20 Easy Ways To Fix Error – Your Connection Is Not Private In Chrome


29 Apr, 2024



There is much data that hackers can gather when clients get to the Internet through insecure connections. Protection and personal data are vital things. We have to shield ourselves from aggressors by utilizing secured connections.

While surfing the web through the Chrome program, you get a very common error that your connection is not private. It tends to be a disturbing error since you are doing much personal and delicate stuff on the web and if in chrome your connection is not private, it may cause misfortune or spillage of your private data. This can be extremely useful for malicious hackers to hack your information or data. This error your connection is not private looks something like this:

connection is not private

(the screenshot was taken from the website of cheap SSL security only for illustrative purposes)

Regularly, the error your connection is not private shows up in your Google Chrome program on the grounds that there is an issue with the SSL association, and your program can’t check the SSL authentication. SSL is a safe technique to scramble information from your PC (for this situation, it’s your program) and send it to the server. It helps to keep the data private and safe when transmitting – and inverse.

This blog post takes into account the several ways in which you can tackle the “your connection is not private” error in chrome. The blog paves a way for you to understand everything about this particular error and the ways in which you can fix it. We have tried to illustrate the methods by way of real-time screenshots. Hope you will enjoy reading it. The blog covers the following sections- 

  • What is meant by “your connection is not private”
  • Variations of the error “your connection is not private”
  • Cause for the error “your connection is not private”
  • How to fix “your connection is not private chrome”

What is Your Connection Not Private Error?

The “your connection is not private” error just relates to destinations that are running over HTTPS (or ought to keep running over HTTPS). When you visit a site, your program sends a demand to the server where the site is facilitated. The program at that point needs to approve the endorsement introduced on the site to guarantee it is up to current security principles. Different things that likewise occur incorporate the TLS handshake, the testament being checked against the authentication specialist, and unscrambling of the certificate.

In the event that the browser finds that the authentication isn’t substantial, it will naturally attempt to keep you from achieving the site. This element is incorporated with internet browsers to ensure the client. In any case, the authentication isn’t set up effectively, it implies information can’t be scrambled legitimately and in this way, the site is dangerous to visit (particularly those with logins or that procedure payment data). Rather than stacking the site, it will convey an error message, for example, “your connection is not private chrome” or “your connection is not private”.

In Google chrome the error message reads like: “Your connection is not private.”

Common Error Codes

In Mozilla Firefox it's like: “Your connection is not secure.”

Mozilla Common error codes

In Microsoft Edge, it is reflected as: “Your connection is not secure.”

Microsoft Edge common error code

What Are The Main Causes Of The Error - Your Connection Is Not Private?

The error “your connection is not private” is quite frustrating as it acts as a roadblock to your internet search. Here are a few common causes of this error:

  • Wrong Date & Time: If the PC or gadget’s date and time are incorrect, it will make your web browser not confirm the SSL declaration. To determine, check your date and time again and ensure they are correct. If it isn’t right, satisfy the right date and time and endeavor to check.
  • Antivirus Blocked SSL Connection: Besides the wrong date and time, your antivirus programming can obstruct all SSL associations too. For this situation, we can kill our antivirus programming incidentally to check.
  • Invalid Google Chrome’s Cookies & Cached Files: Cache and treats can reason for this bothersome blunder. As indicated by the client’s reports clearing treats and reserved records in Google Chrome can expel this mistake message. To fix it see here “How to clear treats and store from Google Chrome browser”.
  • Invalid Or Missing SSL Certificate - If the SSL certificate is missing it may lead to your connection is not private error or connection not private chrome. Also, the error occurs when the SSL certificate doesn’t list variations on the domain name.
  • SSL certificates when self-signed instead of a third-party certificate authority also result in an error - your connection is not private chrome bypass.
  • Browser does not recognize the certificate: When the browser does not recognize the certificate authority that issued the SSL certificate the error - Google chrome your connection is not private, may arise.
  • Unsupported features: The SSL certificate may have unsupported features.

Now that you are well-aware of what is meant by error “ your connection is not private” and the main reasons behind it; let’s move on to the best 20 ways to fix your connection is not a private error. 

How to Fix the Error “Your Connection Is Not Private” in Chrome?

Your connection is not private

Settling the "Your connection is not private” error message in Google Chrome can be somewhat precarious as the reason can be one of the numerous things. We will take you through the regular arrangements that you can make so you can return to your perusing at the earliest opportunity.

Solution 1: Check & Correct The Date Of Your System

We’ve all been in a circumstance where we lost our key, looked everywhere possible just to find that the key was sitting in the pocket from the beginning? All things considered, this arrangement is somewhat similar to that. The date of your framework—something that we underestimate—may be wrong and could be causing inconvenience. Regardless of whether you’re utilizing an Apple gadget, a Windows one, or Android, this progression may very well be the key you’ve been scanning for. This is one of the way that answers how to get past your connection is not private


Solution 2: Clear Chrome’s Browsing Data

As we probably are aware, the browsers store your perusing information; and this information may keep your program to set up a protected association. Along these lines, you have to clear your information. Here’s how to do it:

In PC: Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete and clear the data.

In a Mobile Phone: Chrome menu ? Settings ? Privacy ? Clear Browsing Data

Clear Browsing Data

Solution 3: Check your Antivirus & Firewall Settings

A thing about antivirus programming that many aren’t mindful of is that they screen the website pages stacked in your program, Chrome for this situation. Your antivirus/firewall may have been designed so as to not give Chrome a chance to set up a protected association with the server—eventually bringing about a “Your Connection is Not Private” Error.

Now and again, this issue “your connection is not private chrome bypass “could be caused by over-sensitive antivirus programs. In case you’re certain that the destinations you are to visit are free of conceivable malware, infection, or spam, you can change a few settings in your antivirus program, for example, killing the Scan SSL, in order to visit the locales. In case you can’t discover such settings, attempt to debilitate your antivirus program for now. However, just when you’re certain that the destinations you’re going to are sufficiently sheltered for you to trust.

Presently we can’t give the correct solution as there are many antivirus and firewalls and UI/UX for each is unique. Be that as it may, what we can do is provide you with the guidance, you’ll need to achieve the goal all alone.

In your product or firewall, disable the SSL/TLS scanning or monitoring choice.

Solution 4: Update Chrome

What do you we when the PC crashes? We restart, correct? So also, in programs, we suggest refreshing them at the truly standard premise, and if you don’t then you’re mission out on a ton of essential stuff. They quite often accompany security patches and you could be putting your framework in danger by not refreshing. In this way, it’s in every case better to remain up-to-date. This answers how to fix your connection is not private error.

Update Chrome in PC: Chrome menu ? Help ? About Google Chrome

Update Chrome in a Mobile Phone: Chrome menu ? Help ? Update Google Chrome

google chrome

Solution 5: Try Reloading the Page

This may appear somewhat clear to a few, however, one of the most straightforward and first things you should attempt while experiencing a “your connection isn’t private” mistake is to just close and re-open your program and have a go at stacking the page once more. It may be the case that the site proprietor is right now reissuing their SSL endorsement or something was twisted in your browser. This answers how to fix your connection is not private on chrome.

Solution 6: Manually Proceed (Unsafe)

Your other alternative is to just physically continue. In any case, we never prescribe doing this except if you completely comprehend that nothing will be scrambled if you would continue. In case you will enter in login accreditations or entering installment subtleties, definitely, jump to the subsequent stages beneath.

We just incorporate this choice so that we can clarify the full consequences of doing this. Seeing this blunder could imply that somebody’s endeavoring to trick you or take any data you send to the server and you should normally close the site quickly. It is likewise conceivable that the site has been imperiled and there is a vindictive redirection. In case you’re in an open place, never endeavor to sidestep this screen.

If at all despite everything you need to continue, there is typically a “proceed to domain.com” connect you can click at the base of the mistake screen. Contingent upon the program this is now and again covered up under the “Propelled” choice. Note: If the site is utilizing HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) this alternative won’t be accessible as it implies, they have executed an HTTP header that never permits non-HTTPS connections. This answers the question of how to get past your connection is not private.

HTTPS connections

Solution 7: Are You in a Cafe or Airport?

This may sound odd, yet bistros and air terminal Wi-Fi systems will, in general, be a standout amongst the most mainstream places that clients see the “your connection is not private” error. Why? Since a great deal of them are as yet not running everything over HTTPS, or in the event that they are, it isn’t designed effectively. 

This normally relates to the entryway screen where you have to acknowledge the terms and consent to sign in. In case you’re attempting to interface with an HTTPS (secure) site before accepting the gateway’s terms this error could spring up. Here are some simple strides to get around it.

  1. Connect to the bistro or the air terminal’s Wi-Fi.
  2. Browse to a non-HTTPS site, for example, http://www.weather.com.
  3. The sign-in page should then open. You can acknowledge the terms and afterward sign in. Because of the way that the terms are typically simply comprising of a checkbox, you shouldn’t be excessively concerned on the off chance that it isn’t running over HTTPS. When associated you would then be able to peruse to locales over HTTPS.

Tip: If you can’t get the sign-in page to open, you could likewise have a go at composing into your program (source).

Keep in mind, at whatever point you’re utilizing open Wi-Fi a VPN can help in protecting you much further by concealing your traffic. Here are a couple of prevalent ones you should need to look at:

  • Private Internet Access
  • TunnelBear
  • NordVPN

Solution 8: Open in Incognito Mode

On your console, press Ctrl + Shift + N to open an in the secret window. Presently attempt to enter the site that you are to visit. If the site page opens fine and dandy, there could be some extension that is causing the issue. All the screenshots have been taken from the driver easy website.

1) In the upper right corner of your program, tap the menu symbol. At that point select Settings

driver easy website

2) On the left half of the opened window, click Extensions. You will see a rundown of expansions here.

rundown of expansions

3) See whether there are any extensions that are meddling with your SSL association. When you spot it, un-check the container beside Enable to cripple the expansion. Norton here is just a model. This answers the question how do you fix your connection is not private error.

private error

Solution 9: Check Your Computer’s Clock

Another exceptionally normal reason that you may see the “your connection isn’t private” mistake is that your PC’s clock is failed. Programs depend on these to be effectively adjusted to check the SSL endorsement. This can without much of a stretch occur if you just acquired another PC, particularly workstations on Wi-Fi out of the blue. They don’t generally synchronize consequently after your first login. The following are the means to refresh the time on your PC. Note: This can likewise occur on cell phones.


1. Right-click on the time in the bottom right-hand toolbar of your desktop

2. Select the “Adjust date/time” option.

adjust date/time

3. Choose “Set time automatically” and also “Set time zone automatically.” This will update according to one of Microsoft’s NTP servers. You        would then have to double-check the time in the bottom right-hand toolbar to ensure that it’s correct. If not, you can click on the “Change” tab to physically select a time zone.


4. Close down your web browser and attempt to re-open it. Then try re-entering the website. This answers the question how do I fix your connection is not private error.

Solution 10: Update Your Operating System

More seasoned working frameworks drop outdated with more current innovations, for example, TLS 1.3 and the most recent figure suites as programs quit supporting them. Explicit parts in the most recent SSL certs will essentially quit working. Google Chrome, actually, pulled the attachment on Windows XP in 2015. We generally prescribe moving up to more current working frameworks if conceivable, for example, Windows 10 or the most recent adaptation of Mac OS X.

Solution 11: Change DNS Servers

The next thing that you can attempt is to change your DNS servers. We’ve really observed the “your connection isn’t private” error occur before when utilizing Google’s Public DNS( and or Cloudflare’s DNS ( and Expelling this and defaulting back to your ISP’s DNS servers can once in a while fix things. Google and Cloudflare aren’t ideal 100% of the time and we’ve seen issues happening from time to time.

Solution 12: Disable VPN and Antivirus Temporarily

Some of the time VPNs and Antivirus programming can override or abrogate your system settings, including obstructing certain SSL authentications or associations. In the event that you have any running, attempt incidentally crippling them (shutting them) or killing their “SSL Scan” highlight to check whether it settles the “your connection isn’t private” mistake in Chrome.

Solution 13: Make Sure the Certificate Hasn’t Expired

SSL certificates lapsing without the site proprietor’s learning happens constantly. Truth be told, significantly more than you may suspect. Indeed, even to Fortune 500 organizations! We could discover this tweet beneath inside a matter of a couple of moments. No major ordeal, just Hungtington Bank neglecting to re-establish their SSL certificate.

Solution 14: Ignore The SSL Certificate Error From Google Chrome Shortcut

This technique is only an approach to disregard and sidestep the SSL association blunder as we have referenced previously. It can’t use to fix the issue all time. In any case, it can make all alerts that identified with SSL mistakes in your Chrome program vanish for good, until the point that you indicate it once more.

On your work area, right-tap on the Google Chrome alternate way and select “Properties”.

Include more parameters as you find in the image beneath and tap the OK tab. In the wake of doing this, the mistake will be disregarded untouched, and there would be no error message later on. 

google chrome properties

Solution 15: Reach Out for Help

It never hurts to admit that you may not know how to fix everything. You can ask for help. Call up your ISP, they would be running a service center surely. Or else you can hire a consultant to fix this issue.

Solution 16: Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

If anytime you figure out it may be your program, clearing your program reserve is dependably a decent investigating venture before jumping into the additional top to bottom investigating.

Solution 17: Try Clearing the SSL State on Your Computer

Clearing the SSL state in Chrome is regularly disregarded however can come in exceptionally helpful and is anything but difficult to attempt. Much the same as clearing your program’s store this can help if things escape synchronizing. To clear the SSL state in Chrome on Windows, pursue these means:

  • Click the Google Chrome – Settings symbol (Settings) symbol, and after that click Settings.
  • Click Show Advanced Settings.
  • Under Network, click Change intermediary settings. The Internet Properties discourse box shows up.
  • Click the Content tab.
  • Click “Clear SSL state”, and after that click OK.
  • Restart Chrome. 

clear ssl state

Solution 18: Restart Your Computer

We know it’s irritating, however, it must be referenced. If nothing from what we just discussed works have a go at restarting your PC and even your router. We understand a considerable lot of you most likely have many tabs or applications open and that is the reason we made this one of the last alternatives. However, rebooting gadgets really get out a great deal of brief storage and hiccups. 

Solution 19: Avoid Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi allows multiple systems to connect to a network without any password verification. At times these networks are prone to threats and in that case, the browser warns the user before connecting to the network. The only solution here is to avoid such connections.

Solution 20: Clear SSL State

Whenever a user visits a website the system stores its SSL state, and it reloads it every time the user visits the same website. So in case of error “connection is not private,” it is recommended to clear the SSL state on your device. You may follow the mentioned steps to do so:

  • Open internet options
  • Click on content in the dialogue box and then click on clear SSL state
  • The SSL state is cleared now.

These are the best 20 ways to fix the error “connection is not private” on any of the browsers. Hope by now you have clear visibility about the error and the ways to resolve it.

Final Words

Browser errors like Your Connection Is Not Private, or any other error like DNS_probe_finished_nxdomain is never good and can in some cases be hard to investigate. Ideally one of the tips above will enable you to determine and fix the “your connection is not private” error as fast as could reasonably be expected. Keep in mind, these are commonly caused by something misconfigured on your PC or with the certificate on the site itself.

Another such annoying error is an error 500 and you should learn how to fix an Error 500 as well.

A careful perusal of the steps associated with the various ways to dodge this error will help you greatly while you are surfing the internet. Try to take a gander at them one by one. We recommend getting your website build and maintained by a professional web development company as they have much expertise in handling any such error.

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