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Become an Industry Leader through Customized Digital Solutions

You will have a roadmap to your online success defined by our digital strategy and the campaign created by us for your brand is creative. We create and launch a compelling brand by telling your story and generate brand awareness among your prospects for building a long lasting customer loyalty.

1. Consulting & Business Analysis
The present digital and industry trends would be taken in to consideration through competitive analysis and audience research prior to creating a roadmap for your business growth.

2. User Experience & Architecture
Just as building a new home is impossible without a roadmap, same is with websites too. Our designers and user experience designers create the design for your high-performance websites with the help of sitemaps, wireframes as well as user-flows.

3. Brand Identity
Whether you are a new brand or an existing brand, you will get a refreshing website and effective strategic platforms that sets you apart in your category with a unique brand story that makes your business future ready.

4. Strategy for your brand campaign
Creativity can do wonders for your business and that is exactly what JanBask will do for you. We implement creative efforts in areas such as advertising, media, marketing and online coordination.

5. Content Management
Content is the only way through which you can express your brand tone and brand messaging. Engaging content would be generated for your audience in websites, advertising, PR, emails and social media etc.

Creative Website Design to Give Your Business a Unique Online Identity

Bringing your dreams in to reality by working on the design aspects for your websites, videos, copywriting and campaigns by creating a brand story that attract your customers towards your brand.

You only have a few seconds to get attention of website visitors visiting your website. If your website design is not impressive, then it’s going to be a lost opportunity. Website design services such as E-commerce design, responsive web design, mobile website design, dynamic and static website design along with logo design and branding remains our specializations for you.

Responsive Website Design

Get yourself equipped with a highly optimized responsive website as we want your website to offer seamless experience for all the website visitors browsing your website from different devices of different screen sizes. Responsive web design is extremely necessary for every business in order to become successful. If your website does not get the traffic you expected, there isn’t any point of having it. A creative looking and responsive website will help you in achieving greater visibility and profit.

E-Commerce Website Design

You can attract greater traffic and enhanced conversion rate through specialized e-commerce web design solutions from us. More customers are relying on online e-commerce stores for making convenient purchases rather than moving to a physical store for making their purchases that can be time consuming. Make your e-commerce store unique and dynamic with attractive shopping cart, filter options and shipping options etc with our custom e-commerce web design services.

Custom Web design Services

Trying hard to gain customer attraction towards your website? Why not try custom web design services? When it comes to starting an online business, the most difficult phase starts from the very beginning, which involves drawing more and more customers. In order to be ahead of your potential competitors, you need to maintain a reliable and brilliantly functional website that is able to grab the attention of visitors and help you gain maximum profit which is possible only with the help of custom web design services.

Mobile Website Design

The market is filled with new mobile devices being launched everyday and this has made the access to Internet easier than ever before. With this being said, the day isn’t far when Internet users through smartphones will outnumber the laptop and desktop users. Keeping this in mind, businesses are providing their products and services on the mobile platform in the form of specially designed mobile websites in order to cover as much audience as possible. We Enhance Visibility and Profitability with unique Mobile Web Design Services

Static Web Design

Looking to create a simple looking website with easy navigation and low cost? Maintain a user-friendly website easy to navigate and doesn’t require much effort for upgradation with static web design services. Most companies prefer static website design over the typical design due to its effectiveness and affordability. It is highly recommended for start up businesses as it is quite simple and quick to operate.

Dynamic Web design

Trying hard to gain customer attraction towards your website? Why not try custom web design services? When it comes to starting an online business, the most difficult phase starts from the very beginning, which involves drawing more and more customers. In order to be ahead of your potential competitors, you need to maintain a reliable and brilliantly functional website that is able to grab the attention of visitors and help you gain maximum profit which is possible only with the help of custom web design services.

Website Development Services – Built for Performance

A highly performing website is very much capable to generate more leads and sales for your business and it represents the online identity of your brand. The best practices and cutting edge technology are performed by us in making your website a truly functional and impressive one for your clients and customers. The methodology followed by us has been proven for each of the industries we have served so far.

Your website would be made globally functional and popular among the existing and prospective clients once your necessities are understood properly. A keen approach is followed by us during website development so as to ensure that even a non-technical user can also find it easier to browse your website. You will enjoy a desirable user-interface and user experience with our custom web development services.

Open Source Web Development

Open source web development services has been always on demand owing to its faster turnaround time, affordable and flexible characteristics. Our know-how in Open Source Platform Development includes expertise in WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

Front-End Development

Front-end development can determine how the user sees and interacts with your website directly. Our front-end development assures cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device characteristics so as to provide your website with enhanced performance and accessibility.

Mobile Web Development

Mobile phones have become integral to our lives, there is no way you can prosper your business without having a mobile-compatible website. Get your website mobile-ready by choosing us as your mobile web development services company.

E-commerce Web Development

The success of your e-commerce website relies on how far you are able to attract website visitors towards your online store. Our e-commerce development services include Magento, Volusion, Prestashop, Shopify, Woocommerce, Virtuemart, Bigcommerce, ZenCart and Opencart to name among a few.

Custom Web Development

Some of our custom web development services include Community-Driven Websites, Multi-functional web portals, and Social networking applications, Development of membership or subscription websites, Complex web applications, Complex informational websites and Complex e-commerce websites.

A complete digital marketing solution for your business

If you want to improve your business online, you will have to think out of the box from the traditional way in which you approach things that is of benefit for your business. Digital marketing techniques such as SEO, Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management are the solution we have for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Making websites to appear in the first few positions of results page is not as easy as you think. However your dream of having a high-traffic generating website would be made true by us through enhanced promotion of your website for getting the best possible organic search rankings.

Social Media Marketing
Social networking websites are no longer just a communication platform and has become a platform for brands to create brand awareness and brand reputation among the prospective audiences. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin are now increasingly driving social media advertising for businesses. Computable and genuine results through Social Media Marketing campaigns will be made available to you from expert social media marketing professionals from JanBask.

Give it a try for Pay-Per-Click advertising if you want to see instant results in traffic generation of your website. Handling PPC campaigns for websites is quite easier for our team of experts and revenue generation along with increase in the number of clicks remains the main objective of our team of PPC experts.

Content Marketing
It is up to you to create brand awareness about your products or services as customers are not likely to purchase product from a brand they have not heard of. We generate compelling content through our Content Marketing Services Checklist includes Blog, News, Case Study, Social Media Post and Video.

Online Reputation Management
In web, almost every users online have their voice and fake claims or harmful reviews can have a very bad impact on your search engine results pages. Our Online Reputation Management team aims at shielding you from any damaging comments on the web. List of our Online Reputation Management services include monitoring the Reputation, creating the Reputation and Repairing the Reputation etc.

Mobile App, a necessity rather than a choice?

Mobile app development at JanBask is all about transforming your suggestions in to an elegant design along with continued update to your apps right from the design, development till the marketing of the mobile app being developed for your business..

IOS Application Development
Just convey your vision and we will do wonders for you by creating a neatly designed and developed iOS app that is beautiful. You will feel us more as your partner and never as a team that you hired for developing an iOS app for your business.

Android Application Development
From design, development and submission of your Android app in the App Store, your app would be treated as our own by handling the entire process that helps take your business ahead of the curve. A user-friendly and interactive Android app with a global appeal and demand is in store for you. The current trends would be analyzed before reflecting them in the cutting-edge applications we design for you.

Windows Mobile App Development
Windows phones are catching up very fast and do not let users miss your business which might be of interest for them. Make your business presence visible among the Windows Mobile Apps with Custom Windows Mobile Application Development. You will get a team of Windows experts with deep specialization on Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual Basic, Client-Side JavaScript and ASP.NET along with a mobile app development company that truly believes in client-centric approach. Your app requirements would be enhanced with our market assessment, competitive assessment, application architecture design, and application development & testing along with application maintenance & upgrades too.

HTML5 App Development
HTML5 development is increasingly becoming the only alternative for cross-platform development from a business perspective and when it comes to adopting it, there is no question of ‘if’, the only question is ‘how soon’ you will adopt HTML5 app development for your business. HTML5 is compatible with some of the major browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Opera. An agile development methodology is put in place for delivering the best HTML5 web and mobile solutions for you.

Grab unlimited attention with exceptional and eye-catching graphic design

Graphic Design is certainly an art of representing your brand in the form of innovative graphics and is considered as one of the top most advertising and communication techniques in the market. If you want to experience unique graphics for your website and logo, get in touch with us soon!

Your website graphics should be a visual representation of your business and how you are thinking of taking your business to the next level. It should be unique enough to attract attention of the website visitors taking a look at your website. List of our graphic design services include website design, brochure design, advertising design, animated logos and logo design etc. With a capable and efficient graphic design service from highly experienced graphic designers at JanBask, you can not only be ahead of your competitors, but also market and place your brand to greater heights much beyond your expectations.


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