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JanBask Digital Design as a website development company serves robust & responsive website development solutions that scatter lasting impressions both interactively and illustratively.

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Building Custom & Impact-Creating Websites Right From Ideas In Pipeline - To Give Your Business A Great Head Start.

Websites are the most valuable investment your business can think of to nurture into the online world. JanBask Digital Design, as a one-stop best web development company, specializes in developing clean-coded, W3C standard-based websites that are effective in creating virtual portfolio & branding for your businesses.

Our team of decades-long professional developers, engineers powerful, engaging, and optimized websites that are adequate in inheriting top positions in the Search Engine Result Pages - to further aid conversion cycle. As a close watcher of virtual trends, we believe, great online experience for virtual customers starts with a responsive and functional website. Your website is not only your online portfolio, but it is also it is rather a mirror reflection of your business goals, ethos, and products. Thereby, developing a website that’s informative, creative, compelling, and functional is the indispensable need of today’s digital landscape.

As a custom website development agency, we leverage your web presence by scrutinizing the best of the web development standards and practices. Involving secure and industry-recognized software development lifecycle techniques to bring you a website as an end-result, that gives the smoothest transactional experience to every target user, and turns their clicks into faster sales.

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Why Website Development Is Obligatory For Every Business?

Don’t just settle with brochureware, thrive your brand with a website that’s better than your contemporaries!

With the shift of interpersonal connections to online interaction - it’s intrinsic for businesses to be a part of this paradigm shift. To gain profitable business opportunities, brand value, and customer loyalty --- developing a website is the ultimate thing. A website is a window to understanding what products, services, value, quality your business has best to offer, in the noisy competitive market.

It’s no longer a time of yellow pages and just mouth marketing. Website development is the bridge to make people aware of your services/products you are offering, a proven way to make your audience understand why your products are relevant or even necessary for them, and briefing qualities that set you apart from the competitors. A website with HD-quality images, resourceful information, and thought-out representation, gets you to the desired business reach.

Know what all plus you can enjoy with a standout website:

  • Ability to form fruitful communication with loyal customers and prospects. With a website, you can get in constant touch with your brand customers - to further deliver them custom responses.
  • It can foster great connectivity. A website could do thousands of things to expand your business reach and attract more visitors to the website. Responsive website development will make you accessible to omnichannel present users.
  • Chance to foretell your credibility. With a website, you easily get a fair-chance to highlight your credibility. Adding resources like testimonials, portfolio, case studies, experience, expertize over a single concise website portal will let your brand serve trust and confidence to the customers and prospects.

Our Custom Website Development Services

Our team offers modern technology-driven, end-to-end custom solutions for your web development requirements. We plan and deliver 100% performance-oriented web development services as follow:

Custom Web Application Development

We strategize and engineer custom web development solutions coupled with excellent technical competence and high accuracy. We aim to deliver you a web product that’s highly functional, interactive and innovative.

To make you sail-through challenging technological advancements, we as a custom web application development company offers products that are a host of:

Our solutions are aimed at delivering the following benefits to the partnering client:

  • Exclusive business-enhancing capabilities with the cross-platform run.
  • Architecture that shuns IT complexities and facilitates smooth workflow and business operations.
  • Solutions that accelerates great productivity and exiles unnecessary down-times.

eCommerce Development Solutions

As an eCommerce web development company, we offer full-suite eCommerce development services - compact with strategy building, migrations, integrations, and engineering of sales-driving online stores. The e-stores we develop and deliver are insight-driven, great features-centric and monetization friendly. Also, to keep your eCommerce store from ever lapsing, we offer 24/7 eCommerce website maintenance services to make your business function glitch-free, all the time.

Whether you need Magento eCommerce development solutions or SaaS ones, our eCommerce website development company will lead you to any versatile requirement.

Open-source Content Management Systems Development

As a web application development company, we plan and engineer tactful and efficient content management systems inclusive of - rich media management, streamlined documents and files management, smooth accessibility features, amazing dashboard access control, and many more custom things.

Our WordPress website developer army knows how to make fuller-utilization of WordPress, to result in a custom CMS platform for any business kind. Hire our WordPress development company to get the CMS web solutions that are feature-rich, easy to modify as per dynamic trends, and are hosted with great performance capabilities.

Mobile-First Web Development

Our professionals of web app development company design and develop mobile websites having - less scrolling, great cross-platform compatibility, less typing requirements, major OS-support, and appealing design

Our web application development services develop every mobile website with strong features - fast navigation, even viewing on every mobile orientation, clickable call-to-action features, lightweight development with the maximum loading speed, SEO compliance and much more.

Front-End Development

We offer robust, secure, and seamless front-end architecture and design services to build user-engaging experiences by using cutting-edge technologies. We understand the necessity of businesses to deliver unique and incomparable solutions. Thus, we make use of innovative efforts and front-end platforms like AngularJS and more to deliver you the applications that are --- fully customized, secure, and supportive of your business objectives.

Hire our AngularJS development company to get fast and profit-yielding application solutions.

Website Redevelopment

If you already have a website that’s giving you a hard time in winning the interest of the target audience, our web development agency would demolish your existing website and remodel it via ultra-modern integrated web technology.

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Our 7 Step For Website Development Lifecycle

Our website development company processes every web development requirement through a well-structured, agile and effective software development lifecycle. Let’s walk you parallel to our mission-critical web solutions development cycle.

Our 7 Step Web Development process:

We start with the stage of researching and determining what the ahead process would look like. Here we analyze the client’s future website’s expectations, end-goals, and objectives. We collate pre-development data in the form of the website’s key purpose, target audience, design thinking, project architecture, resources required, technology stack to result in a well-built website product.

Digital Marketing Powerhouse

We develop websites for every business niche, size or idea!

Whether you have the startup or small business website development or established business website development or redevelopment requirement - our army of data-driven best website developers will move with you in any requirement. Also, if you are a healthcare business, real estate, IT, beauty eCommerce store - we will be happy to be a part of your brand identity revelation with our business-oriented web development solutions. Even if you just have an idea or just a keyword, we will put our finest knowledge to turn that idea or keyword into a fully functional website product.
No matter if you need small business web development or Magento website development for beauty or other utility stores - we are here with our web development service to push you until the great end-results.

If you need Magento web development or any other platform-based development, hire our eCommerce development company for quick collaboration.

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How is our website development company incomparable from others?

Agile Development Process

We follow an agile development process where we give great emphasis to effective collaboration and communication between our self-organizing and cross-functional teams.

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Budget-Friendly Services

We have custom pricing plans for every web development requirement. If ain’t satisfied with the current pricing plans, don’t worry, we will sit talk and trim the pricing plan as per your cost-sheet satisfaction.

Team Of Technology Experts

We involve a complete team of data-driven technology experts to proceed with every web development requirement. Our decade long experienced technologists and web engineers make web products that are ROI and value generating for every business niche.

Transparent Development Cycle

We don’t keep you in veil while following our website development lifecycle, we keep every inch of information, resources used and the methods deployed, transparent to our business clients. We ensure that you are part of the loop, while we are making every decision, strategy, and implementing any process.

Advanced Technology-Stack

We won’t serve you with next-door solutions just for the sake of delivering you the end-products. We ensure to upgrade our obsolete knowledge and technology-stack to give you web products that are outstanding and posed with great capabilities to compete fully in the target market. Every programming language, web technology, method, framework, CMS we use is updated and is best-in-the-market.

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