7 Best Ways on How to build an online presence in 2022


2 May, 2024



In 2020, US adults spent an average of 470 minutes using digital media daily.

That's 7 hours & 50 minutes!!! Which is even more than the average sleeping time for a US adult. 

Whether it's an enterprise or a small online business, having a robust digital presence is critical today & so is choosing a responsive website design company that can live up to it! 

Wondering how to build an online presence!

This blog will identify the best ways to "Skyrocket your Online Presence" & "Boost Conversions." 

Key Takeaways:

  • Why a solid online presence is a must for business growth.
  • 7 ways to strengthen your website's online presence & Boost Revenue!

So let's get a head start by telling you the actual definition of online presence in changing times!

What is a Strong Online Presence Everyone is Looking for?

97% of consumers are looking for products and services online. 

Having a robust digital presence can only help you reach out to this audience in real-time. This could be challenging; however, associating with the right web design services can help immensely.

Many businesses ask how to build an online presence! 

The simple answer is your online solid presence depends upon

  • What content you deliver to your clients & how it solves their problems!
  • Your search engine ranking and social media presence.
  • How people perceive your company online, what they say about you, how they interact with you.
  • Consistent and high-volume traffic on your website.
  • Quality leads are getting poured in through your web presence.
  • Enhanced customer lifetime value.

If you are thinking about how to build an online presence! Remember, the dynamics for maintaining a solid online presence keep changing. 

A sudden drop in search engine traffic on your website can be a frightening experience, and that's where choosing a responsive website design company helps!

So let's dive into the 7 proven ways to maximize your online presence.

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7 Ways to Strengthen Your Website\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Online Presence & Boost Revenue!

Statistics indicate that 76% of consumers review the online presence before they contact it. 

When done right, your online presence can play an essential role in spreading brand awareness and winning more fans, followers & customers.

So, here are 7 proven ways to do that:

Empower Your Website with new Algorithms & Trends

Google's search algorithm uses more than 200 factors to categorize websites.

For many enterprises, algorithm update is the most common culprit for weaker website traffic. May it be Google, Bing, or any other search engine, everyone wants to make the user experience better.

Because happier & satisfied users mean increased loyalty and more market share.

Here’s how to build an online presence using new trends such as:

  • Getting a web design with the right Panda & Penguin updates (Panda examines the quality of content whereas Penguin analyzes the quality of links)
  • Using a Cross-channel marketing strategy, which will help your business win web traffic from multiple sources provided by Web design services.
  • Upgrading your Core Web Vitals to align them to the updated page experience by web design services for small businesses.
  • Use schematic markup so that rich extracts may appear under the title of your site in SERP, like notes or even your main navigation pages.

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Solve Technical Issues Smartly

Is your business website well structured? How effective is its internal link strategy? Why are there 404 errors, long page load times, and missing/incorrect on-page SEO?

These issues impact your online presence as a search engine does not prefer a website that is not technically sound, well-optimized, and are responsive.

This is where Effective web design services can solve such technical issues by

  • If you are thinking about how to build an online presence, then work on performance optimization, A/B testing, user experience (UX), using features like heat-map, etc. 
  • Website design companies will dedicatedly use tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Google's Mobile-Friendly Test, Alexa, Moz, YSlow, and more to find the underlying issue & fix it. 

Redefine Your Content Marketing Strategy

If you are a B2B company, don't forget that 65% of B2B shoppers consider your website to be credible if it has informative content. Most B2B shoppers consume branded content through a company's website. In case your content strategy is poor, your overall online presence will never increase or make an impact on your existing business. 

 Boost Your Online Profile by using these techniques:

  • Engaging with a website design company can help you to create relevant and engaging content including blogs, videos, podcasts, case studies, whitepapers, and much more. 
  • Here is an example of ways to attract customers through the right content strategy. We have explained the type of content that works for B2B and B2C in the image below:

Strengthen Your Website's Online Presence & Boost Revenue

The following strategy works best when teamed up with a professional web design agency who are capable of boosting your online presence.

  • eCommerce web design services can host them on various digital channels, each of which increases your chances of being discovered online. Thus, solving your query for the question: how to build an online presence.

Amplify Your Brand’s Emotions with Social Media 

Globally, more than 3.6 billion people use social media, and that number is projected to rise to 4.41 billion by 2025. Sprout Social reports that after following a brand on social media, 91% of consumers visit its website, 89% purchase from the brand and 85% recommend it to friends & family. 

But here's the bigger question: How do you portray your brand's emotions to have a more significant online presence in social media?

Here's how quality web design services can show your genuine brand emotions:

  • They can help you choose the proper social media handles for your platform for solid engagement. Thus, solving your query for the question: how to build an online presence.
  • Help you find the nuances & patterns of emotional shareability (use of emotionally powerful words, captions, linked & link-free posts) for higher concentration.
  • Assist you in creating listings for your business (i.e., Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook) for better local SERP rankings.

Leverage the Power of E-mail Marketing & Videos Sharing

99% of email users visit their inbox almost 20 times a day. Social video generates 1,200% more shares than text and imagery combined. These two marketing tools cannot be missed to enhance your website's reach!

Utilize the true potential of these strategies by:

  • Writing irresistible subject lines for a better open rate & stronger presence in subscribers’ inboxes.
  • Creating innovative and relatable content like incredible offers, free guides, industry reports, a first purchase discount, etc.
  • Utilize Facebook stories, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts to boost your global outreach.
  • If you are thinking about how to build an online presence. Engaging in Webcast & host live video streams can be a good strategy.

Increase your ROI by Setting Clear Targets

What are the most challenging things social marketers face to grow their online presence! According to Sprout Social, they are: Identifying & reaching their target audience, supporting business goals &  measuring ROI.

When you have already used a range of online marketing tools & channels, take the time to measure the effectiveness of your online presence & ROI to develop a strategy that works for your brand.

Here’s how you can Grow your ROI along with a robust online Presence:

  • Include Clear & Engaging CTA in Your Social Media posts (create contests & giveaways, ask questions, tell them to go to your website, ask them to share and retweet, etc.)
  • Invest in social lead nurturing tools (Outgrow, Saleshandy, Luckyorange, etc.) which will visit thousands of social media profiles, tag profiles, and put new social media contact information into your CRM.
  • Increase ROI on social media by reaching out to people who have already engaged and expressed interest in your ad and product with a website design company for small businesses. 

Improve Online Presence with Advertisement

Wondering what's the quickest way to build Your Brands Online Presence! 

It's through Online Advertising!

If your ad appears in the top search results, you will increase brand awareness and your online exposure. But, before you start advertising online, reflect on what you want to promote and where you want to promote- Facebook? Youtube? Google? Bing? All of them? And finally, how much money are you willing to spend on these?

Here’s How you can Use Advertisement to Build a Strong Online Presence:

  • Choose the best-suited platforms (i.e., has the right audience for your business)   
  • Try Display ads & retargeting ads strategies that put your company in front of personalized audiences based on their interests & behaviors.
  • Invest in paid search ads as they land you at the top of the SERP rankings and reach your target customers having the highest intent.

However, with the right strategy & coordination with a genuine web design company, your visitor could become a loyal buyer of your brand.

Still not sure whether you need to implement these winning strategies for your website? Check out our next section about why your website fails to mark a dominant presence on the search engine.

Interested in our Web Design & Development Services?
  • Achieve Your Brand Vision
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Customize UI for Intuitive Digital Interactions

Reasons for Not Having an Impactful Online Presence?

Admit it; you’re worried about declining traffic and conversion rate! 

Here are five key reasons why your online presence does not drive sales.

People Don't Find You Locally

How well is your website optimized to appear at the top of search result pages? Is your business website responsive and fast enough? Are you visible in local search? If not, your online presence is negligible. 

Do you know that “Near me” or "close by" searches have increased by more than 900% in the past two years?  Having a strong local presence and adding elements to the website that connect with the consumers is critical for your business. Working with an experienced website design company will enable you to reach out to the ideal customers in no time. 

In short, for people to find you locally:

Good (Relevance + Distance + Prominence) = Strong Local online presence.

You are Not Perceived as a Legitimate Online Business

83% of consumers visit a store based on information obtained online. If your website, company address, business phone number, and email address are not visible on Google Map or locals search directories, you may face rejection from the consumer,  thereby hampering your brand reputation and credibility. 

And that's one more reason to entrust your business with a website design company that can help!

Your Buyer Online Journey is Disappointing  

According to a study by Google, 63% of shopping journeys start online.  

With 75% of consumers purchasing online at least once a month. There is no denying that without a strong online presence, you can't be available to consumers at various stages of their buying journey. 

Another aspect is your website is good enough to provide the users with an enriching buying journey that motivates them to keep coming back. In any of the cases, you lose upon your search engine ranking if traffic is not moving on your website.

That's why having a trustable website design company sometimes solves these issues

You’re Trying to Do It All by Yourself 

How do you know that you make the right impression when prospects go to your website, social media profiles, or local listings? 

This leads us to our last mistake. You're trying to do everything yourself.

As a small business owner, you may have a lot of responsibilities and It is not always possible to perform your own web designing and digital marketing solutions. Investing much time here will make you lose focus on other critical tasks. This is where a responsive website design company can use its expertise, engage its marketing & digital team to build your brand's strong online presence. 

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We are sure you aim to invest in providing the best user experience to user website visitors. However, working with a professional web design company will help you immensely in strengthening your website presence.

How JanBask Digital Design can Help

Do you want your competitors to eat away your share of the Online Presence! 

That's why it's critical to have your professional web design services that can get you more customers & make your business stand apart.

We know ‘your customer’s first impression is the last ‘ & our goal is to make it an everlasting one by:

  • Highlighting your corporate identity with eye-catching web designs.
  • Improve your online Presence Across Social Media Platforms
  • Convey your products, services & messaging seamlessly to your target audience.
  • Develop highly responsive & mobile-friendly websites.
  • Strategies for better conversion rate optimization.

Let's turn the “Just curious visitors” into “Long-term buying customers”.”Reach Out To Us!

Final Thoughts!

Having a consistent online presence across all platforms can increase revenue by 23%. 

Still, many businesses are unaware of a robust online presence and its impact on their business growth.

The above marketing strategies can help you strengthen your online presence, boost revenue,  raise your brand profile and build a strong reputation. Although we have expressed every significant error that your website & brand should avoid,  it is equally crucial to choose a good website design company that can bring your vision alive.

Don’t hold back! Digitally transform your business with the best web development company today! Reach out to us!

Interested in our Web Design & Development Services?
  • Achieve Your Brand Vision
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Customize UI for Intuitive Digital Interactions

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