6 Steps On How To Create An Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy


6 Mar, 2024



What started as a social media platform to connect people has transformed into a budding social network for businesses and their customers. Today, Facebook can do a lot, from selling products via a chatbot, Facebook ads or even serving as a marketing platform for 59% of global social media users. What is great about Facebook marketing or advertising is that it also owns popular social media platforms like Instagram (1.074 billion) or WhatsApp (2 billion) that already come with their own set of users.

It’s needless to say that every business needs Facebook presence, after all who would want to miss out the unprecedented access to 2.70 billion monthly active users or potential consumers to market their brand or products/services. 

  • So the question is how do you do that?
  • How Facebook marketing helps you grow online? 
  • What is Facebook marketing strategy? And what are some effective steps on creating strategies for Facebook Marketing

If you are also wondering about these questions, continue reading to find answers to them!

How Do You Use Facebook To Benefit Your Business?

What is Facebook Marketing

When you create content and actively use it on Facebook as a means to communicate your branding message, promote brand, to attract customers and to maintain contact with them, that’s all Facebook marketing is about. To simply put, Facebook marketing is what the name suggests: marketing your brand, product or services on Facebook. It includes:

  • Facebook Ads

Facebook offers a range of paid ad options and placements. It also lets you choose from four main ad types which are image ads, video ads, carousel ads (lets you view a product through a host of images from different angles) and collection ads.

  • Facebook Business Pages

A Facebook business page is a free social page that any digital business can create to increase its social presence, brand identity, and engagement with prospective buyers.

  • Facebook Marketplace

It’s really like a marketplace where you can sell virtually any item from clothes, gadgets to furniture for sale via a post. 

  • Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a virtual space where people come together to learn, share and create discussion around a common topic. It can act as a powerful marketing tool if you can provide exclusive, meaningful content and attract new customers and keep current ones.

Why Create Strategies for Facebook Marketing?

Why Choose Facebook Marketing

If you still have doubts as to why go for Facebook marketing then read these amazing facts about how Facebook marketing helps:

  • Engage your customers & and influence your prospects on global scale
  • Target potential customers based on their interests and demographics
  • Build Brand Loyalty, awareness and value with personalized content and easy & quick interaction
  • Get benefits of Cross social media recommendations
  • Enjoy high click-through rates with average click-through rate across all industries at 90%
  • Lower your marketing costs. You can literally start your age with $0 and later on start investing 1000 times targeted Facebook ads, that too as per your budget

6 Steps On How To Create A Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategy steps

Just having a business Facebook page is not enough for growing your business, you need to have excellent Facebook marketing strategies to make your mark among more than 50 million businesses on Facebook. We are sharing 6 effective Facebook marketing strategies:

1. Set Marketing Goals

Decide what you want to achieve with your Facebook marketing strategy? Is it higher sales, organic traffic or brand awareness? Ask these questions and set marketing goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and well-timed for optimal results.

2. Identify Your Audience

You need to reach the right audience for your Facebook marketing strategies to work effectively and avoid wasting your marketing on Facebook budget and efforts. Use Facebook Ads Manager to build an audience if you have a basic idea about who and where they are and what they like. 

3. Set a Schedule For Facebook Content

You need to focus on not just posting high-quality content but also that it is consistently getting published like 5 posts a week. Setting a post schedule helps you diversify the content you post on trending topics or any holidays and upcoming events in the best times possible.

4. Promote Your Facebook Page/Address

Do not limit your strategy for Facebook marketing to just Facebook, use other platforms as well for promoting your Page and posts. Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest or YouTube already enjoy massive user bases so take advantage of that and share content links or posts there as well. Additionally, you can also use traditional marketing means like providing your Facebook address on your business card, website and even in your email signature for maximum online exposure.

5. Make Use Of Facebook Tools

Other than comments or comments, there are additional ways you can create engagement which is by using Facebook tools. Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Groups or Facebook chatbot, all these are free and easy to use and great for increasing user engagement and nurturing organic traffic.

6. Track Your Strategy for Facebook Marketing

To have a successful strategy for Facebook marketing, you need to have it consistently evaluated. It’s not a set-it-and-forget-it situation, tracking your Facebook marketing strategies process and progress is crucial to know what worked and what didn’t and implements changes whenever required.


Facebook as a social media platform is evolving every day with new features being added that help both the users as well as the marketers. So make the best use of this ever-growing platform and see your business reach new heights with these 6 effective strategies for Facebook marketing. After all, if your audience is on Facebook, then how can you not be there? 

Cherry on the cake? Even without a big budget you can still go ahead and start marketing on facebook and grow your business with the effective facebook marketing strategies we just shared with you. 

Are you ready to give Facebook marketing a try? 

If you have any doubts we are here to help you out! Our expert digital marketers will share how to draw traffic, nurture leads, and ultimately increase sales through Facebook marketing strategy. Ring us, today!

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Adonis Smith

Earlier I thought Facebook was just for fun, but now I realized its importance.


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I have heard from many digital marketers that Facebook marketing is too effective. After reading this blog now I felt I should just try it once.


Caden Thomas

Well written one, amazing tips for new online strategy learners!


Nash Martin

One of my friends is practically implementing all these strategies highlighted in this post and the results are truly amazing.


Tobias Scott

Hi! I want to hire a professional team to handle my facebook marketing strategy. Can you help?


Clayton Adams

I have been using Facebook for more than 10 years now, But my marketing strategies are not serving the expected results. Pls guide me in this!


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The blog is informative! Thanks for explaining the importance of facebook marketing strategies to me.

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