Top Website Design Tips to 10X Your Online Sales


5 Mar, 2024



Your website is among the most critical asset of your business. It is lke the face of your company by speaking your brand story to your audience. But have you ever imagined that tweaking your website design slightly can boost your brand image, increase online reach and achieve conversions up to 10x times! 

According to Virtual Window’s study, 48% of people think that website design determines a business’s credibility. So, consider redesigning your website or taking help from a website design company to maximize your profits.

However, we have compiled a list of 10 website design tips to create a website that converts. You can bookmark these tips and implement them accordingly as mentioned below:

  • Minimalistic Design 
  • Optimize of Speed
  • Mobility
  • Choose Right Colors and Typography
  • Content Hierarchy is important
  • Curate Visually Awesome Content hat Drives Interest

Read till the end of this blog on the best website design tips to get informed on the remaining steps. Let us help you out to make your website amazing once again!

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10 Website Design Tips to Transform Your Website For Growth

Here is the complete list of 10 budget-friendly website design tips to help you increase your reach, improve UX, and convert more. 

Let’s dive in for an insightful experience!

1. Less is More - An Undenying Principle For Website Design

Do I need a website that is simplistic or should I make it more ultra-modern? This is a common question that must come to one's mind before planning a website. You will always want to stand out among the crowd with an amazing website. But simply adding various elements does not help your website to create that impression. Obviously, design and layout matter, but it should be simple to use for users and not cluttered. 

As per a Stanford University study, 46.1% of users decide on a company’s credibility based on the website design. However, as per WeBFx, 83% of users expect your website to load in less than 3 seconds. So, while the design of a website is important to users, at the same time speed matters as well. Check out the data by Goodfrims:

popular web design mistakes

You can achieve both through a simple yet interesting design. Various website design companies make the mistake of using too many images, animation, and text to give a fancy look to your website. We recommend you not to fall for it!

Here are a few website design tips for creating a minimal web design:

  • Lay importance on usability rather than on fancy looks.
  • Remember content is king!
  • Only include elements that enhance UX or offer some benefits to users. You should take away unnecessary elements.
  • Don’t be afraid of white space. Gone are the days when filling up every space on the web page was a norm.
  • Don't use too many colors or fonts (type & size). 
  • Follow the best website navigation practices. Use simple and straightforward navigation to help users find what exactly they want.

For the best output, you can hire a professional website design company to get good website design tips for creating a website that boosts conversions.

2. Invest in Speed Optimization & Mobility

Have you heard of the Google Page Experience Update 2021? Let us explain!

Google recommends the need for a fast-loading and mobile-friendly website through its Page Experience Update in 2021. Google has categorized the page experience ranking factors in the form of the below parameters:

  • Core Web Vitals
  • Mobile-friendly
  • No intrusive interstitials

Taking these factors into consideration, it is important these days to have a website design built for speed and mobility. 

According to a BrightLocal survey, 61% of users are more likely to purchase from websites that are mobile-optimized. Also, your website needs to load within 3-4 seconds to get maximum traffic footfall. 

So, speed optimization and enhancing mobility are among the most important website design tips. 

Here are some effective website design tips to optimize speed…

  • According to Yahoo, 80% of a website’s load time gets spent while downloading various elements of a page like images, infographics, stylesheets, scripts, and much more. For each such element, one request is made. Reduce the number of such requests.
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts determine your website’s appearance. Start minifying and combining them.
  • You can also defer the loading of JavaScript to improve your speed.
  • Optimize your website’s images and infographics. This will help reduce the website loading speed by a distance. You can easily do it by using TinyPNG.
  • Additionally, we suggest you to check blogs like tips to design a perfect website layout to create a user-friendly website.

Next, how to make your website mobile-friendly? Check out the website design tips below:

  • First, choose a mobile-responsive theme to start with.
  • Modify your website content so that it gets presented well on mobile devices. Avoid using large chunks of text.
  • Optimize your images by reducing their sizes.
  • Flash is not compatible with mobile devices. So, avoid using Flash.

You can start implementing these steps from today to improve your website’s speed and mobility. 

Else, you can go for professional web design services to get good website design tips to 10X your conversions!

3. Do Not Overlook Typography & Colors

Typography means the font that you are using on your website. Fonts can build or damage a positive impression of your website. 

As per Albert Mehrabian’s Rule of Personal Communication, nearly 93% of personal connection is non-verbal. So, it is important to that your typography creates that visual and un-spoken impression among your audience who ends up resonating with your business’s brand. 

Choosing the right font depends on your business model and your products. Now, use the dragon ball Z fire blasting font style on your website that sells pharmaceutical products. 

You will be amazed to know that each font has its unique purpose and personality. For example, Serif fonts resemble tradition and sophistication, Sans serif fonts are modern, humanist, and neutral. 

We recommend the following effective website design tips concerning choosing the right font for your business.

  • Pick typography that explains your products and services and resonates with your target audience. For example: If you are a fitness brand, bolder and bulkier fonts can be the right choice.
  • Do not simply copy the font used by your competitor. You can afford to be unique keeping in mind your user’s expectations.
  • Don't use more than 1-2 font types. 

You can also avail of web design services for small businesses or large-scale businesses to choose the right typography that resonates with your audience. 

Colors are as important as typography!

Various brands like Coca-Cola (red), Ferrari (red), Lamborghini (yellow), and others have used the colors to good effect to stamp their brand authority. So, colors also play a major role in your website design. According to a study by Very Well Mind, each color conveys a powerful message as mentioned below:

  • White: This color can make you feel fresh and clean. It evokes a sense of youth and modernity.
  • Black: This is a “powerful color”. The color Black makes a bold statement.
  • Silver: This color seems to associate itself with innovation & modernity.
  • Red: It is a bold and attention-seeking color. This color projects power, confidence, and action.
  • Blue: The color Blue stands for stability and safety.

Some of the best website design tips to optimize your website color is:

  • Use the right color combination as per your branding and products.
  • Ensure that you use colors uniformly in your website, all social media platforms, marketing collaterals, and other stuff. 
  • You can use secondary colors that blend well with primary ones to turn your website more engaging. 

If you are still confused, get help from a professional website design company now. Web design services for small businesses and large-scale businesses can be a game-changer!

4. Get Your Content Hierarchy Right At First!

Content Hierarchy is an important factor in ensuring a superb website design. So, it is one of the most critical website design tips on our list.

According to the Law of Visual Hierarchy, the impression depends on the following aspects: 

  • Size – Website visitors notice the larger elements more easily.
  • Color – Bright colors tend to attract more eyeballs.
  • Contrast – Dramatically contrasting colors are more pleasing to the eyes.
  • Alignment – Out-of-alignment elements stand out over aligned ones.
  • Repetition – Repeating any element or design suggests that content is related.
  • Proximity – Elements that are placed closely seem related.
  • Whitespace – Using more space around any element will draw more attention.
  • Style & Texture – Richer style and texture capture your audience’s attention.

Thus, Hierarchy in simple words means, how do you want your audience to see your web page. 

Follow the below guidelines to set your content hierarchy right:

  • Use your primary headline in a way that focuses on grabbing the attention of your audience.
  • Use catchy yet non-flashy typography, color, and other design elements systematically so that it captures the visual attention of the readers. 
  • Vary your font size in the various sectional headers. For example - The main title should have a bigger font size than the sub-headers.
  • Smartly use your CTAs in a hierarchical structure. For example - At the start of the page or blog you can use CTAs like - Download this PDF or “Check this link for more info”. While at the end of the content you can use - “Explore Our Prices” or “Fill Out Your Details For Free Consultation”
  • You must design your content in the form of a proper structure to drive your audience towards a conversion point.

For more opinions and suggestions on content hierarchy, you can look for good website design tips from a professional website design company. 

5. Create Visually Compelling Content

According to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (author of “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience”), humans get bombarded with nearly 2 million bits of information every second. What’s more shocking is that our brain can transmit any visual information 60,000 times faster than text!

Apply the above concept concerning website designing terms. You must focus on more visual aspects of the content rather than stuffing your website with hundreds of words about your company’s goals and objectives. 

Company information is important, but you can present them in the form of videos, infographics or compelling images, etc. See, text content is important to a certain extent for SEO or another purpose. But, visually rich content can build an impression that lasts long among your audience. 

Here are the 6 types of visually appealing content that you can use on your website:

  1. Videos
  2. Images or Infographics
  3. Animations
  4. Presentations
  5. Gifs
  6. Screenshots

Some of the effective website design tips to create visually compelling content are….

  • Use the psychology of color to good effect. You can use various contrasting colors.
  • Tools like Canva can help create awesome life-like infographics.
  • Explore for trendy Gifs as per your business needs.
  • You can also use memes that are relevant to your products or business.
  • If you are on YouTube, don’t forget to share the video at strategic points of your website.
  • You can also use various software like Doodly to create explainer videos and short ad clips.
  • Use original images of your organization or employees. You can also share your customer testimonials or video of a live session with your customers. That builds credibility!

Creating appealing content can be confusing and cumbersome at times. In such cases, professional help will not harm. 

You can also take help from an expert website design company to guide you on this. Visually compelling content like animations, videos, and infographics are very essential if you are into online shopping; professional eCommerce web design services can give you that lift through best website design tips!

6. Optimize Calls-to-Action

Calls-to-Action motivates the website visitor to take action on your website. This can be in the form of

  • Purchasing products
  • Filling up a form
  • Joining a community
  • Downloading eBooks, and much more.

Long landing pages with multiple CTA placements can yield 220% conversions for businesses as per Wordstream. From creating a powerful CTA to its placement on your website, it takes a lot of work. Taking help from an established website design company can be a good idea in this case. You can also bookmark these best website design tips:

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I need my audience to do? 
  • Does my audience need to fix an appointment with me?
  • Do they need to share their details by filling out a contact form? 
  • Does my audience need to subscribe to the newsletter?
  • Do they need to download an eBook?

Based on your need optimize your calls to action. 

    • Always attach some benefit with your CTA. For example, include some words like ‘Start Your Free Trial’, and “No Question Asked Money-back Guarantee”. As per ContentVerve, CTRs increase by 90% with the use of such lines.
    • Use anchor-text CTAs more and more smartly. As per HubSpot, such CTAs can increase conversion rates by 121%.
    • You can try out buttons or arrows to present your CTAs. Try out colors like green or orange or any other colors. According to QuickSprout, SAP witnessed conversions by 32.5% using orange-colored CTAs.
    • Keep testing using heat map tools or A/B testing to figure out the usefulness of your CTAs. 

    If you start implementing these steps, we are sure that good things will happen in due course of time. 

    You can also consider professional web design services to get guidance on various best website design tips that includes designing conversion-driven calls-to-action!

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    7. Optimize Your Keywords for Search Engine Ranking

    Keywords are a vital aspect of SEO. These are basically the search terms that users search on the web. Using certain keywords in your content helps Google to identify your website as an information provider for that specific term. Hence, your website may appear in the search results accordingly when the same query is searched. 

    In simple words, these words or phrases determine your rank in the Google SERP. 

    So, how to optimize your keywords? Check these effective website design tips:

    • Simply, use keywords that are relevant to your business. For example, if your company provides website design services, but your website lacks little or no phrase related to that. You will not rank!
    • There are free keyword finder tools like Ubbersuggest or Keyword Planner which you can use to figure out keywords related to your business. 
    • Use a combination of primary and secondary keywords wisely throughout your web content.
    • Try using long-tailed keywords in your content. Also, questions like “how to design a website?” in the form of keywords can help your website rank. Remember, around 8% of search queries are question-based as per MOZ.
    • Maintain at least 1-2% of keywords out of the total word count on your web page or blog.
    • Mention the primary keyword in the headers (H1, H2, H3) and in the content meta description.

    Try to implement these steps if you aim at increasing your search ranking and traffic footfall. However, deciding on the right keywords can be a herculean task. 

    We will suggest going for professional services from an experienced website design company. A web design agency can help you out with professional website design tips.

    8. Incorporate Live Chats for Better Engagement Rate

    Your customers want every query to be resolved fast and in a prompt way. The best way is to introduce Virtual Assistants to the website who can respond to your queries in a timely manner. 

    As per Econsultancy’s research, 73% of customers are happy with live chats. So, we recommend businesses to use such live chats. 

    • Just install the WordPress contact form builder plugin. After that, simply activate live chat.
    • You can also use other live chat tools like LiveZilla, Zendesk Chat, Zoho Desk, and others.

    Integrating live chat within your website design can ensure a better customer experience. This will help you in the long run by boosting brand image and loyalty. If you have any questions about live chat integration, get help from a professional website design company on the best website design tips. 

    Professional web design services can help you choose the right Visual Assistant service and its integration with your website.

    9. Resolve 404 Errors to Boost Up Your Website Credibility

    Error 404 is an error that you get after clicking on a link that doesn’t exist. 

    404 errors can create an impact ranking when your inbound links point to a page that doesn’t exist. Hence, you must find out such links on your website which do not exist any longer. 

    Here are some of the best website design tips to deal with 404 errors.

    • Before you delete any web page, do a 404 redirect to a relevant page.
    • Similarly, if you have any outdated blog which you want to remove, just put a 404 redirect to any similar blog. 
    • Also, having a custom 404 page will not harm you. You will find a custom 404-page template with every paid website theme. 
    • You can use various broken link checker tools like Ahref and small SEO tools. Also, Google Chrome has a broken link checker extension to identify broken links.

    In case all of these do not work, get in touch with a professional website design company to get some of the best website design tips to remove 404 errors! 

    In case you don't have a website yet, check here: How to Make Website for Business? 

    10. A/B Testing For Best Results

    A/B testing is a popular way to check the effectiveness of your website. Through A/B testing, you can compare two versions of an app or website to figure out which version performs better. 

    Check the tips for A/B testing:

    • Use analytics to collect user data to find out pages or blogs with high traffic drop-off rates that you can improve further.
    • Identify your business goals which are like metrics to ascertain the usability of your website related to conversions. Goals can be like filling out a form, downloading an ebook, etc.  
    • Once you are done identifying your goal, start creating A/B testing hypotheses. After that arrange these hypotheses in terms of possible impact and implementation challenges.
    • Now, you can use A/B testing software like Optimizely to start experimenting. You can execute modifications on your website or app elements to ensure a good user experience. Always analyze your experiment qualitatively to ensure that your website or app works as expected. 
    • Finally, analyze the experiment results. Use your A/B testing software to generate real-time data showing the difference between the usability of the two versions of your web page. 

    You can also hire a professional website design company to create a website that offers a 100% positive user experience to your customers through good website design tips.

    Are you not still convinced to modify your existing website or get a new one? Well, let’s show you what’s at stake for you!

    How Poor Website Design Restricts Your Business Potential?

    Why do you need to update your website or get a new one for better sales? 

    Well, these can be the repercussion of not investing in a website that is feature-rich and engages with the audience.

    Hamper Google Search Ranking: Once Mr. John Meuller was asked whether website design impacts ranking in Google search results, he replied - “Changing the layout of your pages can affect your search results. This is something that some people work on activities as well with regards to on-page SEO.So things like figuring out how to use titles properly on a page, how to do internal linking properly, and how to provide more context for the article itself. All of this can definitely affect SEO.” 

    According to Google’s page experience update, the overall aesthetic of the website (not only SEO) will be taken into consideration to appear in Google searches consistently. So, poor web design can lead to a fall in ranking and traffic consequently.

    Restrict Amplifying Your Brand Voice: Poor rankings in Google searches will definitely limit your business reach. Hence, your brand voice will not spread among the crowd properly. Additionally, if your content copy and messaging are not right, even if prospects visit your website, they will not be encouraged to purchase a product. 

    Lost Credibility: Nearly 75% of people are opinionated about a website’s credibility based on the overall website aesthetics as per studies. So, poor website design can drastically hamper your brand’s image. This may result in losing the top spot in Google SERP to your competitors. This will result in a loss of conversions and credibility.

    Your Competitors Will Edge You Out: If you don’t work on redesigning your website, your competitors will do it and can surge ahead of you by acquiring all your prospects. Popular Sports Channel ESPN increased its revenue by 35% after they redesigned the website homepage. Like this, you can also increase your company’s revenue by tweaking the website design.

    A website design company for small business or an established businesses will help you out with revamping your website from the scratch. Your renewed website will be a game changer for your business!

    How JanBask Digital Design Can Help?

    As a website design company, we create digital experiences that matter!!! 

    Your customer’s first impression is their last impression. At JanBask Digital Design, we offer professional website design tips through cutting-edge web design services for small businesses to established ones for an ever-lasting digital experience for your customer. 

    So, they keep visiting you again & again!! 

    Whether it's a startup or an established brand, our professional web design services are tailor-made for every industry as we aim to:

    • Boost your brand value and identity.
    • Create a visually stunning digital transformation of your business. 
    • Enable you to exercise authority in your line of work.
    • Enable you to get qualified leads that convert.


    Investing in modifying your company website’s design will definitely increase your business reach. More reach means more traffic leading to better conversions. 

    A minimalistic yet visually compelling website will keep your audience stay interested in your page longer. Such a website also speaks volumes about your brand that resonates with your target audience. 

    So, it’s time to increase your sales by 10X times by creating an interactive web design through the best web development company. But revamping your website’s design can be an exhaustive project, but JanBask Digital Design can surely take that task off your to-do list. We offer the best custom web design services that make every second worthy for your customers as they visit your web pages!

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