10 Best Keyword Research Tools That Gives Much More Than Keywords Suggestions


23 Apr, 2024


Introduction to Best Keyword Research Tools!

Keywords must be a familiar term to most of you and the fact that they play an important aspect in defining your website’s, blog’s or eCommerce store’s ranking and visibility in the SERPs. Without keywords in your search engine optimization journey with digital marketing services , you can’t rank, reach the right target audience, and might even fail to sustain in the online marketplace for long, as you won’t be attracting any traffic or leads to convert them into buyers.

This is why to target the right keywords, keyword research tools come  handy. They ease up the burden of finding the ideal “keywords” or “phrases”, which are tirelessly searched by your target audience over search engines, any digital platforms, or marketplaces.

Looking for optimizing your google SERP?

So, What is a Keyword Research Tool? - Beginners to SEO Might Ask!

Best tool for Keyword Research is your consolidated place where you get ample keywords, phrases, long-tail keywords that are searched by your target audience in search engines like Google, Bing, Youtube, Amazon marketplace, and more. These tools along with keywords also tell you their monthly volume which is often denoted as “Keyword Volume”. 

The higher the keyword volume, the higher should be your preference to invest in them during your website design optimization tasks.

Keyword Research Tool

Along with this volume, these tools help you get other insights around the keywords too like their difficulty to rank, which is often termed as “keyword difficulty” or “KD”. This tells how easy it is for you to rank on them. 

Meaning the higher the difficulty of the keyword, the lower might be the chances of you ranking in top search results. 

Keyword difficulty (KD) generally ranges between 1-100. Keywords with KD 1-50 are considered easy to rank, and the ones ranging between 50-100 are quite difficult and might take onerous efforts from your side. Anyways, businesses choose their middle ground by opting for a combination of both kinds with higher search volume, you should do that too and narrow down the ones which are really relatable to your website for eCommerce development.

JanBask’s marketing team deploys ample reliable seo keyword research tools to help clients find their ideal keyword combination. 

Here we are sharing a few of our recommendations from a personal level, the ones which helped our clients get incredible ranking and visibility in the search results, through a mix of organic and PPC listings.

Only 10 Best Keyword Research Tools You Must Use for Incredible Ranking in SERP!

Looking for the best tool for Keyword research? Well, look no further as here are your top picks for keywords tools that give much more than a list of targeted keywords.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a complete marketing suite with 40+ advanced features and tools, which is trusted by 7000000 marketers (inclusive of us). From social media campaign management to keyword exploring, this SaaS platform helps with every online marketing need.


Its Impeccable Features:

  • Gives up to 2,000,000 Keyword ideas from just one keyword
  • Gives semantically related keywords and groups them as per topic
  • Gives long-tail keywords as well
  • You get a regional and global search volume of every keyword
  • You get keyword difficulty
  • You also get click potential of any keyword
  • CPC aka cost per click to bid campaigns through Google AdWords
  • You can also see domains ranking for that keyword up to 100

domains ranking

Along with that, the tool also helps you:

  • Enter the competitors’ link up to 5 and check the keywords they are using in your niche or industry and you can add them to your content marketing efforts.

SEMRush Pricing Plan

It has monthly as well as yearly plans for using this tool:

SEMRush Pricing Plan

SEMRush Pricing Plan

*There is a 7-day free trial which you can start and cancel anytime.

2. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs is yet another one of the best keyword research tools, trusted by digital marketers for getting any niche’s keywords, their volume, difficulty, and best of all, their traffic potential. This keyword planner holds a database of 7 billion keywords in the languages of almost 171 countries.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

And other than Google, it also helps to procure keyword ideas and details for other search engines like Amazon, Youtube, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, etc. 

Ahref Keyword Planner’s Impeccable Features:

  • Gives another SEO metric as well like return rate, clicks per search, paid clicks %, clicks %
  • History of top-ranking pages in SERP and how they rank so well
  • It gives you 1000+ keyword suggestion from a seed keyword
  • You can see the keywords your close competitors are targeting and ranking for
  • You get reports on broken links on your site, and the best PPC keywords suggestions to place your bid

Ahrefs Pricing Plans

Ahrefs Monthly Plans are:

Ahrefs Monthly Plans

Ahrefs Yearly Plans

Ahrefs Yearly Plans

3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a complete SEO and content marketing suite, which is a free cum subscription-based platform that helps to monitor the keyword opportunities and website’s overall progress from time to time. With its top keyword research tools, you get the best keyword suggestions, their volume, difficulty, CPC, seasonal trends, and other details.


The tool simply procures keyword data from the competitors and from the phrases that people are searching over the internet. 

However, its database of keywords is quite small. The tool gives 100 responses for one search keyword or domain name along with your website’s domain score, backlinks, estimated visits, social share, etc.

The tool even shows the content ideas on any searched key term and tells what keywords your competitors are leveraging to win big.

Pricing Plan of Ubersuggest

You can sign up for this tool via your Google account or add this as an extension for smooth working. The tool gives you 3 free searches in a day. Whereas, if you need this for bulk searches, there are 3 standard plans that come with integrated SEO features - Individual, Business, Enterprise with monthly or lifetime payment option.

Monthly Plans

Monthly Plans

Lifetime Plans

Lifetime Plans

4. Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a straightforward, easy-to-use keyword tool best suited for finding targeted keywords for your SEO and paid campaigns on Google. 

Google Keyword Planner

Unlike most of the tools for keyword research, this one is absolutely free to use. When you enter the seed keyword, the tool gives you tons of suggestions of keywords or phrases which are exact or broad variations of seed word. 

You get the exact CPC, volume, and difficulty of keywords. Along with that, the tool also gives you exclusive SERP analysis, click potential, competitive density. The tool gives the most accurate keyword data, as it is integrated from the Google Searches and results directly.

Google Keyword Planner Price

It is free of cost. Any business or individual website can access this tool for keyword research for free. You can log in to a Google ad account, and therein, under planning, you will find it named “keyword planner”.

5. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz keyword planner is yet another amazing seo keyword research tool that helps you prioritize, and build a list of high-quality keywords from its half a billion database of vetted keywords. 

This keywords tool helps get incredible insights around keywords like its volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, and more. 

Apart from that, to make your findings more accurate, the great Moz also helps give an analysis of SERP (search engine result pages) to understand the reasons behind the pages with top rankings.

Also, another best part about Moz is, it is very good at suggesting the best  “lateral keywords”. The keywords you see at the bottom of the search engine like Google as “related searches” are your lateral keywords, which are also getting searched by your audience along with main keywords.

Moz Keyword Explorer

The other noticeable features of MOZ keyword explorer which we absolutely adore are:

  • Organic CTR Rate - The CTR or click-through rates depict the prediction around the no. of clicks you are likely to get by ranking on page 1 of Google.
  • Keyword Priority Score - The tool is quite smart and makes your selection outright fast with its priority score out of 100, which is calculated by mixing the results from the combination of keyword volume, difficulty, organic CTR, and more. A high priority score represents that the keyword volume is high and the difficulty is quite less. 

Moz Keyword Explorer Pricing Plan

When you sign up for a Moz account, you get 10 free queries for a month. And there is a 30 days trial which you can explore for free. MOZ has a subscription for its complete SEO & marketing suite, which involves other activities other than SEO, like inbound marketing, content marketing, link building, and more. MOZ has a medium plan which costs $149 per month. Moz has monthly & yearly plans as follows, inclusive of a complete SEO & marketing suite.

Moz’s Monthly Plans

Moz’s Monthly Plans

Moz’s Yearly Plans

Moz’s Yearly Plans

6. Google Trends

Google trends is not like a traditional seo keyword research tool, but still, it could be treated as one. Marketers who write evergreen content use it to procure ideas, phrases, words that people are searching over Google, from across the geographies.

Google Trends

The tool gives you other related keywords to your parent keywords that people are searching for. And you get a graph showing the demand for that keyword. You can use this tool if you have searched keywords from other tools and then can use this one to procure more related search terms to infuse around your marketing copies.

Google Trends

Google Trends

Google Trends Features Worth Recalling

  • You get options to select as per your preferred location
  • You get ample business categories to choose from, to filter searches
  • History of keywords, their trends right from 2004 till present
  • You can do searches specific to different categories over google like Google shopping, Youtube, Image search, news search

How much does Google Trend cost?

Google Trend is an absolutely free, publicly available tool that gives you complete findings on what users are searching for in real-time. It tells complete user behavior, which is quite helpful in creating user-centric marketing copies that are likely to rank.

7. KWFinder

KWFinder is another seo keyword research tool by Mangools that helps find a goldmine of relevant thousand of keywords with their search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, competitors, and SERP trends, from its database of 2.5 billion keywords.

With its simple, straightforward, and intuitive interface, you can search traditional or long-tail keywords in around 52000 locations and any business niche.

You can also find the competitors’ data regarding the type of keyword they are ranking for. You can get a sheer idea of what type of keyword to add to your content pieces.

KWFinder is loved by leading brands like Airbnb, Alexa, Adidas, Copyscanner, etc.

KWFinder Pricing Plans

The tool gives you 10 free trials, where you can have 5 searches per day. And have monthly and yearly plans.

Monthly Plans

KWFinder - Monthly Plans

Yearly Plans

KWFinder - yearly plan

8. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is a complete SEO and content tool with billions of keywords database, that helps with finding the right keywords for any niche with their searches, volume, difficulty, and other suggestions for keywords.


Along with that, the tool also gives you competitive analysis, rank tracking, backlink analysis, Google Ads, Facebook Ads data.

As a content tool, it also has a feature called “content outline generation”, with which it will suggest you a rough content structure with potential keywords, headings, images, word count, links, images, etc for any on-page or off-page you prefer to target.

GrowthBar Pricing Plans

GrowthBar offers plans as monthly & yearly


Monthly Plan

Yearly Plan

Standard Plan



Pro Plan



Agency Plan



9. SerpStat

SerpStat is another one of the top keyword research tools and also gives capabilities of website analytics, domain & SERP analysis, backlink tracking, and complete website audit.


In its keywords analytics tools you get:

  • Top ranking keywords with their volume, difficulty (which is also called competition strength), and CPC.
  • You also get insights on most searched questions, which can be used as long-tail keywords or around FAQs in the content.

Top ranking keywords with their volume, difficulty

  • It also gives a list of related keywords that people also search.
  • Also, you can search for desired volume, CPC, KD based on filters. You can set the range and target such keywords only. 
  • You can also set filters to remove the misspelled keywords (which is so needful).

SerpStat Pricing Plans

This high and mighty the best keyword research tool with additional features of the rank tracker, backlink analysis, competition analysis is priced in the following monthly and annual packages.

Serpstat’s Monthly Packages

Serpstat’s Monthly Packages

Serpstat’s Annual Packages

Serpstat’s Annual Packages

10. Long Tail Pro

Long-tail pro is another much-needed and one of the top keyword research tools that helps in finding the most competitive long-tail keywords which are kind of in the form of the phrase, along with their volume, difficulty to rank, CPC bid, and more. 

With a seed keyword, you can find up to 400 long-tail keywords that can be integrated around your different marketing copies. The tool also lets you determine the keyword profitability rank value.

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro

The tool lets you dominate the competitors by helping you analyze the top websites that are ranking on that similar keyword. The tool also helps you understand your competitors’ keyword strategy. The tool has 13 metrics like site age, citation flow, referring domain, trust flow, and more to monitor the performance of your competition and outrank them.

The tool comes with an in-built keyword tracker that by putting up your URL helps to identify the performance of the keywords daily so that you can either improve or maintain your strategy with real-time insights.

Long Tail Pro Pricing Plan

Long Tail pro keywords tool also have monthly and yearly pricing plans:

Longtail Pro’s Monthly Plans

Monthly Agency Plan

Monthly Pro

Monthly Starter

$147 per month

$67 per month

$37 per month

Long Tail Pro’s Annual Plans

Annual Agency Plan

Annual Pro Plan

Annual Starter

$98 per month

$45 per month

$25 per month

Concluding Thoughts on Best Keyword Research Tools!

Keyword Research tools are one of the most sought-after tools that have ever been created since online searches became a big deal. Now for online websites, internet marketers, or anyone, it is easy to discover and find the highly targeted keywords that are likely to rank and bring more traffic.

We just talked about the 10 best keyword research tools that not just give you keyword suggestions, but also help you get real-time metrics to monitor competition, backlinks, ranking, manage inbound marketing, content marketing, and perform comprehensive SEO.

At JanBask, our team of internet marketers has been using these tools in shifts for quite a long time. Our personal top picks for Tools for keyword research have to be Ubersuggest by Neil Patel, Ahref, and SEMrush. But we have tried all of these tools and the results were miraculous from each one of them. The choice might depend on the suitability based on your requirement. 

Does your marketing strategy need more upbeat keyword analysis and suggestions? Do you think you need a revamped marketing strategy & initiatives to drive incredible sales? Our Digital Marketing Company can make you win big on inbound marketing efforts, try our free analysis & estimates!

Also, if you stayed till here, do let us know in comments out of these top keyword research tools, which one is your favorite or has helped you get the amazing results. Come on, tell us!

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