What is Re Marketing and Why Do It at All?

 9 Aug, 2022



As a business owner, if you have not made contingency plans for your business strategies, you must think again. Chances are that you are extremely confident in your business. However, in the real world, some might even consider it stupidity. The chances of everything going according to the plan are very low. And you getting it right in the first try is even lower. 

This is the scenario for all departments of the organization. Marketing, in particular, is an area of business that runs on the principle of trial and error. The market is filled with products and with the popularity of the internet being the most used media for information distribution. It can be very hard to retain the attention of the customer. Sure you may capture the glance. But simple glances don’t keep the company running.

Marketing is a field where you will meet the most persistent people. It is filled with rejections and failures. But every failure is a learning step. You fail, you try something else and keep repeating the process until you find what works. Here in this blog, we will discuss a few nuances of Remarketing. It is the process of changing the direction of your existing marketing endeavors to get better outcomes from the existing marketing campaigns that are going on.

Definition: Remarketing

You don’t think we were making all this up, did you? Reevaluating your strategies and changing them to make them work is an actual thing. Remarketing or retargeting is at its most basic method of advertising on the internet and to an audience that has previously viewed your website. Modern insight tools can help you find out which user spent how much time on which page of your website.

Allowing you to know exactly who is interested in which product. This can encourage conversions/sales from customers who have checked out your web site but who have not yet taken action – most people want to consider an offer at least several times before deciding on it.

As a customer, you might also have felt like buying something and at the end movement backed out. How many items are still in your cart which you wish to buy but not at the movement? The same is the case with your clients. You can get more in-depth and accurate with remarketing. It is basically giving the customer that final nudge towards the checkout page.

Much more effective than targeting prospects who have taken a look at specific products or areas of your site. It is just the same case of catching glances and not actually paying customers. However, when it comes to remarketing. The key principle of retargeting is fairly basic and more effective.

Looking to Re-market your Brand Online?

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Remarketing Definition means better persona

With remarketing, you can develop your user persona based on who visits your websites and the actions they take. It can include a number of things. Such as it can be the pages they visit, what they read and click. You can use this information to tailor your marketing campaigns specifically to them. Increase your return on investment greatly. The more customized your strategy. The better the chance of you getting the customer to follow through.

As mentioned earlier. Marketing is a very tricky business and most of it is trial and error. By using the insight the is provided by the analysis. You can formulate the strategy that will be most effective to gain new customers. Meaning you are refining the campaign for success. So that you can apply the formula directly rather than using the hit-and-trial method.

The Role of Website Cookies in re marketing

The internet can be very complicated if you don’t know how it works. It can be intimidating and you will fear it if you don’t understand its mechanics. For all marketing platforms on the internet function on some principle or in technical terms algorithm. 

So now Remarketing works by using tracking code to place cookies on the browser of a user visiting your website and then shows an ad to visitors using that cookie.

For those of you who do not know what a Cookie is, it is a piece of code that allows the system to track your movement on the internet. To put it simply. It is what keeps you logged in when you move through the page to page. A sort of a digital footprint if you may.

When a user visits the page on your website. Where you have added your Remarketing script or tracking code. 

There are many types of cookies on the internet. The one that the websites use for internal tracking. 

Types of Cookies

  • The ones that allow the website to remember you when you leave one page to browse the other on the same website. Without this cookie, you will be marked as a new visitor every time you click on some other page on the same website. It allows you to evaluate and gain insight into what the customer liked the most on your website.
  • Third-Party cookies are a network of cookies that are shared by websites on the internet. It is the information that helps other websites track and place ads accordingly. It means the internal information is shared by multiple websites in order to make the advertisement more effective and targeted

A cookie is added to the user’s browser. And when the user leaves your site the cookie will still be on the user's browser. This user when visits some other website that is on display network can see your ad based on the cookie you placed on their browser.

It is sort of a reminder left on the browser for the customer. Suggesting them to revisit and buy the product from your website. Hopefully, your visitor will see the ad and come back to your site and perform the activities you want him to perform.

In an easy way, suppose you were looking for men's shoes on a famous shoe selling website or any other fashion website or a superstore like Amazon. You added some of the shoes in your cart on a different basis that is some on the basis of good looks, some on the basis of trusted brand or warranty and some on the basis of an affordable price range or even your own taste and preference. But you were not able to or want to purchase them because of any given reasons. So you left the site without completing the transaction.

 After a few days when you were browsing through your internet on display network, you see the ads of the same shoes you kept in your cart on a website that is not relevant to shoes or any fashionable item. Obviously, you will be more inclined to buy the product. So this is how Remarketing works to bring the attention of their users and to keep on engaging them with their website.

An effective tactic to bring the user back to your website and make them complete the process that they left a while ago. 

Remarketing Influences the decision-making process of the visitor. Serving the ad to the visitor again while they are browsing the internet or performing some other activities on their browser. The browser will make them remember the choice they made and left half done a while ago on your website. And can also influence their decision for coming back to your site if they had no purpose before.

Why Use Re-Marketing?

why use remarketing

Like we mentioned earlier. It is very unlikely that you manage to grab the attention of the customer in the first go. You will have to rework your strategies and alter what you put out there. Remarketing is one of the best strategies that are most likely to be successful for you.

It is a great way of grabbing attention by offering some special offers to visitors like free shipping, discount on the product they were seeing and many more.

So why exactly should you opt for a remarketing strategy and how can it help your business?

Remarketing ads increases your ROI

Remarketing ads help you to market your product to your audience based on their interest. Making them more efficient and effective. This makes it easy to show relevant ads to them and drive them through the sales funnel until they are ready to make purchases. The audience that is remarketed has a greater percentage of converting to sales. As compared to others. According to Wordstream, Remarketing ads are 76% more likely to be clicked on than a regular old display ad. It can increase conversions by 51%. Considering the facts and the numbers that go along. It is most likely that your investment in Remarketing will be more productive than on any other media.

Re-marketing definition means broadens your reach 

Any digital media gives you immense reach. You can target millions at the same time. But with remarketing, you can reach out to more potential customers and actually convince them to purchase your product. For instance, if you use Google Remarketing, the display network has 2 million websites and apps. With Facebook 

Remarketing also, you are reaching many potential customers. So, Remarketing increases your reach.

Once you define your ad campaign it is much easier to work with rather than just shooting in the dark. You will have a much concise and accurate campaign. 

Remarketing Definition means you are remembered 

As an internet user, you too come across thousands of pages each day. It is very easy to forget brands, especially when there are so many of them on the internet. But with GoogleRemarketing and Facebook remarketing, you can keep your brand in your users’ thoughts as they will continue to see your ads wherever they go until they interact with it. This is very important as it helps you connect with the customer which goes both ways. Making the customer also feel a link and returning to your website over and over.

Remarketing Definition Means less cost 

Remarketing ads are cost-effective. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to reach your target audience. You only pay if the user clicks on your ad and it is cheaper than other search network ads on AdWords. Considering what Remarketing can actually do for your business. The cost incurred in Remarketing is an investment that will pay dividends in the future. It is the kind of investment that will not only repay itself but also give non-monetary benefits to the organization. In the form of goodwill and customer loyalty.

How Does Remarketing work? 

How Does Remarketing work? 

The term itself sounds very foreign and different. You might think it would be extremely difficult and might require extra resources. As for how you actually start Remarketing your products and services. There are a variety of different ways to do it. For the majority of advertisers, starting on a self-service platform like Google Ads or Facebook Ads is a fantastic place to start off. These are primarily the most used platforms to market products. Google is the most used search engine and targeting customers on their search preferences. Whereas, Facebook hosts millions of people and lets you market your products to millions of people simultaneously.

Both Google Ads and Facebook Ads offer a number of effective Remarketing features and make it fairly simple to start. They have a very simple but effective user interface that helps you set the targets for your organization.

So remarketing on Facebook is fairly simple, you will just need a Facebook Pixel installed on your domain and rest is just recalibrating the interface.

 When it comes to  Google Ads, you can use a specific remarketing tag or just link your Google Ads account to Google Analytics and share the required data that way. 

Just a few simple steps and you can change who will see or re-see your ads.

The first step to begin with Remarketing is to place a Remarketing list or script on your website. Logging in your AdWords account, navigate to the “tools, billing and settings' ' button located above. Then click on the “Audience Manager” in the “Shared Library” Section. Move to the “Audience Sources' ' located on the left. Click on the Details tab in AdWords Tag. The page you will reach will have an AdWords Tag option below, click on it. This page will further lead to Tag setup and Global site tag. The code on the Global site tag will be your Re marketings script. Now, this is the script you need to place on your website. This snippet code needs to be added to every website page so that every visitor who comes to your site will have a cookie installed on their browser which will track the pages they visit during their stay.


When it comes down to it. If you have good content and products. The visitors will always love you regardless of your strategy. This love is what will convert into sales and keep your business going.

Remarketing is a very good and effective strategy for the current scenario. However, not even Remarketing can help you if the customer does not like your content. It is like, no matter how many times you bombard the customer with your ad. If they don’t want it. No amount of marketing can help you and you will need to change strategies. Repeating the same thing over and over just to fail each time is the classic definition of insanity. Trying new strategies is recommend and thinking out of the box is always appreciated. But make sure you do not drift too far from the main objective of the business. Never forget why you are doing what you are doing. Keep in mind the main objective of the Digital marketing campaign and why you want to do it in the first place. It is always good to keep tabs on the progress and compare it with the insights you collect. Track your progress and evaluate the results. Recalibrate the strategies and go again. That is how you will find success in marketing. By keep trying new things and constantly evolving with the market.

Looking to Re-market your Brand Online?

  • Achieve Your Brand Vision
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Boost your Sales

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