Why Are Websites So Important For Your Organizations?

 6 Dec, 2019


2019 is almost over, and there are a lot of business owners who are still wondering if they need a website or not. Do they really need it? Do they want to have a piece of real estate in the vast ocean of the internet?

Sure, the business may be going good. We are getting new customers. But is your business functioning to its full potential?

Are you happy with the out and productivity of the business, when your business can do so much more?

A website these days has surpassed its conventional purposes, instead of just being a visiting card or a pamphlet for the business.

  • It has become the center of all your digital marketing activities.
  • A hub for converting visitors to clients.
  • A website surpasses all physical boundaries, reaching clients from all over the world.

Websites these days are not just a requirement. It has become a necessity for businesses. Any organization that thinks otherwise is bound to fail in this era of digitalization.

 Still, need a reason?

If you are still not convinced as to why you need a website, let us put your mind at ease. Here are some of the top reasons to have a website.

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Foundation to Build Website

A website is a foundation on which you can build your entire marketing strategy. You can strategize how to move forward with all your online operations over various media. Each operations, large or small, needs a base of operations. Your website is just that for digital marketing. At the core of all the digital activities for your business, a website can help you convert clients faster and with more ease.

You can plan how to leave a digital footprint on the overall media.  Watching over it every step of the way and getting a report about its effectiveness.


Saves Cost

Every business has an advertising budget. If not, then the business does not want itself to be found or relies very heavily on its brand name. If neither is the case with your organization then advertisements over various media such as television or radio can be very expensive. On the other hand, a website would not cost more than a quarter of the advertising budget. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that a website is very cost-efficient, and chances are it will reap greater returns for you in the future.

On top of that, considering the workload is digitally handled. You don't need a marketing team to handle all the affairs. A few digitally abled people can help you reach out to millions of people, which helps in cutting costs on hiring and maintaining a workforce. Not to mention, the cost of infrastructure for the above-mentioned workforce.

Always Open for Business

All stores, service centers, or customer care service centers have to close at some point. Customers are unpredictable and can approach you at any given time. Each customer is important and turning them away means an opportunity lost. Luckily you have a website that is open at all times. Helping your customer at any time of their need. The visitors can navigate the website and find what they need or book a product whenever they want from wherever they want. All they need is access to the internet, which in today’s time is not a problem. As most people use smartphones, which need internet connections to fully be useful.

Using the smartphone, the customer can access the website at any time. In other words, the customer is just a click away from you. All you have to do is create a website for your business, and you are functional 24 hours 7 days a week for 365 days a year.

Did it work?

How many people saw your ad in the newspaper?

How long did it take the viewer to change the channel when your ad was on television?

At some point in our lives, every businessman or woman is a customer too. So think like a customer. No one buys the newspaper for ads or turns on the television just to watch ads. So obviously no one is just interested in the advertisements.

But you don't know that?

You can never tell how many people saw your ad. How many were interested in the product?

Or even what was the effect of the advertisement?

But with a website you can keep track of every customer throughout all the social media platforms. You can get a report about every minute of the digital marketing campaign. All you have to do is keep the website at the core of all the digital marketing activities.

  • Using simple tools, you have the power to know who visited your website.
  • What were they looking for
  • Where did they spend the most time
  • How many times did they click on any given link?
  • And other details about the customer about their preference.

Everything can be customized according to the preference of the business without putting any effort. Using a website as the primary tool for the advertisement you can easily find out exactly how effective your campaign was. Was the money well spent or just wasted on unfruitful endeavors.

Damage Control

To make mistakes is to be human. Everyone can make mistakes. But they are especially fatal if you work in the marketing team. One spelling mistake or design error, and you can end up the troll of the town.

Imagine making a mistake in the conventional form of media. Your advertisement has a spelling mistake. You will be forever branded for the company, which does not even know how to spell. Your reputation may take a nosedive and will be tainted. It would take an extraordinary effort to move past something like that.

But nothing like this happens with a website.

A website showcases what your business stands for and what you are offering to the customer. Something similar to an advertisement in conventional media. Now consider you made a mistake or got feedback that your image is misinterpreted. In that case, you can simply change everything with ease and efficiency. Saving both time and your reputation.

I hear from you!

As a business, customers are of paramount importance. If you ignore their opinion for too long, they might find someone who will. There is no shortage of businesses that offer the same services to the customer. So to retain customers, you need to form a personal connection with the customers. And it cannot be done without proper communication.

Conventional forms of advertisements are a form of one-way communication where the organization gets it out there and hopes that the customer will like it, regardless of customers liking or disliking the advertisement as each one has an opinion.

It is next to impossible to have effective communication with the customer using conventional means of marketing. It is time-consuming, and by the time you get the feedback, it may no longer be relevant anymore.

Having a website gives you a digital postal address. Sure social media platforms are the best way to communicate these days. But you must have a permanent address where the customers can reach you. Social media platforms are a form of third party communication and can change how you interact with the customer at any time. It is in their terms and conditions.

A website is an assurance to the business and the customer that they can reach out to the organization at any given point in time, making communication effective and efficient.

Are you for real?

There are a lot of fake brands and imposters in the market these days. We all have encountered them at one point or another. Sometimes they are so good that you cannot even make out the difference. So how can you know what is real and what is not?

The simplest method which all customers use is to search it on the internet.

Suppose a customer is in doubt about your product. The customer is convinced to buy the product but does not know if you are a legitimate organization. You sure will regret not to have a website them because the first thing the customer will do is look for the website.

The website is not just a core of all digital marketing activities or a bridge between you and the customer. It is an amalgamation of all the efforts you put in to get the product to the customer. It is a certificate of authentication to the customer to prove to them that you are the real and the manufacturer of the product.

Let's face it; now one will look for your registration with authority. The only thing the customer would trust is the words of the organization itself, which they can access only if you have a website.

Land of Opportunity

In 2000, Blockbuster, one of the largest media distributors at that time, was offered to take their business online by an up and coming company. Taking it as a joke, Blockbuster rejected the proposal. Today, no one knows the name Blockbuster and the up and coming company was called Netflix, one of the largest media content distributors and producers in the world today.

Similar was the case with the famous Playboy magazine. At the time of its release, the magazine became an instant hit. At its peak, Playboy sold around 7.1 million copies worldwide. But its downfall started in 1995 when the age of the internet was starting.

Playboy never saw the need to get online fast. A fatal mistake that cost the company dearly. While Playboy was ignoring the opportunity right in front of them, competitors took full advantage. Search for the magazine, and its website often redirected customers to the advertisement for competitors. Today, the company is about 1/10 of its glory days. Sales of magazines are at an all-time low of 4% of what it was at its peak.

With almost everyone with access to the internet, the digital land is one of promise and opportunity. Organizations have access to clients, and clients have direct access to the organization. With no physical barriers and communication barriers, the business can reach any number of customers, depending on the efforts they put in. Not realizing the true potential of this opportunity means planing to shut down the company soon.

Yahoo had a chance to buy out Google at its infancy at 4million dollars. Due to a lack of vision and extraordinary efforts from competitors, Yahoo has become a distant memory.

At one point in time, just a piece of code on the internet is worth millions in the form of bitcoins. For those who invested their time on it were rewarded handsomely. One of the fundamental factors in business is to have a vision is to understand the value of the opportunity and pounce on it.

It is a tricky business and can be a double-edged sword. The gamble is turning out to be nothing, but that is just business. You need to evaluate the risk and act accordingly.  Currently, the internet is the best opportunity presented to businesses and not having a website can cost you more than the actual cost of creating one.

Sale Improvement

Targeting more audiences obviously means an opportunity to improves sales figures. Digital platforms help you to get to know the customer better. Collecting the past search data, you can know the preference of the customer and pitch to them accordingly. It is never a good idea to pitch something to the customer without knowing what they require.

Likewise, using digital marketing tools. Search engines can redirect clients to your website and help you get more visitors who are interested in your product.

It would be a very long and impossible process if you chose to do it manually. But if you have a website, you can easily set up your network and attract clients online. A customer, happy with your product or services can also easily refer you to their contacts by sharing the link to your website, spreading the word out for your organization.

In the Big Leagues

The internet is a level playing field. Anyone can set up a website and start their business. Without physically having any equipment or office and flourish. It is the magic of technology. You can run an organization and provide services or products without actually having a very large infrastructure.

It also means that companies that are small in size can actually compete with anyone in the market — even multi-dollar global companies. Investment and capital are no longer the driving force of businesses.  A bright idea and a website are all are needed to run a successful business. 

Customer is King

Customer is the driving force of the business. The lifeblood for any organization. All the efforts a firm puts in is to cater and attract more customers. This is the reason why organizations have huge customer relationship departments.

A website is a customer satisfaction survey in its own way with direct contact with the organization. Customers can let the firm know exactly what they feel about the product and service. Where they feel it was lacking and how the company can improve the product. Making the customer experience better and helping the organization to grow.

We Will Survive

The success of a business depends on its ability to make full use of opportunities that present themselves. Ignorance toward such opportunities means your competitors are doing something you are not, which gives them an edge over you. In a market, where businesses are contesting over customers and competition is cut through. This is not a very sensible way to run a business. It may work in the short term but in the long run. You are at risk of shut down.

In the End

We hope we gave you plenty of reasons why to have a website and changed your mind. But the most important reason which you should consider is, a website gives you a definition. It helps mold an image of the organization for the customer. Apart from being the focal point of all digital marketing activities. It also helps lay down a clear blueprint of what the business is doing and how it will move forward with the plans.

A website is no longer an accessory for the business. It has become a necessity. As mentioned in the examples. Many giant companies have fallen due to ignorance. They failed to see the bigger picture and paid a huge price rather than a small one then. Having a website is the same kind of decision you have to make for your business. Will you forgo an opportunity and let your competitors leave you behind? Or will you focus on the future and see the bigger picture? The choice is yours to make.

Interested in our Web Design Services?
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  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Customize UI for Intuitive Digital Interactions

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