What is a CMS and Why Does My Website Need One?

 29 Nov, 2019

Everybody despises driving on roads that are under development. Converged lanes in odd manners, slow down the traffic and are the reason for accidents. Construction of a fresh highway with 3-4 exits is much simpler than adding two additional ways out to a highway that solitary had one. Your vehicle is your new element (or feature), and your gridlocked street is your CMS. You’ll experience snags, log jams, and messes when you present new elements (or “vehicles”) to your content-managed site (or “highway”).

In this blog, let us discuss-

  • What is CMS?
  • Features of CMS
  • Features you should implement in your business CRM
  • Which CMS is right for my website?
  • Why my business needs a customized CMS website?
  • How may I know my website needs a CMS or not?
  • Top reasons why do my website need a CMS
  • Do you want to evaluate your website platform?

During more than a decade of making sites, we have overseen extends on many content management systems traversing in excess of 50 sites. Constructing a CMS requires significant time and money. What’s more, to put resembling twist on the point, a CMS resembles a washing machine for shirts (or “elements”). It enables them to be utilized again and again. CMS’s give reusable formats and lessen the time to post serialized content.

What is a CMS?

A Content Management System or CMS, in short, is a software that permits to create, modify, and publish content to a blog or a website without any prior knowledge of coding. Well, it simply means, you are not required to have any HTML or advanced coding skills if you want to publish content on your website using any CMS platform.

cms vs html


It is critical to take note of that every site is made with utilizing HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) coding languages. The question here is, would it say it was coded without any preparation, or is the page utilizing a CMS to sort the page out more effectively? Well, no website is designed without the use of HTML. But it doesn’t mean that CMS is not worth! CMS actually eases the designing tasks and provides you fully functioning dynamic website in few days only. You can get your site customized as per your dream plans. Read on to know more about this!

Features of CMS

  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
  • Easy Administration
  • Powerful Publishing Tools
  • Built-in SEO Tools
  • Social Media Integration
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Simple Workflow and Publishing Controls
  • Security
  • Multi-Platform Capabilities
  • Exemplary Support
  • Tiered Permissions
  • Robust Content Templates
  • Microdata Support for Voice Search
  • Comprehensive Search
  • Versioning for Quick Rollback
  • Business Alignment

Features you should implement in your business CMS

There are certain features that you can include in your business website. The features explained below are furnished by a web design company that provides custom CMS development services.

  • If in case the content of your organization is scattered or creating duplicate content, you should implement Single-source functionality in your CMS website. With this, each lump of content is put away just one time in a solitary archive by empowering the greatest content reuse and killing copy content.
  • If the content of your website is duplicated many times and it makes difficult to find and updating the content, in that case, re-use of the content will enable clients to consequently refresh the duplicity and immediate access to the content.
  • If you have a team of technical content writers who make use of UML diagrams frequently, then incorporations of editing tools will help. Editors may take benefit of the functionality of CMS through a menu on the toolbar of their most loved authoring or editing software.
  • If your content is published in various formats like printing, web, or pdf, then integrating Full Unicode support will be beneficial. This is one of a kind characters sets, for example, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic, etc.

In a similar case, the use of Multichannel publishing can also be integrated. The content, in this case, is effectively repurposed for distributing to different media positions.

  • You can also include Extensibility in your CMS which is adaptable and configurable by the client to make customizations without extra exorbitant programming.
  • If your website users specifically deal with graphics or illustrations along with the text, then you can include, digital asset management in your CMS. With this, clients can store and compose illustrations and mixed media documents inside the CMS and quest for them dependent on allotted metadata.
  • You may also provide remote access to your remote clients through a protected Web interface.
  • In the case of confidential and highly secure content, you may provide authorized access control to your CMS that regulates privilege and roles to the users, enabling clients to just get to the content they are approved to utilize.
  • Graphical work process – administrators make a graphical portrayal of the work process with checkpoints and email notices to alarm clients of the undertaking’s status and subsequent stage.
  • Clients change the content on one occasion and consequently update it wherever else it shows up (i.e., change an admonition that shows up in 20 records once, as opposed to multiple times).
  • Capability to change the data model (i.e., DTD) as well as deal with different models all the while without significant changes to the system.
  • Corporate steadiness – security in organization history, financials and supervisory crew that would propose feasibility as a long-haul accomplice.

Which CMS is right for my website?

You need CMS which is for sure, but which CMS is right for your website totally depends upon your needs. Before setting out on the task, get some information about the CMS they will use for your site. At that point, demand a demo. Ensure that it is anything but difficult to utilize and has every one of the highlights that you need. There are truly a large number of Content Management Systems accessible, contingent upon your site’s motivation, application and stage picked. A good CMS development company can make you understand this better. The following are a portion of the mainstream decisions:

CMS Platform Cons / Pros
WordPress Linux WordPress is an extremely prominent open-source decision for little, straightforward, or entry-level sites. It started as a blogging stage and stays a well-known device for running a blog. It is very easy to understand however not a generally excellent decision for big business level CMS on account of known customization, security, and versatility issues.
Drupal Linux Drupal is a superior open-source decision for complex or propelled sites or sites that require a complex organization of data. It is fit for creating increasingly complex sites.
Joomla! Linux Structured as an open-source network stage, with solid long-range informal communication highlights. It offers more adaptability than WordPress however not as flexible as Drupal.
Sitecore Windows Sitecore as of late got one of the business’ driving CMS. It is an incredible endeavor level .NET CMS that highlights a Windows-like interface and numerous highlights, yet it has a moderately significant expense of possession.

Still confused? Talk to our tech-experts!

Why my business needs a customized CMS website?

  • At the point when the content changes more than two times a month
  • At the point when it takes longer than an hour to change content on a site
  • At the point when the individual creating content wouldn’t like to compose markup
  • At the point when the markup is generally uniform crosswise over pages
  • At the point when content that isn’t in the header or footer should be shared on different pages
  • When there are more than 20 pages in the website (excluding your mistake pages like 404, 500, and so forth)

Also, ask these questions to your CMS development company: –

  • Are you able to upload documents of certain formats or embed videos?
  • Does your current website support multimedia?
  • Does your current website support animations?
  • Does your CMS have a centralized library to store and reuse pictures, reports, etc.?
  • Does your CMS have the search capability?
  • Is your CMS SEO friendly?

If the answer is no in one or most of the above-asked questions, then your business needs an optimal CMS solution! Get one now!

How may I know my website needs a CMS or not?

website needs a CMS or not?Following are the reasons that you need Hybrid Solution for your business website: –

  • you need to have a couple of pages and a blog
  • you can use “off the rack” functionality and widgets and that’s just the beginning

And, what about CMS?

You need CRM for your business if-

  • you are an open organization with lawful sensitivities and need version control
  • you have a massive article group and need want an endorsement
  • you consistently post serialized content like blog posts or press releases
  • you need to give a hunting utility or API
  • you require substantial utilization of restriction and numerous dialects

Hey wait, there is flat HTML also!

Flat HTML based for your business is required, if-

  • you are rapidly propelling Minimum Viable Product or MVP
  • you don’t deal with a large quantity of content on your site
  • you don’t plan to refresh your content often
  • you figure you should redesign again soon
  • you have exceptionally customized designs for your website
  • you don’t have a serialized content

Reach out a CMS development company to know the difference!

Top reasons why do my website need a CMS

why website need CMS

  • You will get a competitive business advantage

Having a custom CRM will enable your firm to make vital computerization and changes, giving your organization a bit of leeway over friends. By having a custom CRM, you’ll engage clients to create successful business arrangements that assist the administration with having more power over business and activities.

  • Including client testimonials

Building customer trust is fundamental for online business so as to expand deals. Publishing testimonials of the customer on your site help to assemble decent notoriety and is easy to do with CMS.

  • Analytics implementation

Adding Google Analytics to your webpage encourages you to track your site guests and give you how clients associate with your site. You can easily add the module to your CMS site.

  • Compelling animations

Liveliness or animation is an incredible method to pick up a client’s regard for significant parts of your site. CSS3 Animation is the innovation to implement that is executed to do on CMS.

  • Writer box to display writer biography

Including a writer box after each blog entry will urge your blog readers to collaborate with a writer. Significantly, it expands the trust factor and makes a solid brand personality. With CMS, there are a few creator bio modules for web-based journals.

  • Talk to your customers

In the current era of the quick-paced world, people are looking for someone who answers quickly to their inquiries. Add a visit window to your CMS site and improve your client’s assistance.

  • Create your calendar or events

With CMS, you can become the best event organizer in your business. CMS empowers you to include a schedule of occasions and arrange an occasion with ticketing. You are additionally ready to incorporate this element into your google schedule.

  • Email marketing

Your business is fully operational and you need to begin those email advancements. There are numerous WordPress plugins that can assist you with keeping your client refreshed with your offer, and eventually assist you with developing your business.

  • If This Then That

IFTT is an integral asset that aides your applications and gadgets work together. This will rearrange you’re showcasing the board, and it functions admirably with WordPress.

  • Let your foreign users speak your language

Your site content can be perused by perusers from everywhere throughout the world. WordPress is right now created in 160 languages and you can likewise utilize a module like WPML, Polyang or Google Translate.

Do you want to evaluate your website platform?

Why Does My Website Need One?

Each customer, each site, each circumstance is unique, and there’s never a one-size-fits-all the way out with regards to website architecture. Ensure you’re being furnished with the solution that is directly for you, and that you’re working with somebody who is equipped for helping you go to that choice together. Don’t know your angel who will give direction to your business website? Don’t worry, JanBask Digital Design is a custom CMS development company who is here for you! Drop us your query and we will be happy to help you!

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