11 Time-Tested Tips That Will Elevate Your CTOR


13 May, 2024



Worried why your email subscribers are not increasing?

Your one of the best email marketing strategies isn’t responding to productive action by the readers?

Don’t have any clue how your email content is being perceived by the readers?

Maybe you have not yet focused on the unique clicks and unique opens of your email which basically is CTOR (Click-To-Open-Rate) and it's a very crucial metric to understand how useful is your email content for the recipients.

Don't be disheartened as we are going to present the 11 best tips that will help you enhance your CTOR and accordingly create a strategy for your email marketing campaign. But, first, get a clear understanding of what is meant by CTOR.

What Is Click To Open Rate & Why It Holds So Much Of Importance?

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How will you find out the email content is being liked by the audience? 

If the audience stays for long going through the emailer, browsing the content, and clicking for further details it means the emailer is relevant and engaging. The higher is the engagement and click higher will the CTOR. This means click to open rate is the metric that will tell you how good your email marketing strategy is. In case of low CTOR, you need to define your strategy, content quality, CTA, and much more.

Click to open rate equation gets you the number of unique clicks and unique opens that your email receives. A lot of marketers focus on CTR while measuring their email efforts. 

However, CTR focuses on the number of clicks for an email activity, CTOR is the metric that pays attention to the content performance and it is extremely critical to gauge how much of customer experience you are able to provide to the users through the email campaign.

Here is the CTOR calculation:

Unique clicks/ unique opens * 100

But, what is a good click-to-open rate?

Yes, there is a definite answer to what is considered a healthy CTOR. Depending upon your industry, target audience, product a healthy CTOR ranges between 20-30%.

Now that you understand the importance of CTOR, and what is a good click to open rate, your next step should be improving the click-through rate. Here are the most sought-out tips to pace up your CTOR.

11 Best and Productive Tips For Improving Click Through Rate

11 Best and Productive Tips For Improving Click Through Rate

1. Check That The Emails Are Valid

Use the email address checker tool to find out if the addresses of your current or potential customers are valid. It is a required step before mass mailing. After all, it will ensure that the emails are being sent correctly to the correct recipient, and the chances of boosting up the click to open rate become more evident.

2. Make Sure You Are Sending Emails To Those Interested In Them

You can’t send an email of an upcoming sale on baby diapers to a target audience aged between 10-18 years, don’t you think so! Set up your mailings for a suitable audience. It means that the emailers should go to those who provided their email addresses in exchange for a valuable offer or consent after you contacted them. Sending emails to the right audience will boost up the CTOR.

3. Segment Your Contact List

When you already have a high-quality list of leads, then you can start segmenting your database. Sending regular letters doesn’t work here — it’s ineffective and doesn’t bring any results, neither will it work on improving click through rate. 

Segment your contact base according to:

  1. Interests of readers
  2. Their location
  3. Purchase history
  4. The latest trends

Only in this way, your users will be more engaged and take the desired action.

4. Provide Relevant Content

Understand your client’s pain points and want list.  Mailings with low-quality content are more likely to end up in spam and alienate potential customers and current customers from you, ultimately impacting your click to open rate. Instead, share relevant and interesting information, then email open rates and CTR will be high.

It’s better to send fewer emails but high-quality ones. This is one of the most effective ways to maintain a CTOR.

Remember! People want to receive unique content, which they won’t find in two seconds on Google.

5. Don’t Forget That Time And Frequency Also Affect The Successful Outcome Of An Advertising Campaign

It’s better not to contact customers more than 3 times a month. This is the perfect middle ground so that their inbox isn’t overwhelmed, and your clients have enough valuable information to be interested and stay in touch with a favorable opinion of you.

With respect to the emailing time, the best time slot is 6 am, 10 am, 2 pm, and 8 pm. But it is better to study your audience and statistics to understand the exact time convenient for people to read emails. We assure you that this is also crucial for increasing CTOR.

6. Send Personalized Emails To Boost Up Your CTOR

We all love personalized emails. Studies have shown that emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened than those without them. Rich Relevance found that revenue is 5.7 times higher in emails that employ personalization.

You can personalize emails by individualizing each message you send to subscribers. Grammarly is a great example here of the way it personalizes its message based on the recent activities of customers:

 Send Personalized Emails To Boost Up Your CTOR

7. Fill In The "From" Field Correctly 

You cannot change the sender's name too often. This can confuse recipients, and they will put your email in the trash or spam. Specify the sender's name, and then add the company: Alex from [Company Name]; Mary from [Company Name].

8. Use The Subject Line Wisely To Work On A Good CTOR

It's safe to say that subject lines play the most important role in your open email statistics. Looking at them, the recipient decides whether to open the letter or not.

Think them through so that the audience is involved. Don't be boring, experiment. First, send emails with the classic direct subject line: “How to craft your best email drip campaign today”. See how the audience will react. Then try a topic that piques curiosity, but don't overdo it. Here's a good example: “Web summit conference survival guide: 20+ tips”. And then re-analyze the effectiveness.

Besides, use subject lines that:

  • Communicate urgency or scarcity
  • Contain free offers
  • Have a question in them
  • Use case studies
  • Highlight recent news

This way you can keep your audience's interest, increase the number of openings, enhance CTOR, and then analyze after each mailing what comes in more successfully.

9. Don’t Use Flashy Phrases In The Topic Which May Affect Your CTOR

Some email marketers are still using a subject line that starts with the word "Important" and a few exclamation marks. This only pushes customers away. Such a letter is not just something that you don't want to open, but you immediately want to send it to spam.

10. Remember, Your Emailer Should Be Compatible Across Devices To Increase CTOR

85% of people open their mailboxes on mobile phones. This means it's a critical oversight if you haven't optimized your email content accordingly.

Analyze your audience. If they all use smartphones, then formulate short topics - up to 30 characters. This way, users will see the full line and, if everything is written well, according to the interests of the recipient, they are more likely to click and read the letter.

Pre-test everything yourself on your mobile device, conduct a survey among colleagues “Is the advertising campaign well-structured?”. A number of constructive remarks may arise that will help make your common cause more productive.

11. A/B Test Your Subject Line To Increase Click To Open Rate

You can carry it out in your mailing service. It will be quite easy to do this since the services simplify the work with A/B tests for their customers as much as possible.

First, you need to determine the parameter by which you will perform testing. In our case, this is the subject line. But if you want, it can be headers, images, texts. Then you need to set conditions for calculating the best option. These conditions can be as follows:

  • Deliverability;
  • Discoverability;
  • Clicking on links;
  • The number of unsubscribed followers.

Next, you take option A, which was originally, and option B, with a modified email element. Choose 40% of subscribers from the total base and divide them equally between options A and B. Start testing.

Upon completion of testing, we compare the results and send an email with the highest metrics to the remaining number of subscribers (60%).

And finally!

We have shared with you all the methods that will help you increase your click to open rate. If you have not previously adhered to some of them, most likely this is what influenced the success of your advertising campaigns. Now you can go to the email tracker, download the extension and keep track of how many emails were opened by your customers, how much time they have spent, has the bounce rate reduced, and overall how has your CTOR been impacted.

If, even after observing our 11 points, the indicators do not grow, check if your letters reach the leads at all. There may be problems with configuring the DMARC policy. Check for errors in SPF and DKIM entries, and restart the advertising campaigns taking into account all the recommendations essential to boost up the CTOR. 

Good luck!

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