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10 May, 2024



When you visit a supermarket, do you prefer picking a product or one that’s lesser-known but serves your purpose?

A majority of people prefer a product that they are familiar with or has been recommended through a friend or other sources. The same applies to online purchases and hence it is important to prioritize eCommerce branding for your business. 

In this article, we are likely to share light on the different aspects of branding in eCommerce:

  • Identifying The Concept Of eCommerce Branding
  • The Significance Of The Best eCommerce Branding
  • How To Build An eCommerce Brand?

Identifying The Concept Of eCommerce Branding

An eCommerce brand is not simply about an impressive tagline, vibrant logo, and an appealing brand name, but more about how people react and perceive your product/services or its personality.

eCommerce branding is more about what people felt about your product after using or learning about it. Your exclusive business aura is the first thing that comes to potential customers’ minds when they hear your brand name. Now the next step is to decide how to brand your business and lead it further in the eCommerce space. 

Concept Of ECommerce Branding

When you realize that there is a need to build this kind of brand aura, you need to hire reliable branding services to reach audiences and increase your sales online consistently. 

However, before you take this initiative and develop a brand strategy, you need to understand the significance of branding for eCommerce. 

Looking to Grow Your Brand Online?

  • Achieve Your Brand Vision
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Customize UI for Intuitive Digital Interactions

The Significance Of The Best eCommerce Branding

Branding an eCommerce business is essential for business growth. Good branding services can provide you with an eCommerce branding strategy to provide a competitive edge such that your audience picks you over the competitors. 

A branding services company can lead you to sustainable growth, as with their branding strategy services customers can recognize you and prefer your products/services. Branding professional services help you improve the ratio of loyal customers with their innovative eCommerce branding services. 

Over the years, it has been observed that audiences prefer well-branded websites. Branding strategy services can work the best for you and increase the probability of your audience supporting you during challenging times like the pandemic. 

Brand Strategy

You have a better understanding of what is eBranding in eCommerce, now the next question that floats your mind is how to build a successful eCommerce brand?

How To Build An eCommerce Brand?

With the outbreak of the pandemic and the need to digitize business, several brands have switched to the eCommerce platform. Multiple options on the eCommerce platform have made it challenging for you to reach your audience and that’s when eCommerce branding comes into the picture. 

For instance, branding of Government services educates audiences about different services and digital initiatives of the government. 

Similarly, it is important to educate your audience about your services and capabilities through the eCommerce platform and create your niche. 

Based on our research, we have explored that most branding services concentrate on the following values to build a successful eCommerce brand:

List Down Your USPs

The use of identical tools in product development and production makes it challenging for you to differentiate it from your competitors. However, one of the most prominent aspects of eCommerce branding is to highlight the striking feature of your product that sets you apart from the competition. 

List Down Your USPs

Your USP shows that you are different from the rest available on the eCommerce platform and can serve better to your audience. 

Here are a few ways to differentiate your product/services:

  • Use A Feature-Rich Tagline

Share your brand USP with your audience through an appealing tagline. Incorporate user-generated content, use trendy hashtags, and a value statement to your tagline.

  • Create A Niche-Audience Market

Instead of offering your services to a large group of people, offer them to a niche market with a specific audience. Use the advanced technology to create and market to your niche.

  • Use An Attractive Design

Flaunt your product through an alluring design that is less likely to be ignored on the eCommerce platform. 

Select Target Market Wisely

The success of a brand is largely based on the target audience. eCommerce branding services can understand the nature of your business, analyze your eCommerce data, and determine your audience profile. 

Based on this profile, they recommend you the right target audience for your products and services. If you skip this step, then you are less likely to acquire sales despite having a unique product. 

Remember, your brand revolves around the audience and not the other way round. 

How can you create an audience profile?

  • Understand their requirements: Do not restrict your audience research to demographics, determine what are their key problems, needs, and desires. 
  • What’s their location: Is your audience active more on Instagram or Facebook, or do they prefer to directly visit the website. Do they research online before purchasing a product or rely on word of mouth?

For example, most brands prefer to share free vouchers and discounts with first-time buyers and try to retain them.

Concentrate On Services

So far, you have realized that without an audience it is a tough task to survive your eCommerce business. This makes it essential that once you learn who your audience is and what their struggles are, you are entitled to offer the best service to them. 

The best eCommerce branding service providers advise to follow this short checklist to provide flawless services to your audience: 

  • Review customer data: Examine what, when, how, and through which channel your audience enjoys purchases.
  • Classify your audience: Every customer is different and hence segment your audience as per their purchase behavior to design personalized offers for them. 
  • Share quick responses: If your customers have to write to you twice, it means you lack good services and need to work on it. Instead, acknowledge your customers’ good or bad responses and work on them. 

Nike and Starbucks are a few leading brands that respond to their customer reviews.

Enhance Your Product Quality

Earlier, businesses developed one product that caters to all. However, with the advent of the eCommerce business, you can design and develop products for specific audiences and customize them regularly. 

This ensures that you do not compromise on the quality of your products and constantly evolve them as per your customer requests and requirements.

eCommerce branding experts state that customer reviews are the best to determine and understand your customers changing needs and personalize products accordingly. When your audience observes that you cater to their changing demands, then they tend to be more loyal to your brand. 

According to eCommerce branding services, concentrating on product quality leads you to create your niche and establish your style. Your audience would not miss this contemporary yet customized experience and hence remain loyal to your eCommerce brand.

Tell Your Story

Most eCommerce brands have their journey and it's unlike the others. Besides, niche brands have inspiring and revolutionary stories that make your audience proud to be associated with your eCommerce brand. 

Make sure to include your audience in your story because that’s when they relate to you. A branding services company has the skill to blend your brand story with different business and customer aspects. 

You can share your store through:

  • About Us: You can share your company history, background, and company legacy through the About us page on your website. You can include an inspiring video of the CEO or founder in this section. 
  • Press Release: PR is an influencing way to introduce your eCommerce brand to your audience. You can share your success, client wins, recognitions, and other brand achievements through press releases. 
  • Packaging: Your creative packaging, price tags, and labels can be yet another interesting way to share your story with your audience. For instance, people enjoy their names on their Starbucks coffee cups

Tell Your Story

Connect With Your Audience

Your eCommerce branding strategy must include the tone of your audience. This means that it is important for you to communicate in a language that is convenient for your audience.

For instance, if your target audience is youth and young adults, then your tone would be more casual, funky, and fun-loving which suits your target audience. When your marketing campaign speaks the language that your audience understands, they will be more responsive and can relate to you. This means that you will make a lasting impression on them and your branding efforts are bound to succeed. 

Discover your audience’s tone:

  • Reanalyze customer research: Review your customer searches to understand their language and reflect the same in your communication.
  • Check customer reviews: Common expressions and lingo that your customers prefer can be picked from their reviews and used for your social media posts.
  • What are your customers up to: A sneak peek at your competitor’s activity and tone can help you to set your tone right and simultaneously differentiate them. 

One of the best ways to connect with your audience in their tone is through social media platforms. These platforms help you to understand the type of content and information your audience is interested in, through their engagement. This helps you to know them better and improve your eCommerce branding efforts. 

You can attend events, seminars, conferences, and exhibitions to be a part of a larger group and share these experiences with your customers and connect with them. This way, they will learn how helpful your brand is to customers and the community.

Bottom Line

Although your audience has shifted to the digitized eCommerce platform, they enjoy a sense of human interaction on several digital platforms. They like to stay tuned with the latest activities and use advanced products.

Above all, your eCommerce audience prefers customized experiences that make them feel special. Therefore, grab the opportunity to break the clutter and facilitate personalized experiences for your audience. We at JanBask Digital Design consider all these aspects while branding for eCommerce to gain recognition, sales, and success. 

Looking to Grow Your Brand Online?

  • Achieve Your Brand Vision
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Customize UI for Intuitive Digital Interactions

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