Use Amazon to Find Profitable product ideas for your eCommerce store

 9 Mar, 2021


Are you in need of good product ideas for your eCommerce store? If so, Amazon is a great place to start. Products that perform well on Amazon are usually an accurate indicator of a broader trend across the entire eCommerce market.

In fact, studies have found that over 60% of online shoppers begin their product search on Amazon. That’s more than Google or any other comparison site.

If you want to find profitable products for your business on Amazon, you must first know what to look for in a winning product.

Characteristics of a Good Product

It’s hard to find a “perfect” product to sell on Amazon or any other sales channel. However, there are some common characteristics generally found in items that perform well. Here are some of the traits you should look for:

Manageable Size and weight

The physical dimensions and weight of your products play a big role in the order fulfillment process. Larger and heavier items require a more complex delivery process and will result in higher fulfillment fees. As a general rule, try to find items below 18” x 14” x 8” in size and 5 lbs in weight.

High Demand, Low Competition

When searching for a product idea for your eCommerce store, it’s important to consider both the demand for the product and how competitive the market is.

Naturally, you want a product with high demand. This means that there are a lot of customers in the market for that item, increasing the amount of sales you can generate. 

A product’s competition will determine how many of these potential customers you can turn into sales. The higher the competition is for a product, the more difficult it will likely be to earn a significant amount of sales.

As such, you should look for product ideas with relatively low competition. Finding products with both high demand and low competition can be tricky. Fortunately, some of the tools we’ll discuss later on can help make it easier.

Product Cost 25% or Less of Sales Price

It goes without saying that the amount you pay to source a product will directly impact how profitable it is. Look for items that you can sell for at least four times the cost of procurement. For example, if the market price for a particular item is $10, make sure you can source it for $2.50.

This is important as you need to consider all the costs associated with selling physical products. In the example above, you would earn a gross margin of $7.50 per product sold. This doesn’t take into account operating costs like fulfillment and any marketing costs to acquire your customers. 

If your product costs are 50%+ of the sales price, you would have trouble earning significant profits.

Sales Price Between $10 - $70

Next, you want to evaluate a product’s nominal sales price. A high percentage margin is nice, but if the nominal amount per sale is low, you will need to have considerable sales to earn solid profits.

Look for items that you can sell for around $10 - $70. This will ensure that you can earn a decent amount for every sale. By keeping within the top of this range you’ll also avoid higher ticket items which usually have less demand.

Everyday Use Items

Commodities and other regularly used products are a reliable option for products to add to your store. These items are easy to source whether through wholesale or manufacturing. They are also replenishable, meaning customers need to buy them on a recurring basis. 

This will give you a great opportunity to increase your customer lifetime value by driving repeat purchases from your loyal buyers.

Now that you know what to look for in a profitable product idea, let’s examine five ways to find the items that meet your criteria

5 Ways to Find Profitable Products on Amazon

Amazon Trend Report

The first way to find profitable products is to use the Amazon Trend Report. Every year Amazon analyzes what products have been popular across the internet over the previous 12 months. They then compare that information with what is currently popular on Amazon to curate a list of recommendations to include in the Amazon Trend Report.

In the report, you’ll find high-performing products for the niche(s) Amazon has selected which you can use as a starting point for finding products for your store.

Recommended Products

Do you want to sell a product that you are familiar with or have some interest in? If so, using Amazon’s recommended products is a great place to find ideas for items you can sell on your store.

As you continue to shop on Amazon, their recommendation engine will start presenting you with products related to your browsing and buying history. As you come across interesting products, you examine notable items in detail to assess their profit potential

Amazon Best Sellers Category

A simple way to find good product ideas from Amazon is to search the Amazon Best Sellers page. 

From the Amazon homepage, find the Best Sellers tab in the header menu beneath the search bar. This will take you to a page listing the three best-selling products for some of Amazon’s most popular categories.

You can drill down into any of these categories to see a list of the top 100 selling products in that category.

It’s best practice to not immediately try to sell the products at the top of the best sellers list as these items are generally ultra-high competition. Make sure to learn more about analyzing Amazon’s best sellers before settling on a product for your business.

Product Research Tools 

If you want to take a more data-driven approach to finding profitable products on Amazon, there are a variety of product research tools at your disposal. These tools provide a comprehensive database of all the products listed on Amazon. You can search for specific items based on the criteria you define. Once you have a refined list of potential products, you can analyze your options to find the best matches for your business.

An example of one of these tools is the AMZScout PRO Extension. After you download the Chrome extension you can go to any product on Amazon to see detailed product research for that item.

Below is an example of the report for a bread proofing basket.

Perform a Keyword Search 

Another effective way to find profitable products on Amazon is to perform keyword research. Keywords tell you what search terms customers are using the most, giving you valuable insight into which products have high demand.

In the past, trying to uncover how many searches a term receives on Amazon would have been a difficult feat. But today, there are several powerful tools available dedicated specifically to Amazon keyword research.

With these tools, you can quickly assess the overall search volume of a keyword and how its use is trending over time.

For example with the AMZScout Keyword Research tool, you can enter a search term to find a list of all related search phrases used on Amazon. The list includes the estimated monthly search volume, the most popular category for products ranking for the keyword, and the PPC bid.

You can drill down into any search term to see high-performing Amazon products that have the keywords in the product title. This will provide you the price and estimated revenue for each item so you can quickly gauge the profitability of this type of product.


Finding profitable product ideas is not as challenging as it was in the past. With the help of powerful research tools and the available insights from marketplaces like Amazon, you can quickly find winning items for your eCommerce store.

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