Top 20 Mobile App Development Companies in Virginia


 5 Jul, 2016

Top 20 Mobile App Development Companies in Virginia

Today everyone has become mobile savvy and it has become essential for all enterprises to be a part of this race by using smart tools and innovative apps for their customers and employees. Though one can easily see how businesses are growing through the use of social media applications and networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and many more, but it is challenging as well to introduce such platforms for your business. Mobile Apps serve a very affordable and addressable means of reaching your target customers and improving the business profits. Virginia is house to many Mobile App Development Companies and if one wants to move with this high paced and multi-functional dynamic environment then it is must to choose the right company that can build Apps as per your business requirements and has a good reputation in the industry. Below is the list of Top 20 Companies in Virginia that are the best choice for Mobile App Development:-

  1. JanBask Digital Design

This mobile app development company is ranked number one by its clients as they have been proving best in class mobile app solutions to their clients. They are a creative agency which has helped all their customers in turning their ideas into reality by enhancing the visibility and profitability of their clients business through Apps. Their employees have high team morale and deliver the right product by Improved Gap Analysis and hence reducing risk factors. So, till now, JanBask has been ranked as the #1 Mobile App Development Company based in Virginia.

  1. Mentor Mate

With over 14 years of experience in App development, this company has delivered more than 850 projects. Now, being a part of the Taylor Corporation, it has developers and designers working from US and Bulgaria to provide best in class Mobile Apps for their clients. Their experience includes working for Sensei, Jostens School Way, NativeX, Opera DDS, Little Peanut on the Go, Venture Solutions and many more.

  1. App Dev 360

The developers in this company have the basic strategy to provide amazing engineering, excellent interface and bring out the idea that needs to be shared with potential customers. They have clear and affordable budgets for all their projects and are dedicated to finishing the projects within the given time span. Their recent projects include City Twig, Yoga Lean, Burning Up, Medical Resource, Mr. Bin, traffic Trends and many more.

  1. Savvy Apps

This company is dedicated to converting your dreams into experiences by building delightful Apps for their customers. Because of their distinctive approach in building savvy apps for their customers since 2009, they have received accolades from “The Webby Awards”, (as the number 1 book) and Editor’s Choice award from Apple. They have served organizations like NFL Player’s Association, Musx, Good Technology and many more.

  1. Willow Tree Apps

Awarded as “The Best Place to Work” by GlassDoor, this company has gained name and fame by building some of the very innovative and useful apps that have been awarded and led to sales transformation of AOL. Their highly experienced and efficient developers ensure total security of apps and bridge the gap to provide a successful user experience for their customers. Some of the companies that have chosen this company for their app development are GE, PepsiCo, Time Warner, Wyndham Hotel Group, AOL, Fisher Price, and many more.

  1. QBurst

This company serves a broad spectrum of customer needs like building consumer-focussed apps and game-changing B2B applications. They build simple websites with superior web experience. For enterprises, they have built legacy applications and databases for the mobile applications while managing the complexities of multiple data sources. Their projects include jewelry store at fingertips, Green rating before you buy and many more.

  1. Movel

They have been developing mobile solutions for various devices and platforms including Android phones, iOS Phones, iPad and Windows Phone. They provide iron-clad security features for all the mobile web applications serving a diverse set of clients mainly financial services, healthcare, non-profit and government organizations like Department of Defense of USA, US Department of Homeland Security, Wells Fargo and many more.

  1. SimPalm

With over 7 years of experience in the industry and building more than 200+ apps for Android, iOS, HTML5 and JavaScript projects using cross-platform tools like jquery mobile, Sencha Touch, and Titanium. They have served clients like Trip and Friend, DNA Scramble App, Winematch Connect, Taptin, Ghost Post Fun, Podium Pro and many more.

  1. Tandem Seven

This company has built apps ranging from complex trading applications to market-leading product applications. They have been using both agile and user-centred design applications. They have served various clients from different fields like financial services, business services, health and pharma and many more and developed award winning portals for them.

  1. Ready 4S

This company builds whatever app you want from just a simple idea shared by their customers. From building apps for iPhones, Windows, and Android phones they have also built 3 applications for beacons and smartwatches. It has been awarded by AppFutura as the Mobile App Developer of the Year. They have around 50 employees who work together to finish projects within the average budget of 15K$-20K$ USD.

  1. Dalmet Technologies

They have a team of expert professionals that ensure that they build robust mobile platforms with respect to capabilities and performance. Their team provides maximum benefits to their customers by developing music/entertainment apps, business apps, gaming apps, consumer apps or web platform integration.

  1. Debut Infotech

Founded in 2011, this company is a team of 60+ professional developers that work together to build Web and Mobile Applications that have helped their clients to achieve their dream through great designs. Their products have been featured in AppIndex, ABC News, Fox News Channel, Bloomberg Business etc. Their clients include Brick Road Media, Docu Sign, Saavi Mobile Ordering, Open Key, Get Licensed and many more.

  1. Global Logic

This company has been ranked as a leader by Zinnov as they have been providing next-gen solutions for their customers for better business opportunities. By combining Experience Design, Complex Engineering, and Agile Delivery, this company has been creating excellent Apps in the shortest time. Their list of elite customers includes Physio Control, Amazon, CISCO, Verizon, Microsoft, BMC, Coca Cola, Kohl’s and many more.

  1. Mobile Apptelligence

This company has been serving customers in more than 18 countries over 10 years and have developed many mobile apps and web clients. Their recent projects include, Delhop, Feedom, Blood Donation, KLLS and many more.

  1. KNS Technologies

This company that is headquartered in Virginia has built a strong bond with their customers ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies since 2009. Their expert professionals have more than 50 years of experience in this IT industry and will surely help their customers in getting the best Apps developed for them.

  1. Apps On Roll Tech Studio

By building mobile apps for their customers they have helped their customers in taking their business to the next level as they provide a one-stop solution for all the needs, like prototyping, wireframe, testing, deployment and lot more. Their team of expert professionals has been creating sustainable apps and games for their clients.

  1. Gas Light Workshop

This is a boutique app developer which has their workforce coming from the close by universities like UVA, VCU, Richmond and many more. This company is an expert in providing location-based mobile apps and have been delivering content from organic databases, third-party databases and organic content management system.

  1. Freeze Mobile

This company has built an App called Dart that has gained lot of publicity and has been used worldwide. By creating innovative apps the work of this company has been appreciated by all their clients and has finished their tasks in the scheduled time span and budget.

  1. Innolance Inc

This company has expertise in Mobile App development as their main focus is on Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile 7 platform. By using Agile development technologies they provide best software quality and reduce the cost of development and provide the desired results in the scheduled time span.

  1. Zerion Software

This company is the proud creator of the iFormBuilder mobile platform and has best and experienced professionals working on mobile apps and web development. With a working experience of more than 12 years in Virginia, they have served elite customers that are based in the region.

So, now that you are sure of getting a unique marketing experience through your mobile apps, it is very important to choose the best suitable Mobile App Development Company for your organization. We strongly believe that by referring to the above list you will definitely choose the best one in Virginia among-st the Top 20 given above.

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