Difference between YouTube and TV Ads


 16 Dec, 2016

Difference between YouTube and TV Ads

The advertisement is the strength of every business which helps in effectively defining the success story of an organization. Generally, advertisement refers to the set of activities in which all our efforts are done to impress the targeted audience and convince them to buy our products or services. In this fast-moving era, digitization plays an important role in promoting our brand all over the world using the Internet. There are several mediums to promote our brand to gain the trust of the targeted audience. As per today’s trend, two most popular ways to convey our thoughts and ideas to our audience are TV ads and YouTube ads.

There is the battle between YouTube and TV ads as both mediums have a large number of audience and ensure higher profitability as well as higher returns on their investment. After this, there is the difference between TV ads and YouTube ads. In this article, we are going to discuss the major difference between these advertisement methods.

Difference between YouTube and TV AdsYouTube vs TV Ads

YouTube has a bigger reach to the targeted audience

Today, everybody is using the Internet and available online all the time. As per the current survey, approximate 14 million of people are using the Internet and watching YouTube advertisements. Thus, we can easily estimate the reach of YouTube advertisement which is comparatively higher than the TV ads.

As compare to TV, YouTube Required Smaller budget

The total cost of YouTube advertisement is very less as compared to TV ads. If we use YouTube to promote our brand and its services, then we need not invest bigger amount. Just in few dollars like $50 can, we can use YouTube promotion with TV ads this is not possible at all.

Easily Convince the Targeted Audience to Perform an Action

YouTube ads are highly attractive and appealing so that we can easily convince the targeted audience to take an immediate action. For example, during the YouTube advertisement execution we can say that to continue with the advertisement you have to fill the contact information form and if the advertisement is interesting then users can surely fill it. But in case of TV advertisement, we can’t do this.

Pay Only When Your Advertisement is Seen by Your Audience

YouTube provides the flexibility to its targeted audience to pay only when you watch the advertisement otherwise you need not pay anything. But in case of TV, this is not possible.

Target Your Brand Audience Directly

Using YouTube, you can directly connect with a large number of targeted audience world wherewithal TV ads promotion is depended on the geographical area in which these ads are watched by the particular type of audience.

Easily Track and Measure the Advertisement Success

YouTube ads provide high quality tracking information about the advertisement where one can get the status of their advertisements (failure and success) and also easily know the success ratio of it. Using YouTube, we can easily know that who purchased our products or services, their personal details like contact information, and more. All this information can further use for creating effective YouTube advertisement which is more appealing and convincing as well as ensures higher profitability in business. For Information Visit: JanBask Digital Design

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