9 Easiest Steps To Set Up A Facebook Business Page & Get Followers


14 Mar, 2024



Are you missing 2.80 billion monthly active users available on Facebook?

Are you part of the 200 million-plus small businesses around the world using the social media giant - Facebook?

If the answer to these questions is a big “NO”; then cut the chase, it’s high time to revise your marketing strategy and set up a Facebook business page. 

Facebook was, is, and will be the leading & low-cost marketplace for digital businesses! With as little budget or no budget, Facebook has much to offer in terms of a solid digital presence for your product. Facebook can help take your business from scratch to head-turning profits.

Users spend an average of 19.5 hours on the Facebook app each month, such high engagement time is an indicator that you just can’t avoid Facebook at all costs. If you haven’t stumbled upon setting a Facebook business page, it is high time you should. 

Convinced with the idea of having a Facebook page for your business? So let’s quickly help find answers to:

    • What is Facebook Business Page? 
    • What type of businesses benefit the most through the Facebook business page?
    • 9 quick steps on how to set up a Facebook business page in 2022
    • What type of content to publish on Facebook to get more hype?
    • What mistakes to avoid while you set up a Facebook business page?
    • How to promote your Facebook business page?
    • What metrics to analyze to measure the success of your Facebook business page?

So hop on & start finding answers to your much-awaited question “how do you set up a Facebook business page and start getting leads through it”.

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What is a Facebook Business Page?

Facebook Business Page

A Facebook business page is a free social page that any business kind can create to increase its social presence, brand identity, and engagement with prospective buyers. Similar to the Facebook profile, the Facebook business page helps to post product/services-specific posts, exchange messages with prospects, increase followership, engage and retain the Facebook users and turn them into real customers.

However, when you set up a Facebook business page, you get a ton of other features, options, and activities that can help you reach a broader audience, keep them tangled in your communications, and set them as ardent buyers for life.

The Facebook business page is one of the largest social networks in the world that manages and builds your brand.

Who should own Facebook Business Page?

If you are willing to go the extra mile to get unmatched name and fame, achieve what others may just aspire for, have the dedication to put your best foot forward, a Facebook business page is for you.

 Anyone who has a digital business in any vertical, scale, or industry

  • Anyone whose target audience is active on Facebook 
  • Anyone who wants to earn loyal engagement and connection with target buyers
  • Anyone who wants to earn or increase their volumes of profits
  • Anyone who wants to stay connected with the audience on a cool social network to hear their every thought & note

Regardless of your business kind, size, scope, having a Facebook page can help you:

  • Reach billions of people with one page (how many billions? Almost 1.66 billion daily active users).
  • Lower your marketing costs. You may set up a Facebook business page without paying a  single penny. Also, you have set up targeting for your ad by investing a bare minimum value.
  • Introduce your business to a targeted audience based on age, gender, preferences, locations just at a tap.
  • Know what your audience is up to, thanks to Facebook insights. You always know how to fill in the gap.
  • Build astounding brand awareness & value. With valuable, personalized user-generated content over your page, you can start engaging the audience towards your brand.
  • Draw traffic to your site with all the web or blog links you incorporate in the description, posts, and comments section of the page.
  • Set avenues for excelling in SEO. SEO & Facebook have been debatable for quite a long time. But the thing is, we have seen that whenever a user searches a keyword on search engines, it also gets a Facebook page along with the web in results. 

Now wondering “how do you set up a Facebook business page”? Here are the winning steps to help you set up a Facebook business page in no time. 

9 Steps on How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page Within Minutes

It is no rocket science to set up a Facebook business page, here are the quick 9 steps that answer your question “how do I set up a Facebook business page”.

Steps on How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page

Step 1 - Login to Facebook to Create a Business Page

Login to Facebook to Create a Business Page

Sign up or log in to Facebook with either your personal or professional email address to set up a Facebook business page. Once you open your profile:

  • There on the left-hand side panel in profile, go to “Pages” 
  • In “pages”, you will see an option of “+ create page”

After that, you will be redirected to this “Create Your Page”. Here you will be required to enter certain business page information:

  • Fill in Business page name - It could be the name of your business brand or it could be any name that defines your business.
  • Category - That defines your business. Suppose you are into clothing retail. Search and add key terms related to your business. Choose as many as you could think of.

Login to Facebook to Create a Business Page

  • Fill in the description - Then you will be asked to fill in your business description. You can fill in details related to what your business does, the overall service you give, the purpose of your business, or the page. What pain points do you wish to solve with your business page? 

Also, add links to your websites or any portal where you would want to redirect your users. Try to inscribe keywords in the “description”. Like if you are a local bakery in Alaska, you can use such phrases or anything similar to that, in your bio. This will amp up your search.

See this amazing page description for brand Coca-Cola for instance --- it is very crisp, reasonable, and relatable to its users. You can try and go like this while you set up a Facebook business page.

Brand logo

  • Add a brand logo or any word phrase as your profile picture to make the page more credible and identifiable in search results. The profile picture of the Facebook page should be 360 x 360 pixels, and a minimum of 180*180 pixels not less than that, otherwise it will look too unclear to view.
  • Add a cover photo - Choose any cover photo that explains your brand. You can post a collage of your team, your plant, office, shop, any marketing collateral, or anything you would want your audience to see & interact with. The cover photo of the Facebook page is ideal only if it's pixelated as 820 x 312. However, for mobile, it should be 640 x 360 pixels. You can even add a short video at the cover photo with 1080p resolution, either in Mp4 or .mov format.

Step 2 - Connect your Facebook Business Page with WhatsApp (Completely optional)

Thereafter setting your display pictures, you will see a pop-up asking you for contact information to connect your page with Whatsapp for daily mobile updates & safety.


If you are okay, then you can go ahead and furnish your business mobile number and press on “send code” CTA and start building a link between your Facebook page and WhatsApp for business while you set up a Facebook business page.

However, if you choose to dismiss this pop-up, for now, you will get another pop-up asking your surety on it. You can go ahead and cancel it as well.


Step 3 - Your Page is Ready. Get Used to Its Important Aspects!

Congrats your full-throttle Facebook page is ready. You will now see a flexible and self-managed Facebook page. Next, you need to get yourself used to its important aspects or features around it like:

1. The main page - Furnish the best images, videos, content related to your product or service on the main page while you discover how to set up a Facebook business page. 

2. The inbox - It is a very unique inbox that clubs messages of your Instagram page as well (only if you connect your Instagram page with this Facebook page). The messages sent to your business page will appear here in your inbox through messenger, Instagram.


The inbox feature also gives you automated chat options, where even if you are offline, the page will itself nurture the users’ messages & respond back with some automated crafted message. You can edit that custom message as well.

3. Insights - An independent section where you can gauge and measure your Facebook page’s important metrics like:


  • Page trends - Page performance on each date in terms of reach.
  • Content - Out of all content or posts you uploaded, which one got great traction & impressions.
  • Audience - What audience based on age, gender, city, location viewed your posts the most. This will help you understand your target audience better as well. You will know what kind of people engage with your page and are likely to be your long-term customer.

Step 4 - How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page - Familiarize Yourself With Your Business Facebook Page Settings


Next on your left side menu bar, you will see a “setting” section for your page, which you can visit to customize as per your requirements.

The options you will see in the settings are very easy to explore and customize. You will see a variety of options like:

  • Users - Where you can set and regulate permission about users’ who would manage the page.
  • Data Sources - Where you can set up and manage product catalogs, track offline activities, shared audiences (if you run other pages with the same identity), business creative folder, etc.
  • Brand Safety - Where all your added business domains are managed, block a list of unwanted spammers or users.
  • Security center - Where you can protect your page from getting unwanted access by activating the two-factor authentication, can manage and delete admins. 
  • Connect my page, pages role like admin, editor, moderator, advertiser, analyst.

There are plenty of options you will see that you can easily understand and start managing as per your own understanding.

Step 5 - Add Important Business Details

Make sure you have added all the imperative information regarding your business to the page, like:

  • The Website URL
  • Business Hours
  • Location
  • Contact information
  • Or any other information that tells your users about your business in great depth

Add Important Business Details

Step 6 - Add a Tempting CTA at the Top of Your Page When You Set Up a Facebook Business Page

At the top of your page, you can add an attractive CTA that defines a certain action you would want your user base to take. 

Add a Tempting CTA

You will see an “add a button” option on the top right corner of your page. On clicking it, you will get a list of certain action words from which you can make your selection:


You can choose the one that matches your business preferences and needs in the first go.

Suppose you want followership, you can add “follow” CTA. Or if you want people to call you for inquiry, you can add “call now” CTA from the list. You get 11-12 CTA options that are pretty basic and easy to understand, choose the one that seems actionable & important as per your business.

Step 7 - Identity and Add the Search Terms Your Users Would Use

Try to analyze the key terms or phrases over which your prospects would search you over. Use keyword planners of Google or Ubersuggest to find the keywords that users are searching for your business.


You can even dig into your competitors’ profiles & see what particular keywords they are using to describe their business. 

Suppose, if you are a digital marketer, and find keywords suitable to that business as “digital marketing agency”, “Digital marketing services” or so, then try to add these terms within your business description space. Or another best thing you could do is add those words within your post in either content or within the hashtags.

Whenever users will search for such key terms, your page will have a preference in the search results.

Step 8 - Set Up a Personalized Template & Tabs While You Set Up A Facebook Business Page

Under the Templates & tab section, you will find a variety of options to customize the template & tabs over your page.

Under the template, you can choose from a variety of options like shopping, business, restaurants & cafe, and more. Each template will give you a different feel and theme to which your users could easily relate to.


You can manage your tab buttons as well. You can decide which one you would want to show, and which one you wouldn't.


Step 9 - Familiarize Yourself with Each Action or Activity on Your Page

When you will sit back and explore your Facebook business page, you will find tons of small actions, features that can be explored to enhance your page’s visibility. Facebook pages are very easily & simply narrated throughout, which is why exploring those actions or features isn't a tough nut to crack.

Keep on checking, gauging, alerting your settings, accounts as you grow your followership according to your needs. 

Protip - Try reaching out to a professional digital marketing company that will get you the right social media strategy along with the best plan and content for your Facebook business page.

So, now you have all the answers to how to set up a Facebook business page, moving ahead, let’s know about what type of content you should primarily post that works best on the Facebook business page.

What Type of Content to Publish on Your Facebook Business Page?

Congratulations, you just learned how to set up a Facebook business page (and might as well have made one for your business). Regardless, if you did or would, you need to plan content for the posts, as when you will start inviting prospects, you would want them to have something worth exploring.

Type of Content to Publish on Your Facebook Business Page

Here are the most popular content types that are likely to engage your readers or visitors.

  1. Visual Posts - With quotes, fun facts, cartoon strips, memes works best for increasing engagement.
  2. Trivia, quizzes, fun posts - That could be entertaining, educational, or a combination of both.
  3. Post that solves users ' queries - It could be done via promoting a blog, publishing the latest news links, posting tips or steps to solve users’ problems with infographics.
  4. Free Resources/ Giveaway - People love free stuff, whether it is a free demo class, free samples, free tutorials. Adding the word “free” before any offer can bring a lot of attention you are trying to get.
  5. Knowledge material- If you write pain points solving case studies, whitepapers, ebooks, tutorials, podcasts, you can promote their link through your Facebook posts too.
  6. Video content - Video content is the best way to keep the visitor for a long duration. Video content gets 59% more engagement than other post types. Try accommodating more & more content in the form of video format, which could be all animated, real human type, or any presentation type.
  7. BTS of the company - If you have a millennial kind of brand, you can show the fun side of your business by posting pictures of your employees, activities you did on-premise or outside office premises, any great achievement, bloopers, fun shoot, or day out at your office. This can create amazing engagement with your users.
  8. Current events, like your brand congratulating an Olympic medal, won recently or any such news-making around.
  9. Live video - This is a fun and relatable piece of content.

We would suggest creating a fun monthly calendar for Facebook as well as for other social media so that you know in advance what type of content you will be posting going forward. And can publish content around trending hashtags for the weekdays like:

  • #MondayMotivation
  • #TransformationalTuesday
  • #WednesDayWisdom
  • #TBT or #ThrowbackThrusday
  • #FridayFeeling
  • #Caturday
  • #SundayFunday

You can plan days for the week, and follow these hashtags to write posts around them or create as per your own desires.

What is the best time to post on Facebook? You can quite get a larger engagement between the time span of morning 9 am till Afternoon 3 pm.

Just knowing “How do I set up a Facebook business page” or “what type of content to post on your page” is not enough. If you want to achieve incredible user interaction and one in a million chances to find your prospects, here are the easy, doable ways on how you can promote your page.

How to Promote Your Newly Created Facebook Business Page & Start Getting Qualified Leads?


Making Facebook pages is not like you have won the battle. You may be competing against some of the best who have already gained followers and customer loyalty. Here are a few tips on how you can promote your Facebook business page and start attracting interesting followership and qualified leads.

  1. Invite your Friends to like the page - Once you have created the page, you can start by inviting your friends, family, peers, employees to like and follow, and spread the page within their circle through word of mouth.
  2. Invest in Facebook ads. Do you know there are around 9 types of ads you can run for your page under any budget? Here read this guide on types of Facebook ads & how to use them.
  3. Post embedded posts. Embedded post that has visual elements like links, Gifs, videos, images, which lures the audience to click through and further engage. This is critical just like knowing how to set up a facebook business page.
  4. Join a business-relevant group. On Facebook, you will find a variety of communities, groups related to your business. Where you can get active, share your posts, and get some traction. Suppose you have a real estate business, search real estate groups over Facebook, which would be having users who are willing to buy property at a great deal.
  5. You can comment, share & like others’ co-businesses posts where your prospects are active. Start a friendly conversation with users, know their queries, have discussions, get to know how you can solve their problems with your page and your business.
  6. Post content that your reader would want to read & explore. Keep it 80% informational and 20% information. Don’t try to sell yourself in every post.
  7. Be active & consistent in posting. This means, actively handle your business page. Don’t let the visitors keep waiting for the posts, or to get a response on any message they sent you.
  8. Follow the trends, hashtags, run contests, giveaways that can drive the readers’ interest towards you.
  9. Pin the important post. Whenever you are posting content, you will see the three dots (...) at the top right corner of the post, on clicking it, you will see an option of “pin at top of the page”. Enable this option on any post you feel should retain and top to capture the interest of the user. You can pin any post you feel is impactful and can connect with new visitors.
  10. Use Free facebook analytics tools like buffer, quintly, socialbakers, trackmavens, etc that will give you insights on how people interact with your page & how you can improve it. Use post scheduling tools like Hootsuite, sprout social, etc to make your posting work hassle-free and fast. 
  11. Create Facebook-specific content, go live, upload posts in stories, publish more view content, boost your top posts, post shareable content, try influencer outreach, etc.

In short, do everything that you feel is possible and right in your capacity. Try new things, keep up with old practices, measure, analyze, repeat, and enjoy the results.

Mistakes to Avoid While Setting up Your Facebook Business Page


Here are the few mistakes you should avoid while you set up a Facebook business page, maintaining and striving hard with your newly created Facebook business page.

Mistake 1 - Using inconsistent messaging and tone to deliver it. Maintain the same brand personality throughout each and every post. Don’t sound too casual or too serious. Show a mix of emotion, information, and promotion within each copy.

Mistake 2 - Not getting out of your comfort zone. Stop playing safe & posting regular, generic content. You need to level up your Facebook marketing and come up with some thought-provoking, engaging, fun content ideas. Look what your competitors are trying & try acing that. Identify what your audience wants.

Mistake 3 - Not using paid Facebook. Most businesses are alright going with just organic posts & reach. Well, let’s tell you, you will be missing on a lot if you don’t go for Facebook ads to expand your outreach.

Mistake 4 - Not using external social media tools. Many businesses are okay with using whatever stuff they have on their page. But there is no harm in deploying free or premium social media analytics or scheduling tools.

Mistake 5-  Not delivering posts consistently. Facebook is very bustling social media. If you don’t churn out content at great frequency, how would you expect your users to engage with you & your business?

Mistake 6 - Not behaving like you are approachable. Most people fear connecting to a business page that’s lifeless, looks uninviting, and has no drive to invite readers to interact. Just casually posting content consistently, in a fixed routine is alright but it won’t give you much engagement. You need to interact with the audience, hear their thoughts & notes, and invite them to put their needs or suggestions before you. You can invite the opinions or participation of users via contests, giveaways, inviting any type of submissions, featuring customer of the month photos. 

What Factors to Evaluate To Identify Your Business’s Facebook Page’s Success?

To set up a Facebook business page is the easiest way to reach out to a wider range of audiences, get qualified leads, and create a brand perception. But after creating a Facebook business page & posting regularly on it, your work is still far from over. There are quite a few key metrics that you need to overlook to define the fate of your page. Like how it is doing in terms of performance, capturing targets’ attention, creating a shoutout for your brand. Don’t know what these metrics could be? Let’s help you:


1. User Engagement

User engagement defines the actions users take to be around and scroll your page or your published posts. It could be defined with 

  • No. of likes or reaction to a post or video you published
  • Leaving any comment on the post
  • Sharing the post
  • Clicking the links published alongside the post

You can view this type of information with Facebook insights or any 3rd party Facebook analytical tools.

Knowing the engagement level on your page or post will help you know how you are doing better each day, or what type of content your audience is liking the most or would love to see going forward. Just knowing how to set up a Facebook page isn’t all, you need to learn about analytics and various other such elements. 

2. Audience Reach

Audience reach is defined as how many people saw your post. The more reach, the more it is beneficial. This reach can be attained by organic posting, however, if you wish to achieve a faster and huge reach, Facebook ads are the best way.

You can gauge the reach percentage at the Facebook insights section. There you can view the “users’ reach” on any individual post to know what type of content is making a difference & gaining attention.

3. Facebook Referral Traffic

The whole sole purpose of a Facebook page is to connect with a diverse audience and redirect them to your main website. Referral traffic is another metric that defines the number of traffic your website or its blog section received from clicking the web link throughout your social posts. A lot of work begins even after knowing how to set up a Facebook business page.

This you can gauge in your Google Analytics profile, under the heading “Acquisition>Social> Network Referral. This will help you know whether your content is actually impacting the reader to take the next step or not.

4. Facebook Business Page Likes & follows

This metric shows how many people are ardently following you and want to know your offerings. The data relating to likes & follows is clear on the page itself. However, if you want a clear idea of how many pages likes you gained over a certain period of time, or out of all, how many are organic ones & how many are paid ones, you can get to know about them in the “trends” section or within any Facebook analytical tools online.

Knowing how many audiences you are adding over an interval without forgoing the current ones is important to know. So, gauge this metric consistently too.

5. Video Engagement & Retention

Video engagement or retention is another metric that’s important to gauge. Owing to the popularity of posting video content on Facebook pages, you need to know how many visitors are seeing the video, how often they are interacting and engaging with it, no. of times they played the video, how many likes, comments, reactions they are adding for that video.

All this will help you modify and improve your video content for more broad exposure and outreach. You can track them with Facebook page settings or from Facebook analytics tools like Sprouts or so.

6. Click-Through Rates (CTR)

CTR or click-through rate defines the rate at which users are clicking your ad campaigns and getting redirected to your main landing page. Basically, the higher the CTR rate, the better it will be. It’s an important metric to note & evaluate as if you are seeing less CTR rate, it states your users are viewing your content but aren’t taking action to click and further explore your offers.

These are just a few metrics, there are quite a lot of other metrics that you can evaluate and keep on modifying either alone or together with a professional social media agency, who could handle your complete social media marketing.

Concluding Thoughts!

Facebook is a dominating social media channel today that has quite a huge user base in billions and undoubtedly has effective tools & features to expand any business’s digital identity. To set up a Facebook business page is a must if you are just starting digitally, it will take hardly 10 minutes to make one but maintaining it to bring the desired traction requires ongoing efforts. You can create the page on your own without professional help with just $0 in your pocket and use it as a marketing catalyst to reach the masses, get that followership, and build that desired brand identity.

But if you actually wish to get positive figures on the metrics we discussed above, leave room for some professional social media experts like us, who know how Facebook Business pages need to be navigated for multiplying brand outreach and lead generation process at any bare minimum budget or timeline you are strapped in with.

Wish to explore our free estimates, quotes, and what exceptional things we can do to make you earn leads through social media? Let’s burn our coffee pods and discuss!

Also, dear reader, do you have interesting stories, tips, opinions to share around “how do you set up a Facebook business page”, then drop them down in the comments down below!

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