Static Website Designing

Maintain a user-friendly website easy to navigate and doesn’t require much effort for upgradation

Simple and Elegant Static Website the Need of the Hour for You

Looking to create a simple looking website with easy navigation and low cost? Try our services and get an eminent static website design in a short period of time.

Most companies prefer static website design over the typical design due to its effectiveness and affordability. It is highly recommend for start up businesses as it is quite simple and quick to operate. Static web design refers to a collection of web pages in sequence, which is programmed in HTML format. The web design contains simple graphics and texts linked to other pages. If you wish to upgrade something, it can easily be done through HTML coding. Customers will enjoy a smooth browsing, quick navigation and easy media downloads on static websites. Other than being easily implemented, there are many other reasons why many companies such as yours choose static web design. It is employed in such an environment where update about goods and services don’t seem necessary and you want your website visitors to access your website from any browser without any difficulties.

Static Web Designing Company

Need quick and effortless web design? You are on the right page!

Designing static website to meet both the company’s and users' requirements is our primary motive and our team of accomplished programmers ensures website’s credibility.

Creating a static website is a very easy process as it doesn’t include databases, extensive coding and eCommerce systems. Each page of the website offers the same data as stored to every user unless you manually change through HTML coding and scripts. JanBask provides the most appealing and creative static design services that would assist you develop a huge platform so as to widely display your goods and services and thereby earn considerable profit.

A Quick Glance of Factors Considered for Your Static Website

Static web design differs from the dynamic design in a lot of ways, hence, many factors are taken into consideration while designing static website.

  • Fast and smooth navigation
  • Appropriate web design and layout
  • Quick media download
  • Browser compatibility
  • Search Engine Friendly Navigation
  • Creative approach


Enjoy a eye-catching and long lasting Static Website

Creating a static website by understanding your requirements and designing the proper layout to increase the user’s experience remains the top most objective for us.

With years of experience in providing satisfactory web design services, you can be assured of a quick and reliable static design services with a mission to help you achieve your desired goals by understanding and fulfilling your requirements. Static websites are highly recommended for both startup and experienced businesses as it allows them to showcase their offerings without making much effort. It works even better for small companies that don’t require updating their content regularly.

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