How Does Web Designing Impacts Content Engagement Rate?


26 Apr, 2024



Aiming for higher traffic and engagement rate for your website?

Having a positive content engagement rate is extremely crucial. “Dwell Time'' is a critical metric and Google pays attention to how long someone stays on your website pages. The better the content engagement rate, the better will be the performance of your website on the search engine. Google algorithm clearly ranks sites with high engagement rates above others.

Sadly most businesses fail to understand the importance of Engagement Rate and exhaust huge marketing budgets in unplanned internet advertising. A well-designed UI could increase the conversion rate of your website up to 200%, and a better UX design with quality content could increase the conversion rates up by 400%. (Source: Adobe) 

Sadly, 70% of online businesses fail to achieve this because of inaccurate content engagement tactics & web design mistakes (Source: Forrester). Moreover, just 28% of small businesses, about one in four—optimize their websites for search engines. (Source: WaspBarcode)

As a web designing services, we understand the metric very well to boost your website traffic. Thereby, this blog will identify the best ways to "Boost your Content Engagement" & "Improve Conversions." 

Key Takeaways:

  • Insight into how low content engagement affects your online presence?
  • 9 Proven web designing Tips to Boost Content Engagement.

Let's get you a head start by telling you how low content engagement affects your search engine ranking.

How Does Low Content Engagement Affect Your Online Business?

The image below shows that the average content engagement rate is derived from essential factors for a website's success, like social sharing and followers. Content engagement rate should be a top priority while planning your lead generation strategy.

Engagement Metrics Formula

Do you know that 38% of visitors will stop interacting with a website if the content or page layout is unappealing? (Source: Adobe) Your brand's message isn't just limited to the word choices. The subtle aspects of web designing & content engagement strategy define every progress you make. 

Here Is How Low Content Engagement Rate Impacts The Brand's Performance:

Higher Bounce Rate Due To Low Content Engagement Rate

As per Google Analytics, If your bounce rate is above 70. It is alarming! 

People respond to visual stimuli subconsciously. For example, they land on websites to learn more about a specific topic. 

If your site has outdated, incorrect, disordered, or irrelevant content, the visitors will bounce off, and your conversions will suffer. They're probably going to find a competitor website to obtain better content.

To avoid this situation, you can team up with a web designing company that can effectively design engaging content to make your visitors loyal to your brand.  

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Poor Content Engagement Leads to Low sales

Without a proper content engagement strategy, even the most incredible products at a great price won't be able to generate revenue. If your engagement metrics are low, you will be reaching out to a limited segment of the audience. A weak leads funnel will ultimately result in low sales. 

This is where you can take the help of a professional website design company that can trigger high revenue with the right strategy. 

No Repeated Traffic Due To Low Content Engagement Rate

Content is king! Great content attracts visitors and wins their loyalty. Loyal customers result in enhanced customer lifetime value and a better conversion rate. 

Do you know that 82% of companies agree that retention is cheaper than acquisition and that 65% of a company's business comes from existing customers? So reduce your client acquisition cost by scaling up the engagement metrics and winning repeated traffic. 

Hope is round the corner! Check out the next section, which speaks at length about Web Designing Tips on how to increase engagement & Grow Online Business exponentially.

9 Proven Web Designing Tips You Need To Know To Boost Content Engagement

Is your Web design holding you back from achieving your business ambitions! Wondering how to make your website more engaging? Follow these 9 tips to improve engagement levels on your site.

Web Designing Strategies

    1. Enhance Unique Value Proposition (UVP) With Content 

    As per IBM, 81% of consumers worldwide are either value-driven or purpose-driven. Hence websites, by publishing content can establish a value proposition for their customers. In a nutshell, value proposition means - 

    • Relevancy: Explain how a product or service is relevant to the specific problem or issue of the customers. 
    • Quantified value: The extent to which a particular product or service adds value to customers as a possible solution. 
    • Differentiation: Conveys the message of why your products are superior to others.

    If the content is not relevant, you risk disengaging the reader as the readers won't get the information that will motivate them to take the next step. But how can content ensure establishing a unique value proposition for a business? 

    Your Brand Can Do The Following:

    • Write a copy that connects your brand with your audience. Avoid any industry jargon and use normal & everyday language that conveys the message effectively.
    • Discuss a problem, how your product is relevant to it, and how beneficial it is in solving the problem. Mention the additional benefits like free shipping or maintenance services, or the content mentions offers clearly in the content. Answer all the questions that come to the minds of your target audience. Curate content that differentiates your brand from the rest!
    • You can further take advantage of Web designing companies who can use the  Lead Magnet strategy (i.e, providing sample proposals in exchange for a voluntarily disclosed customer email address) to enhance user engagement.

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    2. Create User-Friendly Copy For Better Engagement

    People don't care about the features of your website or your product unless your content answers all the user queries and offers good usability. So to create a suitable user-friendly copy, you need to know your clients well. 

    What do they think about it? What would appeal to them? 

    Here’s How You Can Do It Better With Your Website:

    • A huge bulk of users use smartphones these days. Hence, it is imperative to modify the content for mobile-friendly devices. According to the eye-tracking study by Google, mobile users always focus on the center of the device. You can place your value proposition content in a way that appears at the center on mobile phones. You can even team up with a web designing agency that can help you design a website that is mobile-friendly.
    • Add relevant hyperlinks to your content on the website to guide them to the next content they might find useful. Thus, you provide your visitors with more options to read and study before getting to a conclusion about your products. Popular eCommerce brands provide hyperlinks to related products that will offer users more options to purchase. Thus, it enhances the user experience.
    • Include Content components like Substance & Structure. Substance focuses on the topics, tone style & what message we need to communicate and, structure oversees how we prioritize & break content for readability.

    3. Focus On Content Layout & Flow to Enhance Readability

    Your content layout and its structure are crucial for providing a good user experience. Poor design kills the user experience and engagement the content can deliver. Hence, your content should be well-structured and must possess a consistent flow.

    Here's What You Can Do:

    • Use various elements like headline, sub-headline, bullet points, and visually compelling images in a well-structured & hierarchical manner to provide users the best experience. Also, place your value proposition content smartly at the start of the content. This makes your web content capture the audience's attention. 
    • Make your paragraphs short & use different font styles as much as possible for easier readability. This makes it easy for readers to understand your content easily.
    • You can use slightly different font colors or types for CTAs or headers or sub-headers to enhance the visual aspects of the web content. This will enhance user experience and readability. 
    • There should also be a lot of white space between and around the content, which facilitates easy viewing. White spaces give your website and content a clean and fresh look. They are aesthetically beautiful. With help of a web designing agency, you can use storytelling approaches to enhance content engagement.  

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    4. Use Gamification Strategy To Upscale Content Engagement Rate

    Use Gamification Strategy

    There are many things we can learn from video games about design, but did you know that we could also improve our design and commitment by integrating the core gaming elements?

    Studies show that engaged clients represent a 23% higher share of profitability for the brand. One of the best ways to do that is by using gamification. 

    Gamifying the user experience doesn't mean setting up a game to engage customers. This involves applying similar mechanisms of a game in a non-gaming context, to encourage your target audience to engage in specific behaviors.

    Here’s How Gamification Strategy Can Help You In Content Engagement: 

    • You can team up with a web designing company that can develop Mini-games Quizzes, Online Competitions, and Giveaways and incorporate them into websites. This will create an interest in your audience to visit your website regularly.
    • Gamified elements such as badges, leaderboards, and status symbols can be provided to users to elevate their loyalty. These are a kind of reward or additional benefit for your users which creates a positive impression about your brand.
    • Such positive impressions ultimately transform into establishing brand credibility and loyalty. When a business achieves all these, it's bound to get more traffic and increase sales.

    5. Include Clear Call-To-Action For Better CTR

    Engagement is only relevant if it moves your visitor to perform the next step. An attractive Call to Action will engage users and further enhance the customer journey.

    Your CTA may include clicking on buttons and links, managing subscriptions, pressing social share buttons, adding or reading comments, filling out a form, etc. 

    Here’s How You Can Make Your CTA Go From ‘Ok’ To ‘Wow’:

    • You can create urgency using phrases like ‘Now’ or ‘within X days/hours/minutes’ etc to position your brand better using this content engagement strategy. 
    • Use a clearly defined actionable CTA by using short & striking phrases with strong & actionable verbs like “Read” “Buy” or “Sign-up.”  Such words or phrases urge an audience to take an action.
    • Add some benefits with the CTA. This actually lures visitors to click on a CTA to purchase a product. You can use something like - “Get No Question Asked Money Back Guarantee”, “Grab it Paying 20% Less”, etc.
    • You can use various color combinations on a CTA button. Orange, Red, and Green are some of the automatic choices. You can do A/B testing on each such combination to find out which color is more effective.
    • Take the support of a web designing company that can personalize your CTA to your audience at each level of your sales funnel.

    6. Use Customer Service Chats For Better UX

    Did you know that 42% of customers say they prefer online chat features because they don't have to wait?

    Adding live chat widgets to your website provides you with an additional channel where you can interact with your audience helping them through complicated processes. Thus enhancing your brand loyalty & user experience.

    The question here is what engagement strategy should be used!

    Here Are A Few Tips That You Can Include In Your Customer Service Chat To Improve Engagement:

    • Place the live chat window where it does not encroach on the visitor experience. Plus, allow the feature to only activate when they need it the most. Live Chats are important as it solves a query instantly. This enhances the user experience of a visitor who is reading any one of your content or checking out the products.
    • Customer service chats can serve businesses 24/7. But, don't be tempted to always include automated responses. Take the help of a professional web designing company that can design human-centric responses for better content engagement. 

    7. Add Content Rich Infographics & Video Content

    The majority of site visitors will attempt to skim your page rather than read it carefully, and your messaging should help them achieve that goal quickly.

    To achieve user engagement you need the right mix of images, videos, audio, and infographics to elevate the content.

    Aberdeen Group says that marketers who use video obtain 66% more leads per year & Forbes says 84% of those using infographics find them effective.

    Tips On How Content Rich Infographics & Video Can Generate More Leads:

    • Don’t just depend on images or infographics, go multimedia to make your content more appealing. This means you can use videos, infographics, gifs, animations, and other elements to enhance the visual impression of the content. Remember, the human brain transmits any visual information 60,000 times faster than text!
    • Make sure your images & videos are adhering to your topic or business niche. Don’t stray from the topic. It is completely ok to use catchy visual content but not without sacrificing your business niche!
    • You can add captions or one-liner images asking your audience to share. This will initiate an organic engagement of your images along with the content.
    • For certain pages like the product page or the about us section, try using real-life images. You can share the inside of your office or pictures of your colleagues. This will be really engaging and will also build trust.
    • You can insert some icons in the various sections of the content in the form of smileys for example. This will give your content a creative but conversational touch.
    • You can team up with a web designing firm that can embed audio transcripts in your webpage making it more user-friendly.

    8. Use Social Media Plugins

    With 4.48 billion people using social platforms across the globe, it's fairly easy for brands to reach the desired customers. But, not many can do so without the right content engagement & web designing strategies.  

    Social media plugins are a game-changer for businesses. They make websites more interactive, making it easy for your visitors to share your content across social media platforms. 

    Here's How Social Media Plugins Boost Content Engagement:

    • You can team up with a professional web designing firm that can design the element & place where customers are likely to promote your content across their social media handles.
    • You may also add one-liners asking your audience to join your social groups and pages. Thus, you can get a lot of organic visitors from your web pages to your social pages.
    • The plugins will further enhance your social media ROI & increase your site's user experience.

    9. Edge Ahead with Testimonials

    88% of consumers rely on online reviews to "assess the quality of a company".

    When you need users to purchase your products/services, your client testimonials are your most important content. This is the best way to build brand awareness among users. 

    To increase conversions on your website you have to work on getting testimonials & placing them perfectly. But how are you planning to use testimonials so that it leads to maximum engagement? 

    Here Are a Few Web Design Tips You Can Use To Drive Content Engagement With Testimonials:

    • Testimonials should be visible and placed after the UVP and close to a CTA conversion on your main pages. Try using real-life testimonials using real pictures of your clients to build trust.
    • Testimonials in the form of videos can also be a great idea. You can create a page full of such short videos recommending your brand. This instantly strikes a chord with your audience and builds trust.
    • You can make the content of the testimonials creative with help of a web designing agency adding a sense of luxury to testimonials

    We are sure you aim to invest in providing the best user experience to user website visitors. However, working with a professional web design company will help you immensely in strengthening your website presence.

    How JanBask Digital Design Can Help!

    Do you want your competitors to eat away your share of the Online Presence! 

    Definitely Not!

    That's why it's critical to have a professional web designing agency that can get you more customers & make your business stand apart.

    We know ‘your customer’s first impression is the last‘ & our goal is to make it an everlasting one by:

    • Highlighting your corporate identity with eye-catching web designs.
    • Improve your online Presence Across Social Media Platforms
    • Convey your products, services & messaging seamlessly to your target audience.
    • Develop highly responsive & mobile-friendly websites.
    • Strategies for better conversion rate optimization.

    Let's turn the “Just curious visitors” into “Long-term buying customers”. Reach Out To Us!


    Given 15 minutes to consume content, 2/3 of people prefer to read something beautifully designed than something simple (Source: Adobe).

    Web designing to boost content engagement is not a simple task. But, when you provide authentic quality content that reflects your brand's style and personality, it will also attract users to your website and help them build engagement.

    We have Pinpointed the right website elements that can remarkably boost your user engagement in this blog. 

    Still, if your audience fails to recognize your brand and your revenue is going downhill, it's time for transformation with the right web designing agency. 

    As an experienced web design company, we are committed to building functional, satisfying, and attractive websites.

    Looking for an Experienced Web Design Company?
    • Improve your Online Presence
    • Eye-catching Web Designs
    • Develop highly responsive & mobile-friendly websites
    • Strategies for better conversion rate optimization

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