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26 Mar, 2024



The global eLearning industry is bound to reach $336.98 billion in the next four years. However, this industry needs better digital visibility and when it comes to SEO for educational institutions, there are several drawbacks. 

These are a few common drawbacks that a school SEO agency has observed:

  • A website full of errors
  • A website that is not mobile-friendly
  • Poor design
  • Self-obsessed website
  • Inactive social presence

Now, the question is how schools or colleges overcome these challenges and whom should they approach. 

SEO services for colleges have one of the finest solutions when it comes to educational institutions. It is recommended to include expert opinions in your SEO strategy for educational websites. 

Even though search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most underappreciated elements of successful SEO services for colleges, it is essential to encourage university programs and enrollments for better learning capabilities. 

Students are increasingly looking for particular online schools or programs, consequently, you have to ensure that your website appears in the search results. You must invest in a school SEO company to witness this change in your search results. 

As per the SEO service provider for educational institutes, your school or college website can benefit from expert SEO tips for education websites as it offers more visibility, increased organic search traffic, improved user experience, and eventually generates inquiries and enrollments. 

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Best Practices To Implement For School SEO

As an SEO company for schools, we have listed the best practices that you can implement under an expert’s guidance:

1. Examine Your Website

Understanding all crucial facets of the institution is a vital component when creating specialized content with SEO for colleges and universities. Therefore, an SEO agency for schools invests a significant amount of effort in researching the website, and the various additional university programs provided by the university before selecting the information for the website.

But the study is only the beginning of the involved procedure in your SEO strategy for educational websites. Additionally, a school SEO agency strives to compile a comprehensive set of rules that will execute the best practices universally across the website.

examining school website

Students that are still unsure of what they desire to do after high school, for instance, may find that looking for higher-paying degrees helps them make up their minds. A specific SEO strategy for the educational website would look for searches that are common among the target audience and assist optimize the website accordingly.

2. Mobile-Friendly Website

The usability of the webpage on a smartphone is crucial for boosting website traffic as smartphone use becomes more prevalent to enable SEO for schools. In reality, Google intends to make the readability of the content and the site's suitability for mobile browsers factors in the ranking of all of its search results pages.

Therefore, all indexes are enabled mobile as a practice in SEO for the colleges domain, regardless of whether the target audience uses the smartphone browser to search online or not. This can be problematic for school-ranking websites that contain backlinks to numerous programs and degrees that are all controlled by the same domain. 

Mobile Responsive Design

They even use a single domain for all of their CMS. Because of this, it is impossible to find or even rank with SEO school. A professional SEO company for schools will ensure that websites are created lighter without sacrificing content or visuals to remove this barrier.

3. Carry Out Website Audit

An organization should choose a school SEO Audit company before launching a website as this will enable them to discover the sections that are vulnerable and require changes. The SEO audit performed for schools additionally aids the website in comprehending elements that might make the site simpler for search engine bots to access and increase traffic.

4. Use Relevant Content

Let's begin this segment by posing the following queries:

  • Do you know how your website is performing right now?
  • Are you aware of the terms that drive the most visitors to your website?
  • Do you understand the details that your potential customers are seeking?

It's time to look into analytics and identify the solutions if your response to any or all of those is no. As per SEO services for schools, any effective website must have the ability to offer the information people are seeking in a clear, straightforward manner.

We advise using a service like SEMRush or SEO services for colleges to find out what keywords your website is ranking for. Your school SEO agency can verify your Search Console account to see which terms are driving traffic. Your SEO services for schools will be able to better grasp what your customers are seeking and assess whether you're giving it in an approachable way by learning the responses to these questions.

Typically, school websites are huge and dispersed, making it challenging for prospective applicants and search engines to access information.

As per school ranking websites, internal links serve as a navigational aid for visitors and search engines crawling the website, and they might bring up content that is submerged beneath the surface. 

An SEO company for schools and colleges can also support the creation of an informational hierarchy. Because of this, your website needs an SEO strategy for internal linking. To find out if there is a solid structure for the material, and boost your school’s website ranking on Google you need an SEO company for schools that suggests looking at the Link report in Search Console.

5. Smooth Navigation

Understanding the site's navigation layout is crucial for creating better, properly structured SEO for educational websites. There are several ways to incorporate navigation for SEO for educational institutions and only an SEO for private schools can help you in this process. But accessibility and mobile friendliness are of utmost significance. 

The architecture of the navigation must be upheld whether the university site is being accessed naturally or via a hyperlink from another article as per a SEO school company.

6. Keyword Research

Specific keywords in the right combinations are necessary for SEO for educational institutions to improve the accuracy of university profiles. For instance, a lot of students look up long-tail keywords like "top MBA program in the city" or "future of zoology majors."

An educational SEO service company must promote its program and all that it has to offer the student to rank for these targeted searches and they can make the piece more interesting and less of a sales tactic.

Finding the terms your audience utilizes to look up schools will take effort because there is an endless supply of education-related keywords available and a school SEO agency can guide you in this process. 

However, because keywords are the cornerstone of your SEO approach, the time you invest in this stage could pay off well with the right guidance in your SEO to boost your school’s website ranking on Google.

Finding keywords starts with brainstorming to boost your school’s website ranking on Google for many new ventures. For instance, they can make a list of the terms you believe your potential customers are searching for in SEO schools, then use a keyword research tool to determine how frequently they are searched each month to improve your school’s ranking on Google. This university SEO company can add additional keywords to your initial list by using the keyword suggestions menu to look for related terms.

7. Analyze Page Load Timing

When considering SEO for educational institutions, page load time should be taken into consideration because mobile-friendly websites are becoming necessary. With lightning-fast internet, no one will have to wait minutes for a page to load.

Analyze Page Load Timing

The size and the image's quality are two factors that have a significant impact on load time. Even though a website must have high-quality photographs, fewer of them will help the page load more quickly and effectively improve your school’s ranking on Google.

There are more such SEO tips for education websites that your college SEO company can bring to your notice and execute for you to improve your school website ranking. 

8. Consider URL Structure

The URL makes an impression before content strategies are used in SEO for educational institutions. The right URL will be crucial in driving traffic, whether it comes from the target audience, who are the students, or search engines. 

Analyze Page Load Timing

In reality, URLs are one of the most crucial components in your SEO strategy for educational websites and are often referred to as the foundation of any website. A decent URL layout demands careful consideration before being finished, from sustaining the site navigation hierarchy to utilizing the keywords in the URL. A school frequently offers the option of expanding a certain course and SEO for universities can highlight the same through your website.

Final Thoughts

When a school decides to use SEO services to boost school’s website ranking on Google, it must also monitor the volume of traffic the site receives. They use a variety of SEO technologies to deliver this information which helps you evaluate your university SEO efforts.

As per the semantics of SEO for educational institutions, if the university offers the option of online enrollment and application processing, likely, Google Analytics is not permitted to access the data. By including an objective that counts at the start of the application process, this is addressed. 

Get in touch with an SEO company like JanBask Digital Design to enable this process successfully. 

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