the factors required to develop that product.
  • Does a market analysis and research to check whether such a product idea or requirement is feasible to adopt or not. Identifying does it have scope to become innovative and unique than the products of contemporaries.
  • Cement an actual estimation on the timeline and the budget window required to finish that product.

Stage 2 - Identifying & building an effective roadmap

After analyzing, consulting and feasibility study stage, we formulate a contract, identify the development architecture, set up the custom software & best manufacturing website design, decide the technology stack, and distribute the tasks into different and well-guided sprints.

Stage 3 - Development & Quality assurance check

We develop the product taking all the decided sprints, technology stack, manufacturing web design, architecture process in the play. After developing the product, we place the product through multiple quality assurance checks and testing methods. And then delivers the end product to the clients right after ensuring its quality, security, and soundness.

Stage 4 - Software support and maintenance

We extend quality support and maintenance services for the software product to ensure its lifelong soundness and viability in the tech-run world. Our team does the new feature implementation, backups, new technology & security upgrades, new software version implementation, server management, and other requisite enhancement tasks.

Manufacturing Software Solutions

Challenges in the manufacturing industry and how we mitigate them

Where every industry is embodied with certain non-affecting to aggravating challenges, the manufacturing industry is no exception. The industry is posed with an array of challenges which not treated timely can eat at your business profits, productive outcomes, and suitable customer reach. These are the common challenges that such an industry normally faces, alongside how we mitigate those challenges with our digital solutions.

Challenge 1 - The time-to-market of the manufactured product is very high.

How we tackle?
Our developed web and application solutions are smart, intuitive and intelligent enough to compile the raw data into a meaningful path where information processing & delivery is faster --- which easily helps in reducing the time-to-market of the product.

Challenge 2 - Missing synchronization between teammates, customers and deployed technology & resources.

How we tackle?
The websites, mobile applications, and other custom software products we develop and deliver are adept in synchronizing the team, customers and various resources at play under one hood, in a way where --- tasks become smooth, the workflow is well-managed, productivity increases, revenue generation is massive, costs are depleting and all activities are working under manageable timeline.

Challenge 3 - Decreasing business opportunities due to lack of trust & interest within the target audience.

How we tackle?
Every digital product or software application we produce is backed by a rigorous market analysis & research. Alongside, various feasibility studies are done to decide on how the product can be turned as unique and innovative than the contemporaries for the target market.

Thereby, every manufacturing website design, or mobile application development or custom software development requirement we proceed with is ---- visually appealing, well-functioning, intuitive, creative, robust, unique, selling and actionable in piquing the interest of the target market effortlessly.

Why JanBask Digital Design for the manufacturing industry software development requirement?

We have sound experience in engineering customized software for the manufacturing hubs. We are fluent in designing and developing complete end-to-end software systems for the factories of production units, software systems that are easy to configure, use and scale high as per the industrial level.

In the era of incrementing security attacks, cybercrimes, and sudden malfunctioning, we offer software solutions that are robust, hack-proof and secure in all terms. We deliver products that are in compliance with the security, industry and technology standards.

We know how exactly manufacturing industry act or function. We have connoisseurs as business analysts and project developers from such industry. Since we are familiar with the industry type, we are adept at curating industrial manufacturing website design to any custom software applications.


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Send in your favorite manufacturing website examples or other custom software requirement and we will put all of our energy and resources at the field, to flourish you with solutions that are unique and extraordinary than those shared examples.

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