Eye-Catchy Small Business Website Examples 2022


 17 Jun, 2022

Eye-Catchy Small Business Website Examples 2022


Do small businesses need a good website?

When your consumers or potential audience learns about your services or wants to know about you, the first thing they do is visit your website. Now, if you do not have a website or an unresponsive website, they are less likely to return to you. 

This is one of the prominent reasons why you must have the best website design that caters to your audience. There are several small business website examples that you can choose from and use for your business.

However, a professional can share personalized examples of small business websites that is specifically crafted for your brand and customers. Experts can show and custom-build the best small business website design examples to improve your reach. 

For instance, JanBask Digital Design has shared the best website examples for small business in this article. 

As an affordable web design for small businesses, we have shared the best business website examples and insights, which will clear all your doubts such as:

  • Which is the best web design service for small business?
  • How to differentiate bad and good small business website examples?
  • Will the best website design for small business help reach the audience?

You can find answers to all these questions, in this article:

Reasons Why Small Businesses Need A Website

Three decades ago, individuals preferred to use directories and yellow pages to learn about new businesses in the vicinity and around the city. However, the internet is the new digital directory where your audience finds it convenient to search about your services. Search engines bridge the gap between you and your audience. 

With 4.5+ billion active users worldwide, you cannot risk skipping the digital space. 

If you think that merely creating a Facebook business page and adding your phone number to the search engine will boost your reach, then you are wrong. There is a high probability of your competition winning more audience in this case. 


We have enlisted a few perks of building a functional and appealing website for your small business:

This website informs your potential audience about your services and products and they can reach you within a few clicks. You can build trust and credibility with your audience through this website. You have robust platforms such as search engines and social media to run marketing campaigns effectively. With a well-designed website, you can eliminate the gap between your small business and other large competitors. 

The above reasons are quite imperative for the success of your small business and hence experts recommend small business owners invest in a functional website.

What’s An Ideal Path To Small Business Website Development?

An all-in-one site builder makes it convenient for you to build a small business website. Experts can assist you in different aspects of website development. WordPress, Shopify, and others are a few website development platforms. 


The main reason to approach a professional is that they can avoid common development mistakes. Their technical aptitude can quicken your website development process and you can acquire a tailored website suitable for your small business. 

For example, a drag and drop feature in the backend can make it convenient for you to introduce new products on your eCommerce website.

These website professionals can make it easier for you to choose the right design, structure, and layout for your website. They can suggest appropriate features to improve customer experience and generate sales

For instance, a user-friendly UI and appealing UX can compel your potential audience to make purchases from you.  

Alongside, experts can develop an affordable small business website that makes you stand out from your contemporaries. You can share the basic website requirements with the expert and they will share an estimated quote based on the features and tech stack used on the website.

These experts will seek your approval on the budget and implementations. This ensures that you are involved in the development process at each and every stage.

The Best Small Business Website Examples

There are several examples of small business websites, however, it is important to determine which one is suitable for your brand. Each industry and small business has its way of functioning, USP, and a different approach to reach its audience.

Based on all these aspects a good and effective website is designed. 

We have shortlisted the best small business website design examples for you to understand them better:


This online jewelry store is an appropriate small business website example that combines practical functionality with strong branding. The vibrant and crystal clear images are eye-pleasing and highlight the uniqueness of each design. 


Visitors get an actual look and feel of the jewelry while they scroll through the homepage. They can sign up to the company’s mailing list to stay tuned with the latest collection, designs, and offers.  

The reason why this brand comes under the best small business website examples is that they have equally concentrated on product pages. These pages have detailed product descriptions and high-quality jewelry images for better viewing capabilities.

They took a step ahead to design a mobile-friendly website

El Pez

The hotel and restaurant industry is completely based on a good experience, be it their food, stay, or website. 

el pez

El Pez’s website is a good small business website example showcasing how you can share a lot of information in an easy-to-read format with your customers. As a small brand spread over different offerings, it is challenging to inform your services to a diverse audience in the most effective manner. 

They have smartly introduced different pages to keep their customers engaged throughout their website. No wonder they are one of the best small business website design examples for any other emerging brands. 

They have used the Elementor page builder plugin to animate page elements and offer a user-friendly website.


This Connecticut-based cafe has defined minimalism and sleekness through its website. They share all essential details needed for their visitors through their affordable web design for small business. 

For instance, they have included high-definition images of their coffees and other delicacies on the menu so that customers can easily make their choice and reach their cafe.  

This classy small business website design example makes web design appear easier than it is.

Treeland Nursery

This is a genuine testimonial of how optimization of a unique tool can facilitate a good small business website example. The Tree Finder Tool on the website makes it easier for visitors to search for the best trees and plants suitable for their environment. This way, it becomes convenient for visitors to choose a plant or tree and purchase it from the website. 

treeland nursery


They did not have to make any expensive technological investments or use complex tools to implement this. A tech expert with the right aptitude can easily implement such a customized solution on the website seamlessly.

Native Union

Would you like to visit a cluttered website, where products from different categories are clubbed together for no specific reason?

Native Union

Native Union did not want its customers to go through this horrific experience and hence developed an online store that showcases its different products in an organized manner to their customers. 

Their unique color scheme keeps their audience calm and concentrates on their diverse product range. Their quick search bar tool on the homepage allows customers to enjoy a flawless eCommerce website experience.

Alongside, the sliding bar gives customers an opportunity to quickly skim through pages as per their purchase preferences.

They believe Shopify development Narrative theme has worked brilliantly in their favor. Besides, they appreciate this affordable and user-friendly eCommerce journey for their customers.

Sugared And Bronzed

Like Rise, this Los-Angeles-beauty brand has incorporated minimalistic and clean web design for its website. They have kept aesthetics aside and concentrated on features that transform their simple website into a marketing boot camp. 

Sugared & Bronzed

Their website comprises an automated booking system, where customers can book appointments at any hour of the day or night, along with membership packages and an online store. These unique combinations of services have accelerated their sales.

Want to invest in such a sleek, minimalist, yet effective design for your website?

Do not hesitate to reach out to JanBask Digital Design’s experts to design such an impressive and user-friendly website for your customers.


This is one of the best examples for website design if you are an emerging business offering services. This travel website has an organized homepage, and has a visually appealing gallery that showcases their luxurious and hygienic rooms.

They have integrated a functional booking system to their website so that customers can make bookings in a few clicks. This website is an unusual combination of a simple yet functional website.

LLT Group

This website design company has a unique approach that has skipped the traditional online store process. Instead, they share their clientele with a strong message, and two clickable CTAs.

Highlighting clients on the website offers potential clients the much-needed social proof. Besides, they have added a start a project button at two different locations, so that if a potential client misses it at the start, then they can click the second time. 

Such a unique landing page can make you stand apart from your competitors and make it easier for you to reach new clients. 

Bottom Line

We understand your concerns as a small business. However, the digital age demands good small business website examples to run and reach your audience. It is important to prioritize your customer’s wants and the way they want to amplify reach and sales. 

JanBask Digital Design has niche website design and development experts that can combine your wants with customer needs in the digital space to create new opportunities for your small business. Therefore, it is essential to have a good website for your small business to scale your business.

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