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JanBask Digital Design, an eCommerce web designing company offers a complete blend of innovation, technology and creativity to design an eCommerce website that is just awesome. Whether you are looking to build a new eCommerce store or revamp the existing one, we have got you covered! Our eCommerce website designing services include:

 Designing processes that are customer-focused

 Incorporating goal-based and ROI-driven website flow

 Placing high converting CTAs based on user experience

 Applying a problem-solving approach to your customer experience challenges

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Unleashing a new norm for eCommerce websites

Customer Experience plays an important role when talking about an exceptional Digital Purchase Journey. We not only build a beautiful online store to showcase your products, but also help you to improve the end-user experience, and increase your conversions.

Landing Page Optimization

We help you to optimize your landing pages to help you achieve high conversion rates by using proven methods of A/B testing, high convertible Call-To-Actions, and a seamless lead nurturing process to boost your Sales Conversion Funnel.

Revisiting Content Strategy

Effective content marketing generates interested leads that too at a faster pace when compared to traditional marketing. Based on your target audience and their demands, we design a content strategy to make your customer engagements much stronger.

Building Buyer Personas

These are a generalized representation of your most ideal customers and becomes critical to your business as it helps you drive your marketing goals, create a product development plan and master customer acquisition & retention.

Choose the Best eCommerce Platform as per your Specific Requirements

Magento eCommerce Platform

Is Magento platform all that is required for your eCommerce success?

Optimizing user experience on the website is the key to drive conversions. A user enters a website from multiple sources and each of these journeys are typically different from one another. With our extensive competitive research and exhaustive behavioral analysis, we are able to identify gaps to move further in the plan.
Opencart eCommerce Web Development Solution
Saas eCommerce Web Development Solution
Zencart Ecommerce Web Development Solution
Shopify Ecommerce Web Development Solution
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The Right E-Commerce Platforms

When you already know the important attributes necessary to build a successful e-commerce website., choosing the right e-commerce platform is still a challenge. Our experts help you in deciding the right e-commerce platform you from a range of products like Magento, OpenCart, SAAS, OSCommerce, Zencart, Shopify etc.

Magento eCommerce Web Development & Solution

Is Magento platform is all that is required for your e-commerce success?

An On-demand eCommerce web development solution tailored specifically for online shopping websites that has to be functional and sophisticated, you will be provided an e-commerce website using Magento platform that is capable of offering greater performances, security and load balances. The best practices of ERP, premium template integration, CMS extension development and customization along with theme design would be implemented on your dream e-commerce website to make it truly functional and user-friendly for the customers. A dramatic increase in your product sales is what you can expect with our Magento eCommerce Web Development.

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OpenCart eCommerce Web Development & Solution

It tops the list among the most user-friendly ecommerce web development platform.

It allows easier optimization within search engines which will help your e-commerce website to rank higher in the search results. You will get the benefit of a huge developer community support along with enhanced support for multiple languages and a majority of the currencies. It is a resource-rich ecommerce development platform that is comprised of add-on products as well as plug-ins. Templates can be used for uploading the products as well as it can be easily maintained by the non-programmers. If you are a start-up and is looking for speeding up the online presence for becoming a truly-professional online store, then go ahead with OpenCart Ecommerce web development as it offers a powerful shopping cart with minimum investment.

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SaaS eCommerce Web Development & Solution

If you are a beginner in online business, then you should think of Software-as-a-Service [SaaS] that has become the best choice in the present business atmosphere.

There are a number of reasons we might recommend this e-commerce web solutions. It is easily scalable and has lower implementation costs compared to any other E-commerce platform. You can enhance your online sales through a cloud-based delivery model and by making payment on a subscription basis; you can enjoy the best SaaS solution for your E-Commerce website.

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ZenCart eCommerce Web Development & Solution

Free and user-friendly characteristics of this online store management system are increasingly making it a favourite among the businesses.

So you might be thinking why ZenCart? Well, the answer relies on the many benefits it is assured to give you and the list includes easier installation, multi-language support, support for multiple payment methods, enabling businesses to add more than one extra page, more than one ad banner controllers and quantity based discounts etc. Thus Zen Cart development has all the essentials required for serving your business interests.

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Shopify E-Commerce Web Development & Solution

Shopify can be defined as the simplest shopping cart solution that you can choose for your e-commerce business.

You will not have any issues with Shopify especially when it comes to hosting of your shopping cart, server maintenance, brand presentation and the presentation of your inventory to potential customers. The presence of auxiliary apps, easy to use characteristics, the lack of need to deal with software or server installation, reliability and customized design are some of the key highlights of e-commerce website developed under Shopify E-commerce web development.

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Features of A Strong eCommerce Website

  • Powerful Administrator Dashboard Get a full overview of what is important with total orders, sales, customers, people online and sales analytics. Set advanced user privileges and separate access for user groups and users.
  • One Stop Shop We help you with everything that you need for your e-commerce web development. Your site, store, blog, email, newsletters, CRM and Point of Sale are all included. So you can be up and running in few minutes.
  • Product Filters Create product filters in the same way you create categories. Easy find is always easy buy. Implement a 'View All' option for users to click through the products listed in a particular category.
  • Multi-Currency Support Sell in any currency, anywhere in the world. We as E-commerce Website Designing Company would help you in making sales easily offer customers the much needed convenience of going ahead with payment in their preferred currency.
  • Multi-lingual Support Create your E-commerce Website Design capable enough to attract visitors from across the globe, language without being a barrier connecting users of different linguistic backgrounds.
  • Sales reports Power up your research with a sales and purchase report
  • Responsive Themes This means your website design will look awesome no matter the device. Mobile, tablet, desktop or a large screen you will certainly make an impression.
  • SEO Friendly URL Don't waste time & money to get your website higher in Search Engines. Get a customized URL for each of the web pages within your e-commerce website.
  • Synchronization of Products Sync your products for sale with various platforms Amazon, Facebook, EBay and expect the fastest response time and experience a massive influx of sales and traffic.
  • Flexible Shipping Options From eBooks to one-of-a-kind crafts, downloading to shipping; all shipping methods get covered. Right before the checkout process, customers can choose their preferred shipping method.
  • Payment Gateway Payment gateway is provided for a seamless experience. Starting from PayPal to debit cards. There is also cash on delivery payments option available for the same.
  • Effortless Order Management Get a notification as and when a customer places an order. The orders can be edited and the invoice can be also generated for each order through order management within the e-commerce.


Create Digital Experiences that can lift your brand several notches higher

Crafting a great shopping experience is not an easy task as customers have way too many options to scroll away. It’s through exceptional experiences that visitors convert and return to your website. As customers are always craving for unique and relevant engagements, it becomes necessary for an eCommerce website to include must-haves along with a few memorable experiences. Few standout features:

 Customer-focused pages with defined goals

 Easy Product Filtering Process

 Crystal Clear Product Details

 Shipping Options with Visible Charges

 Tracking Details after Checkout


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