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14 Mar, 2024



When you hear SEO, the first word that floats on the top of your mind is Google. No surprise, there is no denying that Google is one of the most powerful search engines in today’s era. 

But, fun fact, it’s not the only search engine optimization to promote your business or brand. 

As an entrepreneur, you need to be aware of YouTube SEO and tap into another search engine that can help you reach your audience. 

Now, when it comes to YouTube SEO, you may have several queries such as:

  • How To Rank YouTube Videos?
  • Which Effective SEO Tips For YouTube To Follow?
  • How To Optimize YouTube Videos?
  • Which YouTube SEO Tools Can Be Used?

You can find answers to all these questions when you hire professional SEO Company. However, before you begin searching for them, ensure that you have adequate knowledge of a YouTube SEO company.

To make your task easier, we have shared a few SEO tips on how to rank YouTube videos:

  • Use A Target Word To Name Your Video File
  • Include A Keyword Organically In Your Video Title
  • YouTube Video SEO Optimization
  • YouTube Video Optimization With Categorization
  • Use A Customized Thumbnail Image For Video Result Link
  • Use SRT File To Share Closed Captions And Subtitles
  • End Screens And Cards Improve Channel Viewership

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Use A Target Word To Name Your Video File

Similar to how you would when optimizing written material, you would first choose the keywords your video should concentrate on using YouTube SEO tools (you can browse well-known YouTube SEO tools or ask an expert).

Before you even publish your video to YouTube, you should add the keyword in your video file as the first place to use it. Why? There are several places as per an SEO company where you can safely enter this keyword on your video's watching page once it has been released, as you'll discover in the instructions below, and YouTube can't actually "see" your video to determine how pertinent it is to your target keyword.

your target keyword

However, when an SEO consultant uploads a movie to YouTube, it can read the file name and the other accompanying code.

Replace the "business ad" file name with your chosen keyword as this is an initiative in optimizing YouTube videos.

For instance, if your keyword is "house painting tips," the file name of your video should be "house-painting-tips" followed by the video file format you like to enable SEO for YouTube videos. MP4, MOV, and WMV are some of the most generic formats that are compatible with YouTube.

Include A Keyword Organically In Your Video Title

One of several things the best SEO company points out is that our eyes are pulled to when searching for videos is the title. The title should be not only intriguing but also succinct and clear because that is frequently what prompts the user to click to view your movie.

Although your video's title heavily utilizes your keyword, it helps if it closely corresponds to what the audience is looking for.

According to SEO agency and research, videos with an exact keyword match in the title only slightly outperform those without one.

Include A Keyword Organically In Your Video Title

Therefore, the research states that although "adding your target keyword in your title may help you in optimizing YouTube videos rank for that term," "the link between keyword-rich video titles and rankings" isn't necessarily a significant one. However, as long as it flows naturally into a title that informs readers exactly what they're about to see, it's a good idea to optimize your YouTube video SEO title for this keyword.

Last but not least, keep your title reasonably brief; SEO firms advise keeping it to 60 characters or less to prevent it from being truncated on results pages.

YouTube Video SEO Optimization

As per Google, an ideal character limit for YouTube video descriptions is 1,000 characters. Although it's acceptable to occupy all of that space optimizing YouTube videos, keep in mind that your audience most likely came to this page to watch a video rather than read an essay.

Remember that YouTube only shows the top two or three lines of text, or roughly 100 characters, if you decide to create a longer description. 


Now, the next question is how to rank videos on YouTube in this case. Viewers must then click "show more" to view the entire description after that. We advise front-loading the description with the most relevant details, such as CTAs or important links.

Regarding the YouTube video optimization, adding a transcript wouldn't harm, especially for viewers who have to watch it without sound. Nevertheless, the analysis also revealed no link between descriptions that were targeted for a specific keyword and the positions for that term.

However, YouTube SEO services are careful to discourage completely removing an optimized description. They concur that having an optimized description might help you appear in the sidebar of suggested videos, which is a substantial source of traffic for most channels.

YouTube Video Optimization With Categorization

A video can be categorized after it has been uploaded under "Advanced options." On YouTube, selecting a category is yet another approach to organizing your video with related content so that it is visible in several playlists and an increased number of people who fit your target audience.

Video Optimization With Categorization

It may be less straightforward as it seems. To decide which category a particular video belongs in, YouTube SEO services advise marketers to go through a thorough process.

By responding to inquiries like who are the top creators within the category, you may "think about what is functioning well for each category" you're investigating, advises the book. What do they excel at and what are they known for?

Exist any trends among the viewers of comparable channels within a specific category?

Do the videos in a category have anything in common, such as production quality, length, or format?

Use A Customized Thumbnail Image For Video Result Link

The primary image that viewers see while navigating through a series of video results is your video's thumbnail. This thumbnail together with the video's title, informs viewers about the video's subject matter, which might affect how many clicks and views your video gets.

Although you can always choose from the auto-generated thumbnail options provided by YouTube, we strongly advise creating a personalized thumbnail.

According to research, "90% of the best-ranked videos on YouTube feature custom thumbnails." Even a good SEO agency advises using images with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1280x720 pixels that are saved as 2MB or smaller.jpg,.gif,.bmp, or.png files.

Following YouTube video SEO guidelines can help to guarantee that your thumbnail displays in the same high quality on various viewing platforms.

youtube thumbnail tips

It's crucial to remember that to upload a custom thumbnail image, your YouTube account must be confirmed. Collaborate with an SEO expert and follow the directions to know how to optimize YouTube videos.

Use SRT File To Share Closed Captions And Subtitles

Closed captions and subtitles, like most of the other content we've addressed here, can improve YouTube SEO and search performance by emphasizing relevant phrases.

You must supply a valid text transcript or synchronized subtitles file to add closed captions or subtitles to your video. You can easily insert transcript text for your video in the first case, and it will automatically sync with the video.

Use SRT File

Similar steps are followed when adding subtitles, however, you can choose how much text is shown. Go to your video manager and select "Videos" from the list of options there. Click the drop-down arrow next to the edit button after locating the video to which you want to add closed captions or subtitles.

End Screens And Cards Improve Channel Viewership

End Screens

Similar information is displayed on end screens as it is on cards, but end screens are more graphically detailed and, as you might have guessed, only appear after a video has finished playing. Your YouTube SEO video will have more depth and a better look and feel.

Depending on the type of platform you want to design end screens for and the various kinds of content that YouTube permits for them, there are a variety of specific instructions for integrating end screens. Here, Google provides specific instructions on how to optimize for each of those factors.

You should be aware that YouTube video optimization frequently tests end screens to improve the viewing experience, so occasionally "your end screen, as specified by you, may not show."


Have you ever been viewing a video when a tiny white circle with an I in the center or a transparent bar of text inviting you to subscribe appears in the corner? Cards are preformatted notifications that show on desktop and mobile devices and can be set up to market your company and other videos on your channel. SEO services define Cards as such.


The constantly changing technology of optimizing YouTube videos, descriptions, titles, and more to rank highly in Google's main search engine and internal search engine on YouTube. The ideal video duration should be found, your videos should be promoted on other platforms, and you should pay attention to your stats, among other best practices.

Connect with experts at JanBask Digital Design to know more about YouTube SEO. 

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