10 Best Hosting for WordPress – Which are Fast, Affordable & Secure!


13 Mar, 2024


Introduction to best hosting for WordPress Websites!

Every website to become visible online needs a reliable, secure, and scalable hosting service. If you say your website can do without hosting, you cannot go more wrong. 

Choosing a good hosting provider, after thoughtful considerations, at the primitive stages of launching your website is very important, otherwise, you can lose on potential revenue and customer experience.

Imagine, you start a WordPress website and randomly choose a cheap hosting from some recommendation, and then you face frequent downtime, malware, and poor capacity to withhold & load your website. Imagine the amount of disgrace it will bring to your digital identity, loss in ranking, and the additional cost you would have to bear to get rid of those losses and migrate your website to a new & better host. Phew... Nightmare right?”

Well, we won’t let that happen to you. We know your money, time & efforts are precious. We will help you put your money where your mouth is. We want your WordPress website to grow. So here are the best WordPress hosting providers that stars of the market & can be picked without a doubt. Let’s have an honest look at their cost, speed, response time, customer support, security & other features.

FYI - We personally use these providers for our clients & have tested & explored them in reality based on their cost, security, customer service, features, backups, and other important factors. The results were just impressive. Read on to know about our top picks on the best WordPress hosting sites in detail!

10 Best Hosting for WordPress Websites - Which Are Fast, Reliable & Affordable

10 Best Hosting for WordPress Websites

Let’s talk about these best-hosting companies for WordPress in detail below!

1. Bluehost - “Beginner Friendly host”


Bluehost tops the list of the best web hosting for WordPress as it’s officially recommended by WordPress. 

This is a perfect beginner-friendly hosting solution with affordable & justifiable pricing plans. It gives you total control over your website by providing a cPanel dashboard. It is built for lasting performance and has a great response to sudden traffic spikes.

Their 24/7 customer support is there to meet any sudden disruptions or performance issues. They also provide upbeat SEO tools, email marketing tools & analytics to keep the website optimized, surge in search engine rankings, and up for attracting more visitors.

When we used this popular host, we experienced server speed to be 422 ms for a static website in a basic shared hosting plan, which is quite excellent. Their uptime was 99.98% during our testing. If you are looking for 100% uptime, believe us no host can do that. During our course, we saw downtime of almost 1.5 hours in a year.

They take complete website backups, have SSL certificates, free domain, and every capability that you would expect a hosting provider to give. It also has a one-click WordPress installation all at one hood. You get a variety of hosting plans from shared, managed, VPS hosting at very reasonable pricing plans.

Is Bluehost Secure?

Bluehost is secure as it offers:

  • SSL certificate
  • Take complete website & server backups frequently
  • Has spam experts add-on on higher packages
  • Free & automated malware scan
  • Domain privacy protection
  • Has features SiteLock, which protects malware 

Bluehost’s Pricing Plan for WordPress Websites

They offer 3 plans at current:

  • Basic plan - For small WordPress websites or blogs, starts at $175/month for one website with 50 GB SSD storage & free 100+ WordPress themes.
  • Plus plan - Starts at #299/month, ideal for a small business suite, is for unlimited websites with unmetered SSD storage, and 100+ free WordPress themes.
  • Choice Plus - Starts at $299/month for unlimited growing websites with unmetered SSD storage with 100+ free WordPress themes.

2. Hostgator - “Perfect Partner for Small Business”


Hostgator is a very simple hosting solution for small businesses that are looking for exclusive features at a very reasonable rate. With currently providing solutions to 2 million websites, they know the ins and outs of WordPress hosting.

Talking about Hostagtor’s security, it offers 3 top-notch security solutions as follows:

  • CodeGuard - Which helps with daily automated backups of files & databases, and restores data with one click.
  • SiteLock Fix - To avoid any intrusions by regular scanning, detecting & removing any malware.
  • SSL certificates - To show your visitors that your website is secure to interact & navigate as all the information is encrypted safely under HTTPS protocols.

They have a very supersonic speed, what we noticed for our client, it was 734 ms consistently for a year, which is great for your SEO performance. And we saw an excellent 99.99% uptime as they promised. They have a 24/7/365 days available support team to honor your requests & complaints. 

Hostgator Pricing Plans for WordPress

They offer 3 plans for individual & businesses as follow:

  • Starter Plan -  Starts at $5.95 per month for a single website, unmetered webspace, with the capacity to handle 100K traffic monthly.
  • Standard plan - Starts at $7.95 per month for 2 websites, unmetered web space, with the capacity to handle 200k traffic monthly.
    • Business Plan - Starts at $9.95 per month for 3 sites, unmetered webspace, with the capacity to handle 500K traffic monthly.

    *Unmetered hosting bandwidth is where you are not charged as per bandwidth or disk space you use. However, in case you exceed more than capping, you would receive emails regarding reducing your storage.

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    3. Hostinger - “Truly Affordable Hosting Provider”


    We have to start by talking about how affordable Hostinger pricing plans with longer subscriptions are. Like if you will see, their lowest price plan starts at $1.99/month for 1 website with a subscription for straight 4 years. How cool is that!

    With 30 days money-back guarantee, this best web host for WordPress providers have the following 4 managed hosting plans:

    • Single WordPress plan - Ideal for beginners, this one starts at $1.99 a month for one website with 30 GB SSD capacity and handles 10000 visits monthly.
    • WordPress starter plan - Ideal plan for personal or portfolio websites, starts at $2.99/ month for 100 websites with 100 GB storage and handles 25000 visitors monthly.
    • Business WordPress - Starts at $5.99/month for up to 100 websites, has 200 GB storage, and can easily handle 100000 visitors monthly.
    • WordPress pro - Good for small & medium businesses, starts at 11.59 per month for 300 websites with 200 GB storage and 3,00,000 visitors monthly.

    Looks like it's best if you invest in its advanced plan in case you are looking for expansion in near future. They even offer separate email hosting, which starts at $0.99 per month.

    They have guaranteed 99.99% uptime with 24/7 customer support. They handle all the updates, and other administrative tasks for your website and give the most out of every dollar you spend.

    4. GoDaddy - “Fast & Secure Hosting”


    GoDaddy is another one of the best web hosts for WordPress websites that offers a variety of tailored plans such as shared hosting plans, dedicated hosting plans, VPS hosting, WordPress-specific hosting plans.

    If you purchase GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting plan, you get features as:

    • Malware scans with Sucuri daily
    • Free business domain and email for almost one year
    • One-click restore automatic backups
    • SFTP access to the server of yours
    • Core WordPress updates automatedly
    • Superlative integration with CDN (content delivery network)

    GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Plans & Pricing

    Godaddy’s hosting plans are most budgeted and start from just 6.99 per month and have a maximum plan for just $15/month.

    GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

    These are all the basic plans of GoDaddy which supports only single websites. However, if you are looking to run multiple websites, you need to explore their Pro plans, which are quite pricier & start at $24.99 per month.

    GoDaddy Customer Support

    GoDaddy’s customer support is good & has a variety of options to get back on your query like calls, live chat, articles, forums, etc. Most websites would rate their customer support service as 3.3 stars.

    GoDaddy Performance

    While choosing GoDaddy, you can experience the quite upbeat performance as it has:

    • Guarantees 99.99% uptime. If it fails to deliver such uptime, it credits 5% sum of the monthly bill.
    • Its servers are well-optimized for WordPress websites & can easily manage sudden spikes of traffic.
    • For increased site speed, Godaddy's hosting plan included out-of-the-box CDN integration.

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    5. DreamHost - “Lightning Fast & Reliable Host”


    Almost 1.5 million WordPress websites use DreamHost services as it is reliable, lightning-fast, and recommended by WordPress itself.

    The hosting plans of DreamHost for WordPress seem quite reasonable to pockets as to the features they deliver. Its basic monthly plan starts at $3.95/month and goes a maximum of $30/month for VPS hosting.

    DreamHost Hosting Plan for WordPress

    DreamHost Hosting Plan

    Just like other hosts, it offers cPanel to completely own your site, SSL certificates, backups, website builder, email host, with the capacity to handle unlimited traffic.

    They have a super easy migration plugin that makes migrating tasks much more seamless. This is a highly recommended & simply the best hosting for WordPress websites owned by nonprofit websites, falling under  501(c)(3), as they have free unlimited shared hosting plans.

    Their free trial window is great, which is 97 days. The best option is to explore this provider, before starting to invest in them.

    Talking about customer support, they have seamless 24/7 email support, but the live chat option is only available on days of office hours. If you have your pro WordPress managed plans or Dreampress plan, then only you will get phone support with other premium features. Otherwise, to arrange technical support over call, you might have to pay $9.95 as an additional.

    It does offer blazing speed and has a notable uptime of 99.98% uptime.

    6. Siteground - “Powerful Yet Simple to Use”


    Siteground is the securest & fastest WordPress hosting provider one could get. This host is successfully hosting almost 2,00,000 domains and making their job less stressful and their websites up for heavy traction.

    Siteground offers dependable hosting with its secure & fast capabilities, especially for WordPress websites. This host, in order to maintain swift & faster interactions, uses Google Cloud and has persistent SSD data that ensures low latency.

    Siteground’s Blazing speed!

    Let us do the math for you. Siteground has a very fast loading speed, whenever you will count it, you will count it in a fraction of seconds rather than whole ones. In 2020, it launched Ultrafast PHP for innovative developers, which speeds up the response time by 30% than standard PHP.

    Talking about its speed & uptime, during our implementation, we experienced this host’s response time as 716 ms, and uptime was as boasted by them, which was 99.99%.

    Siteground’s unbeatable security!

    Along with blazing speed, the host is too good at delivering unmatched security. This provider keeps itself updating on the latest firewall rules, isolates accounts on their server so that shared hosting accounts are not impacted.

    Being very vigilant of security, they do health checks every 0.5 seconds and their AI-driven bots are too good at blocking between 5,00,000 to 2 million attempts of attacks, about every hour.

    Other than these, they do frequent vulnerability checks and have auto-updates lined up.

    Siteground’s Pricing Plans

    Siteground’s WordPress pricing plans are competitive, their managed WordPress has 3 hosting plans, which start from $5.99/ month and go $14.55 for the highest plan.

    • Startup Plan - Starts from $5.99/month for a single website, with 10 GB web space & capacity to handle 10,000 monthly traffic.

    • GrowBig Plan - Starts from $8.99/month for unlimited websites, with 20 GB webspace, and capacity to handle 25,000 monthly traffic.

    • GoGeek - Starts from $14.99/month for unlimited websites, with 40 GB webspace, and capacity to handle 1,00,000 monthly traffic.

    In all these packages, you will find basic services that a host should provide like:

    • Free WordPress Migrator
    • SSL certificate
    • Daily Backup
    • Unlimited Databases
    • Staging tools to make a copy of your web effortlessly
    • Dev Toolkit with Git integration, PHP version control, and WP-CLI, SSH access
    • Datacentres in your location
    • 30 days money-back guarantee
    • On-demand backup copies in grow big and go geek plans

    7. GreenGeeks - “Eco-friendly, Lightning Fast & Secure”


    GreenGeeks is eco-friendly, reliable, super-fast, and simply one of the best hosting for WordPress websites. 

    This hosting makes your website up for speed by leveraging LiteSpeed WebServer & LS Cache Plugin, which makes your website load and respond with speed. 

    This host knows how to make this hosting friendly for developers & thus gives them access to SSH, Git, SFTP, WP-CLI, SFTP, staging environment, phpMyAdmin. While if you are someone who isn’t technically proficient, their technical support is always around the corner to provide qualified rescue to your query.

    We did use this host & would say the downtimes were negligible, we experienced 99.99% uptime. 

    They put a combination of manual & automated efforts to keep your website safe from malware or any threats by doing regular monitoring of any vulnerabilities & treating them. Have an SSL certificate to make your customers’ or visitors’ experience safe.

    Other than that, the host provided other administrative services as any other host should like 1-click WordPress installation, daily automated backups to WordPress core & plugins, unlimited storage, and whatnot.

    Talking about the affordability of these hosts, they offer 3 hosting plans for WordPress with 30-days money-back guarantee:

    • Lite - Starts at $2.49 per month for one website with 50 Gb web space, 50 email accounts, free WordPress install, upgrades & migration.
    • Pro - Starts at $4.95 per month, with unlimited websites & email accounts & free WordPress install, upgrades & migration.
    • Premium - Starts at $8.95 per month, with unlimited websites & email accounts & free WordPress install, upgrades & migration.

    8. A2 Hosting - “Fast & Best Host for WordPress”

    A2 Hosting

    A2 hosting with its shared, managed, VPS plans doesn’t stay behind when it comes to blazing speed & response time. Its response time is so fast that it will make your page load speed fast and further help you have better SEO visibility, lower bounce rates, and meet every bottom line that you wish to achieve with a fast & performing website. 

    If you have just migrated from another hosting provider, you are guaranteed to see some amazing loading speed on your WordPress web.

    Their turbo max and turbo boost plans give you access to turbo servers that offer lightning-fast speed. These turbo servers are 20 times faster than regular servers & give you premium features as:

    • Capacity to manage traffic 9 times more
    • 2 times faster first byte
    •  AMD EPYC CPU - 40% faster
    • 3x faster read/write speeds via NVMe drive

    They guarantee 99.9% uptime, 1-click WordPress install, and free & hassle-free migration services included. They will help you migrate from a bad host for absolutely no cost.

    A2 Hosting Pricing Plans

    • They offer 4 shared WordPress hosting plans named StartUp for $1.99, Drive for $3.99, Turbo boost for $5.99, and Turbo Max for $12.99.
    • They offer 3 managed WordPress hosting plans as 1-site for $10.99, 3-sites for $19.99, and unlimited for $34.99.

    9. WP Engine - “Fastest & Most Reliable for all Business Size”

    WP Engine

    WP Engine is the best-managed hosting provider for WordPress websites. It provides great optimized services for WordPress websites or blogs. We can tell, this host is quite fast, has automated maintenance, and has a proven record of no downtime.

    This host does cover everything you need in a good host, blazing speed, quite longer uptime, and automated updates & maintenance.

    Talking about its customer support, it is really competitive & knowledgeable to WordPress CMS and has 24/7 live chat with options to raise tickets.

    Coming to its price, its fully managed WordPress hosting plan can be quite a bit more than the other shared hosting providers. But again, the service it offers for such an exorbitant price is worth paying.

    Its lowest pricing plan starts at $30 a month with 10 Gb local storage for 1 website with the capacity to handle 25,000 traffic.

    WP Engine Hosting Plans are:

    • Startup plan - $30/month for single website, 10 GB bite, and 25,000/month traffic
    • Growth Plan - $115/month for 10 sites, 20 GB bite, 100,000/month traffic
    • Scale Plan - $290/month for 30 sites, 50 GB bite, 4,00,000/month traffic
    • Custom plan - For high-performing, large businesses with faster support. The price is not pre-decided. Includes 30 websites with 1 TB bite and capacity to handle millions/month traffic.

      10. InMotion - “Best for VPS Hosting”


      InMotion is a self-help host as it provides guides & resources to escalate any problem. With a legion of so many customers and a variety of reasonable pricing plans, this host is a star.

      It gives you 90 days free trial which is quite the longest time you could ever receive to test their speed, performance, and most importantly customer support. 

      They have super friendly & supportive support staff who are available via 24/7 phone call, live chat, Q&A, emails, Tutorials, etc. They have a very clear-headed support team who can handle technical issues like a pro. They don’t push upsells or have very overcomplicated tiers to upgrade.

      With upgrading to higher plans, however, you will get faster servers, support, extra websites, subdomains, databases, etc.

      When we used them last summer, we found their server speed super crazy. With only 2 data centers in the USA, they are super fast and their uptime was also recorded to be 99.9%. And with SSL certificates, daily backups, premium malware & hack protection, this genius is best at keeping the websites risk-free.

      InMotion has 4 managed WordPress hosting plans:

      • WP-1000S - This starts at $6.99/month, covers 1 web with 50 GB space.
      • WP-2000S - This also starts at $6.99/month, covers 2 websites & offers 100 GB space bite.
      • WP-3000S - This starts at $12.99/month, covers 3 websites, and offers 150  GB space.
      • WP - 4000S - This starts at $19.99/month, covers 6 websites, offers 200 GB storage.

       If you require more resources & control, they have VPS plans starting from $31.99/month.\

      Now we know the best website hosting for WordPress, here are a few factors based on which you must choose them.

      What are the Factors for Choosing Best WordPress Hosting Providers?

      Factors for Choosing Best WordPress Hosting Providers

      Choosing the right & simply the best WordPress hosting sites is more of a necessity than choice. With the right web host from the beginning, you can ensure a boost in your website’s performance and save yourself from unnecessary downtimes & losses. So, here are the important factors telling you how to choose WordPress hosting providers: 

      Cost - Take cost as a serious metric while finalizing the best web hosting for WordPress only when you are worried about the budget & the quality. Place your sum only where the quality is. When unsure just have a monthly package, and later you can upgrade or downgrade to other optimum plans. But remember, if you take yearly plans, they cost you less than the monthly plans. 

      Speed or Response time - To have better search engine rankings, quick conversions, your website needs to load in a quick span of time. So, what is the good average server response time, you may ask? Well, generally 200-350 ms is considered really good. 400-700ms is considered just fairly average, and beyond 800ms, it’s considered really slow. So choose a provider who could help you stick to 200-350ms response time. 

      Security - A good host will have reliable security features to protect your website’s files, details & privacy from any intrusions & performance lapses. Whenever choosing a hosting provider, ensure they offer:

      • SSL certificates to run your website with HTTPS
      • Automated and complete website backup at frequent intervals
      • Encryption of all communications between your browser & website
      • Cloud-based hosting so that hardware crashes won’t impact the website
      • Secure data centers

      Uptime & Performance 

      Do you know 60% of fortune 500 companies experience 1.5 hours of downtime every week?

       The host should guarantee to provide 99.95% of uptime & have it in writing. Don’t settle for 99.94% at all levels. If you are persistently seeing an uptime equal to 99.90% or below, consider switching your host. Did you know in 2013, Amazon faced a downtime of 30 minutes & it cost them a revenue of $66,240 per minute? To note the uptime of hosting providers, you can leverage a variety of server monitoring tools like Site24x7, NinjaRMM, Atera, SolarWinds, etc.

      Customer Support 

      Website issues of either petty or gigantic nature can occur at any point. Make sure the hosting provider delivers seamless customer support solutions via 24/7 calling, live chat, forums over social media, articles & other resources to help escalate your query.  You should also ensure that their past record of customer support has been phenomenal and have a professional technical team to assist you with any query.

      Regular Automated Backup

      A good web host must provide regular backups to prevent its data in times of crash, virus, downtime. Choose a hosting provider who has a good backup policy & answers to:

      • Do you allow manual backup with the Control panel?
      • Do they conduct full regular backups?
      • Can you restore the backup files yourself or you would be needing a support staff?
      • Are there any programs to use to create an auto backup to your website?

      A good host should know to restore your full website & its data with negligible downtime & without any intrusions of any malware.

      Migration Features

      Look for a host that saves your time, money & effort on migrating your website to a new host. Some websites offer this move for free, while others might charge for it. Save yourself from doing it yourself, as migration can be a hefty deal. Look for hosts that have easy migration features ingrained within them.

      Now you know how to choose WordPress hosting providers, here are the few hosting types that you may consider.

      How to Figure Out Between the Hosting Types?

      There are different kinds of hosting made especially for your WordPress website’s unique needs. Know what they are & when to choose them.

      How to Figure Out Between the Hosting Types

      1. Managed WordPress Hosting - In managed WordPress hosting, your website loads faster, and securely. The hosting providers do the heavy lifting of managing websites, doing daily-level caching, automated backups, core updates & other basic administrative tasks. Best for websites or blogs that aren’t tech-savvy & cannot handle the hosting tasks.
      2.  Shared WordPress hosting - Ideal when you don’t have enough budget, here your website shares the same hosting resources with other websites over a single server. Suitable for small business websites and blogs that don't require much space.
      3. WordPress VPS (Virtual private server) hosting - In VPS, websites are hosted with several virtual servers. With a shared server, it lets you secure & control your website just like managed hosting. Very ideal for highly-trafficked websites and small or mid-business websites.
      4. WordPress Dedicated Hosting - Here a dedicated server hosts a single website, unlike shared hosting where multiple websites are hosted on the same server. It provides the highest level of security, control, privacy, and resource allocation to individual high-traffic websites, apps, blogs where performance & uptime is paramount.

      Final Thoughts on Best Hosting for WordPress!

      So here were the 10 best hosting for WordPress choices that we have personally explored & felt are quite dependable and affordable for small business or large business websites. We have leveraged all of these best WordPress hosting sites and have experienced incredible uptime, speed, and performance out of them.

      However, if you are still getting confused about which one to prioritize or cut short for your choices, for the top 3, we would definitely suggest going for Bluehost, Hostinger, and Hostgator. These three are renowned names with unbeatable performance. The pricing of these is also reasonable to pocket. 

      But we still insist that you choose your host wisely as your complete website’s performance, ranking, and conversion will be dependent on it. And if you are unsure of your choice, just try starting a free trial or at least cut yourself a month’s deal to know how that host performs. If unsatisfied, you can anytime walk out and explore other powerful options.

      We as a digital transformation company can help you in every way to make your business go online. From designing websites to picking up attractive domains & dependable hosting services to promoting your website with inbound marketing methods, we do it all. Try our free project estimate analysis report if you have a business to go online!

      FAQs on Best WordPress Hosting Providers

      1.Which is the best web hosting for WordPress?

      Bluehost is the official hosting partner of WordPress. But other than this one, here are other few options that give the best hosting service for WordPress websites:

      • Hostinger
      • Hostgator
      • GoDaddy
      • DreamHost
      • Siteground
      • GreenGeeks
      • A2 Hosting
      • In Motion
      • Wp Engine
      • Nexcess

      These are a few, you will get a variety of best-hosting companies for WordPress. Just choose one that’s speedy, affordable & highly secure.

      2. Which is the fastest WordPress hosting provider?

      Here are the 7 fastest WordPress hosting providers:

      • Hostinger - 136 ms globally
      • Siteground - 136.9 ms globally
      • A2 Hosting - 150 ms globally
      • GreenGeeks - 118.6 ms globally
      • Kinsta - 179.5 ms globally
      • Scala hosting - 159 ms globally 
      • Bluehost - 153 ms globally

      3. Is Bluehost the best WordPress hosting provider?

      Bluehost is the best host for WordPress as their service gives the best value for your money. Its beginner-friendly plans start at just $2.75 a month, inclusive of a free domain name for a year and an SSL certificate for security. The host ensures 99.99% percent website uptime, gives automated backups, server monitoring, can load websites in 148ms, and has 24/7 customer support.

      4. Are there any free to choose WordPress hosting providers?

      There are plenty of free WordPress hosting providers. However, having a free WordPress hosting provider is totally a bad idea because they:

      • Won’t give you much bandwidth, security, can even hamper your website’s loading time & performance
      • Clutter your website with their advertisement and dampen your website speed & look & feel
      • Pass on the unpredicted malware or any error to your website
      • Can even shut down your website without giving any prior notice

      They surely may be free but can come with a lot of costs. So better avoid them and choose WordPress hosting providers which we discussed above. Their beginner plans are very affordable and effective for you.

      5. Which is the best hosting service for WordPress?

      Although Bluehost is the recommended hosting provider by WordPress itself, other than that, you can also explore other popular choices like Hostinger, Hostgator, Dreamforce, etc, all suiting your budget & exceptional requirements.

      6. Which one is better, a monthly hosting plan or a yearly one?

      There is no hard & fast rule to tell which one is better to pick. But if you will look at all the discussed best WordPress hosting sites pricing plans, you will see they give heavy discounts on their yearly plans. It’s good if you are serious about your website and would want to keep the same service for years, this can eventually save up on your business costs.

      However, if you are unsure about a web hosting plan and would want to explore it for a month first, then go for monthly plans (only if their doubled prices don’t bother you). Just see some hosting provides free migration services, while some charge, in case you want to change your provider, do look at this latent cost.

      7. How to choose WordPress hosting providers?

      To choose the best hosting for WordPress websites, just emphasize the following factors:

      • Uptime score & server 
      • Flexible & upgradable plans
      • Basic & advanced features
      • Server speed & responsiveness
      • Website complete & frequent backups
      • End to end security
      • Free trials & refund policy
      • Quality Customer Service
      • Tolerance to Website Traffic
      • Migration Features

      8. Why choose WordPress hosting providers?

      WordPress hosting sites helps your website to be online and to be able to interact with potential visitors across the globe. The host carries your server that makes your website files, data & other things securely, safely, and reliably available to global users.

      9. What is some other best website hosting for WordPress choices, other than these?

      Though these are the 10 most undoubtedly best website hosting for WordPress choices, if you are willing to explore options, the world is your oyster. Here are some other best hosting for WordPress websites:

      • Flywheel
      • iPage
      • LiquidWeb
      • Arvixe
      • JustHost
      • HostPapa
      • NameCheap
      • Domain.com
      • Pantheon
      • Site5
      • Cloudways
      • Scala hosting

      People Also Read:

      Share with us in the comments below which is the best website hosting for WordPress according to you. What was your experience with any of these hosting providers, related to speed, uptime, or customer support!

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