9 killer Ways Web Design Can Improve Your Ultimate Sales


13 Mar, 2024



Poor website design can kill your business? Says who? --- Businesses that didn’t pay much heed to make a cohesive web design site and failed miserably!)

If your website designs aren’t that impressionable, chances are; first, you will compromise on ranking… then potential web traffic… and then would-be sales (would you forgo that?)

Do you want faster sales? It’s simple. You just have to be particular about how your website looks. How dramatically it engages with people. How smart it is to navigate and shop. And how marketable it is for users. 

Almost 94% of first impressions online are defined by your exclusive web design in a few 3 seconds. Your website design alone has the power to pull the target audience, make them stay, complete the sales funnel, and be your loyal customers --- just like a magnet. 

So if you are a business, brand, retail store, or any business kind, just start taking notes. Because now, we are going to unveil two things in this gigantic blog post:

  • How web design is proportional to your sales?
  • What are the 9 intense ways to rev-up your Web Design site as Sales Worthy?

Take your reading glasses or coffee mugs along, because we now have to make your website sales-worthy!

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First Things First --- How Website Design is Directly Proportional to Sales?

Web design alone has the power to bring a lot of sales and pull up your business for bankable returns. You might wonder how a standalone, silent, and just visually appealing website can sell your propositions to the target audience?

Let’s support your question with some statistics:

“Almost 38% of the audience would stop right there at the tip of the sales funnel if they find your website unattractive or non-idealistic”.

Your audience wants you to be creative, out of the box, visually appealing to sell your products or to sell website design if you have website . They don’t want you to go for a simple route. They want you to level up your design game with cool graphics, catchy animations, or elements that could strike them to stay and buy.

P.s - They want you to be fun at trying out new engaging design elements.

“89% of the audience would buy from your close competitors if their user experience is shattered with you”.

Other than design, your website’s usability and navigation as well matter the most. If by chance, you do have creative elements but aren’t optimized from the point of easy navigation, your users would definitely feel demotivated to stay & purchase. Your design elements should pull out synchronization & superlative usability. 

Maybe most of the time your users are just window shopping because your website is a tough nut to crack? Have a thought about that, otherwise, you will end up funding your competitors’ pockets.

“75% of the online audience decide the credibility of your business from how your web design site appears”

credibility of your business

Attractive design - check, Usability - check, but what about the credibility & trust factor? Do they trust your brand & products enough? Can they unhesitatingly scroll your website or submit their details for a newsletter or email list?

You may be too much of a credible brand. A brand that works hard on oiling its production machinery to make only quality products or a business that works 24 hours a day to empower services & customer support. But the thing is online users believe what they see. Or more specifically what you choose to show. You have to reflect on your brand’s passion along with credibility in your designs.

You have to create a design that’s --- clean coded, reflects your altruism, speaks about your dedication to delivering the best, secured enough to make people trust to fill in that lead form, newsletter subscription, or inquiry form to start the ultimate sales process.

9 Intense Ways to Rev-up Your Website Design as Sales Worthy

So by now, you must have understood how a superlative web design site with the help of a professional web design company can lead to supersonic sales. Now, let’s help you realize the 9 ways or web design tips that can make your website be --- highly visible, super engaging, and impactful enough to close leads for real.

1. Make use of super-quality visuals & graphics

Audiences love engaging with a website that can make use of extreme quality visuals or graphics. Having a website with just a plain wall of text with one or two stock photos would discourage the audience to browse your website. For a lot of people, visuals are the ultimate for persuasion.

quality visuals or graphics

Focus on adding personalized visuals that can connect, strike, and create a bond with users. Add animated, still, or 3D graphics to your static site. Add pictures, infographics that tell a story, convince the audience to stay a little longer, browse products, and buy.

You can add your product-related, process-related, or your inside team’s photographs in realistic light or anime. For every block of text, pair a powerful photo or visual element.

2. Make room for more white spaces

In order to serve so much, the websites often commit a severe mistake of filling every inch & corner of the website. Which in turn, makes the users go dizzy and straight away ditch the website. Remember website design can kill your conversions, so does the overly flooded websites --- that makes no sense.

client's growth

Go for minimal web design, with a lot of spaces for users to breathe, take a pause, and again dig into the crucial content & design elements. If your design is unable to give users that rest, you will force them to take an escape from your website. Ensure having beautiful and careful white spaces to keep the users attracted and focused on your offerings & values for ultimate buying motives.

3. Add those impactful CTAs aka Call-to-actions

CTAs are the ultimate arsenal that drives your customers onto the road of conversions & sales. A highly persuasive CTA can actually make your user immediately indulge in your offerings for buying.

CTAs can be those short phrases you add at the bottom of your copy as something like --- “want to grow your sales by leaps & sounds, try our automated marketing products”. Or it can be a bright-colored, popping, gigantic button, you create to drive people towards your services as “ Get our Free Analysis”.


  • Your CTAs have to give clarity on how you can help those visitors with their problem statements. 
  • It should evoke emotional plus practical responses from your users. Even when a user comes undecided about any buying decision, compelling & descriptive CTAs at the right places can make up their mind to buy only from you. 
  • Your CTAs should clearly tell what happens next when they click. It should have actionable words/phrases that are too hard to resist clicking at.

So don’t take CTAs as casually, as they hold the full potential to accelerate your engagement with 100% would-be customers and push them at the end of the sales funnel.

There are tons of CTA style, placement, trigger words, you can explore and inscribe over your website via the help of a Web Design Company --- because they understand your target audience’s trigger points from the core.

4. Make sure your website has proper user navigation

Okay so you have paid heed to your visuals, design elements, CTAs, but what about the navigation, is it simple & seamless? It might not be if your users are drifting away at lightning speed. 

One of the most critical reasons why people don’t reach the end of the sales funnel is because they don’t find your website design site usable/navigable

end of the sales funnel

How to tell your website’s navigation/browsing is an act of struggle? It’s when...

  • Your users can’t figure out the route to your website & its sub-pages
  • When the buttons are not as placed in the accessible places 
  • When visitors have to sit for a longer period to figure out what to do next
  • When the checkout process is too lengthy or complicated
  • When users find technical lapses or glitches in every action

All in all, it’s when users can’t continue because their whole user experience is quite complicated to follow. 

  • Make sure to create super-easy navigation around your website. 
  • Keep the website clutter-free, offload heavy/unwanted elements, and perpetually navigate the website just like your users would. To know how they would feel right when they use your website. 
  • If the website appears to be stiff from the scrolling & navigating point of view, get it sorted with your website design company.

5. Don’t hang with that slow loading website design

Do you know that slow loading web designs are a threat to your revenue territory? You can just simply forgo $2.6 billion revenue with that unrushed website design, just like that (ouch ...that’s a fortune!).

They don’t say it in the fun that “time is money”. For users, a slow-moving website can be a deal-breaker. Their excitement to surf your website, explore services to buy can all go shattered with that website design loading like a snail.

website design loading

Web designs need to be lightweight enough to load faster. 

“How fast?”

Like within 0.3 seconds. Your target user expects your website to show all its cards in one-go so that they can form an opinion about  -- whether to stay & buy or simply take a u-turn. If you have a loaded web design, your website is bound to take years to load. 

Collaborate with your professional web design company to work on design elements that are making your website slow & sluggish. Pull down the heavy or unwanted elements & compress the visuals of heavy file size.

6. Make sure your designs are mobile responsive

Every business now has a mobile user. Even yours must have so many. 

But unfortunately,  if you aren’t supporting a responsive web design, then these users will stay just as users. They won’t get convinced to convert into paying customers.

responsive web design

If you don’t support a mobile version web design, how can you expect your random mobile users to buy from you? Web and mobile experiences are different. A website made for wide desktop screens cannot be comprehended by users of mobile. It needs to be altered and variated in terms of the design and size of the mobile devices (your users actively use). 

If your website design isn’t mobile responsive yet, it’s time to make it like that. Otherwise, you could end up compromising on your heavy quantitative sales, which is possible from mobile devices (as 50% of entire web traffic you experience comes from mobile devices). Think about the ways to make your website as responsive as possible with the help of a professional web design company.

7. Integrate catchy, convincing, informative copy to your web design

It takes a balance of attractive visuals and copies to convince visitors to become that buying customer. A web copy that:

  • Is attentive, informative, and sellable 
  • Have creative fonts & typographies
  • Have cool visuals around its background
  • Is creatively styled & composed in different shapes or elements

Integrate catchy, convincing, informative copy to your web design

Many companies for web design don’t consider copy as part of web design. But the fact is, web copy is a part of sales-worthy web design. If companies for web designing are sparing you with dummy text or some average, non-optimized content, don’t fall for that.

Always consult a professional web design company that understands your audience really well, embodies your web design with persuasive and search engine optimized content. Because content delivery is an important marketing arsenal to convert your searchers into happy customers.

8. Provide Social proof within your web design site

Users believe your past buyers/clients. That’s a human tendency. If your visitors can actually see how genuine or trustworthy your product or services are, they won’t have any second thought to buy from you. 

Provide Social proof

Create a web design that reflects your social proof. Tells users that your products are of pure quality and trusted by others. You can integrate different social proofing elements like:

  • Explicit and exceptionally designed pages or sections for testimonials, where your past customers share their experiences of using your products or services.
  • Sections or pages for case studies of previous projects or some portfolio section - if you are a service company.
  • Some best-selling products sections, this will help users who are new and not sure what to buy. 

You can experiment with any social element you feel is right to show your credibility and popularity within past buyers/clients. You have to talk about yourself a little to make new searchers reach the end of the sales funnel.

9. Integrate some automated & fun virtual assistants

People like automated and exciting websites that could reach & respond to their needs at high-speed. You may have sales reps to outline the needs over customer support number, buy who would cater to the audience at late or odd hours?

You need to integrate creative and automated chatbots or virtual assistants to reach out to your users’ queries at the faster tide. A stylish, well-programmed, and problem-solving chatbot will help in fostering your users’ experience and their desire to buy quickly.

Look for companies for web designs that can integrate lively, automated, and actionable chatbots to your web. You can name the chatbot based on your sales reps, any brand mascot, or any special anime character. Doing his will make your web design site experience more wholesome for your would-be customers.

Final Takeaways

This was it. An exhaustive guide on how web designs are crucial for your sales. Ultimate conversions or sales are directly linked to how your website appears, engages, and encourages the target visitors. If you don’t have an outstanding website design site to show, you can’t expect the visitors to stay and make that sale happen.

So make your brand website a priority. Revamp its poor design elements & content to something useful and worth browsing for the would-be customers. Don’t rely heavily on your sales reps to make that target complete or marketing agencies to rev-up your raking when your whole website is in a conundrum.

If you don’t have a spectacular website yet, go plan to have one by consulting companies for web design. If you have a website already but isn’t impactful for your users, go get it revamped or redesigned with a professional website design company. It’s now or never. Don’t let a poorly designed website kill your opportunities to sell and create an arsenal of long-term customers.

Web design is the ultimate touchpoint to sales, and there is no space for ordinary websites!

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