How to generate quality leads and improve your sales?


 10 Dec, 2019

How to generate quality leads and improve your sales?

The success of a business depends on how many customers it can cater to. But for that to happen the business must first acquire customers and let me assure you that is no easy task. As a matter of fact, it is one of the hardest jobs the business has to perform. While everyone likes to have more customers, there is no simple hack to get them and customers are not just a commodity one buys off the market. At a time like this when eCommerce companies are popping up everywhere and the business has to compete with global brands, it can be hard to acquire new customers.

While customers not being a commodity are not on sale but the information about their preferences is a commodity these days. For a person to become your customer, they first have to be interested in your product and to be interested in your product they have to know about your product. Hate to continue the link but for the customer to know about the product, you will have to find people who may be interested in your product. How you may ask? With people these days spending enormous time on the internet, their information is collected by search engines and other platforms. While search engines use this information to redirect preferred advertising at the customer. Some platforms provide this information to businesses that may be interested. These platforms are known as dictionaries that help you with b2b lead generation.

The internet is a vast ocean of information and data. There are billions of people who regularly access it and add to it. Without a true sense of direction, you are bound to be lost. Quality b2b lead generation is not an easy task. You need the right people to know about your company and not squander the chance to do business. But at the same time, you don’t want to spend resources and efforts on a wild goose chase.

When it comes to the current market scenario, time is of the essence and timing is the deciding factor between success and failure. Trying to get leads on your own is simply too much work. So here is a list of the top dictionaries to help you with the b2b lead generation for your business.

Top directories for b2b lead generation

There are literally thousands of organizations in the lead generation industry, like in any other industry. However, you cannot rely on just anyone and delegate the most important aspect of the business to an amateur. You need only the best in the business and here are the names of top dictionaries for b2b lead generation.

Top directories for b2b lead generation

  • Alibaba

Kicking things off with the most famous b2b marketing website in the world. If you haven’t heard of, you probably live under a rock. Founded in 1999, the company has become the most dominant e-commerce company in China and conducts business worldwide across borders. It helps all sorts of organizations from small to large enterprises. Offering to display up to 50 products for free and allows premium members the authority to display unlimited products.

When it comes to dictionaries, Alibaba is at par with its mythical counterpart, the cave of Alibaba. It is truly a place filled with treasures, from products, reviews, resources, and dictionaries. All your business needs in terms of raw material, resources or information, you name it Alibaba has it.

Surprisingly the company does not want to stop there with future plans to expand into advanced cloud-based software and cybernetics. Just when you think they have it all, Jack Ma comes up with something new to surprise the world.

  • LinkedIn Business

A social media platform for organizations, employees, and professionals sounds like a great business plan, would not you agree? Unfortunately, Microsoft already thought of it and the business is called LinkedIn. If you ever used it you know LinkedIn can work wonders for b2b lead generation. Its interface helps you find other people in the profession very easily. There are millions of professionals on LinkedIn who can be potential leads for your business. The platform asks you which industry you operate in at the time of sign up and recommends other forms the same industry accordingly. The features and suggestions only get better with a paid and upgraded account. With its 562 million users, LinkedIn is probably the best social media platform for quality b2b lead generation.

  • Curate

A unique approach to lead generation puts curate on top of the content marketing industry. With more and more information and content flowing in on the internet every sec managing and presenting information to help the community get the most out of the information is no mere child’s play but somehow Curate does it effortlessly. Rather than assigning ranks to the table topper of the industry, it provides complete lists with ranks making life essentially easy for others in the industry. With its unique functioning style, it is one of the best in the business of b2b leads generation.

  • SAP

This one might not be for everyone. With almost all businesses wanting to be more online and improve their presence on the internet. The best possible way is to develop your own business application. This will help you to directly engage your customer.

For this reason, the application development industry is booming more than ever. So here is how SAP comes in, it displays applications on its dictionaries for other people who search for similar content. Helping to bridge a connection between various app development agencies and other parties who are interested in the leads they provide. Essentially a platform mainly focused on the needs of the app development industry but it can be of use to anyone who is interested in quality leads.

  • Relevance dictionary

In terms of content marketing, one can say, relevance dictionary is the complete package. Helping content marketers and agencies to get recognition in the industry. Listing the top professionals in the industry, its platform provides the users with all the relevant contact information and descriptions of up to almost 1000 marketers and agencies based on the systematic segregation of the various industries based on their functions. Allowing it to be relevant for marketers from different industries and not restricted to just a few industries.

If you are considering to list your organization on the Relevance dictionary, you may want to consider the various premium tiers they provide. Although free to use, it goes without saying that the premium tiers come with many benefits that are lacking in the free version. In any case, a sign up to relevance dictionary is sure to attract you the attention of many marketing professionals and agencies in your industry.

  • Yelp

A unique, user-generated review and rating platform for businesses, Yelp is an extraordinary public company which helps the local businesses find recognition. The user-generated content in the form of reviews and forums about business organizations help in content marketing and better visibility of organization of relevance. Currently, the database is easily accessible to anyone via the website and mobile application. One of the most useful dictionaries out there the customer review is of great help in getting an insight into the business. It is a good platform for tested b2b lead generation for other organizations.

  • Clutch

As far as dictionaries go, Clutch is the best of the best in the business. Ranked third best for SEO by Google. Clutch is the ideal place to find the relevant dictionaries for quality b2b lead generation. Catering to the leads requirement of almost all industries, it can help you find the right people for your business. With more than 100000 people visiting the service for information, Clutch sure has the best exposure rate in the industry and attracts the top professionals from almost all industries.

  • Capterra

The main reason you are looking through dictionaries is to find the relevant people hassle-free. Capterra is the best possible solution to your problems. The simple interface and the search feature makes the work of searching through piles of dictionaries irrelevant. Instead, you can simply search for what you are looking for. Furthermore, if you don’t know what to look for, Capterra has you covered. The systematic categorization of businesses according to their relevant industry makes the search for them very easily. Making the entire process time and effort saving for you. Currently, it has around 400+ separate industries and at least 40+ businesses registered under each one. Considering this information, Capterra provides a great variety for its users. Due to its vast features and enormous dictionaries that are unique to each other, Capterra is often considered an expert in b2b leads generation.

  • Research Stream

A global outreach, gigantic database and a do it yourself optimization filters to find exactly what you need, Research stream is one of the best B2B leads generation platforms on the internet. A few clicks and you can easily get access to information that you need by setting up the various filters such as name, title, location and so on. The platform is very potent when it comes to leads generation and offers a 14 day trial period with limited access. After the trial period, it is 99$ from then on which hardly much considering the benefits of the platforms. The formating system on the leads helps you integrate the leads more effectively and help improve performance.

  • Social advice

If you are looking for a never-ending list of b2b dictionaries, then look no further than social advice. The platform provides a ridiculous amount of dictionaries to choose form. Let us be honest, businesses don’t just jump to any lead they can find. They evaluate and research others in order to make a rational choice. Social advice is the best b2b lead generation platform for researchers who like to compare their choices with other options to get the best results.

  • G2 crowd

User-generated feedback can be a deciding factor in the success of the business. But it is just a piece of information you will have to build upon. It helps in deciding what the end-user likes and where should you place your business to have the most impact. G2 crowd helps you find out the best rankings based on keywords such as customer relationship management and so on. It is one of the best Search engine rank providers for many industries and helps in making the right decisions about listing the organization in the relevant platforms so that you don’t waste time and resources on unproductive leads.

  • ReadySaaSGo

Comparatively a smaller platform in contrast to others on the list. ReadySaaSGo is a niche-oriented b2b leads generation platform. Like the others in the lead generation industry, it too segregates the businesses on the bases of industry and sub-industries, the number of listing is lower as compared to others on this list. Though it does not boast as many features as the other platforms do, the main plus of using this platform is that it is free.

The internet is a very vast space for anyone to navigate on their own. In order to be more productive with your leads, you need to do a lot of things right in order to make the most of them. While there are a number of platforms offering the same service, the management has to make a rational decision on which ones to choose from. Initially, all the platforms will offer free limited user access. Use this free time to learn more about the platform and get accustomed to it. Once you try all the relevant platforms, compares the pros and cons of each platform. Evaluating the platforms is very important as it will help you understand how the platform fits into your own objectives and making the right choice of your business. Once you made your choice, try to be consistent with it, as jumping around on different platforms is both time and resource-consuming for the organization.

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