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6 Mar, 2024



Now that you have owned your dream Android smartphone with huge expectations, your next step would be to optimize your Android smartphone with some of the best productive apps. Here is a list of the best free Android apps that every user should prefer to download on to their Android device. It is amazing to see such apps made available for users completely free of cost.

List of the Free Android Apps


Define is an Android app which is ideal for every smartphone users. Most of the smartphone users spend a lot of time in their mobile scrolling through the text and also getting the latest updates about the news that is making headlines. However users might face circumstances wherein they are unsure about certain word which they might read for the first time. Using this app, users just have to tap the text and then press copy to get a notification which would further provide you with the definition as well as usages about the word about which you don’t know the meaning. This app is basically supported by three dictionaries namely Wordnet, Livio for offline use and Urban for use while staying connected to the internet.

Link Bubble Browser

Link Bubble Browser is yet another app which went on completely free for users to download compared to the paid app which it was till recently. One of the key highlights of the app that makes it stand apart from competitors is its ability to load web pages in the background. This means you do not have to wait or check whether the web page has been loaded while doing other tasks. Link Bubble Browser will present the web page only once it is ready. The presence of Pocket Integration feature helps users to share the links as well as save the websites for offline viewing whenever required.

Shuffle My Life

It is an ideal app for those who are thinking of how to do something new for the day especially if the user is an individual who is not involved in enough activities for the day. This app suggests some new and interesting things to do for the day. Thus it avoids the time for you to think what to do or what not to do, this app help you take instant decisions without wasting much time. The activities to do ranges from capturing photos, going for a jogging, reading newspapers or it can be even watching an online lecture. Thus the app makes relieving of the boredom a total fun.

Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher 3 is a nice app for those who have never used an alternate Android launcher. The app organizes the app drawer on an alphabetical order which can be swiped with ease whenever the need arise. It also features Covers that allow the users to click an app icon as a means to open it and also a folder comprised of group apps can be swiped with ease too. Shutters on the other hand open up a preview window instead of opening up a folder. The colour of the on-screen elements are tailored as per the current wallpaper of your Android smartphone. The colours of the search bar are also changed with the app by making use of Android Lollipop’s adaptive palette.

Google Photos

Users can enjoy unlimited photos as well as video storage with Google Photos app. The app features user-friendly features such as automatic backup, sharing as well as editing functions along with the best photo organization tool. The presence of search and organization tools in Google Photos app makes sorting an easier task to deal with.

Podcast Addict

Among the Podcast apps, Pocket Casts is the best app. However it does not come for free. However Podcast Addict is a free podcast app that offers some of the best features for the users when it comes to searching and downloading their favourite podcasts. Even if the user interface of this app does not seem to be as impressive as Pocket Casts, the search options are tailored in such a way that users can easily find the content they are looking for even though they does not have one in their mind. If you are ready to spend some money, then you can get rid of the Ad banner within the apps.


Even though the popularity of cloud storage services is increasing, users are likely to forget which of the files they have put in Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive etc. Unclouded provides a one stop shop for managing and viewing all the files kept in cloud from one place. Users can view information such as the files that were recently updated as well as the files that are using more storage space. It is a must-have app for those making use of the cloud storage services and thereby helping them keep all the cloud accounts organized.


Skype is a must have app for users as it is still sought after for its free to call anyone in the world functionality using the internet ever since Skype was introduced way back in 2003. Skype was able to transform the way in which we work as well as communicate on a daily basis. The presence of a simpler and well-designed app interface means communicating through video as well as voice calls and messaging are simpler than ever before.

Google Earth

Google Earth is one app that never fails to impress users with its ever-evolving features. The app allows users to have an overview of almost all the cities within seconds by means of zooming in and zooming out. Google Earth app has become more of a world-exploration app rather than restricting themselves as a mere navigational assistant.


There is no better music player app in Android than Poweramp app. So if you are a user fond of music and have owned an Android tablet computer or smartphone, then download this app to enjoy the best music experience on your Android device.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is the best ebook reader available for download for your Android device. Using this app, users can read any eBooks including Amazon ebooks. Amazon Kindle app is a must have app for users who are fond of reading in their tablet or smartphone device.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is considered to be the best custom launcher available for download from Google Play Store. It features several options that allow users to rebuild their home screens, gesture controls and app drawer in the way users like to customize. Thus with enhanced customization abilities, themes, modifications and tweaking abilities, it is one of the app that users should have in their Android smartphones or tablet computers for sure.


There is no doubt that Facebook app is the most downloaded app in the globe owing to the user-friendly features it provides. It is also one among the pre-loaded apps that comes with most of the Android smartphones upon purchase.


WhatsApp is considered to be yet another essential Android app that every Android users should have with them. This app has the reputation of being the most popular instant messaging app in the Google Play Store.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is incomplete without Facebook Messenger. Such has become the relevance of this app as the chat function no longer is available within the Facebook app. For users who want to chat with their Facebook friends, then they have to do so by downloading and installing Facebook Messenger on to their Android device.


For users who have a passion towards photos, then Instagram is the best app for them. It is ideal for those wish to enjoy images rather than text. Users can see the world through someone else’s images by following friends and celebrities.

Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Office Mobile app is one of the apps that users were keenly waiting for. Whether it is about reading the Word documents, Editing of the word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint Presentations; there is no doubt users can perform it with ease using this app right from their Android phone itself.


What makes this app unique and interesting is that users get rewarded for the new apps being discovered and reviewed by downloading and installing Buzzinga app. Users can increase their points by downloading and installing as much apps they like from the Buzzinga app. The points can be exchanged in return for gift cards which range from Televisions to other electronic gadgets.


It is an app which is an essential requirement for users who have never done any backup of their mobile phone data before. The app makes it easier for connecting android smartphone with computer and thereby helping them backup all the data from their Android phone in to their computer.


Dropbox helps expand the internal storage of phone by creating a cloud-based backup where users can store all the data that they feel is important to them. Users can save photos, files as well as music which they can access across all the devices even if their phone gets lost unexpectedly.

Wikipedia Beta

Is there anything better than Wikipedia for getting detailed information regarding anything? Then try Wikipedia Beta which comes with an attractive and refreshing native design. Users can enjoy advanced features with Wikipedia Beta app.


Spotify has an edge over other competitors like Google Play Music, Pandora, SoundCloud and YouTube by providing users with eternal playlists for free at their fingertips. It is the best streaming music app for users to download on to their Android smartphone devices.


Pocket is such a handy app using which users can save any content for later reading offline or online. Users can also read the content free of advertisements too. This is one must to download app on your Android smartphone device.


If you are not aware of SwiftKey app, then it is quite surprising since it is a popular app that makes typing a very enjoyable experience.


All the above mentioned apps are the most desirable apps that users should have installed in their Android smartphones and Android tablet.  Each of the app is very useful in the daily routines of users and it makes daily tasks much simpler than ever before.

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