Future of App Development – Native Apps or Web app?

 28 Nov, 2016

Are you thinking about Native App?

Native Apps are those which are built for a specific platform a device like iOS, Android, Window, and more. If we say that we have built the Native App for iOS platform. This means that the application can’t run over any other platform like windows, android and more. Today, Native Apps are mainly designed for mobile devices to facilitate mobile users. Some of the examples of Native Apps are Global Positioning System (GPS) and Camera.

Today, almost all digital organizations or businesses are turning to the native mobile apps development. Due to large number of mobile users, most of the organizations are setting up their business using these apps and ensure higher profitability with maximize growth.

Let’s discuss some of the reasons why Native Apps are so popular?

why Native Apps are so popular

Enhance User Experience

When you develop a native app for your business, this will help you in effectively and efficiently presenting your products and services information in front of the targeted audience. And whenever they want toview this information, they can get all at a single platform or place.

Improve and enhance user engagement

Using native apps methodology, you can easily engage your targeted audience by providing useful information in more effective way. Native apps are mainly designed for mobile users thus these applications are facilitating its users to easily navigate from one place and providing pleasant experience of using apps.

Easy to use

Native apps are based on customer eccentric approach where they believe in simplicity and easiness in application interface. Here, the user interface of these apps is comparatively easily understandable. Thus, users don’t require anyone help to use these to another without anyone assistance.

Highly Effective Customer Support

What comes first in your mind when you think to avail services of a brand? Users first think about the customer support which helps in assisting or guiding how to use a particular app. In case of native apps, they are providing strong customer support in which they assist users how to utilize the applications and also making familiar with the user interface by describing each and every part of it.

Strong Customization

Native apps provide the highly customize solution to its users. Users can easily change the default settings of these apps and customize the user interface as per their convenience.

Powerful Native Functionality Support

Good news for mobile users that they can easily access the functionality of mobile or native apps. Native apps are the boost in the mobile industry as it facilitates mobile users by providing strong mobile functionality support. Using mobile native app support, mobile browser enables users to provide access to the mobile specific functions such as call on click, messaging, capturing pictures, and GPS.

No Internet Connection Required

Native apps enable users to access apps without having an Internet connection. This means that if user is offline then he/she can easily access the app and its functionality.

In this article, we discuss all the reasons of using the native or mobile apps but the major drawback of these apps are that user needs to download these apps before using them. Thus, this is not any easy task to convince the targeted audience to download app on your mobile and then use it.

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