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The aim of nonprofit organizations (NPOs) is to bring positive change in society by bridging the gaps between the donors and the individuals in need. At JanBask Digital Design, we understand the connotations behind the working of your NPO. Thus, we support you in making your efforts recognized in the world --- by developing and deploying attractive nonprofit website design solutions.

With our non-profit website design solutions, we help noble organizations to gain extreme support from potential donors, gain visibility on digital platforms and form a huge donor base in the shorter run. From healthcare causes to education, disaster, sanitation, microfinancing, relief, environment, we extend web design solutions to every NPO category.

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What are Non-Profit Organizations And What Purpose They Serve In Society?

Every non-profit organization works in favor of public interests and benefits, with exemption to pay the taxes. People have this misconception that NPOs don’t earn their profits - which is incorrect, they do earn profits but not to harvest their personal income. They earn profit to contribute to the social benefits related to education, religion, scientific, charitable and other community welfare induced causes. Anything related to local churches, homeless shelters, labor unions, soup kitchens, universities, museums, hospitals, water supply and more - is a part of non-profit.

Every small to large NPO has the following 5 characteristics:

  • Organized
  • Voluntarily run
  • Self-governing
  • Rational in profit distribution
  • Noble

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What is the purpose of Nonprofits?

  • The purpose of non-profits is to conjoin the society and its people to achieve timely goals & help society from all spheres. They unite and collectively invite the funds to help the society resurrect from ill-situations, which could be poor sanitation, lack of education, lack of basic amenities within the poor & more.
  • Every action or step an NPO takes or plan to take is measurable. For example, if an NPO decides, in a year, they will support 400 homeless to get home and basic amenities, this action plan is quite measurable and can be calculated easily at the end of the year.
  • The functions of Non-profits is to contribute to the charity or social welfare services, supporting religious practices and help in improving the trade, research, and education sector of the society.
  • Thus, to amplify the purpose, functions, and voices of the dedicated NPOs to the world, we as nonprofit web design company introduce them with the best non-profit website design examples and best practices. Just send in your preferred charity website design example, and we will burn the midnight oil to create designs that are extraordinary than that shared example.

Digital Transformation Solutions: Non-Profit Website Design Services

The Nonprofit business landscape has evolved over the years. Earlier phone calls or mailings were enough to hook the interest of the donors. But now things have changed. NPOs need to step out from their offline setting and make full potential use of digital assets as most of the donors are active online.

The smart ones are already making full utilization of website development and digital marketing solutions. Why? Because online marketing & presence is less time & money consuming than traditional methods. With a well-defined website and marketing efforts, you can easily collect donations, increase awareness about your setup and tame the interests of new donors easily.

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Here is what a responsive and optimized website can do for your NPO:

Expand the database of potential donors

A responsive and custom website will give you a collective database of new donors or people who are moved by your cause via information from contact forms. Which will come handy when you will have a requirement to fill seats for any event or donation drive.

You will have a wider reach

Here, we employ advanced technology-stack, frameworks, tools, content management systems and languages to prepare a competitive web and app.

Can keep the existing and new donors engaged

Owning a website will help in engaging the existing or new donors throughout life. This will make your task of inviting people for donation drive or social events easier.

Harmonious relationship building with volunteers

Nonprofit websites are the perfect way to build a strong relationship with the volunteers and other people associated with the cause as with a website they can easily reach out to you whenever needed.

Reflect your story in your own way

The best part about planning to own a nonprofit website is - you can custom create it from scratch. We as the best nonprofit web design company, ask for your story, ideas, stories, visual layers to create your custom solution.

Digital Transformation Solutions: Non-Profit Website Design Services

Create a custom non for profit website design that gives you constituent outreach!

Website designing and development for nonprofits require elements that are unique and could hold the attention of the target audience. Website hierarchy should be such, where readers or visitors feel tempted to help and support in the social cause, in some way or another. Moreover, there should be a clear and loud message pressed inside every element or content of the NPO website, that persuades the user to invest in your social move.

JanBask Digital Design plans, strategize and design a website that’s hosted with powerful CTAs, visual hierarchy and convincing storytelling to enhance the UX of the site users. We as a nonprofit website design company, design a charity website that’s sensitive to social causes and gives great scope to user-engagement in every section of the website.

Nonprofit Web Design Services we offer:

  • Responsive NPO Website Designing and Development
  • Custom Web Application Designing and Development
  • Customized Web Theme Designing and Development
  • Custom and Functional Content Management Systems Designing And Development
  • Website Redesigning and Rebuilding Services
  • Non Profit Logo Design Website Development

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Stages Of Creating An Exemplary Nonprofit Website Design

We as one of the best charity website design company, understand the exact motives behind the running of your non-profit organization and which is why, we follow consistent, agile and unique project handling procedures to treat your best nonprofit web design requirements, right from ideation stage until the final roll out of the website. Here is a complete process we follow to deliver the best nonprofit website design solutions. Take a stroll…

Behind every great NPO website, lies exhaustive researching and planning for the UX. Thereby, we incorporate plenty of time to first map out your organization's end-goals. Further, we figure out the elements that could induce your visitors to stay by identifying a roadmap to effective CTAs, navigation and visual interpretation. Laterwards, by inspecting the audience’s taste, we plan for a content strategy that’s fresh, compelling and emotional in evoking the interest of the target audience.

Once done with preparing the website’s mock-ups, we bring your website into full-fledged functionality by weaving those mock-ups into a robust codebase. We use open-source content management systems like WordPress and more, with the addition of custom plugins and extensions to increase the functionality and capability of your website.

We perform robust testing throughout the NPO website designing and development, but to deliver you a bug-free and performance-oriented website solution, we let your website pass through a rigorous quality assurance process via our automated testing professionals. We leverage the use of best testing methods to give you a hack-proof, error-free and smooth running website.

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Challenges Faced By Nonprofits And How We Address Them With Our Digital Transformation Solutions

Running a nonprofit business is not at all an easy process. Head-to-toe, it is embossed with tough challenges. But we as a team of solution accelerators help every nonprofit jump past these challenges by deploying workable and proven digital solutions of website designing and development. Let’s understand what are the few challenges in front of NPOs and how we mitigate them with our digital transformation solutions.

  • Lack of access to people who could be interested in contributing to fundraising for social events.
  • Lack of broad awareness about the NPO within the probable donors.
  • Difficulty in operating only in the offline set up as people are almost online.

How do we help you drive past these challenges with our digital solutions?

At JanBask Digital Design, we have subject-matter expertise on how non-profits function in society. And, we are very well familiar with the challenges these organizations face in day-to-day life. To treat their challenges, we extend them custom and engaging website solutions that are adequate in treating their everyday challenges. The solutions we deliver are actionable at driving your brand awareness and adding a large public base to support the cause.

Why JanBask Digital Design For Best Non-Profit Organization Website Design?

We understand how painstaking it is to run a non-profit venture. To support and help society become a better place for everyone to live, we contribute to socially beneficial motives by building useful website design for charity organizations. Wondering how we could be the best choice for free charity website design? Let’s count the perks you will get after hiring us amongst other nonprofit web design firms. Ready? Have a look.

Timeline oriented

We understand the notions behind running a nonprofit business, the obligation of uniting people for a common cause to help the society. Thereby, we employ our unique project handling techniques and knowledge, to deploy the desired website solutions on time. With our timely delivered solutions, we aim to empower your business faster.

Solutions for diversified NPOs

Whether you need a charity water website design or want to design a website for the charity of other causes, we will help you push through every requirement. We have web solutions matching to every NPO kind - be it for basic sanitation, shelters for homeless, education, donation or any other. Our team of data-driven solution accelerators knows how to fulfil your expectation of the best website design for charity right from ideation until the final website roll-out.

Set a budget that you love

We know how a limited budget NPOs run, thus, we won’t settle you with solutions that are taxing to your budget. We have pricing plans that are affordable to your pocket. If our custom made plans don’t stand out affordable to your pocket, don’t worry, we will trim the plans further as per your convenience.

Caddy full of experienced professionals

While making your custom website solutions, we involve a complete team to proceed with your requirements. We involve our data-driven analysts, web designers, developers, QA team, copywriters, marketing team to fuel your project with the right resources under one hood.


Since we understand the real ambition behind running non-profits, we won’t settle by just delivering you our prepared solutions. We will wait, watch and ensure that our deployed solutions are doing good to you or not. If the web solutions don’t bring in the desired results, we will pull our sleeves and tweak the results until you don’t get impressionable results.

Great Compliance With Security Standards

Our every web solution is prepared to keep the data integrity and safety in mind. Every web solution as energy websites we create for your utility business is compressed with effective safety and security standards - to ensure that every data exchange is confidential and within the periphery of business and its stakeholders.

We have best non profit website design examples and best practices

Our team involves the best charity website design inspiration sources in the frame to design an exemplary product. We work around trending nonprofit website design tips. We believe in moving along the dynamic trends, thus, every solution we prepare is symbolic of today’s taste and preferences. Send in your favorite nonprofit website design examples, and we with our creativity will turn those shared examples into live solutions.


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Often searching for non-profit web design Toronto or web design for charities UK, stop your searches right there. We are global web solutions enablers who can help you push through every requirement. Our team of creatives prepares engaging, problem-solving and empathetic website design for nonprofit organizations - to help them meet their fundraising and brand-building goals.

Let’s together lookup for the best charity website design inspiration over a cup of coffee and start building your end-to-end custom website solutions.

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