Mobile eCommerce Statistics You Must Know In 2023


10 Apr, 2024


Are you one of the 6.92 billion smartphone users? Then you must be aware of how much your mobile phone plays an integral role in your day-to-day life. Millennials, or Gen Zeros, always have their smartphones attached to their hip 24/7 and use if frequently throughout their day, even to complete the simplest task like paying bills! That’s where “Mobile eCommerce” steps in!

You can use it to make purchases and save money while doing so. In the present day, the process is so automated that it can be called a mechanized transaction. Mobile eCommerce website also enables the payment of funds and financial transactions, like bill payment and online banking.

eCommerce website development company has noted an increasing number of mobile devices that can facilitate M-Commerce. Customers can make in-store purchases with alternatives to traditional plastic credit cards, such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. Kevin Duffey derived the concept of "mobile commerce" in 1997.

amazon payment online

If you keep up with consumer culture, you know the mobile phone industry is being touted as the next great thing. Since mobile devices are increasing and will likely continue to outpace desktop computers in the near future, mobile eCommerce website is an inevitable development in the history of online shopping.

By 2024, the value of transactions conducted via mobile devices is projected to reach $620.97 billion. Thus, 42.9% of all eCommerce transactions will occur on a mobile device with a responsive eCommerce website development. 

Consequently, it is crucial to consider the mobile purchasing process on your website to guarantee a fantastic customer experience and decrease the likelihood of shoppers abandoning their carts.

M-commerce and online shopping share many similarities. Nonetheless, you should know a few key distinctions and be aware of a few critical distinctions amongst them before settling on the most appropriate route for your company. You may already have a mobile-friendly e-commerce website and online storefront for your business.

In other words, you can take your organization commercially and start collaborating with an eCommerce website development firm.

Mobile eCommerce website or M-commerce, a shorthand for "mobile commerce," refers to online transactions on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Consumers can get their hands on mobile phones more easily than ever before as more sophisticated devices become available and data infrastructures proliferate.

mcommerce sales percentage

eCommerce website development company shares that smartphone shopping is a lot easier, particularly during the holidays, for those confined to their houses due to locks and limitations imposed due to the pandemic.

You may wonder why so many companies are investing in smartphone trading now that you understand it. Customers and businesses alike can reap several rewards from adopting an eCommerce solution from reliable eCommerce web development company.

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Must Know Mobile eCommerce Stats

The ever-increasing significance of web and smartphone technology has led to growing the popularity of mobile e-commerce! Here are the statistics to prove it

  • Mobile e-commerce sales are expected to grow 10.4% in 2023
  • 91% of people make online purchases from their smartphones
  • Mcommerce sales are forecasted to circumvent 6% of all retail sales in 2023
  • $710 billion in Mcommerce sales are forecasted to account for e-commerce sales by 2025
  • $54.01 billion tablet mcommerce sales is expected by 2026
  • The worldwide e-commerce market is forecasted to total $6.3 trillion in 2023
  • The e-commerce industry is forecasted to total over $8.1 trillion by 2026
  • The United States e-commerce market will circumvent $1.1 trillion in sales in 2023
  • Around 16.4% of online retail acquisitions are forecasted to take place in the US in 2023
  • Amazon has the highest market share of 37.8 % as compared to all e-commerce businesses  
  • The most visited e-commerce sites are Walmart, eBay, and AliExpress
  • Around 57% of online buyers report shopping globally
  • The leading cause of online shopping cart abandonment is extra payment such as shipping costs, taxes, and other fees (48%)
  • Another reason for shopping cart abandonment is the respective site want shoppers to create an account (24%)
  • Online shoppers drop out of shopping sessions since the shipping is extremely slow (22%)
  • Around 79% of buyers shop online every month
  • The online mcommerce shopping cart abandonment rate is 84%
  • The desktop online shipping cart abandonment rate is 72%
  • Social media commerce is forecasted to reach $2.9 trillion by 2026
  • Around 96.9 million Americans shop on social media
  • Gen Y shop the most on social media; 55% of Americans between the ages 18 to 24 have made a purchase on social media
  • 40% of people do a purchase due to social media influence
  • 49% of social e-commerce buyers have had a social media influencer’s recommendation affect on their purchase

Additional Mobile Commerce Statistics For Your Business

You can be a business owner or a technocrat, or a marketer or a normal consumer, still, the fact that global e-commerce is shifting to mobile devices can’t be new to you in 2023.  To make it clear to you how relentless this speed of migration to smartphone devices is, we’ve compiled some additional mobile commerce statistics covering a broad range of the latest eCommerce design trends and future evaluations. 

  • We've decided to give you the most up-to-date numbers we can find on mcommerce stats so that you can stay abreast of industry developments. Okay, let's get this party started.
  • According to mobile commerce future trends by Shopify“In 2023, it's estimated that 8% of all retail transactions will occur through a mobile device. That's tipped to exceed 10% by 2025.”
  • Between 2020 and 2024, the mobile commerce market is predicted to be led by countries in Europe and North America.
  • By the year 2024, it will be evident that mCommerce in Europe and North America will generate substantial revenue. According to the reports, more consumers will enter the market from the countries of the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.
  • By 2025, the coupon market is expected to have expanded by a factor of 56.55, according to the global id identifier.
  • Over 25 million Americans redeemed smartphone coupons last year. They're an efficient tool for encouraging repeat business. Statistics from commerce indicate that the digital coupon market size in 2023 is expected to grow at 18.33% CAGR between 2023 and 2027. 
  • This expansion rate is moderately greater than projections for the following five years.

    Trending Mobile Shopping Statistics

    In today’s fast-changing world, everyone wants to do everything quickly and proficiently. Technological advancements have led to a significant shift in smartphone devices and their use for daily tasks. 

    One of them is mobile commerce. Here are some of the trending mobile shopping statistics for you to know in 2023

    • Approximately 70% of customers download the retailer's app.
    • Channels are extremely significant for mobile eCommerce website to the marketing industry. The number of customers who read product reviews, browse products, and shop online using apps that they downloaded on their mobile devices is constantly growing.
    • These apps also allow users to locate nearby businesses and even provide them access to discount databases. According to the m commerce stats, over 67% of all customers have downloaded the store app. Some customers did so to take advantage of a promotion or coupon.
    • Approximately 77% of shoppers in the United States use their smartphones to compare prices easily.
    • When it comes to shopping, mobile devices can be really helpful. Consumers who make in-person purchases can benefit from using mobile ecommerce websites or apps. As per mobile commerce statistics, they can find lower product prices on the app. The current trends in mobile eCommerce stats reveal that roughly 77% of consumers in the US utilize mobile devices while shopping, mainly to compare costs with other retailers' offerings.

    Mobile Shopping Attributes

    • According to the data on mobile eCommerce, 67% of buyers make a purchase using a mobile device's digital window.
    • Modern digital audiences use apps like these only for enjoyment and have no intention of purchasing as per an eCommerce website development company. Despite this, 77% of those who buy, buy something in a hurry. 
    • Since this is the case, it serves no purpose for shops to log in and develop their own shopping strategy or eCommerce web development.

    Global eCommerce Mobile Stats

    As you know, mobile ecommerce website, or m-commerce, considers making purchases through mobile devices or tablets whenever and wherever the customer wants. It makes it more convenient!

    So, there’s no doubt that smartphone shopping is getting increasingly popular. Need proof?

    Let’s look at some of the top e commerce statistics to clarify why having a mobile-responsive online store for buying and selling smartphones is beneficial. 

    • By 2024, mobile commerce in the UK is projected to earn $134.37 billion

    Based on the current growth rate, the UK's m-commerce market is forecast to be worth $134.37 billion by 2024. As a result, m-commerce will account for 63% of all eCommerce in the United Kingdom. Over 20% of the country's total sales will come from it.

    • More than 80% of the UK’s population makes e-commerce purchases

    To put it differently, more than 4 in 5 UK customers are online shoppers. This will demonstrate the rapid transformation of the UK retail sector and the pandemic impact on the evolution of eCommerce.

    Pros and Cons of Mobile e-commerce

    A short while ago, developing mobile applications and shifting to mobile-friendly platforms might have solely been a choice for big enterprises such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. Still, since the cost of becoming responsive decreased, more organizations have started reaping benefits. 

    So, we’re sharing the mobile eCommerce website's major pros and cons and how it could help you grow your company.


    There are several advantages related to mobile commerce and providing your consumers with flawless experience on various devices.

    • Convenient  - According to a study, Americans check their smartphones on an avg. of 344 times every day or every 4 mins. Correspondingly, it's very convenient to quickly pull any application or website on your phone to buy things on and off.
    • Immediate gratification - If you’re curious about instant gratification and why is it so compelling, you’re not required to search anywhere else than ecommerce titan Amazon. It has created an Amazon effect surrounding the smooth shopping experience. 
    • Also, not all small businesses are capable of competing with Amazon’s shipping rates, but providing convenient navigation will help customers realize that they can quickly and effortlessly order anything they want.
    • Better customer satisfaction - Aways serving your customers wherever they are, on whichever device they’re, when you provide them with an excellent experience, it leads to higher customer retention. 
    • Numerous payment options - Along with credit and debit cards, shoppers can now make payments using various payment services such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Visa Checkout, etc. 

    These payment options make it easy for consumers to make purchases on their devices easily, and as a business owner, you just have to make sure that the payment portal accepts these types of payments. 


    Mobile ecommerce website has its own challenges since it's a new concept, it could be tricky to assure lawless UX for now.

    • Constant optimization - Technological advancements are a continuous process to improve the experience for customers and businesses, and the same applies to mobile commerce. Hence as a business owner, you should continuously optimize your mobile website or application. Hiring an experienced and professional SEO service agency is an excellent way to ensure your site is always up to date with the latest enhancements.
    • Long page load time - One of the most important factors affecting whether shoppers will access your website from their smartphones is page load time. An analysis done on 4 million websites over a period of time, it shows that the avg. desktop website load time is around 2.5 seconds.  At the same time, this no. increases by 70.9% to 8.6 seconds on a smartphone device. If your consumers can’t load your website quickly, they can abandon it before purchasing anything.  
    • High competition - Paying attention to your competition is important so that you can provide the best UX and products, and the customers will prefer to shop at your online store irrespective of differences in price. Also, watch out for the competitor’s pricing, shipping preferences, and discounts to ensure your business remains competitive and pertinent in the market. 

    Mobile eCommerce Trends To Look Out For

    Over the years buying behavior of the customer has changed dramatically, and m-commerce will keep flourishing in the coming years. Mobile e-commerce holds 73% of the worldwide e-commerce market share, more than 59% back in 2017.  In the past 6 months, 79% of smartphone users have made online purchases using smartphones.

    As an owner of an online store, you must stay up to date with the current mobile e-commerce trends. We’ve researched and evaluated the latest trends in mobile commerce and pinned down a few for you.

    The following m-commerce trends will monopolize in 2023. We’ll also be sharing m-commerce tips for 2023 to assist you in preparing for and accustoming accordingly. 

      1. The emergence of mobile applications

      You know that the Covid19 pandemic and the following lockdowns had resulted in a massive surge in online shopping, and shopping applications saw around a 49% increase in use from Q1 of 2020 to Q2 of 2021. 

      It's mainly because of the fact that mobile applications can develop a more local shopping experience. Also, these applications are normally faster and specifically designed and developed for smartphone devices. 

      To justify this point, SHEIN, a clothing brand’s app saw record-breaking usage during the time of the pandemic, creating 12% more customers in Q2 2020, hitting a total of 40.1 million users and growing MAU (i.e., monthly active users) by 24% to 71 million. 

      mobile experiences

      Applications help make the mobile experience more effortless since they’re developed for mobile devices. It doesn’t matter what the screen size is. Still, local applications load more quickly than mobile sites, and finding products and finishing the checkout procedure inside an application is seamless. There are many mobile app development company that develop mobile apps for business, right from the scratch.

      2. One-click buying

      One of the latest ecommerce trends is one-click buying, where the application you’re shopping on collects the information you’ve saved to your device, such as name, email id, shipping address, and preferred mode of payment gateway integration. Hence, you just have to click Check Out, and your order will be placed.

      This convenience makes the checkout more convenient and the easier it is to buy, the more likely the consumers will spend money on purchasing your products. One-click buying

      3. Social e-commerce

      It includes selling products through top social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, and recently, Twitter. For that, you need to create your online shops or catalos on your social media profile, making it seamless to tag and market your products. Consumers can thus purchase without leaving social media apps. 

      For instance, with the help of Instagram’s Meta Commerce Manager, you can create a catalo to showcase your products on Instagram. Your e-commerce store will appear on your Instagram profile for followers to click View Shop, or else you can also tag products featured in Instagram posts for viewers to tap on and purchase quickly. 

      For example, consider the following image of ENVY Style Boutique’s Instagram online shop 

      ENVY Stylz Boutique’s Instagram online shop

      4. Chatbots 

      Bots are mostly used for improving customer service and UX design, but nowadays, they also provide smartphone shopping assistance. Thus e-commerce chatbots can help simplify the purchase process on smartphones or websites. 

      Moreover, chatbots could also be built on several social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., to empower your e-commerce strategies. 

      Look at the following image of a fashion label Michael Kors’ chatbot in action - 


      5. Customized recommendations

      Customization is an important part of your online store’s sales growth since 80% of customers stated that they are more apparent to purchase from a business that provides customized experiences and 90% people say that customization is mainly fascinating to them. 

      This shows that providing customized suggestions to your consumers is the key, specifically with respect to mobile ecommerce website. If consumers purchase from their smartphone, they’re unlikely to browse through a complete catalo. 

      You must make it convenient for customers to find more product options. For instance, when website users put an insulated water bottle in their shopping cart, they can instantly include extra caps. 

      Customized recommendations

      You must also customize suggestions depending on the consumer’s purchase history. If any consumer might have run out of anything, you could add a “Buy Again?”, section on your site or you can also give recommendations that will go well with products your consumer has purchased in the past.

      Effective Ways To Grow Mobile eCommerce Sales

      Follow the below steps to provide a mobile e-commerce experience that will help customers coming back to your store. 

      • Make sure your website is mobile optimized
      • Cut down the checkout process
      • Develop your own mobile application or PWA
      • Develop an omnichannel UX
      • Concentrate on social e-commerce and chatbots
      • Make sure your website is mobile optimized


        1. Why Is Mcommerce Growing So Fast?

        An increase in mobile business may be traced back to the rise of mobile internet connectivity. Users have abandoned personal computers in favor of more portable gadgets as smartphones have grown more widely available and high-speed internet has become a commodity globally.

        2. What To Expect In The Future Of Mcommerce?

        The subsequent evolution of mobile trade. As time goes on, more and more people will be able to benefit from mobile commerce. Forecasts suggest that by 2025, m-commerce will contribute 10.4 percent of all retail sales, up from 6.9 percent in the coming years.

        3. What Are the Essential Components Of Mobile Commerce?

        Mobile commerce systems consist of six components to make them easier to comprehend and build. These include mobile stations, mobile commerce applications, wired networks, wireless networks, mobile middleware, and host computers.


        The rise of mobile e-commerce isn't just a fad; it's an integral aspect of the eCommerce industry. It's time to make use of JanBask Digital Design's knowledge to learn how to boost mobile sales.

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