How to Build a Successful E-commerce Website?


26 Apr, 2024



The internet affects every aspect of our existence. We utilize it for work, play, socializing, and research. We shop there as well.

There is a current generation of adults who have only known a world with the internet, and as they and the generations after them spend more money, eCommerce will continue to expand. Currently, 43% of consumers use the internet and social media to research products before making a purchase, and by 2024, the U.S. will generate $476 billion in e-commerce sales.

You might believe the procedure isn't that difficult when you can purchase online, complete a smooth payment, and then conveniently have your favorite pair of jeans, a great new watch, or even a personalized computer brought right to your home.

As an eCommerce website design expert, we have assisted numerous brands in increasing their online sales. With our experience in eCommerce websites and design business, we could fully comprehend the steps involved in starting an online store from scratch. And hence, several companies have realized that the best way to start an eCommerce website is to optimize our expertise. 

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Best Ways to Start an eCommerce Website

There are different ways to start an eCommerce website but we, as an eCommerce website design company have hand-picked a few best ones for your success. 

Invest In A Domain Name

It's really simple to buy a domain name. A domain name accurately describes what your brand is all about. Never overthink the procedure. A domain name can be purchased for less than $10.00 through an online website.

Hire A Web Developer

This is an essential step in creating your online store. Make sure to conduct your due diligence when hiring a developer if you want to publish your site promptly and in a professional manner. Obtain testimonials from other e-commerce sites that the developer has created.

Ask them to give you a time frame for when they expect the site to open. Make sure they have experience in graphic design so they can crop pictures to fit your website. 

Ask the developer if they have experience creating websites on the eCommerce platform you want to use.

Too frequently, business owners choose a developer without conducting adequate research first. Avoid having this happen to you since it could stop your website before it even gets off the ground. 

Please feel free to get in touch with an eCommerce website design expert like JanBask Digital Design, if you have any questions regarding how long it should take to build your e-commerce site.

Prep For All Paperwork

Get a vendor's license, register your business, and start researching legal business matters. To get help establishing your business, speak with a nearby attorney. Although it costs money upfront, it's likely to save you money and headaches down the road.

You should first plan and choose the state in which you want to be a resident, then check the necessary files with that state's secretary of state and department of taxation or revenue.

If you are creating a corporation, nonprofit, limited liability business, or professional association, you must file the necessary articles of incorporation or organization with the Secretary of State of your state. 

Additionally, you must apply for a License with the relevant state office if you plan to make taxable sales. Before agreeing to work with you, many vendors may also demand that you have this.

The necessary organizational documents are the last thing you need. This is not a step to be skipped or ignored; speak with your lawyer for more details.

Choose An eCommerce And Website Hosting Platform

Consider using a well-known eCommerce platform to save time and money. We suggest BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or Shopify. Since the majority of developers are familiar with these, integrating plugins, payment processing, etc. is simple.

Hosting Platforms

We chose to use WooCommerce for our skincare e-commerce site due to its WordPress compatibility. We decided to host with WP Engine, which offers quick and secure hosting solutions.

Install SSL certificate

An SSL certificate is mandatory for keeping your website safe by providing the green lock to your web address as well as the customer’s data safe. While making any payment, customers share their personal as well as confidential data. It is your responsibility to keep a sharp eye on keeping that information confidential. This SSL certificate encrypts every information that customers provide and hence keeps hackers away from getting the card or any other information. Have a look at the example of PayPal attached below.

Select A Theme For your eCommerce Vision

You can purchase a theme to discover a design that resembles the style and feel you want from an eCommerce viewpoint, which will save you even more time. Over 28,000 website designs and themes are available for $2 on certain platforms. They are the top website template marketplace.

You can hire experts from an eCommerce web design company to help share and choose the best eCommerce website designs

types of ecommerce design solutions

Never reimagine the wheel. Download a template from ThemeForest or any comparable website rather than creating your website from scratch. Experience has shown us that the customization procedure may be highly time-consuming and frustrating. Therefore, you'll probably spare yourself a lot of hassle if you can locate a theme you enjoy.

Create Or Choose Your Product

Pondering into an online store is far easier than pondering into different shops. Every online store has to start with a product or a service to go ahead. Before going ahead to launch any product on an e-commerce website prefer to do some research to make sure that your product is viable enough to attract more and more customers. Take an idea about other products just like yours in the market that is already established and take a note that is your product efficient enough to compete with other similar products.

Set A Price For Your Online Store

Pricing is one of the most important factors of any product and business. Be it an online business or any other mode of business, pricing is one thing that has a huge impact on buyers. If the rate of the product is too low, then there are chances for you to not run a profitable business. If the rate is too high, you will not be able to attract customers and make enough sales.

So, fix a price after figuring out your own costs for manufacturing that product, consider your competitor’s prices for the same products and services, the cost of your materials, shipping options, and charges, marketing costs, etc.

Want to Launch Your eCommerce Website Successfully?

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  • Reach a Wider Audience
  • Extends your local Reach

Launch your Website

Before you even post any of your products on your website, launch your business as soon as you decide to do so. A homepage, "About Us" page, and a contact page should all be established by your developer. Having a working website is beneficial for a variety of reasons, even if it isn't beautiful.

It will first enable you to create credibility while bargaining with merchants. There won't just be a concept in your head. The second benefit is that when you contact journalists and bloggers, they may see that you are respectable and have a website. 

Thirdly, it will provide you with a location where all of these sources can link back to your website, which is essential for improving SEO.

Effective Use of HARO

One of the best tools for PR and SEO that any business owner or digital marketer can use is Help A Reporter Out (HARO). It's free, it generates incredible exposure (if done well), and it may genuinely change the game (again, if executed properly).

HARO offers daily possibilities for sources to land lucrative media coverage as well as a large database of sources for journalists' upcoming stories. To establish media ties and generate credibility for your website, register and utilize this resource as much as you can.

There are several crucial elements to implementing HARO. Timeliness comes first. A reporter may get hundreds of pitches in response to their inquiry. Every query has a due date, therefore you must reply as soon as possible in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

For instance, finding an accessible actual industry specialist is the second crucial component. Fortunately, we always had a dermatologist available to us in the vicinity. This gave us a competitive edge over the countless entrepreneurship-related proposals (which we still responded to also, but had a lower conversion rate).

Effective Use of HARO

You will gain a lot of exposure on some of the most well-known websites on the internet if you take the time and reply to two pitches every day for a year. This will not only help spread the word about your brand more widely, but it will also dramatically improve your SEO.

Tailored Outreach

Personalized connections are crucial for both vendors and the media. If your SEO campaign was a success, you undoubtedly recognize the importance of individualized connections.

Don't forget to offer the website something worthwhile. To avoid your email pitching a story idea to a reporter or editor getting lost in their inbox or being deleted without being viewed, it is crucial to do your homework on those people.

Integrate A Payment Gateway

Do your study and be ready because getting accepted for a payment gateway and credit card processor is not a simple procedure. 

Before submitting your application, make sure your website has a secure checkout process, your privacy and return policies are in place, you have chosen your shipping and delivery options, and your customer support phone number and email address are operational.

Payment Gateway

Setting up your payment gateway and credit card processing can be a time-consuming task. You must convince these processors that your company does not lack experience or is unlikely to succeed because they don't want to take a large chance on it. 

Don't put off starting this procedure until the last minute.

Customized Product Catalogue

We've talked a lot about developing your eCommerce SEO strategies while your website is being developed so that you can start to strengthen your SEO while your developer is working on your site rather than waiting for the website development to be finished and starting your SEO from scratch.

However, there are some tasks that you cannot finish until the website is ready for launch and all the products have been submitted. To ensure that your product photos appear when users search for relevant keywords, set up your Google Shopping Campaign as soon as you are in the final phases of production.

Figure Out Packaging And Shipping

You must decide how to store and ship your inventory before you can launch your website. You must decide how much storage you need before contacting your suppliers. You'll need to provide answers to some of the following questions:

Will you keep all of your products in a warehouse and use drop shipping? Will you send and monitor packages via USPS, UPS, FedEx, or a combination of the three? What are you going to send your package in? Which package size do you require? Do your packages plan to contain any marketing materials?

Packaging and shipping

All of these questions need to be answered before you can ship any goods. As you can see, setting up an e-commerce website is a quite complex procedure. Following this checklist will guarantee that you take the right actions to launch your website on time while being proactive with your SEO and marketing.

Things to Avoid During Online Business

Things to avoid

  1. Don’t take too long to launch your product or service. Spending too much time thinking and less time doing is not a good habit for online business. Everything should be balanced.
  2. Don’t ignore your customers, but listen to their concerns carefully.
  3. Don’t be common, but be different and unique enough to attract customers.


“Don’t just make a website, but make a successful e-commerce website”

Yes, making a website is not at all difficult, but making a unique and successful e-commerce website is a big deal. A quality eCommerce website is more than just a storefront for goods. It's where a company can design an encounter that builds brand equity, attracts new clients, and turns infrequent customers into ardent advocates. 

Making the appropriate eCommerce platform selections and developing a winning online shop marketing plan will put you ahead of the competition.

We discussed a few points that can help you to make a good e-commerce website and most importantly, we saw things that should be avoided during online business. So keep these points in mind and go ahead. 

Looking to Create a Successful e-commerce Website?

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  • Smooth Online Shopping Experiences

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