How to Improve a Website with 17 Most Important SEO Tips


 14 Jul, 2016


The Search Engine Market Share in the United States Of America for - August 2022 shows - Google- 86.95%, Bing-7.13%, Yahoo! - 3.06%, DuckDuckGo - 0.09%, YANDEX - 0.09%, Ecosia - 0.09%! (Source- Statcounter)

Every brand needs SEO first, as it’s the most feasible and cost-effective way to accomplish both - understand and reach prospective customers in crucial moments that matter. The first place prospective consumers know about your business is through search engines. If your site is not optimized correctly, chances are you miss a significant opportunity to connect with potential customers.

Once the website is designed, the top priority for any web designer is to get top ranking in search result pages of popular search engines, as this enables them to attract a more extensive traffic volume. You should improve your website using SEO services to improve your ranking and provide a suitable platform for your brand. As a web designer, one should always comply with the rules of search engines, comply with their requirements and never adapt to so-called “black-hat” or any non-ethical practices; this will enable them to stay ahead in terms of rankings as compared to their competitors.

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Importance of improving websites using SEO strategies

In the current year, the need for SEO increased to an all-time high. As customers shifted online, therefore, even the most conventional businesses recognized the need to accelerate the shift to digital platforms. SEO is one of the best ways to improve a website. 

Most brands and businesses realize that they need Search Engine Optimization for their digital assets, and the SEO benefits they’ll get will be implemented on their behalf. The significant benefit of improving SEO strategy is that it’ll boost your website’s overall visibility and searchability!

There are several reasons why businesses need SEO to take their brand to the next level, regardless of the industry or business size.

  • SEO is the primary source of website traffic and lead generation and helps in building trust and credibility with customers
  • SEO means enhanced UX, which leads to increased engagement, traffic & conversions and also impacts buying decisions.
  • SEO practices to improve your websites are relatively cheap, highly cost-effective, and long-term, and it’s here to stay!

Why do you need an SEO-friendly Web Design Company?

Also, assume that your brilliant web content is on a stark white web page, not interesting, right? They deserve to be surrounded by color, texture, and designs. Since words are always better when a design brings them to life, your site visitors will also notice. 

There are many website design services, but an SEO-friendly web design company like JanBask Digital Designs creates innovative, modern, practical, responsive, SEO-friendly, and eye-catching websites to generate more traffic and leads and increase conversion rates, and help to maximize your revenue while achieving your business goals.

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How to Improve Your Website?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the group of methods used to enhance the website's visibility when any relevant keywords are searched on search engines. This group of methods includes tweaking website structure and contents to off-page approaches like social media marketing, link building, etc. A good SEO ensures that website ranks are high in organic searches that users of search engines perform.

This is still an essential factor because even today, more than half of traffic generated by websites is due to organic searches, and other methods such as paid search, social media, direct, and other referral rankings are far lower. Let’s look at 

The top 17 techniques to improve your website\'s visibility in SERP


As Google is a leader in search engines and accounts for a significant share of organic searches; it is essential for any website to be optimized for Google searches. To be a high-class SEO, you need to understand what search engines are really looking for. Below we let you know the top 17 valuable website improvement ideas so that you won’t have to stress about how to improve your website design:

1). Relevancy

Google is very focused on providing the most relevant results to any query posted by the user. It has its search algorithms which are a secret to the outer world, and that decide the relevancy of the results. It includes many factors, such as the searcher’s location, time, user’s search history, and past searches.

2). Content Quality

Google always encourages quality content, and it is seen that Google prefers content with substance and length over entries that give a sense that they have the correct keyword inserted. Articles based on practical and thoughtful advice drive better traffic as these are intercepted by Google positively.

3). Using Keywords in the right places

You may already know that you must add keywords to your web pages that you wish to rank. But having said that, you must first understand where you should use your keywords and how many times you should use them. Make sure that your keyword appears at least once in your web page’s title tag, web page URL, and in the first 100 words of your web content.

4). Add text to infographics, podcasts, and videos

No doubt, visual content such as infographics and podcasts are an excellent way to drive more traffic and backlinks. However, Google can’t understand them; hence it's recommended that you should add plenty of text to align your infographic, podcast, or videos. 

5). User Experience

Google’s search algorithms give high importance to User Experience(UX), and pages that are easily navigable and searched with content that is relevant and appropriate internal links always get high rankings. CTA is also an essential element on a webpage that enables the user to know what to do next, and the best CTA strategies can help you drive and convert quality leads.

6). Site Speed

Google, in its ranking, considers site speed too and even tags results that employ Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) hosting.

7). Do industry research

Research helps you know the best way to get backlinks from authority blogs and news sites in your niche.

8). Device Compatibility

These days, many Web Searches are performed from mobile devices, so a website must be compatible with all screen sizes. Google has already announced that it prefers responsive page designs and thus making this point even more vital.

9). Internal Linking

With the internal linking site, the visitor gets the option to view additional information, which helps in ranking performance for specific keywords. But one should ensure that the links inserted are appropriate and the anchor text is clear. It is advisable that anchor text pointing to the same page should be varied as Google views identical use as a suspicious activity. The bots employed by search engines tend to discover more about your site if internal links are inserted.

10). Authority

If your site can obtain a link to the site with high authority, it is seen as a mark of trust. The more original and good quality of your content, the more chances that you will get more inbound links from high authority sites. On the contrary, experts have found that the direct correlation between ranking and inbound links is reducing, and it is possible that this factor is not as critical to SEO as perceived.

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11). Local SEO

Google has now adopted a strategy to provide a high ranking to a local business than other factors as the local user can be benefited, and its immediate requirements can be met easily as a local business is available close by. To benefit from the same, one should ensure that you are registered in the “My business” in Google and that you provide accurate information.

12). Properly tagged images

It is important to add images of proper size and add the alt tag to them as it makes it easy to understand by Google. If you ignore this part and simply add images to your text without adding the alt attributes to the images, Google might not be able to understand it well. Using high-quality images also improves the content quality and helps Google to give a higher ranking to the page.

13). Social Media Platforms

Being present and active on social media platforms helps enhance the site's ranking. It is one of the most influential and practical ways to get yourself recognized well by Google. By publishing good quality content in blogs and posts, you can call for the user response and utilize this opportunity to publicize your website address. Google is trolling various social media sites, and if it encounters your site URL, it will surely add to your page allocation ranks. But the most crucial part is to have good quality content on social media posts.

14). Update Old Pages

Do you want to shoot your page up to the top of the search engine for a target keyword? But do you have a lot of blog posts that haven't been updated for the last many days? If yes, then you can boost your rankings by updating those posts, adding more external links to authoritative sites, organizing the content into sections, and writing new titles and descriptions. So long as you publish updated content on the same URL, there is no need to worry about duplicate content.


15). Rank in Featured Snippets

It’s found that adding a FAQ section to your web content helps really well to grab the Featured Snippet spot. You should try this tip if you wish to get your content to appear in the Featured Snippet spot.

16). Boost organic CTR

Once you improve your organic click-through rate, more users will start clicking on your website in the search results. I.e., you can get more traffic without needing to rank higher.

17). Get Backlinks from Authoritative Websites

It's important to have authoritative, unbiased, and helpful content on your pages that are most likely to attract quality links from other websites, improving your SEO.


To improve your website’s visibility on search engines, focus on key areas like optimizing your website for the crawling and indexing phase and ensuring that search engines can seamlessly access your web content. Check that your website is not only mobile friendly but also mobile optimized and loads as fast as possible. Publishing relevant content that people are searching for and generating backlinks from authoritative sites. 

Focus on the above-mentioned areas and the 10 SEO tips discussed in this article consistently. Your rankings will improve gradually, and organic traffic will also increase steadily. Hope you find this article useful! Let’s hear from you - which of these SEO tips are you going to try today? Or maybe we forgot to mention any of your favorite ways to improve a website. Either way, let us know by leaving a comment in the comments section below.


Q1. How long do your web design services take to complete an SEO-friendly website?

Completing an SEO-friendly website entirely depends on the size of the project. It can take approximately 12 weeks to 16 weeks for a small & mid-size website to get from the discovery phase to the launching phase. Still, a more complex project with a more extensive scope can take from 6 months to a year to complete with our professional website design agency!

Q2. How much does it cost to design a website?

The average cost for website design services ranges from approx $3000 to $75000. It all depends on your project's size, features, and complexity. This cost includes ongoing expenses like domain purchasing, website hosting plan, etc. A custom web design company like us will custom offer you quotes that are the right match to your budget & exceptional needs.

Q3. Which technologies do your website design services use to create a modern web design?

Our website design company builds websites on WordPress and PHP, Drupal, React JS, Angular, Node JS, JAVA, AWS, and many other similar Enterprise Technologies platforms.

Are you looking for website design services that design websites that are innovative & SEO-friendly? Well, our website design company is one of them!

Q4. Does your website design agency have any website design plan for a small business with a limited budget?

Yes, our best web design services have multiple plans for small businesses with a limited budget like yours. We offer custom website design services to small businesses that help to improve your products and services and help you stand out from your competitors. Our plans are designed to fit your budget perfectly.

Q5. Does your website design agency redesign existing websites?

Our highly professional web design agency offers affordable redesigning plans, including project analysis, planning, and incorporating SEO elements to make your website thrive in the digital age. Our website design services improve your website in aspects of usability, customer conversions, and greater profits!

Q6. What is your web design content strategy for the websites that you create?

Our best web design services include web copywriting & other supporting marketable content creation. Our creative content marketing experts curate stellar and compelling web copies with convincing narratives & powerful calls-to-actions.

Our website designing service optimizes the content with “targeted” keywords based on competitor analysis throughout your web copy so that you rank, drive traffic, and increase conversions.

Q7. How do you build a secure website design?

Our best web design services deploy innovative & robust security measures during any dynamic website designing & development stage. Our custom website design services involve carefully tested security parameters like HTTPS, SSL certificates, and other critical security patches.

Q8. Do you provide digital marketing services along with website design consulting?

As one of the best web design agencies, we do offer digital marketing services for different websites. We have an exclusive digital marketing package wherein our online marketing experts walk you around different types of marketing services or methods suitable to your business type.

Q9. Does your website design company provide website maintenance and support services?

Yes, as one of the best web design agencies, we do provide website maintenance & support services right after deploying the solutions. Our website design service company ensures that your website is long-haul functional & timely updated throughout its lifecycle.

Q10. Can you design mobile-friendly websites?

Presently people are keen to do many tasks on the go. So, developing a responsive website will help you increase the look and feel of your website on both small and large devices. It also improves websites' number of visitors and rankings in search engines.

Yes, we indeed develop responsive websites that would make your visitors appealing and deliver an optimized browsing experience and stop worrying about how to improve a website.

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