Blogger vs WordPress- How To Pick The Best Among Them?

 29 Mar, 2019

Starting up a blog? Well, blogging has become really easy as compared to the last decade. But you must be confused about choosing the best blogging platform as there are many options available these days. But commonly people tend to get confused about choosing Blogger or WordPress. This debate is never ending until and unless you have some industry experts to suggest the best option based on what is your purpose behind blogging. This blog intends to cover all the aspects of Blogger and WordPress which would help you in relieving from this confusion.

Difference between Blogger vs WordPress

What is Blogger?

Blogger is nothing but a very simple device that helps in blog creation with ease. Not only the creation, but we can publish our blog online, that too immediately after creation. It is an easy and hassle-free process. As it is a Google Product, to start with the Blogger, you just need to sign in with your google account. You can then create a blog to express your thoughts with ease.

There are a lot of themes available here from which you can choose the best suit to make your blog’s layout and appearance, give your blog a nice title, and then choose URL with at the end.

You can also get a customized domain if you don’t mind paying an extra penny for it. With this, you will gain access to the dashboard and then you can start working by creating posts, adding various pages to your blog, reading and responding to the comments, and other basic things for the best user experience. One thing that we need to keep in mind that whatever changes we make, will go live immediately. So, think twice before making any kind of minute changes as well.

What are the Pros and Cons of using Blogger?

Pros of Using Blogger-

  • It is really simple to use, very user-friendly, and quick to start with. Blog creation takes just a few minutes.
  • If you are a new learner, you can learn to blog easily.
  • Using the primary features of Blogger is very easy.
  • 100% free platform and so there is no need to take a hosting plan.
  • You can also personalize your blog.

Cons of using Blogger-

  • Very basic functions are available so there is nothing much we can do with blog creation and publishing.
  • Very limited customization options are available for giving our blog a unique look and feel.
  • The content which you are writing is not completely under your ownership because you are doing this on Google’s servers. But yes, you get an opportunity to export your content as well.

We hope you can clearly understand from all the above points that with Blogger, you can quickly create a blog, but you will not get enough options to customize it. In contrast, WordPress has its own Pros and Cons. Let’s understand what is WordPress All about.

What is WordPress?

It is a complete featured CMS (Content Management System) helpful to build any type of websites. Being a wonderful online platform for creating online content, it offers a large number of options. Blogger is also free, but unlike Blogger, it is essential to choose a hosting plan, picking a domain name, and then only you can setup (install) your WordPress site.

Once you are done with creating your WordPress site, you can further move to access your dashboard on WordPress. You will be then free to create content like posts, more pages to your blogs, add other users, edit the default settings, and many other options.

There are so many free and paid themes available here that users can easily choose the best theme to out-stand their content from others.

With WordPress, creating an out of the box layout and appearance of your blog is possible.

Along with the above benefits, you can also install additional plugins. This helps you to add many additional features to your blogs like better ranking in search engines, including a contact form, or that can be a specific functionality to your site. The offering of WordPress is so vast that it is difficult to list and explain all of them in detail. We personally suggest you go and check our once. You will be amazed to see so many options. But a first timer or a beginner can feel a little bit confused.

What are the Pros and Cons of using WordPress?

Pros of using WordPress-

  • Beginner friendly platform.
  • User-friendly and quite easy to learn.
  • Besides demanding a little bit more effort than that of Blogger, you can start using WordPress without a hitch.
  • Out of the box, WordPress hosts can efficiently deal with your setup and you can trust its host for your setup.
  • There are a large variety of plugins that help users in great customization.
  • Unlimited themes help in giving a perfect look and feel to the website.
  • For advance level users, WordPress offers much more for customizing the codes and features.

Cons of using WordPress-

It demands some sort of investment, even to start using it. Though many free WordPress Hosting is also available, we will not recommend using it for a serious business website.

You have to take responsibility of your performance and security.

We hope you are now clear about Blogger and WordPress.

3 differences between Blogger and WordPress-

1). Appearance

  • Blogger- Limited templates are available to use. You can make your own layouts, modify those layout and colors of available templates through built-in tools.
  • WordPress– A lot of premium WordPress themes are available to give your site a professional and unique look.

2). Ownership

  • Blogger- Owned by tech giant Google. It is free, reliable and easy to publish your blogs at this platform. You are not the sole owner of your doings.
  • WordPress- As we use WordPress hosting provider for hosting our site, we are absolutely free to take any decision about it. The user owns complete data and control over other information.

3). Control

  • Blogger– Very limited tools make it hassle-free for beginners and help you in performing some limited tasks on your website.
  • WordPress– being an open source software, you get the ease of extending new features via unlimited plugins to extend any available feature as per your convenience.

These summaries would have given you a clear idea of how both Blogger and the WordPress shine and fall short.

Wrapping Up-

Choosing an appropriate platform for your blog is a very important task. Therefore, we tried to provide you with all the essential information about Blogger and WordPress along with its effective comparisons. We hope this might help you choose the best option without any further confusion.

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