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JanBask Digital Design helps you to create goal-driven Social-Media messaging and campaigns. Our Social media marketing services are designed based on industry best-practices which focuses on increasing your brand reach while delivering better visual experiences and making your lead nurture cycles shorter.

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Social Media Marketing

Win your Demographic with optimized social media campaigns

Let us redefine your brand strategy by creating awesome social media plan to hit your audience with the correct message, appropriate content and at the right time.. A well drafted social media marketing plan and the perfect execution can boost your conversion rates. JanBask Digital Design will help you gain more traffic and lead generation through its out of the box Social Media Marketing Strategies.


If you are considering taking your marketing experience to a whole new level, then you need a partner that can guide you throughout this journey of yours.

  • We create target-driven strategies to help you get closer to your targets in no time. We do rigorous market research to ensure we have nothing but the lead generating content of your brand on your social media pages.
  • The trending SEO practices are given due importance before we go live on your social media marketing campaign execution
  • You will witness increased conversations on social media websites along with improved visibility in the search engines that help to enhance your brand awareness and ultimately drive traffic towards your website.
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    It is the right time for you to consider social media as an extension of your customer service. Social media is a place where your reputation can be enhanced and promoted. However, being a premier company in the domain, we understand the difficulties of this space. We work towards helping you to stay on top of social media aspects while you can be busy with your business-related activities. Your social media strategy would be taken care of by us, and thus you could stay up to date with the latest strategies, trends, tools, and platforms.

    Social Media has now emerged as the most valuable converting channel! Are you Game?

    Have your products or services doing the rounds on social media. Be visible to your target audience at all possible social media platforms to provide them with a better and more connected digital purchase experience.


    You need to ensure that your customers and clients are heard properly, and you value the opinions they express.


    Once you have a good social media presence, you will have to ensure better conversations to keep the online reputation going forward with the same momentum.


    Partner with us for all your social media marketing services and engage your audience, nurture them while serving your existing clientele as well.

    Education Web Developemnt

    Develop A Web Design That Helps Learning And Saves Time And Money

    The website designing team or the website revamping team should take care of the fact that in the end, you are an education icon. On one hand, your website should depict your brand value, on the other hand, it should also take care of the fact that education sector is not just about business, it is about imparting knowledge.


    Customer-focused Approach –

    We create neat and focussed experiences to ensure positive growth in traffic and proactive engagement to establish a brand that you desire.


    Conversion-oriented Processes –

    Adding engaging design efforts and effective goal-oriented process approach to the above approach, we create experiences that drive conversions.



    We help you to drive a target-oriented content management system to blend the highlights of your products and services


    Third-party Plugins Integration -

    We try to get you all the help possible by customizing support solutions for all the third-party plug-in integrations


    Conversion Rate Optimization -

    Locate, nurture and convert your leads with the help of our tested and optimized social media campaigns.

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    How Social Media Marketing Process work for you?

    The main objective of a social media marketing process should be to ensure that you get the desired social media reach and conversions that has been intelligently designed to achieve your business goals.

    A comprehensive social media strategy should be designed along with a project plan that demonstrates the deliverables along with measurable business goals. Profile Strategy that comprises of a document actionable plan for optimizing profiles throughout the networks. Engagement Strategy for introducing rules that helps you to engage with users inside and outside of the social community of the client. Evaluate the performance of the social media marketing campaign by delivering measurable short and long-term goals. Based on the social media network and profiles, a content strategy is created that helps post the content based on social media network as well as profiles.


    Ignoring the importance of social media audiences is the most common mistake brands make as they perceive that it is not the actual opinion of all of the users. However, it does reflect the customer preferences as social networking has become the most popular online activity other than the email.


    You can never expect instant results from social media marketing. If you think that is possible, it is actually impractical. Social media marketing takes time, and it requires patience from your side as you will have to find the right people, connect with them, share and thereby build and grow slowly rather than expecting instant results.


    It is not necessary that all social networking websites can be of help for your business. At times, YouTube marketing can prove to be more effective than the marketing campaigns on Twitter. You need to see which social media channel you need to be running your campaign based on the specific goals you wish to achieve.

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