What Is Advertising? Objectives, Importance, Types Of Advertisements


9 May, 2024



You were watching TV and suddenly there was a product on your screen that you were unaware of but it grabbed your attention and now you are keen to purchase it!

Well, you did not come across these ads out of the blue, instead, these are efforts from different advertising and marketing companies. 

Now, the question that crops your mind is how the branding agency knows that you will consider that product in the coming days. Well, when it comes to advertising, there are different aspects that you must consider from the meaning of advertising to different types of advertisements. 

We have discussed various essential aspects related to it:

  • Understanding What Is Advertising
  • Objectives Of Advertising
  • Why Advertising Is Important For Modern Businesses?
  • Different Types Of Advertisement For Your Business

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Understanding What Is Advertising

Advertising sometimes referred to as an ad or advert, is typically seen as a form of public discourse that supports a good, service, organization, or event. Some individuals might interpret the phrase to mean anything sponsored advertising that aims to inform or convince as going much further than that.

Analysis of Daily Ad Spends

It might be more difficult to define advertising now more than ever, it's understandable if these definitions seem ambiguous. There has never been a more diverse, nuanced, or intricate sector of advertising, from bus stations to search network apps like Instagram influencers.

When you define advertising or learn more about it, it's crucial to remember that marketing and advertising are two different concepts. As per an advertising agency, it is a form of compensated marketing in which the advertiser has total control.

Now that you know the advertising meaning, it is essential to understand its objective.

Objectives Of Advertising

Advertising has three major goals: to inform consumers about a service or brand, persuade them to make a purchase or carry out a task and to recall and reinforce the brand's message.


In order to create a brand identity and promote brand exposure in the target market, an advertising agency will use advertisements. The first step in achieving the objectives of advertising is educating prospective customers about the brand and its offerings.

Persuade Or Attract

One of the objectives of advertising is to persuade consumers to carry out a specific task. The task could include purchasing or using the given goods and services, creating a brand image, adopting a positive brand attitude, etc.


Reinforcing the brand message shared via your marketing agency and assuring current and future customers of the brand's vision are two additional objectives of advertising. Advertising aids in keeping the brand at the forefront of consumers' minds and guards against customers being stolen by rival brands. This aids in word-of-mouth advertising as well.

Subsets of the aforementioned three goals make up the objectives of advertising. These are the subsets:

  • Brand development
  • Boosting sales
  • Demand generation Engagement
  • Expanding the clientele
  • Adapting consumer behavior, etc.

Why Advertising Is Important For Modern Businesses?

There are advertisements everywhere. You'll see advertisements when you start the TV, open a browser, or go on a stroll. Everyone is vying for your time and, ultimately, your money. Although advertisements might be infuriating, how would life be without them? 

Ten reasons why is advertising important to both businesses and society as a whole are listed below:

Include Advertising In Your Marketing Plan

Advertising and marketing are often used interchangeably. Marketing services will identify what consumers want, tempt them to purchase, and then interact with them to win their allegiance. However, your advertising agency draws and informs people what they're looking for. One of the marketing and advertising examples is that marketing is the entire set of a fisherman's equipment, whereas advertising represents the fish hook.

Advertising Is Target-Oriented

A company can more effectively contact the consumers most likely to become customers by using strategic advertising. Now, what are advertising strategies that are defined further in this article? For instance, in the past, your advertising agency placed ads for toys throughout children's TV shows and promoted health products in magazines with a fitness focus. 

Customer Specific Advertising

Businesses may now be extremely specific as to who sees their advertisements and who has previously purchased their items with the advent of digital marketing services and the effective use of analytical technologies.

Different Advertising Examples Share Different Stories

In recent years, narrative advertising has become more popular for advertising companies. Many of the advertisements you see from the past describe a good or service. As one of the advertising examples, consider the old Chevrolet advertisement. The text surrounding it describes several features of the car, such as its broad tread and easy handling. The majority of car advertisements today place more emphasis on the drivers than the actual vehicles.

A recent Chevrolet commercial shows a montage of characters acting out various life situations, including leaving home. The car's attributes, such as parking assistance and trunk space, are still emphasized, but they are not the main focus. More commercials in the narrative type are more effective with viewers.

Retain Customers With Types Of Advertising

According to advertising companies, maintaining advertising campaigns is essential for retaining clients. Even if they are satisfied, a customer may purchase a product from an organization and then forget about them. However, if customers continue to see the commercials, they are reassured that this is a business they like. 

Running persistent forms of advertising efforts are crucial when the company is struggling and needs both repeat business and new clients. Businesses can run forms of advertisement on a little budget thanks to contemporary types of advertising such as social media ads and SEO optimization.

Build the Brand’s Reputation

Customers can be attracted to or turned away by how a firm displays different types of advertisements. There are numerous instances of commercials that were run by firms that backfired. A Black woman can be seen putting her blouse over her head in a 2017 Dove upload in which she appears to change into a white woman. Then, this woman takes off her shirt to show a woman from the Middle East. Although the intention of the advertisement appeared to be a representation, consumers were not happy, and Dove apologized. Dove has been in trouble before, which just goes to show how crucial advertisements are to a company's reputation.

Align Your Business With Your Business Values

Customers are becoming more selective about the businesses they choose to support. According to research, people care a lot about corporate responsibility, especially younger people, and they prefer to patronize companies that share their beliefs. Consumers can learn about a company's identity and priorities through advertising.

Importance Of Advertising For Sales

Does the impact of advertising on a brand's reputation result in altered sales? Sometimes, one of the noteworthy advertising examples is a 1998 Oldsmobile commercial. The marketing effort aimed to attract younger customers. "This is not your father's Oldsmobile," reads their tagline. It failed to work and offended their elderly customer base. 

While it's doubtful that this advertisement killed Oldsmobile, it surely didn't boost sales or gain popularity with the advertising agency. On the other hand, the year after Wendy's debuted its "Where's the Beef" commercial in 1984, their sales reached a record profit.

Worldwide, advertising expenses are rising, and simultaneously, the scope of advertising companies. According to experts at an advertising agency, advertising will reach above $630 billion in 2024. This leads to a rise in the number of jobs, consumers, competition, and GDP. 

The creative sector benefits from advertising as well. For their advertisements, businesses frequently require the assistance of photographers, animators, singers, fashion designers, and more. All of this contributes to economic growth.

Help Your Business Stand Out

How does one stand out in a sea of companies touting their goods and services? An excellent advertising agency can create commercials that people like. These advertising agencies can help businesses sell a product as simple as soap and outperform a rival. Although the soap certainly deserves to do its job, cleaning products often don't differ significantly in effectiveness. It all boils down to marketing and branding. For this, a reliable marketing agency and digital marketing company can be a helping hand for your firm. 

Different Types Of Advertisement For Your Business

When you define advertising broadly you come across different forms of advertisement and distribution methods:

Digital Advertising

Some of the first internet users encountered a weird message in a black triangle on HotWired.com." Nearly 50% of people who saw the first-ever banner types of advertising clicked on it.

Perhaps at this point, the arms race in digital advertising that we witness today began. Digital advertising has dominated the marketing sector due to its efficiency, cost, and immediate results. Simply put, different types of advertising cannot compete.

Any advertisement that appears on your computer or smartphone screen is considered digital advertising. Digital advertising is distinctively interactive, unlike its print, broadcast, and outdoor siblings; viewers can click on any type of advertisement to find out more about the business or buy the goods.

Let's look at the most common types of advertising as the term "digital advertising" encompasses a wide range of distinct marketing channels, tools, methods, and mediums.

A digital marketing agency offers different types of advertising on multiple digital platforms:

1. Email Marketing

The first digital ad campaign actually took place 16 years prior to the first banner ad, it turns out. Gary Thuerk sent a mass email to 400 people in 1978. According to reports, his business, Digital Equipment Corporation, gained $13 million from the campaign.

email marketing

Nearly 50 years later, email marketing is still profitable, returning $36 per each $1 invested. Additionally, a digital marketing company offers a system that may help your email marketing become even more successful by allowing you to create and distribute messages in just a few short minutes and by utilizing intelligent analytics to determine what works, what doesn't, and how you can get better.

2. Podcasts

Organizations can support podcasts or have commercials for their goods or services aired during the episodes in podcast advertising. Usually, the beginning, middle, and finish of each episode of a podcast feature advertisements. Companies can conduct research on which podcasts are most effective with their intended demographic, much like radio advertising.

A fun approach for listeners to absorb promotional content is when podcast hosts speak from a script written by the business or make their own. A discount code is frequently made available to podcast listeners by businesses. This code can assist businesses in determining the effectiveness of this advertising campaign in addition to bringing in new clients.

3. Social Media Advertising

Businesses approach a digital marketing agency to advertise on different social media platforms to spread the word about their goods and services. Similar to other digital advertising, social media advertising enables businesses to target particular demographics. 

They might concentrate on attracting customers depending on their demographic, age group, or purchasing preferences. They have two options: either they pay the platforms to push their ads, or they utilize more natural strategies.

80%-20% Rule

A small firm may employ organic social media advertising, for instance, by requesting that its followers like and share one of its postings. After that, they might choose a member at random to get a deal or present. Your digital marketing company can help you in this process.

Businesses today also use bloggers, celebrities, and online influencers to create content advertising their companies or goods. These tactics could be used as more economical ways for the company to build brand awareness than major advertising campaigns.

4. Mobile Advertising

Any mobile phone with internet access, such as a smartphone or tablet, can deliver mobile advertising to users. Customers may see these commercials on websites, in applications, or on social media. 

For instance, when playing a mobile game, a user can see advertisements for other games of a similar genre. The advantage is that consumers can be reached by these adverts wherever they are. Corporations can target customers based on their geographic location if people enable location settings.

5. Paid Search Advertising

Online advertising of this kind, often known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is known as paid search. Only when people click on an advertisement do businesses using PPC advertising have to pay a fee. 

Along with the positioning of their advertisement on the search engine, they bid on particular keywords, which are typically associated with their business. In its offer, for instance, a firm that sells folding bicycles uses the keyword "foldable bikes." Users who search for that term will see an advertisement for the company's goods in the search results, usually at the beginning of the page.

6. Native Advertising

Digital advertisements known as "native advertising" have an appearance that blends in with the other of the page's content. Because the offered product frequently merges together with the other results, pay-per-click commercials can be considered a type of native advertising. Because it doesn't interfere with the user experience as display advertising does, businesses favor adopting this format.

Native Advertising

7. Display Advertising

Digital advertising which uses distinguishable ads is called "display advertising." These could include pop-up advertisements and banner ads that appear at the top or sides of websites. The video advertisements that play either before or during online streaming content would serve as another illustration. 

Display Advertising

Users are encouraged to click on display advertisements to visit the business's website and frequently to make purchases. Although they are fairly common in online advertising, consumers may find it simple to overlook them at times.

Print Advertising

Print advertisements are those that are printed and frequently found in magazines and newspapers. Brochures, directories, and flyers are examples of other printed items that fall under this category. Businesses can target local consumers by placing advertisements in local newspapers, whether they are spread throughout the paper or in the classifieds section.

Types of Print Advertising

Advertising companies could look for magazine advertising chances to reach a more specific audience. Specialty publications can assist a business in reaching a particular demographic. For instance, a company that offers golf equipment might place advertisements in publications geared toward golf aficionados since they are aware that this demographic is more inclined to be interested in their product. 

Consumers may also prefer magazine advertising because full-page chances offer more color and high-quality imagery than newspaper adverts do.

Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising

Another medium for broadcast advertising that runs commercials is radio. While engaging in other activities, like driving or completing home tasks, listeners can hear radio commercials. Radio, like television, allows for the repeated airing of commercials, which can help brands gain more customer familiarity. 

Businesses can find out which radio stations are frequently listened to by their target audience. Additionally, they can discover when these clients tune in to the radio the most. For instance, they can aim to promote early in the day when they are aware that many of their clients will be traveling to work.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is defined as being visible to consumers outside of their homes. Because of this, out-of-home advertising is another name for this form of advertising. Billboards and advertisements seen in public locations or on public transportation, like the sides of buses or inside subway cars, are examples.

Outdoor Advertising

A large audience is the target audience and the main purpose of advertising. Typically, these forms of advertisements assist companies in improving brand awareness in a certain area. Both the amount of outdoor advertising space and the time that consumers spend viewing it may be constrained. In order to make the content of these forms of advertisements clear, they frequently use bold graphics and little words.

Television Advertising

Television is one of the forms of advertising that belongs to broadcasting advertising that involves businesses using 20-, 30-, or 60-second TV ads to promote their goods or services. Although expensive, it allows businesses to routinely repeat their adverts. The following variables can affect how much it costs to run television commercials:

  • The duration of the advertisement
  • The period of time
  • The program on TV
  • Frequency of broadcast
  • The range of geography
  • Amount of networks

For instance, airing an advertisement during a big event like the Super Bowl is significantly more expensive. The advantages of advertisement is that even though customers can now avoid commercials on their televisions, this is still an efficient way to reach a wide audience. Repeated commercials can increase brand identification and understanding, and even if customers aren't watching the commercials, they might still be hearing them.

Product Placement Advertising

A business pays to have its product inserted in media content, like a television program or a movie, through product placement advertising. Sometimes the audience can access content even when it doesn't directly mention the product. Using these advertising types businesses can covertly contact their target demographics.

For instance, a soda company would seek to appeal to teenagers. They are more inclined to spend on drinks featured as product placement in a series of well-liked teen movies or television programs. The soda that the company's characters in the movie consume has a label that can be seen. The beverage brand may be mentioned by the characters, although it's not required.

Product Placement Advertising

Guerilla Advertising

Guerrilla marketing refers to less conventional, frequently inexpensive strategies that use different types of advertisements to grab attention. Ambient advertising, which involves placing advertisements in public areas but doing it in an unusual way, is a popular tactic and advantage of advertising. For instance, a business might paint a mural on the pavement advertising their services rather than placing types of advertisements on bus stops.

Guerilla Advertising

Guerrilla marketing services occasionally seek participation from or connection with the public. For instance, the advertisement can exhort viewers to take a picture with it and upload it on social media with a hashtag. To encourage consumers to engage with their content, a guerrilla marketing agency strives for eye-catching advertisements. Using word-of-mouth advertising to promote a brand may be a successful and affordable strategy for businesses.

Public Service Advertising

Public service types of advertisements support a cause or program rather than a specific item. These commercials, also known as public service announcements, are intended to educate the public about a subject in a way that is advantageous to them or others. Public service advertising can be used by businesses in a variety of media, including radio, television, and online video. Your marketing agency will contribute airtime for these advertisements, but to be considered a PSA, they must adhere to specific guidelines.

Governmental entities or nonprofit groups frequently employ these types of advertising to inform customers about health and safety issues. For instance, the Centers for Disease Control began airing PSAs to alert the public to the need for health exams or disaster preparedness.


It is time to capitalize on different types of advertising for your business to improve your reach and sales. A good advertising agency can make your journey convenient with their expertise and avoid the dilemma of what are advertising strategies.

Connect with experts at JanBask Digital Design to understand and execute the best forms of advertisement. 

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