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1 Feb, 2024



Ever wondered how external linking helps your business? 

Any business that is looking to improve its website’s authority will consider external linking as an option. Often, when entrepreneurs inquire about an external link they are dodged but only reliable SEO services can guide you with the best link-building strategies

Your experts will definitely put their best foot forward and offer you the best services. Simultaneously, it is important for you to understand the basics of external links. This information will ensure that you adopt the right strategy.

Furthermore, a reliable SEO company can guide you thoroughly with a comprehensive strategy.

SEO services prefer finding appropriate links that support the content of your blog can be quite helpful for the expansion of your business. Since adding external connections to website material is time-consuming, many publishers avoid doing so. 

42% Of SEO Experts Dedicate Equal Time To Internal And External Links

However, the relevance of your content grows when link-building SEO services incorporate external links as part of your SEO plan.

Make sure you only include links to reliable, trustworthy websites. Additionally, the page you are linked to needs to be pertinent to the information on your blog. 

Backlinks services keep your links to well-known companies that have no connection with your content to a minimum. The viewers will see it adversely, and it may affect your rankings.

As an SEO link-building service company, we have discussed a couple of primary aspects that you must know about external linking:

  • What Is External Linking?
  • What Is The Importance Of An External Link?
  • How To Build External Links For SEO?

What Is External Linking?

An external link is one that leads the audience from one domain to another. Simply defined, external linking is when another website's link is shared on your website. Similar to internal linking, external linking is when your website links to another website. 

External Linking

An "inbound link" or "backlink" is a hyperlink from another website that points to your website, now you know what are external links.

What Is The Importance Of An External Link?

The rating of your website might be improved through external link building. Search engines treat these connections as a third-party endorsement based on the straightforward notion that what people say and recommend about your website can reveal a lot about you. 

In reality, since Google's inception, external linking is a significant ranking element. Backlinks services have shared some crucial details regarding external links:

Improve User Experience

By pointing users to another website, you can help them discover more useful information. This can enhance the user experience and encourage people to come back to your website in search of fresh, high-quality material in the coming days.

link building

Increases The Relevance And Presence Of Your Website

Because they cherish their consumers, search engines always try to return the most pertinent results for their queries. External links from websites in the same niche can aid Google in determining how popular you are and how relevant the content of your website is for a certain query. This may improve the rating of your website.

Boost Backlinking Opportunities

By linking to high-authority websites, you can gain their external backlinks and create a network of organic links. This is among the best methods for improving your ranking on SERPs.

Improves Your SEO

The external links you include can help search engines assess the value and standard of your pages. Because high-quality pages frequently link to other high-quality pages, search engines will see your content positively and elevate you in the results list.

Google uses this as one method to understand what your website is about if you link to an intriguing article on a crucial subject relevant to your business.

Want to Build External Links For SEO?

  • Improves Website Credibility
  • Enhance your Website's Authority
  • Increase Ranking in SERP

How To Build External Links For SEO?

1. Reach Out To Small Bloggers

Small-time bloggers are amateurs who have only recently begun their blogging careers. They often have a great deal of enthusiasm for their subject, are ready to interact and learn, and love to share links.

Our SEO backlinks service can recommend you add relevant links from relevant posts and websites hitting your important money pages by becoming friends with 20–30 bloggers in your niche.

A backlinks-building service proposes to set up an hour each day to share their content, leave comments on their blogs, and interact with them in online forums. 

Additionally, link-building SEO services always incorporate a few links to a few of your new acquaintances while writing new blog entries. Prior to requesting anything in return, keep in mind that the purpose is to be valuable to them so they will remember you and your site.

After some time has gone, you will see that everyone now wants to interview you, and you start getting summoned to roundups. The true advantage here is that you've amassed a bank of thanks, which you can now use to deliberately generate quality links to your main financial content. Interview links are excellent for creating external backlinks to commercial content.

2. Industry Giants

SEO link building services believe you should link to the pioneers in the industry much as we advise you to link to industry bloggers.

Why? Since influencers are also people, SEO services encourage linking to other businesses. They also appreciate free assistance, especially when it is provided without any demands. You can gain their attention and demand valuable links in the future by providing them with altruistic, persistent, and patient assistance.

Here's another illustration. A brand developed 15 quality links to Ben and Jerry's niche site project during the past six months. They didn't even know this brand existed; they didn't ask them to do it. But the brand wanted to interact with the ice cream brand, plus the brand loved their services and ice cream.

Linking to websites that provide value to your material when you reference a rival's website, such as articles with general knowledge. You can include a link to a video about a particular dog toy you're advertising that isn't on a rival website when using the "Best toys for dogs" example.

Keep in mind that connecting to the website of your rival can at any point backfire.

3. Avoid NoFollow Tag

SEO is not clever when a nofollow element is added. By utilizing it, you demonstrate your ignorance of the changes to Google's PageRank algorithm and the fact that one aspect of business hasn't evolved at all: The best SEO company agrees that the entire success is based on solid business relationships, and you're tearing down those relationships left and right.

Avoid NoFollow Tag

4. Use Reliable Sources

Only link to high-authority websites when creating external links. You will lose your reader's trust if you connect to unprofessional or clickbait-promoting websites. Additionally, it might harm your search engine ranking and may question the relevancy of your content.

Professional SEO services advise using a no-follow tag if you are forced to link to websites whose content you don't trust. This tag informs web crawlers that your page shouldn't be associated with the linked page.

5. Make Appropriate Use Of Anchor Text

Let's look at a real-world illustration of what constitutes excellent and poor anchor text.

On JanBask Digital Design, we have an article that explains tips to create a blog post. You may click here to read that article.

I made it, did you see? The anchor text for the link is "click here," as the name implies. And the search engines must read this anchor text in order to understand your website. 

Unfortunately, as an SEO link-building service, we are not providing Google with very many cues or suggestions of the content of the website I'm connecting to, simply utilizing the word "click here" as an anchor text.

Here is a far better—and correct—way to go about it instead:

The proper manner of How to compose a blog post is covered in an earlier article on JanBask Digital.

Anchor Text

For several reasons, the second approach is far superior to the first.

The link is firstly simpler to click on (and recognize as a link). More significant, though, is the fact that the anchor text is now "how to write a blog article." Because of this, when search engine spiders "see" this link, they consider the anchor text to determine the topic of the target page.

Use descriptive keywords or keywords that the linked page is attempting to rank for in the anchor text. However, avoid cramming anchor text into phrases because it may come off as spam and irritate readers.

Read it again after including the anchor text. Does it appear strained? Does the link appear to be useful and organic?

6. Browse External Links In A New Tab

There are several reasons why it is crucial that your external links open in a separate tab as per link building SEO services. However, the main benefit of having links open in a new tab is that it allows the visitor the most flexibility possible when using your website.

7. Perform Audits

Spend some time checking your content each quarter (or at regular intervals) for any obsolete or broken links. Why is this significant?

Readers' experiences are harmed and their trust in you may be affected when they come across outdated or broken external links in your writing.

Take Away

External links are a minor but important component of SEO and need to be carefully considered. Whether you are developing a new website or currently have one up and running, you should not disregard rank-building actions associated with external links.

Contact JanBask Digital Design professionals for improved external connection.

Looking for Link Building SEO Services?

  • Improve User Experience
  • Improve Website Rating
  • Better Credibility and Reputation
  • Better Search Rankings

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