Mobile Designed Website in Education

 26 Oct, 2015

Gone are the days when students used to sit down in front of their laptop or desktop computer and used to check their website. Nowadays with significant advancements happening in the technology sector, most students are using handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers for checking website content.

You have to keep in mind that websites are accessed by students from their handheld devices. It is time that you begin to give more priority as to whether your website is compatible with the mobile devices. Ask yourself some questions such as remembering the last time when you took a look at your own student media website in a mobile device. Also think, when was the last time you loaded the mobile version for your site on mobile devices running on Android and iOS platform.

If these questions look something new to you or if you have forgot to remember the time you tweaked your website for handheld devices, then it is high time that you check your mobile presence as soon as possible. Most of the studies have suggested that a majority of users are able to connect with smartphone devices in a convenient way compared to desktop computers and laptops.

It is right time, you take a look at your website in your mobile phone and tablet computers so that you will get an idea about what needs to be improved and where the improvement needs to be implemented. Likewise, students can have a better site experience from your website in their mobile phone devices.

There are a few things that you will have to assure for your mobile website

• Ensure whether your educational institution can be identified readily by the mobile readers.
• Make sure the mobile site can be read easily with large fonts for better visibility within the device screen of mobile phones.
• Ensure easier navigation within the mobile site.
• Whether connecting with your organization is easier from your mobile site compared to desktop site.
• Check whether users are able to share content easily from your mobile site to the Widening of social media websites.
• Ensure you have a mobile site that is visually appealing along with simple functionalities.

If your website still does not have a mobile-designed version, then you are too late since responsive design has become a prerequisite nowadays. Wait no time in creating a mobile-designed website for your organization so that students can have a seamless experience with your website content in multiple devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers and desktop computers.

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