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18 Apr, 2024



4.48 billion people use social media worldwide. 93.33% of internet users are on social media, and out of the 4.48 billion, 99% access websites or apps through a mobile device, says recent data on social media users

In 2019, each organization needed a nearness via web-based networking media stages. As an entrepreneur or advertiser, you probably comprehend this idea, yet you’re experiencing difficulty exploring the subtleties of the best way to make online networking work for your business. Online networking has been demonstrated to be perhaps the best apparatus out there for computerized promotion. From free records to paid promotion, web-based life is the ideal method to expand the permeability of your organization and increase a steadfast fan base of supporters. The reason for building an online life for organizations is to pull in, draw in, and hold the clients.

Social media is a behemoth and has led to the rise of various interesting social media platforms and many new social media platforms that boost some amazing fan bases, features, customer loyalty, and numerous other advantages. But, when it comes to business, you just cannot follow the herd. So without any further ado, learn about the top 23 social media platforms that businesses should consider.

This blog speaks at length about:

  • The top 23 social media platforms list
  • How to choose the right social media platform for your business.

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Looking to Grow Your Brand through Social Media Marketing?

  • Increasing Your Brand Reach
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Create Goal-driven Social-Media Messaging & Campaigns

Top 23 Social Media Platforms

Best social media platforms

In the wake of assessing the vast majority of the social media-based destinations out there, we’ve assembled a rundown of the best online life for entrepreneurs. Each business knows about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, yet you may require others dependent on your industry. Let’s will discuss the top 20 list of social media platforms that you must know about as a small business owner or an enterprise.

1. Facebook Is One Of The Most Popular Social Media Platforms

Launched in February 2004 for undergrads, Facebook has made some amazing progress. Presently with a dynamic user base of 2.91 billion, it is positioned as the most utilized person-to-person social media platform on the planet (by the number of active month-to-month clients).

Fortunately for you, beginning a business page – and taking advantage of the intensity of Facebook – is simple. When your page is made, clients ‘like’ it (select it to get your posts) and your news will be presented on their ‘well.’

The Facebook interface makes it simple for your fans to ‘like’ or offer your posts, and when they do, their companions (the normal client has 130 companions) will see this movement, like this putting your image before a group of people you may not typically have the option to access. 

2. Instagram Is The Best Social Media Platforms For Business

Launched in 2010 as a photo-sharing site, Instagram social media platform is the new dear of internet-based life channels and enjoys a user base of 1.38 billion. To a limited extent because of its agreeable nature (photographs are fun!) and to a limited extent since it was bought by Facebook in 2012 and has been consistently put resources into from that point forward. Instagram is astounding for a wide range of organizations, however, does especially well with outwardly determined associations, for example, style, nourishment, and travel.

Presents on Instagram tend to improve commitment than on different stages, and the Live Story highlight is an extremely fun approach to indicate straightforwardness which is the thing that customers anticipate nowadays!

3. Twitter Is The Best Social Media Platforms For Business

A micro-blogging web-based life webpage that has been around since 2004, Twitter has almost 396.5 million clients around the world. It has been portrayed as SMS of the web since posts are short, sweet, and to-the-point.

Twitter is a tsunami of data. Posts come in at 140 characters or less and can be composed employing hashtags (#). Themes extend from absolutely down to earth (I frequently search #Boulder) to the preposterous (#gympetpeeve).

Twitter varies from Facebook in that clients ‘pursue’ one another. If somebody tails you, you can tail them back. In this manner, it is simpler to pick up a following. However, the supporters are not as focused as they are on Facebook.

I have discovered that Twitter special media platform is a marvelous method to associate with individuals and additionally, different organizations taking an interest in a similar occasion. Following a hashtag at a show, live execution or online class makes a more extravagant encounter. As an entrepreneur, you can use this on occasions your organization takes an interest in – attempt it! – I’ll wager you’d be overwhelmed by the reaction.

4. YouTube Is The Top Social Media Platforms For Business

YouTube is a video-sharing internet-based life webpage that is possessed by Google. There are over 48 hours of new videos transferred to the site each moment. Amazing! As an entrepreneur, utilizing video in your internet promoting technique – and the back-end watchwords of your YouTube video – is similarly as significant as your other online procedures.

YouTube as of late reported YouTube for schools and I anticipate more ‘stations’ will take off later on. Will your forte be incorporated? Possibly! Other than being the second greatest online life webpage, YouTube (claimed by Google) is additionally regularly known as the second biggest search engine after Google.

5. Linkedin Is A Must In The List Of Social Media Platforms That Work Great For Businesses

Established in 2002 and propelled in 2003, LinkedIn social media platform is the head B2B interpersonal interaction site. LI gets two new individuals consistently, putting it at 135 million dynamic clients in over 200 nations.

Customarily seen as the spot to put your resume and quest for a vocation, LinkedIn has developed into a strong systems administration site. From employment postings to intrigue gatherings (there are more than 870K gatherings) there are incredible advantages to staying up with the latest. Take a gander at it as a business night-time occasion…. put on your suit, add a grin to your face and be on your best conduct since no one can tell what sort of business leads you will get.

I generally suggest committing an hour or so seven days to keep up your LI profile. Additionally, make certain to include your organization’s posting, and update it also. Utilize your LI organization profile page as a resume for your business.

6. Pinterest Is A Powerful Social Media Platform

If your products are outwardly engaging, at that point, this online life website is for you. Pinterest is a dream board-styled social photograph sharing site that was propelled in 2009. The mission is to associate everybody on the planet through shared taste and the things they find intriguing. Clients find and make subject-based sheets, populating these ‘sheets’ with a “Stick It” catch. Pins might be separated into pictures, recordings, talks, and gifts.

Clients may tail anybody or any brand; clients can likewise ‘re-stick your stuck things. Organizations with item photographs can gain a great number of following and quick.

7. Google Plus Is A Leading Social Media Platform

Google is a powerhouse; this is nothing unexpected. At first, propelled as a web search tool organization in 1996, Google has persistently included, refreshed, and made new items that will speak to its 1 billion one of kind guests for each month.

Google Plus social media platform was presented in June 2011 for individual use and in November 2011 was opened to brands. A portion of the highlights of Google+ incorporates Circles, Hangouts, Messenger, Instant Upload,

Hashtags, and much more. These items are unquestionably structured because of the client. The drawback – there is no real way to make a vanity URL for your brand page.

Even though this is Google’s fourth go at a web-based life website, you can’t preclude the significance of securing adding your image to there if for search engine rankings alone. 

8. Quora Is A Pre-Eminent Social Media Platform

Founded in 2009, Quora is a social media platform that focuses on knowledge sharing. The social media platform enjoys more than 300 million monthly users. Users can post questions related to any subject, which can be responded to by anyone. Users can also insist on answers from a specific person who has been sharing knowledge on the subject matter earlier, and Quora will reach out to the person to respond to the new query. As many upvotes, a response gets increases the visibility of that particular response. 

Many businesses use Quora for better visibility, quality traffic, exceptional reach, better insights from the audience. To use quora the best way is to first create a powerful bio, follow relab=vant topics, and set up notifications so that you may respond to any conversation on time, keep finding the right questions to reply, be consistent in sharing responses, and at times for business promotion may use paid ads as well.

9. TikTok Is A Premier Social Media Platform

With more than one billion active users, Tik Tok is the powerhouse of social media applications. The reason why the platform is so popular is that it is unique and lively. People love watching different and unique things that make them happy, and this is the reason why Tik Tok enjoys such a high fan base and engagement rate. Brands come up with viral challenges to engage audiences and directly connect with them.

Individuals, influences, brands may come up with interesting videos and get cool editing effects from the TikTok social media platform before posting them. Use trending hashtags with your Tik Tok video to make them go viral. You may also partner with other Tik Tok creators to endorse your brand or video. And, can even use Tik Tok ads like Top view ads, In-feed ads, branded hashtags, and many more.

10. Snapchat Is One Of The Finest Social Media Platform

Launched in 2011, Snapchat is a unique tool for businesses to connect with their users. It supports the short, temporary sharing of photos and videos. Content that works best on Snapchat is brief, engaging, and fun. Businesses that post the creation of their profile on Snapchat can interact with users by catering stories, sending snaps, instant messaging, adding users, and much more. They may go for snap ads that are highly engaging with great audio, video effects, and other interactive elements. 

11. Ryze Is One Of The Premier Social Media Platforms For Business

Begun in 2001, Ryze is a long-range informal communication site for experts – especially business visionaries. It’s allowed to join, and there is paid participation that is accessible. There are at present more than 500,000 individuals around the world.

More than 1000 associations host arranges on Ryze. As indicated by their site, arranges on Ryze, let existing associations and networks in addition to new ones utilize Ryze’s innovation to interface their individuals with one another.

As of this posting, Ryze isn’t tolerating new individuals. How fascinating! 

12. Talkbiznow Is A Renowned Social Media Platform

Talkbiznow is an electronic business network that gives business administrations to private ventures and experts. Notwithstanding the essential usefulness of making a profile and associating with others, clients can deal with a schedule, store records (up to 50MG of free space!), have online classes, deal with all other web-based life destinations with Social One, and lots more.

The organization’s main goal is to rearrange the basic business administrations and consistently coordinate and convey them through the web for Free. Causing it feasible for organizations of all sizes to arrange, to work together, and extend their administrations inroads they probably won’t have investigated previously.

Talkbiznow could be an incredible site to help get the online life amateur going the correct way. Sign-up is simple, and the profile assembles, and the board is easy to understand. I particularly like the free coordinated effort and work area administrations: document sharing, web conferencing, and voice conferencing. 

13. Affluence Is A Perfect Social Media Platform 

This is a web-based social networking website for the (you got it) prosperous. You should demonstrate your value before you can even join, so I can’t disclose to you much about it, other than it’s captivating.

Affluence is a private interpersonal organization where achieved people associate, share data, and take part in important discussions. Individuals additionally appreciate the restrictive, brilliant substance and highlight guidance from industry specialists on subjects, for example, workmanship, innovation, and travel.

Thus, on the off chance that you fall in the pay scope of an “unquestionable least family unit total assets of $1 million (US) or yearly family pay of $200,000,” at that point, this assuredly could be the spot for you!

14. WhatsApp As A Social Media Platform Has Tremendous Reach

WhatsApp social media platform is a messaging application utilized by individuals in more than 180 nations. At first, WhatsApp was just utilized by individuals to speak with their family and companions. Bit by bit, individuals began speaking with organizations employing WhatsApp. (When I was in Bangkok to purchase another suit, I spoke with the tailor through WhatsApp.)

WhatsApp has been working out its business stage to enable organizations to have a legitimate business profile, to give client support, and to impart updates to clients about their buys. For private ventures, it has fabricated the WhatsApp Business application, while for medium and huge organizations, there’s the WhatsApp Business API.

15. QQ Is A Winning Social Media Platform

QQ is a texting stage that is amazingly prominent among youthful Chinese. (It is utilized in 80 nations and furthermore accessible in numerous different dialects.) Besides its texting highlights, it likewise empowers clients to finish their symbols, watch motion pictures, make web-based recreations, shop on the web, blog, and make installments.

They are more averse to hail from Tier 1 urban areas, and 60% are under 30 years of age. Numerous clients are grade-school and secondary school understudies who have not yet obtained their first telephone but rather approach a PC. While QQ’s all-out dynamic client include fell in the subsequent quarter, it had solid development among clients conceived since the year 2000.

QQ is additionally well known in the working environment. To give you a model, the group in’s Shanghai office utilizes QQ during the workday more than WeChat. They like its usability and office for transmitting huge documents like pictures and video.

16. Tumblr Is A Feature-Rich Social Media Platform

Tumblr is a microblogging and long-range informal communication webpage for sharing content, photographs, joins, recordings, sounds, and that’s just the beginning. Individuals share a wide scope of things on Tumblr, from feline photographs to craftsmanship to form.

Superficially, a Tumblr blog can look simply like some other sites. Such huge numbers of web journals that you go over online may utilize Tumblr!

17. Flickr Social Media Platform Can Outshine Your Business

Flickr is an online picture and video facilitating stage that was made by the then Vancouver-put together Ludicorp on February 10, 2004, and later procured by Yahoo in 2005. The stage is mainstream with clients who offer and install photos. As of October a year ago, Flickr had more than 112 million clients and had its impression over 63 nations. A normal of a million photographs are shared day by day on Flickr.

18. Reddit Is A Power-Packed Social Media Platform 

This is a social news and amusement organizing site where enrolled clients can submit substance, for example, direct connections and content posts. Clients are additionally ready to compose and decide their situation on the site’s pages by casting a ballot entry up or down. Entries with the best votes show up on the top classification or principle page. Reddit was established by University of Virginia flatmates Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman on June 23, 2005. After ten years, the site flaunts more than 36 million enrolled accounts and 231 million month-to-month guests.

19. Vine Is The Finest Social Media Platform 

With more than 40 million clients, Vine is a quickly developing video-sharing online networking application that enables clients to share 6-second video cuts with their adherents. While this resembles a truly brief time for a video, organizations of all sizes are having huge achievements utilizing the administration. Vine was established in June 2012 and later obtained by Twitter in October 2012, just before its official launch.

20. Periscope Is The Right Social Media Platform For Any Business

Periscope is a live video gushing portable application that was created by Joe Bernstein and Kayvon Beykpour. The two began the organization in February 2014 and later offered it to Twitter for $100 million in March 2015. Four months after its March 2015 relaunch, Periscope said that it had outperformed 10 million records and in December that year, Apple reported Periscope as the application of the year.

21. Bizsugar Is A Must To Have Social Media Platform

BizSugar is a long-range informal communication stage and specialty asset for entrepreneurs, business visionaries, and administrators. The site was made in 2007 by DBH Communications, Inc., a supplier of Honor-winning business productions, and later procured by Small Business Trends LLC in 2009. The stage enables clients to share recordings, articles, blog entries, web recording, among other substances. It likewise enables clients to view and decide on entries by different individuals.

22. Stumbleupon Is A Remarkable Social Media Platform

StumbleUpon is a revelation motor that finds and prescribes content for its clients. Come June 30, 2018; it will move Mix. Over 25 million individuals use StumbleUpon for diversion and data.

What’s more, over 80,000 distributors, brands, and different advertisers have utilized StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery stage to advance their organizations. StumbleUpon was claimed by eBay from May 2007 to April 2009, when Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith, and a few financial specialists repurchased it. It is currently an autonomous, financial specialist-sponsored startup by and by.

23. Delicious Is The Perfect Social Media Platform For Any Business

This is a social bookmarking web administration for finding, putting away, and sharing web bookmarks. The site was established by Peter Gadjokov and Joshua Schachter in 2003 and obtained in 2005 by Yahoo. Before the finish of 2008, Delicious asserted that it had bookmarked 180 million URLs and gained more than 5.3 million clients. The administration was later offered to AVOS Systems in April 2011 who later offered it to Science Inc. In January this year, Delicious Media said that it had obtained the service.

How To Choose The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business?

  1. Goal-setting - Define your social media goal, whether it is grabbing immediate attention or working organically, or you have an interesting pool of videos to go live with or something else. What kind of audience do you require? If you are in a business of B2B marketing Linkedin may be the right social media platform for you rather than Tik Tik. So first and foremost is to define your objective.
  2. Get into details - Understand in detail all the top social media platforms, their reach, best features, usage and accordingly figure out the right fit for your business. Let's assume you need quick communication with a quality audience, maybe Twitter features will work best for you.
  3. Know your audience - Learn which social media platform your target audience uses the most. Most social media sites provide native audience insight tools to learn who uses which social media platform. Create your user person before finding out the details over the best social media platform. You may get in touch with a professional digital marketing agency to help you with the right buyer person and the best social media promotion strategy.
  4. Test and Try - This technique never fails. You may need to put in some extra work hours but create an account, post ads, do the maximum groundwork, analyze results, and see which social media platform works best for you. 

These are some of the ways to understand the positives and negatives of each social media platform and work out the best one for you. This brings out to summarize all that we have spoken about.


If you have to succeed in today’s competitive market, you need to have a social media presence. Social media has revolutionized the way industries used to function. It is currently the most influential factor dictating a customer’s behavior. Good social media reviews have led to an increase in business, whereas the bad ones have led to devastating failures too. 

It is critical to get details about the top social media platforms and work out your marketing strategy accordingly. Work with a seasoned digital marketing agency to bring you the right plan of action for the social media site you aim to establish your presence on.


What Are The Best Social Media Platforms For Business?

Here are the best social media platforms for business:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Whatsapp
  • QQ
  • Tumblr
  • Flickr
  • Vine
  • Periscope
  • Bizsugar
  • Stumbleupon
  • Delicious
  • Affluence
  • Talkbiznow
  • Ryze
  • Snapchat
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest

Looking to Grow Your Brand through Social Media Marketing?

  • Increasing Your Brand Reach
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Create Goal-driven Social-Media Messaging & Campaigns

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