13 Critical Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

 9 Mar, 2022


Designing Websites can be challenging!!!

Web design research indicates that a visitor takes only 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) to form an opinion on your website. 

That means you have only one shot at impressing those prospective users

Your Customer's first impression can be his last impression depending on many factors: user experience, aesthetics, responsiveness, placement of CTA’s, fonts, colors, and more if not well designed.

If you have started wondering about these critical elements in your website, Worry Not! 

We will guide you through the 13 web design errors you have to avoid in order to increase your traffic, engagement rate and most importantly “Conversion”.

Key Takeaways:

  • Insights on how poor web designs affect your business.
  • 13 website design mistakes you should avoid with detailed solutions.

So let's begin by telling you the consequences your business may face due to a poorly designed website!

How a Bad Web Design Can Pull Down Your Business


While your company may be rock solid, having a poorly designed website can give users the perception that your brand is not trustworthy

So, here the negative effects of a poorly designed website on your business:

  • Loss of Credibility 

75% of consumers judge a business’s credibility based on its website design. One may say “Don't judge a book by its cover” but such is not the case with a website. The aesthetics, design, visuals, loading speed immediately affect the consumer perception. 

If the website does not convey what your brand stands for and its offering the consumer is as good as gone, ultimately damaging your brand reputation and its credibility.

Look for web solutions that lives-up to your brand image, you can take the help of an experienced web design services company that can kick-start your business.

  • Increase in Bounce Rate 

Website design plays a critical role in user retention. For retaining a user you need to give them a rock solid reason to stay in just 0.05 seconds. Yes, that is the time a consumer takes to decide whether they resonate with the website based on its appearance.

Poor navigation, loading speed, usability and errors related design issues add up to the website bounce rate. If loading time of your website increases from one second to five seconds, the chances of bounce rate jumps up to 90%

Higher the bounce rate, lower will be the leads pouring in ultimately leading to negative conversation rate.

  • Poor User Experience

User experience is the only way you form a lasting relation with your site’s audience. Site usability, structural design, responsiveness, mobile-friendly all these factors contribute to UX. Do you know that almost 70% of businesses fail due to bad usability websites? 

No wonder why Jeff Bezos invested so much in user experience rather than advertising for Amazon.

If you want a roadmap to start, you can take the help of the best web design services that can ensure the best UX for your website.

  • Stuck-up Lead Funnel

Any website that cannot capture traffic will never generate leads. The reason could be a confused CTA, poorly designed query form, unplanned landing pages, and many such design related issues. 

A badly designed website will also result in reducing the loading speed of your site, provides broken links, bad navigation among others, and after this, it is highly unlikely that you will see your targeted visitors again. 

And if your competitor provides the same services with an eye-catching website design your loss is theirs reward. If you’re looking for an undying connection with customers, and multiplying the leads funnel, invest in a website design which scales up traffic and ultimately the conversion rate. 

  • Increased Budget Of Website Modifications

According to BCG & RITE  2020 reports 8% of the landing pages have broken links costing them 4% of traffic. When a website requires constant modification,there could be an additional cost of approx $4000-$14,000 per month. 

Bad website design is demanding, it requires continuous revision, upkeep, and ends up taking up more of your time and resources. 

These are some of the major disadvantages of not paying attention to the website design. Check out the next section which speaks at length about the website design mistakes you should avoid to scale up your web traffic and the conversion rate. 

13 Critical Website Design Mistakes Affecting Your Conversion Rate

Do you want to propel your business dreams to the next level?

We know to err is human but we have identified the 13 most critical mistakes that if addressed, can surely skyrocket your business.

Unappealing Website Design, Colors, Images, And Fonts

Unappealing Website Design

Wondering what makes a bad website?

According to Researchgate, 94% of website first impressions are design-related. 

Usage of too many colors, different fonts & low-quality images leads to a cluttered web design which pushes your visitors to leave immediately because the website is not pleasing to the eyes.

What should you do? 

  • Choose to complement colors for your website and brand, rather pick one or two base colors only.
  • Check that the layout is asymmetrical and balanced to make the design more playful. 
  • Restrict the use of different font styles and sizes. You should hardly ever use more than 1-2 font styles.
  • Compartmentalize your website by applying grids, consider applying the Golden Ratio rule
  • Keep the website typography in check.
  • Use high-quality original images/videos/graphics of your own & take the help of trustable website design services to come up with a flawless web design. 

Non-Responsive & Slow Loading Web Design 

Non-Responsive & Slow Loading Web Design

So, what do you feel when a website is loading at snail's pace! 

Frustrating right!!

Today 94% of users turn to mobile for online shopping & 1 in 4 visitors may stay if the website takes more than 4 seconds to load. A website design that is not customized for every device and screen size will ultimately lose traffic because of being unresponsive. 

Here’s what you should do? 

  • Reduce spacing between sections for different devices. I.e Desktop may require 100-pixel spacing whereas mobile may only require 50 pixels.
  • Use correct design elements to reduce the page loading time & take the help of trustable website design services to create fast websites. 
  • Turn on caching to improve the website loading for return visitors.
  • Remove unnecessary plugins.
  • Optimize images and make them compatible across devices.
  • Use plugins like Better Wordpress Minify to reduce codes.

Non-prioritizing User Navigation

If the visitor is not able to figure out where to find what they are looking for on the website, they’ll leave and never come back. And that’s the last thing you want. 

What should you do to keep people on your website and let them explore more? 

  • Select the integrated classic navigation menu at the top of the screen.
  • Minimize scrolling and clicks required for purchase or even move to product description-related pages.
  • Organize your site better, use heading and subheading clearly.
  • Have well-designed landing pages with every element of the navigation bar.
  • Sidebars should stand out.
  • Keep a standard palace for website navigation.

Creating Unstructured & Unreadable Content

Is your site content enough captivating to engage and turn your site visitors into paying customers? If your content fails to match your target customers' expectations, they would not be going to stay anymore on your site.

Content that helps visitors will help the business as well. Content adds meaning to the website and speaks to the brand story. 

Content should be the core of your website and here’s what you should follow:

  • Research your target audience interest & accordingly decide your content type.
  • Choose the right content distribution channels.
  • Set your content distribution KPIs and goals.
  • Create SEO-optimized high-quality content.
  • Distribute and market your content on social platforms.
  • Gain analytics insight for the right content publishing time and placement.
  • Audit and optimize your content regularly.

Unclear & Cluttered Designs

Unclear & Cluttered Designs

When all the different elements and sections of your website are too closely related to each other, it creates a frustrating experience for your visitors.

Too little or too much content can clutter the information the user is looking for. And so can the improper use of whitespace to deliver the correct information. 

What should you do?

  • Make ample use of white space
  • Add proper spacing throughout the site
  • Optimize interaction elements- like button labels
  • Optimize web element from SEO perspective
  • Optimize images, typography, and icons.
  • Do optimum use of animation, videos, sounds
  • Check site functionality & usability over time
  • Don’t overload your website with too many elements

Logo that's Not Consistent with the Website

The most common & critical mistake a business makes is by designing a logo that doesn't align with the brand's website design. 

Although it is a very simple error, this creates contrast in customers' minds. And your visitors develop trust issues leading to the abandonment of the site. 

What should you do?

  • Design a logo that reflects the nature of your business
  • Make sure to have a consistent font style
  • Choose the colors that resonate with your site theme
  • Get your logo designed by a professional designer
  • Opt for professional advice from a trusted web design services agency.

Use Flash For Web Design

 Flash For Web Design

So, what's one critical web design mistake you should avoid in 2022! 

Yep, it’s Flash. 

For SEO reasons, Flash is the worst website development technology. It does not allow users to create URLs for separate pages, nor does it aid in monitoring. But there are a few practices to improve your flash design.

What should you do? 

  • Make your website incredibly easy to navigate
  • Either skip or keep the intro movies short
  • Test your Flash site in different browsers
  • Installed required plugin for optimum performance 
  • Optimize site images and movies
  • Have a preloader if your website is large

In case you are wondering where to start, take the help of trustable website design services to create highly interactive websites. 

Usage of Too many Pop-ups

Usage of Too many Pop-ups

Do you see too many pop-ups on your screen & leave the site away!

Your visitors too, do the same.

Nowadays, Pop-ups are viewed as an intrusive design element that can distract online marketers away from the web design content they want to see & lead to many website design mistakes. Here are some practices that can supercharge your marketing with  Popups, if used smartly.

What should you do? 

  • Don’t use too many pop-ups simultaneously.
  • Serve Them up at the Appropriate Time.
  • Provide pop-up ads in the right place. 
  • Integrate Popups Well With the Rest of Your Site.
  • Give a clear opportunity to refuse the advertisement.
  • Make use of contrast and great visuals.
  • Never implement inappropriate pop-ups. 
  • Don't overuse pop-up ads. 
  • Create a clear path using effective Call-to-Action. 
  • Seek professional advice for effective pop-up implementation.

Poor Design & Placement of CTA

The absence of a clear CTA is like having a pointless website. Why! Because without a direct call-to-action button, people are not going to interact with your website and order products. 

Plus, it's important to note that not giving a clear "CTA" at proper places can lead to not converting many hot leads.

What should you do? 

  • Be sure to place a clear CTA button on each page.
  • Make your CTA buttons appear 'clickable'
  • Use white space of optimum CTA visibility
  • Put your CTA buttons in the right places.
  • Create a copy that evokes emotions or a sense of enthusiasm.
  • Create short, action-oriented CTA copy.
  • Test CTA performance for copy, color, placement

Owning an Unsecure Website

Owning an Unsecure Website

The cost of data breaches rose from $3.86 million to $4.24 million in 2021, the largest in 17 years.

Guess what!

More than 50% of data breaches occurred due to poor web design. In short, if you have an unsecured website, not only Google will pull you down from rankings but also your revenue will deteriorate & your customers won't trust your website.

What should you do? 

  • Use a secure web hosting service.
  • Add HTTPS and an SSL Certificate. 
  • Level 1 PCI Compliant.
  • ISO 27001 & 27018 certificates. 
  • Enable TLS 1.2. 
  • Leverage DDoS protection.
  • Website security monitoring.
  • Apply 2-Step Verification. 
  • Get centralized website security.

In case you are wondering where to start, take the help of trustable website development services to create highly interactive websites. 

Poor SEO Implementation & Optimization

Most companies want their website to be listed on Google and generate leads.

But here's the big mistake everyone makes!  Keyword stuffing will make your website look robotic and far too promotional, which is not popular with Google or users. Thus leaving your Poorly designed SEO content deserted!

What should you do? 

  • Do in-depth Competitor analysis to understand your target market
  • On-page optimization & SERP optimization. 
  • Set Up Google Search Console and Analytic
  • Leverage Google My Business for local reach. 
  • Use keyword research to identify target keywords. 
  • Create optimized title tags and meta descriptions. 
  • Follow basic SEO guidelines- plagiarism free content, usability.
  • Use optimized page URLs, H Tags, site structure. 
  • Follow the proper linking strategy, and basic SEO practices

Refusing the Use of Trust elements 

It is very important to design various items on your online site that enhance visitor confidence, including design testimonials & design safety seals.

If you do not place any element of confidence in your site, especially with testimonials from satisfied customers who use your services or have bought things from your website. Many visitors will walk away without further inquiry!

What should you do? 

  • Make sure to maintain brand consistency. 
  • Promote testimonials and case studies.
  • Showcase your expertise with great portfolios.
  • Add Certifications and awards.
  • Make your shortcomings known. 
  • Focus more on educating rather than selling.
  • Incorporate authentic images and video.
  • Ensure the website is HTTPS secure.
  • Use high-quality images. 
  • Avoid colloquialisms and jargon in web copy.  
  • Showcase social reach and add links to your site
  • Ensure to have prominent contact information

You have learnt about the good & bad web designs but there is one more critical aspect you should be careful about. That is choosing the right web design services. And this is where choosing JanBask can really make an impact!

How can JanBask Digital Design Help!

We created a website that matters!!! Your customer’s first impression is the last & at JanBask Digital Design our goal is to make it an everlasting one. So, they keep visiting you again & again. Whether it's a startup or an enterprise our professional web design services are extremely successful across industries as we aim to:

  • Strengthen your brand value and identity.
  • Create visually stunning digital transformation of your business. 
  • Enable you to exercise authority in your line of work.
  • Enable you to build qualified leads.

Let's Design Together to Make a Difference

Read: Selecting Best Web Designer For Your Business To Boost Your Profitability

Final Thoughts!

People express themselves on your site in milliseconds. The first second on your website may be more important than every second that follows it.

94% of people who are aware of website design will not go back to a website if they believe the design has deteriorated. Although we have expressed all the critical mistakes websites should avoid, it's equally critical to choose good website design services to bring your vision alive.

And at JanBask Digital Design we offer the best custom web design services that make every second worthy for your customers!

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Adonis Smith

It is an interesting blog. From a web performance point of view, you should be careful using external fonts as they generally cause a Flash.


Emilio Davis

These are the mistakes you must avoid at all costs during the design of your website. And professionally It’s always better to work with a reputable Web Design service.


Brian Taylor

All these things are very important and true. The first one is important. In 2022 I can’t believe some people still aren’t using responsive design.



I liked the tips shared on optimizing website speed. I will surely try the tricks out on my website!


Josue Rodriguez

The section about Flash is quite insightful How often we miss these small things. Also, I liked the tips and tricks about the CTA section. Truly, mindblowing article!



Thanks for giving such great ideas to optimize a website for better conversions. I was looking for such a post for a very long time.


Kairo Gray

Must read blogs to people who are facing issues with their website which is not user-friendly and converts less. I will surely implement the steps mentioned here.

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