7 Key Reasons to use CSS Grid Layout In Web Designing

 14 Apr, 2022


Having a modern and well-designed website is imperative these days. When your audience visits your website, the web design gives them the first impression of your business. They will judge your company in a matter of seconds. In these first couple of seconds, your web design can make or break your brand’s image. A modern website using CSS Grid Layout can enhance the audience experience and create a positive impact on your brand and business.

But what is a CSS Grid? That’s what you may be thinking!

Well, to have a modern web design layout various elements come into play. One such element is CSS Grid. Here on behalf of the JanBask website design company, we will share the benefits of using CSS Grid layout for a modern website. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Evolution of Grids, Flexbox, and CSS Grid.
  • Drawbacks of Flexbox which makes using the CSS Grid all the more essential
  • Benefits of CSS Grid Layout with live examples. 

Without wasting further time, let’s delve into the topic for an insightful discussion!

What Is CSS Grid Layout & Why to Use It?

CSS Grid leads the new age of web design layout. The grid for web design will provide you with an order for the elements that are rendered on a web page. 

Like Flexbox, a website design grid will not need any elements that require elements to get placed in the order they are to get displayed. CSS will arrange these elements automatically in order as per the priorities of a device’s screen size. 

CSS Grid Layout & Why to Use It?

As a result, companies these days are going for custom web design and development services for a modern web layout as website designing has become more complex these days. We suggest taking help from a professional website design company for next-level web design services!

Here we have shared why leveraging CSS Grid Layout is the best option to create a modern website design.

Leveraging CSS Grid Layout For Modern-Day Websites

A web designer creates a design based on a set of various principles. The more sophisticated is the web design principle, the more impactful is the aesthetic effect of a website design. If your design layout is unable to create that effect, the impression of your company and brand will take a hit. 

As per the GoodFirms report in 2021, nearly 73.1% of website designers are of opinion that a non-responsive design leads to your traffic leaving the website. That’s why you need very flexible universal layout capabilities.

You can also hire a professional website design company for web design services that transforms your online experience!

8 Awesome Benefits of Using CSS Grid Layout

Here are a range of benefits of using CSS Grid that you must know while planning for a web design.


1. Ease Of Design & Development 

Being a two-dimensional grid-based layout system, CSS Grid Layout or CSS Grid completely transforms your web design user interface and enhances the user experience. 

  • CSS Grid is a CSS module created specifically to solve the issues related to website layout. 
  • Grid allows various UIs to get implemented with an ease and to get housed across various contexts. 
  • You can use it in three-column layouts or to save on endless wrapping. CSS Grid layout can responsively modify the layout structure.
  • CSS Grid layout provides the foundation for the future of developer-designer interactions. For designers, CSS Grid is a tool for communicating the message of your business in an  effective way. 
  • On the other hand, developers have to deal with things like website loading speed,  reusability of code, infinite screen sizes, and others. CSS Grid layout provides them a rule based on which a website operates. 

CSS Grid alleviates the requirement for continuous involvement of a developer. 

So, businesses can hire a professional website design company expert in creating responsive websites using technologies like CSS Grid layout.

2. Browser Support For CSS Grid Layout

The browser support for CSS Grid Layout was virtually non-existent till March 2017. During that period, only Edge and Internet Explorer were the web browsers offering support to grid support. 

Actually, Opera, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox also supported grid, but only from behind a flag (layout.css.grid.enabled in Firefox, and by providing experimental Website Platform features under chrome://flags in Opera and Chrome).

  • But the good news is that CSS Grid is supported by almost every major browser these days. The below image is the testimony of this fact.

Browser Support for CSS Grid Layout

  • Browser support for CSS Grid Layout is growing at a very faster rate. As per the data of caniuse.com, the support for CSS Grid is at 82.8% for unprefixed use and 86.59% for prefixed use, globally. 
  • The results are even better if you are on the Polish internet environment where the support for unprefixed use reaches 88.28% and for prefixed use reaches 89.75%
  • The above facts indicate that CSS Grid is becoming browser-friendly and in the future more,, browsers will support it. This will be game-changing as your website will now appear in search results of not only Google!

This itself tells us that CSS Grid Layout is there to stay and can be the backbone of future grid website design!

3. Enforcing Separation Of Markup & Layout

It is CSS that defines a Grid! What does that mean? This means other than the parent HTML element to which a grid is applied, there is no requirement to define any additional elements like cells, rows, columns, or areas. 

This feature of CSS Grid Layout is quite interesting. 

  • One aspect of it is that the visual order of elements on the page is decoupled from the order of elements in the markup. That’s critical as on a page the source order gets used for various things like tab navigation and speech. 
  • CSS Grid Layout helps developers to optimize the markup to enable accessibility without compromising on the manipulative ability of the visual result. Another point is that the markup will be easy to understand. Therefore, a markup on a CSS Grid Website will be easy to maintain. 
  • CSS Grid Layout is an important tool to separate the web layout from its content in a way that changing either of them will not impact the other. Thus, a CSS Grid Website is more flexible from a design point of view.
  • Your web designer can easily experiment with various new web design layouts changing anything other than CSS, as long as the new website design layouts provide the areas of content usage and the expected lines. Your web developers are required to use only the named or numbered lines and areas to place your content inside the grid. 

Thus, a grid for web design is useful for creating a flexible web layout!

If your website needs a makeover, you can take the help of a website design company offering professional web design services for small businesses and established ones.

Else you can read our guide on How to Make Website for Business? 

4. Helpful In Creating User-Friendly Blog Post Layouts

Using grids with CSS is helpful in the case of blog post layouts. Grid website design for blog posts is essential particularly when you are publishing too many blog posts on various topics and updating your content consistently. This helps your audience to easily browse through various blog posts to find the one they are looking for. 

Using CSS Grid Layout enhances the visual impression of your blog posts. Through CSS Grid Website, you can present your content in a way exactly what you want to provide maximum UX. Basically, CSS Grid showcases your blogs in a structured way on all devices. So, if your user visits your website on their smartphones, they don’t feel lost while searching for particular information. Thus, a grid for web design is beneficial!

5. Create A Responsive Website Layout

We all know that 94% of people make a perception about a brand based on its web design and responsiveness. CSS Grid Layout helps in such cases by creating a flexible web design layout. The CSS Grid Layout enables you to easily change the grid placement of the items in tandem with the screen of the device. Hence, your website will be more device-friendly with a grid website design.

Let’s explain to you with an example below:

Suppose, your website menu is placed on the right side of your content when you view it on your desktop. But while viewing the same content on your mobile you find the menu section is missing or placed poorly somewhere. 

This is only possible if your website design layout is not responsive enough. A responsive web design and development will not hamper your website layout on different devices.

But by using CSS Grid you can create a layout for mobile devices that accommodate the same menu in a position that users can access easily. Maybe, you can easily place your website menu just under your content on your mobile device using CSS Grid Layout.

CSS Grid allows UI to get incorporated easily and housed across various contexts. You can use it in simple 3-column layouts. Thus, it will save on endless wrapping, leading to changing your web layout structure in a responsive manner. 

Remember mobile devices generates nearly 55% of global internet traffic. Therefore, never underestimate the power of responsiveness of your website. Thus, using the grid for web design is quite productive in creating that responsive element in your website.

We will suggest you get technical help from a professional website design company to help you in creating a responsive CSS Grid Website. 

6. Creating A Nested Grid Is Easy!

What is a Nested Grid? A nested grid is where any grid item becomes a grid itself. 

In CSS Grid Layout, you can easily place one grid inside another. 

Creating a nested grid is very easy using CSS Grid. All you need to do is use display: grid or display: inline-grid command to the grid item. And, thus, you create a grid. 

This is what a nested grid will look like on your web browser:

Another feature associated with CSS Grid is inheritance. You will experience this feature using CSS Grid to create a Subgrid (a form of Nested Grid). 

Creating a subgrid has its advantages, will tell you why! 

In the nested grid, the grid which is created inside the grid container does not reciprocate the parent container and starts behaving independently. Hence, you need to manage two grids independently. This problem is not there in subgrids. You can also use display: subgrid command for creating a subgrid. 

7. Various Unconventional Uses Of CSS Grid 

Besides all of the above benefits mentioned above, there are some other interesting uses of CSS Grid Layout. Following are some of the possibilities. 

  • You can create a bar chart using CSS Grid. 
  • Recreating the contribution graph in GitHub
  • Animating CSS Grid Layout properties.
  • Using grid as a mask on a picture.
  • You can design a responsive image gallery.

Sounds interesting, aren’t they!

8. CSS Grid Is Better Option Than Flexbox In Website Designing

It’s not like websites using Flexbox are not responsive enough. However, it comes with a few limitations with respect to website layout.

  • Flexbox offers you only one-dimensional flexibility which allows the difference website elements to transform their sizes as per the screen size of a device. Being one-dimensional, it can only deal with either rows or columns.
  • Flexbox will only place various items along either the vertical or horizontal axis. Hence, you will have to choose between a row or column-based layout. 
  • Flexbox is a content-focused layout and using it alone for web design layout will not be a great idea.

However, CSS Grid layout negates most of these issues by offering two-dimensional flexibility.

How JanBask Digital Design Can Help?

As a website design company, we create superior and new-age digital experiences that matter!!! 

Your customer’s first impression is their last impression. At JanBask Digital Design, we offer professional website design consultations through cutting-edge web design services for small businesses to established ones for an ever-lasting digital experience for your customer. 

So, they keep visiting you again & again!! 

Whether it's a startup or a well-recognized brand, our professional web design services are tailor-made for every industry as we aim to:

  • Boost your brand value and identity.
  • Create a visually stunning digital transformation of your business. 
  • Enable you to exercise authority in your line of work.
  • Enable you to get qualified leads that convert.


As we witnessed, CSS Grid Layout comes packed with plenty of features and benefits for creating web layouts of the future. With Google’s Page Experience update, a website’s performance will get measured as well for it to rank consistently in SERP. 

According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, 61% of online traffic prefers to buy from websites that are responsive enough and are mobile-friendly. So, if you are not using a modern and responsive web design layout, your competitors will do it and they will topple you from the top. 

If you are planning to have a new website or want to redesign your existing website, we suggest you use the grid for web design in consultation with one of the best web development companies

Reach out to JanBask Digital Design website design company for small businesses and larger ones to get all your web design issues covered.

Also, please share your experiences while using CSS Grid Layout for your website design or any suggestions you want to give us in the comment section.

Till then stay tuned to us for more insightful information!

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