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6 Mar, 2024



Most people across the world prefer online shopping for almost everything. This means that entering the eCommerce industry can be a modern approach to gaining more profits. The sooner you enter this industry the easier it would be for your brand to reach more audience. 

Today, entering this industry without a website can be a hurdle and hence you should first invest in a good eCommerce website.

You may be unaware of how to build an eCommerce website but experts like JanBask Digital Design can help you in this process. 

These experts have adequate knowledge of tools to create eCommerce websites easily without any interruptions.

As an eCommerce, you may have multiple questions in your mind such as:

  • How to build an eCommerce website?
  • How to create an eCommerce website free of cost?
  • How to create an eCommerce website using WordPress?
  • How to create an eCommerce website using HTML and CSS?
  • How to create a music business website with eCommerce?

You’ll find answers to all these further in this article. 

As an eCommerce website design company, we recommend you to follow these steps:

  • Hire A Good Team To Build An eCommerce Website
  • Choose A Reliable Platform
  • Include The Right Features And Functionalities
  • Integrate your Website With Appropriate Tools
  • Add All your Products On The Website
  • Launch your Website

Hire A Good Team To Build An eCommerce Website

There are different aspects to consider when you want to launch your eCommerce website. Primarily, you should invest in an experienced eCommerce website design company as they can offer a seamless development and launch process. You don't have to be worried about missing an important element or searching for a technical wizard. 

Instead, they can assist you to set up an eCommerce account, decide a domain name, and build the website. Most eCommerce entrepreneurs make this common mistake of rushing through the process and making significant decisions in haste. Don’t be the next one on this list.

Invest your time wisely, and hire a reliable team that can back you in the need of the hour.

eCommerce Website design process

For instance, professionals at JanBask Digital Design, highlight all the pros and cons for your business to make your decision process convenient. 

This makes it essential to hire an appropriate eCommerce website design provider right at the start of your business.

Choose A Reliable Platform

There are several website builder platforms such as BigCommerce, Magento, WordPress, Shopify, etc. that can be used for eCommerce website designs. However, it is important to evaluate different aspects such as their hosting plans, features, functionalities, and integrations that they offer.

An eCommerce web design company can notify you of the available options as per the nature of your eCommerce business. They can check free domains and discounts on them based on your budget. Simultaneously, shorter domain names without spelling errors are preferred. Try to avoid generic domain names.

Looking to Create a successful eCommerce Website?
  • Hire A Good Team
  • Choose your eCommerce platform
  • Choose your product
  • Launch your Website

Include The Right Features And Functionalities

Every business needs an eCommerce website based on different functionality. SaaS, open-source, and headless commerce are three popular functionalities in the latest eCommerce trends.

You can store all your eCommerce data either on the Cloud or in an on-premise solution.

Alongside these, it is equally important to concentrate on these eCommerce website aspects:

Alongside, the style of your page and customization options can be one of your USPs for tailored customer experiences. Your eCommerce website design team can suggest customized layouts and designs suitable for your audience.

This team can recommend appropriate product descriptions, product categories, and product images to grab the attention of your audience. This way, you can make it easier for your audience to quickly search for what they want and make a quick purchase.

Besides, first-time users can easily select the product category of their choice, review available products through high-quality product images and clear descriptions, and place the required order.

Integrate your Website With Appropriate Tools

Your basic eCommerce website is ready to provide a smooth purchase experience to your customers. However, it is time to integrate more plugins that can enhance the user experience. 

For instance, WordPress and WooCommerce offer several free plugins through which you can facilitate add-on perks to your customers. 

Experts from your eCommerce website design company can help choose the right plugins for your business and industry.

For example, professionals at JanBask Digital Design assisted an eCommerce business with different types of payment integrations such as on-site payments, redirects, and checkout-onsite and offsite payments.

eCommerce payment process

We further facilitated the following payment integration guidelines to ease their decision-making journey:

  • Consider customer reviews
  • Quick integration process
  • PCI compliant and secure
  • Consider payment fees

We further informed them that they may need a reliable and swift shipping solution that enables timely deliveries. 

To do so, we asked them to frame a shipping policy or share their existing shipping policy and our experts can guide them in it. 

While framing the shipping policy make sure that you cover:

  • Do the policy cover carrier and other fees?
  • Do you aim to charge a standard fee, variable fee, or other formats?
  • Do you want to ship within the country or international boundaries?

Besides, whom are you going to ship with?

Once you have clarity on these the next step is to determine if your current team is capable of taking the additional packaging efforts. If not, are you ready for dropshipping to enable smooth shipping to your customers? 

eCommerce website design team can suggest good shipping software to automate this process and you have more time to look into other business matters. 

At this stage, if you have an eCommerce website design team, then you can rely on their consultation. A dependable team will share an honest opinion that helps you to make the right decision. 

Add All your Products On The Website

Your eCommerce web design team is the best suitable point of content to showcase all your products on the website. They migrate product details, descriptions, images, prices, and other information on the website.

eCommerce Website design

In case you are migrating to an eCommerce website from an ordinary website, this eCommerce web design team can transfer all the data seamlessly. Besides, they can recommend smart integrations to update new products on your website. 

This will save your time and efforts, and you do not have to rely on them to add every new product or service. 

Launch your Website

Once you have everything in place and implemented, the eCommerce web design team will run some tests to enable a successful launch. When you create an eCommerce website all by yourself you are bound to miss these tests.

However, experts can perform the right tests, and at the right time to ensure that you experience a successful launch of your eCommerce website. 

These experts check everything from links to the payment process on your website. They check whether the website is visible appropriately on the mobile screen. A poor or unbalanced screen size can reduce your reach. Delay in the loading of pages can be another hurdle for customers. 

ecommerce site launch checklist

eCommerce web design professionals can work on these loopholes before hitting on the publish button. 

From our experience in eCommerce website design, you should run the following tests before the great launch:

Your checkout process:

The checkout process seems to be flawless during development and implementation. However, it is important to analyze it once before the website launch. Can you add products to the cart, place an order, and make the payment successfully.

Is there any delay in the confirmation email or notification through the website?

Answers to these questions can ensure that you are offering a seamless or an interrupted purchase process to your customers. 

Looking for Smooth Ecommerce Checkout Process?
  • Secure Payment System
  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Better User Experience
  • Better Support Service

Check your website on multiple browsers:

Try out Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, as well as as many other browsers as you can, to browse the store. Verify that it functions well in all browsers, and if you experience any issues, contact the developers to address them.

The store is functional:

Click each button on your website and then link to it. Are the links and buttons functional? Do categories and filters work? Does your 404 page send visitors back to your site if a link doesn't work?

This way your website is less likely to be unresponsive during the launch.

Improvise store settings:

Language, time zone, your address and contact information, tax, and measurement systems are just a few of the choices available in the store. Before you launch, double-check that these have all been configured properly.

Check the store is responsive on mobile:

Utilize a mobile device to view the store. Are the measurements accurate? The buttons are simple to press? On a smaller screen, are graphics clear?

All these checks will save you from unwanted errors during the launch or you won’t have to delay the launch.

Take Away

A quality e-commerce website is more than just a storefront for goods. It's where a company can design an encounter that builds brand equity, attracts new clients, and turns infrequent customers into ardent advocates. 

Making the appropriate e-commerce platform selections and developing a winning online shop marketing plan will put you ahead of the competition. Experts at JanBask Digital Design can guide you in this process.

Looking to Grow Your eCommerce Brand Online?

  • Identifying brand Strategy
  • Achieving the desired position
  • Establishing Visual Identity
  • Identify Target Audiences

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