20 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools


 28 Oct, 2020

20 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools


Affiliate marketing is easy with the help of tools. These tools allow business owners to quickly set up an affiliate program without any knowledge of coding. This is important because affiliate marketing provides an avenue for automated marketing. You just need to invite marketers who want to earn from their sales, and you can include them in your affiliate program. 

However, you cannot use the first affiliate or referral software that you see. You need to look at reviews to find the ones that work best for you. In this article, you’ll learn 20 affiliate tools. This will allow you to compare them before you choose to use them. 

1. OSI Affiliate

One of the most popular affiliate software is OSI Affiliate. It is also known as Omnistar Affiliate. It is easy-to-use affiliate software that makes use of the concept of referral marketing to ensure constant growth. It comes in different forms. It even has a Shopify app and a WooCommerce affiliate plugin that eCommerce business owners can use on their websites. It is excellent for eCommerce as has incredible potential when it comes to stopping shopping cart abandonment

What makes OSI Affiliate special is it utilizes not just marketers but customers as well. It gives them a chance to earn prizes or rewards in return for promoting the brand. This is a surefire way to improve the brand, especially if it is new. Even new websites like Best Drums Set Labs been using this tool with ease.

The best part is that you can use it with peace of mind. You don’t have to pay the full price right away. There is a trial version that will allow you to get used to the tool before you implement it on your website.

2. Post Affiliate Pro

If you want to create an affiliate program on your website, another tool that can help you is Post Affiliate Pro. This is one of the best devices that allow you to create a system quickly. The best part is their customer support. They are ready to assist you if you come across a bump in the road in the set up of your affiliate system. 

What makes Post Affiliate Pro is its features. Aside from the fact that it allows different types of affiliate links, it also supports different currencies, has a fraud protection system, and tracks the performance of all affiliates that use it. It is available for $97 per month, but it comes with a 14-day trial for those who want to get used to the tool before they purchase it.

3. CJ Affiliate

Affiliate tools are not limited to software that allows you to create an affiliate program. There are also affiliate networks that you must use to get more exposure. One of the biggest affiliate networks online is CJ Affiliate. You don’t even need your dedicated affiliate page from your website. You just need a product. From here, you can create your affiliate system right from CJ Affiliate.

The core of CJ Affiliate is visibility. It allows marketers to know that your product exists, and they can promote it. The best thing about CJ Affiliate is that rewards are not limited to the promotion of the product. If you managed to gain enough traction and managed to invite tons of affiliates into your product page, you would be eligible for more rewards. This can motivate business owners to recruit even more members of their program.

4. ShareASale

Another network that could interest you is ShareASale. Like CJ Affiliate, it is an affiliate network that connects merchants with marketers. It has some built-in tools so that merchants can easily promote their products even if they don’t have affiliate software in their core website. 

Here’s how it works. Product owners go to ShareaSale to post their products. Marketers see it, and they promote it through different means. From here, the marketer gains a portion of the sale. It is traditional affiliate marketing in action right inside a network platform. The tools are built-in, so you may not even need to implement an affiliate system on your website. You can choose to promote your products right from their network. 

5. Voluum

If you want to go into the detail of your customer data, then you’ll wish Voluum as your affiliate tracking tool. It does more than track the performance of your affiliates. It also has 20 standard and ten custom data points that allow you to make the most out of your data.

You see, Voluum is all about using customer data for the benefit of your business. It utilizes tracking pixels so that you can easily see your CPC, CPA, and CPM. Because of this, you cannot expect an ordinary report from this tool. It will give you real-time reporting along with a detailed review of all your chosen data points. 

The best part is that it is not that expensive. It only costs $69 per month to get access to this powerful tool.

6. Ambassador

Ambassador has a different approach to affiliate marketing. If other tools focus on merely getting the program off the ground and networks aim only to connect merchants to marketers, this tool focuses on people with maximum impact. It understands that your business needs more than just affiliates to succeed. After all, a few members who are not that active in promoting your brand is useless. You need people who are engaged in their field and are vital forces in their niches. These are the influencers, content creators, and so-called brand ambassadors.

This is what their platform is meant to do. It is intended to help business or product owners to connect with people who can help them. They provide more than a system for exposure. They provide a method for lasting partnerships. 

The best part is that the tool doesn’t limit you to only one influencer. You can choose to work with several influencers and track all of their performances in one dedicated dashboard. This will help you see the people you’ll want to partner with in a long time. And this will not come from guesses. It will come from real data that you have gathered from actual promotions. 

7. Thirsty Affiliates

ThirstyAffiliates performs similarly with the Ambassador. This is because you also connect with bloggers and content creators. It is an avenue for bloggers to earn money by promoting products. It provides you with all the tools that you need to deliver clean affiliate links to publishers. It even has some link checking and cloaking tools to ensure that all links look great before you promote them.

The key is to find affiliates that are relevant to your niche. They will be sharing their content so you will have a general idea of the topics they tackle in their website. Relevance is important. It can ensure higher conversion rates and better results. 

8. AvantLink

One of the problems of affiliate or referral marketing is referrers or affiliates. You may get tons of signups, but if these people hardly do anything to promote your brand, then it will not give you the results that you need. With this in mind, you’ll need to find more qualified people to promote your brand.

Fortunately, there is Avantlink. It is a tool that will serve you the right affiliates so that your program can perform at its maximum performance. Not only that, but you will also get access to tools and report systems that will help you to track the continuous promotion of your affiliates.

9. AffTrack

One of the things that you’ll want to track in an affiliate program is affiliate link clicks. This will allow you to know if your affiliates are performing well in encouraging clicks to their links. However, tracking links may be more complicated. While most tools will allow you to monitor traffic, tracking clicks is often more expensive. Some apps will even ask you to pay depending on the number of clicks that you are getting.

Fortunately, AffTrack offers an easy and more affordable option. Unlike its competitors that charge by the click, this tool gives you full access to its functionalities with a low entry price of $1. This will allow you to test the tool for yourself before you purchase the full version.

10. LeadDyno

If we are going to talk about affiliate software, one of the leading names in the industry is LeadDyno. Like a typical software, it allows you to launch affiliate campaigns. You can try it for free for 30 days so that you can see if it is a software that you’ll like to use. It allows you to create a dedicated dashboard for each affiliate. Plus, you will also get to see and track the performance of each member in a tracking dashboard. This will help you recognize trends in the promotion and pay your affiliates accordingly.

11. Refersion

Another brand name that you may want to remember in the field of an affiliate software is Refersion. It works similarly to other affiliate software. It allows you to enroll in affiliates easily. It also allows them to have a dedicated dashboard so that they can see and track their performance. From here, there is also a central dashboard where you (the product owner) can see the return of all of your affiliates. This will help you pay them with ease.

12. TapAffiliate

Another tool that is worth looking into is TapAffiliate. Like the others, it allows you to create your affiliate program from scratch. It is known for its tracking power and its ability to convert a typical affiliate system into a referral system that gives away rewards instead of small commissions.

13. AffJet

If you are promoting multiple products across multiple affiliate networks, you may want to use AffJet. It is a tool that helps you see your products across the board. It is a tool that enables you to get statistics from over 100 networks so that you can find the products that perform well. This is great if you are more open to cannibalizing products that no longer work for you. The best part is that you do it with data on hand. 

14. Affiliate Royale

Affiliate Royale is a system that works with Wordpress. With it, you can launch your affiliate system in a few minutes. You just need to integrate it into your Wordpress blog, and you can now see the performance of your affiliates. It allows you to track sales and clicks so that you can pay your members with the right amount at the right time.

15. LinkTrust

As mentioned, ad tracking is essential to affiliate marketing success. LinkTrust allows you to do this. The best part is its customized pixels. This gives you more options on how you will promote your products or ads. It will allow you to see performance across platforms, products, and advertisements. It will help you differentiate the winners from the losers. 

16. IndoLeads

The reach of your affiliate program depends highly on the network that you choose. IndoLeads is a network that has worked with huge brands like eBay, AliExpress, Lazada, and Agoda. It is the number one go-to affiliate network in Asia. 

The reason behind its success lies behind the tools that they sufficiently provide. It gives their clients superior tracking options, along with fraud protection and seamless billing and reporting.

17. HitPath

Having multiple campaigns across different networks can be quite bothersome. Not only do you need to log inside each campaign to know if it is performing well, but you also need to tweak the campaign accordingly. HitPath gives you an option to track everything on one convenient platform. It has a ‘cross pub campaign accelerator’ to do this. 

18. Everflow

Tracking is essential in affiliate marketing. We had already ruled that out when we talked about it earlier. But if you can refine and automate tracking with technology, will you do it?

Everflow gives you that option. More than typical tracking, it gives you access to FlowXchange, which provides you with an overview of your clicks, conversions, and impressions with a built-in system to track fraud. This is great if you want to follow the performance on auto.

19. Awin

Awin is a rising power when it comes to affiliate networks. It has over 100,000 publishers and 13,000 advertisers on its platforms. It has also worked with top brands like Forbes and AliExpress. Its system is not something to take for granted, for they provide access to some of the biggest brands and publishers in the industry.

20. Adplexity

One of the keys to successful affiliate marketing is knowing what types of ads to launch. Launching advertisements is essential to marketing online. It applies not just to an affiliate program but to your actual products as well. You need to know what types of ads are succeeding in your market for you to create similar ones. 

Adplexity is a tool that allows you to look at your competition’s ads so that you can learn from them and create similar ads. It is a tool that may not have a direct impact on the creation of your affiliate program. But it can help with marketing. 

NOTE: Although powerful, this service is not cheap. It is $199/user/month. That may seem like a steep price. But it is a good price to pay for you to have successful ads. You’ll end up saving more money instead of spending all of your money on testing ads.

Which Tool Will You Use First?

With all of these options, you may be quite confused about what you should try. Well, most of these have free trials. You may want to use some of the free ones to see if it is something that you can use in your business. From here, you can decide if it will be a staple tool in your affiliate marketing arsenal.

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