How to Find Influencers for Powerful Return on Your Ecommerce Brand


 3 May, 2018

We are living in a fast-growing digitized world where technology, as well as marketing trends, keep evolving rapidly. The marketing influencers are no different from other marketing trends and so it keeps evolving continuously. Therefore, it is necessary for us to be on the same page to benefit our eCommerce Brand at a faster pace.

Influencer marketing is considered very helpful for eCommerce website because it enhances the exposure and attracts more leads as compared to other modes. If utilized effectively, it has the capability to gift you one of the most powerful returns from your business. But the key of all these lies on finding a right influencer.

This blog will help you know end-to-end details about the value of finding best influencers for every eCommerce Brand. We will dive into details of following points.

  1. What is an influencer and Why does a brand need them?
  2. How to find the best influencer for your eCommerce brand?
  3. How to ensure that your influencer is benefitting you.

Like most of the marketers, if you also wish to make best possible use of influencers for an ultimate ROI, then stay tuned with us while we address all above topics for your benefit.

What Is An Influencer And Why Does A Brand Need Them?

The term influencer is bothering many marketers these days because of its benefits for every business.

What Is An Influencer?

Well, to be précised, the Influencers are the individuals who are active on social media platforms and influences a large ratio of the population due to their creative and socializing skills. They also serve as effective brand advocates and are a great niche promoter. Every influencer plays a different role in different social media campaigns and this also varies from brand to brand. This is why finding a right influencer for your website is considered one of the most crucial and challenging tasks. But, you don’t need to worry about this concern because in this blog we will help you do this.

An effective influencer not just create right awareness, but they drive action and this is what will benefit you.

Why Does Your Brand Need An Influencer?

It is a general tendency of customers on various social media platforms that they tend to trust more on the brand that is recommended by any third party. Modern era’s consumers don’t get influenced by billboards or commercials. Instead, they try to research themselves about the product or services they are interested into and choose a reliable suit through references from someone whom they can link with.  It’s like you can relate more to a person who has a friend in common with you. Therefore, an influencer is that common friend connecting your brand with your target audience. When you work with an influencer, they bring you a wide number of loyal audience’s interest into your funnel. This larger number of audience will drive sales, increase the exposure of your brand in every social media platform and further you can convert those audiences into leads. Due to its effective outcome, influencer marketing has become one of the best ways to attract more and more customers as well as clients.

What An Influencer Can Do For Your Brand?

  • They will recommend your brand by generating relevant content, referring to friends, and those friends will again share your content.
  • In this way, influencers will involve themselves in all the conversation related to your brand on social media platforms and in turn influence people to switch towards your side rather than any of your competitors.

How To Find The Best Influencer For Your E-Commerce Brand?

As you already know what an influencer is and why your brands need one, it is the time to know how we can look for the best suit for the same. Let’s understand how we can recognize them. You need to figure out about what kind of influencer content you’ll have to create, which all social media platforms you want your influencers to publish it on, and what kind of influencers are the best for your brand.

Monitor The Social Media Carefully

Brand advocates are one of the strongest influencer ones can have because they are the one who talks about your brand publicly. Monitor your social media accounts timely and you will be able to find some common faces who constantly involve in related services or products you deal with. Just tune into your social media activities and other types of related posts (blogs, articles) about your company, you will definitely find a right influencer. You can engage them strategically and get your brand much-needed exposure.

Example Of Social Media Monitoring

Suppose you are an eCommerce website deal with kitchen appliances. Then, look for someone may post and tweet heavily about kitchen appliances but not mention your website as an awesome place to buy them. Well, this is the individual that can-do wonders by recommending your brand in his social media activities. This individual can be a great source you want to engage with and expose your brand to.

You can engage your influencer to Engage in social media activities listening and for letting your brand mentioned all over the internet. Identify right influential people who are constantly interested in your niches and talks about your business, products or services, and then you can recruit these influencers to do right branding in an official organized manner.

How To Ensure That Your Influencer Is Benefitting You?

Following steps will enable you to ensure that your official influencer is taking right path towards your marketing goals.

  1. Know your goals and let them know it clearly. Explain to them what your goals are and how you wish to achieve them.
  2. Consider few influencers and test them to see who is more efficient for your niche.
  3. Choose which platforms you want to use and choose influencer accordingly.
  4. Offer a fair compensation for their work. This will keep them going at a good pace towards your business goal. Establish strong relationship with them.
  5. Give influences freedom to be creative for portraying your brand in an interesting way.
  6. Encourage them to create an engaging and authentic content for your brand. Let them write reviews of your product or services so that when people look for similar details, your brand is visible with recommendations.

arrow down by niche and keep evaluating the engagement level at regular intervals.

Let’s wrap it up

You already know in and out about the role of an influencer for your brand. They can help to drive sales in a great level. Choose a right influencer with effective creative skills that can easily give your brand much-needed exposure on various social media platforms more than just making famous on Instagram posts.

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