Branding Services: An Ideal Checklist To Brand Audit

 28 Sep, 2022



Have your sales fallen off recently? Are customers complaining that they don't grasp your brand?

Or perhaps despite having record-breaking sales, you're still losing clients to rivals and are baffled as to why.

A thorough brand audit can offer useful information to assist you to identify your strategy, message, visual identity, and more to help you plan your next actions, regardless of whether you're in the red or the green (and even regardless of where you believe you might be).

We make sure brand audits are a part of your plan as part of our branding services.

To determine your optimum brand position, and brand identity, develop focused messaging, and establish your distinctive visual identity, our specialists will execute a brand audit and undertake extensive research on your sector, target audience, and rivals.


As an entrepreneur, we understand your concern about how to do a brand audit and our experience can work in your favor to eliminate this concern.

A brand audit allows you to stand back and consider the big picture, which can influence longer-term strategy.

Concentrating on how to conduct a brand audit can be a beneficial exercise when evaluating competitors, thinking about a rebrand, or just having a more comprehensive perspective of performance and positioning.

To make your brand audit easier, we have created a comprehensive brand audit checklist, here’s a glimpse:

  • Understanding What Is A Brand Audit?
  • How To Conduct A Brand Audit?

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Understanding What Is A Brand Audit?

A brand audit is a thorough evaluation of how your brand is doing right now concerning your stated objectives. Branding services for small business and their audit experts look at the larger market to see how your performance fits into the overall picture.


As a result, the methodology of a branding services company will vary depending on the industry and specific businesses. Besides, the expense involved in this process is often misinterpreted, you can hire the best to know how much does branding cost and then make your decision. 

Whatever specific metrics you decide to use, an audit should enable you to:

What Is A Brand Audit

One choice is to hire branding services to carry out a thorough examination. They might check your positioning, brand values, tone of voice, USP, culture, and product for internal branding.

Aside from the logo and other brand components, external branding can also include sponsorships, social media, news, event displays, PR, content, and digital marketing.

A branding strategy services expert can also examine the business's internal operations, including its customer support, sales, and human resource practices.

How To Conduct A Brand Audit?

You have the option to audit yourself with information that ought to be accessible when analyzing how to perform a brand audit. There are many different metrics you can track, but which aspects are most crucial will vary depending on the situation.

Here’s an initiative on how to branding your company:

Design A Framework

One of the crucial brand audit steps is to build a framework, and you should start considering the objectives, vision, and goals of your brand.

Brand strategy services can think about your target market, your marketing strategy to engage with the audience, and the structure of the industry you operate in.

Branding services for startups will be permitted to mention their go-to-market plan. This contains the overall strategy, which takes into account the target market (in terms of geography, industries, job categories, and buyer personas), product line, alliances, rivals, distribution methods, and price.

Alongside these, branding services for small business recommend concentrating on:

  • The purpose of your website
  • Your potential audience
  • The positioning of your brand
  • The opposition
  • Your industry's current and anticipated trends
  • Your differentiators, such as your distinctive pricing, value proposition, or distribution routes

Get To Know Your Customers

As per branding services, it can be simple to rely just on web and social statistics, but doing so will not provide a comprehensive picture. You can carry out surveys over the phone, by email, online, or during the sales process.

How much does branding cost? Well, with this strategy you may make online surveys for free but is it sufficient?

One of the crucial brand audit steps is to obtain a complete picture and for this, you have to combine quantitative and qualitative comments. Your audit will need to include understanding the consumer experience at each touchpoint. 

These anecdotal customer anecdotes will personalize the audit and give you an idea of how people view your business because there is a wealth of data available.

This step in your brand audit checklist can also assist in finding solutions to issues that are difficult to address with statistics, such as how well customers perceive your customer service or why they finally choose your brand over rivals.

Evaluate Social Data

The overview of your brand can be enhanced with the use of social data, which provides access to audience information that is not available through other channels.


Social media makes it possible for you to gather demographic data, which helps you better understand your audience. If your intended audience and your actual audience are different, you might want to adjust your messaging.

To better understand your clients and to inform your marketing strategy, social intelligence solutions like branding services can be leveraged. Web location data can be supplemented with location-based social data.

Brainvire services believe there is one technique to identify influencers and that is to figure out which websites are linked to your website. You can use sentiment analysis to get a broad picture of how the public feels about your brand, a particular campaign, or a particular product.

You can learn about the connections with your brand using a linguistic analysis that uses mention classification. You can use this data in conjunction with an audience analysis to highlight or reposition your strengths while also addressing market demands.

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Analyze Your Web Analytics

The traffic to your website is crucial if the apparent place to start as 81% of consumers perform online research before making a purchase. To find out how well your website is doing, one of the brand audit steps is to check your web analytics application.

Tracking paid and organic streams are a common procedure for determining whether or not your display ads or SEO are effective. To determine whether traffic originates from the areas you are aiming for, branding services urge you to go a little deeper.

Reviewing the traffic-generating channels is also important since you want a variety of sources to buffer against any unforeseen drops in one sector. One straightforward Google upgrade could undo an overdependence on organic search.

Conversions and conversion rates need to be constantly tracked as per branding services. You can determine if you are attracting the proper kind of traffic and which content kinds are most effective by conducting a deeper study as part of your brand audit.

Examine Sales Data

Sales data will undoubtedly be the focus of your recurring monthly reporting, but comparing it to the other audit data will help you spot any issues. An analysis of the full customer journey's context can highlight key regions that are problematic or offer future growth.

Know Your Competitors

No company exists in a vacuum. To comprehend your position in the market, your brand audit checklist must include a look at your competitors as the last step in completing a brand audit.

There is a vast array of competition analysis tools available that can do most of the job for you. Investigations can be done into backlinks, SEO and rankings, content, advertisements, rankings, traffic, emails, and pricing tracking.


Since social data is not restricted in the same way that a lot of other data is, it can offer the same details about your rivals as it does about your brand.

Calculating share of voice is an additional technique that demonstrates how much of the online conversation you are capturing and how that conversion varies between markets.

Monitor Results And Take Initiatives

A brand audit can identify issues that require attention.

Branding services suggest a thorough plan of discoveries should be accompanied by a list of doable goals and an estimate of when the outcomes will be seen. Once you have started working on each area, keep an eye on your results and progress.


Branding strategy services can monitor your targets continuously to see if they are being met, but after a suitable period, you might want to rerun the audit process.

Whatever course you decide to take, bear in mind that the market will continue to develop, and brands must update and innovate frequently to stay in the spotlight and front of the competition.

Last Words

Even though analytics platforms and other tools can assist you in conducting your brand audit, hiring professionals can not only help to assure you gain truly valuable insights but also establish you p with specific strategies on how to use those insights to improve various aspects of your brand.

Connect with specialists at JanBask Digital Design to perform a brand audit, and employ data-supported research to create tailored brand strategies, from messaging and positioning to a distinctive visual identity.

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