Top 13 Amazon Advertising Strategy That Works For Your Business


15 May, 2024


Introduction to Amazon Marketing

What name comes to your mind when you think of online shopping? Yes, it is, Amazon!

In short, it has a customer base that is double the population of Russia. With these stats, it is not surprising that many retailers prefer to market and sell their products on Amazon. 

Do you know that many businesses start Amazon stores to fasten up their sales? Why does only a handful succeed and others fail? What is the reason? It is the lack of solid and effective marketing strategies. 

In this article, we will discuss these strategies that include:

  • Why do many brands fail due to weak marketing strategies?
  • Top 13 Amazon advertising strategy that you can implement to succeed
  • What is Amazon’s strategy? (brand)
  • What is Amazon’s marketing strategy?
  • Four tips to shape up your marketing plans
  • Case study of a famous brand from the Amazon advertising blog

Without any adieu, let us get started!

Brands Fail on Amazon Due to Wrong Marketing Strategy!

Our discussion of Amazon advertising strategy starts with reasons that fail your Amazon store.

# Reason 1: 

Amazon has a wide range of audiences, so when the retailers fail to diversify their product category, the niche tends to cater an only a small range of customers.

As a seller, you can analyze the requirements of your users and broaden your Amazon product pages that meet the trends and demands of your business.

# Reason 2: 

Do your competitors offer a slashed price than you? Does this happen very often? 

Then it is time to overcome this undercut by altering your buying tactics

You can opt for bulk purchases from the suppliers so that you can bargain better deals from them and market your products at competitive prices than your contenders.

# Reason 3: 

Some products can have a saturated market place and to rise out of the crowd and earn more customers, ensure that your offering is:

  • High-quality
  • Unique, and benefitting

# Reason 4:

You can boast that your products are the best in the market, but there is no point in having them lying around the racks if no one can find them

So, make sure you optimize your product listings on Google and Amazon search engines. So, the next step is to figure out the Amazon advertising strategy that can work wonders for your business.

Before that, let us look at what strategy earns Amazon this overwhelming success.

Amazon Advertising Strategy for 2022

The company has its brand built upon 100% customer satisfaction by offering the lowest prices with world-class customer service. No wonder you can imagine it as the best customer-friendly eCommerce store on the entire planet.

Amazon uses a marketing strategy known as the high runner strategy for its product promotions. The process goes like this:

  • This technique uses data to discover the on-demand products in all categories.
  • Their Amazon pricing algorithm puts competitive price products and runs bids to advertise and attract customers towards these products.
  • Once the customer lands on the Amazon site, they purchase the product at its fullest price.

So, while you are working to cater to the best-fit marketing strategy, tailoring it to the below-mentioned ideas will get you the desired reullts.

13 Amazon Advertising Strategies


#1. Boost Conversions with Keyword Research for Product Listings

What makes your product reach more on the Amazon platform? It is optimization. So, shift your focus to Amazon SEO, and it makes your products get displayed at the top of the search results.

Let us make this Amazon advertising strategy point clear with a simple example. 

Your product is a Nutri Blender, and you want that product to appear if a relevant keyword search happens. So, the competition is outrageous in Amazon, and the best way to make your product rank higher is to go for CRO. 

Well, your competitors might be aware of the en-route. 

How to leap ahead in the race for sales through your campaigns? 

Check out the following ways:

  • Try A/B testing for your product images
  • Edit your product titles
  • Try experimenting with product features

Pro tip

These tools help you unwrap new ways to increase paid and organic traffic. Also, when you comprehend the needs of your audience, you market better and motivate them in the best manner to purchase your product(s).

#2. Amazon Affiliate programs

Amazon Affiliate programs

What are Amazon affiliate programs? When we talk about Amazon's marketing strategies, the list is incomplete without the Associate's program. 

The success and revenues you earn through the Amazon marketing program are unmatched. Yes! It is true. 

But some individuals or businesses cannot afford to sell directly on or through Amazon.

So, the Amazon affiliates program is a boon to those people that helps to earn their commissions through referrals. 

How can the Affiliates program benefit your business?

  • Boost your overall website revenue
  • Earn extra bucks through high-quality promotional content that links customers directly to the Amazon site

How to sign up for the Associate's program?

Before getting started, you should own an active site or blog that makes you eligible for the program.

Step 1: Visit the Amazon Associate program home page and click on the Sign-up button. It prompts you to create a new account that should take just a few minutes.

Step 2:  Now you are an official Amazon Affiliate programs team member. In this step, you have to provide your contact info and other vital product information that helps you pick the right affiliate strategies for your niche.

Step 3: Provide your website URL to Amazon 

Step 4: Amazon will ask you a few questions about 

  • How do you plan to drive site traffic?
  • What mobile apps or sites do you intend to use to generate revenue?
  • What methods will you use to build your links?

All of this information helps you draft effective search strategies to boost your organic and paid traffic.

Step 5: Select the way you want to have your payments.  You will be required to provide your Tax information here. 

Step 6: Time to create your Amazon affiliate links. So, make sure you have a customized homepage that tracks down: 

  • The number of clicks, 
  • The amount earned 
  • The links to check out the trends

#3. Customer Reviews/Testimonials

Customer reviews/testimonials

What simple metric helps you to figure out your site or store performance? They are customer reviews or testimonials. 

Wondering do these influence your marketing strategy? 

After customers purchase from an Amazon retailer, they generally write reviews or testimonials about their total shopping experience. They are valuable insights that help you improvise or streamline your marketing strategies. But, if you have only a few ones, you can motivate your customers to write more. How? Include a CTA in your product descriptions.

#4. Blend Off-site and On-page SEO Strategies

The whole idea of this strategy is to come up with the right blend of off-site and on-site SEO strategies to build brand visibility and lead generation.  

Here, you can use the relevant social media platform, backlinking, and related SEO strategies to make this happen.

With an eCom platform like Amazon, a few approaches you can deploy is: 

  • SEO optimized product listings

Does your product get listed when the customer searches? Is the answer no? Then make sure you optimize your context and title with the right set of keywords to make it happen.

You can use the keyword research tools that help you boost your SEO marketing efforts and, as a result, rank higher.

  • Display high-resolution Product Images

What do customers anticipate the most from platforms like Amazon? High-quality images. Right? Then make sure your product listings have engaging and quality visuals. 

If time and money permits, try to capture your products at various angles and post them on your pages. They help the customers know about your products that motivate them to purchase.

Looking for affordable SEO services?

  • Perform Competition Research & Analysis
  • Drive Customer Engagement
  • Customize UI for Intuitive Digital Interactions

#5. Leverage Video Marketing

What is the popular online content form? Short videos, of course. Video formats like reels uniquely present the product information.

No wonder why YouTube and Instagram reels are hitting it off bigger today. So, to be on the trend, it is wise to leverage video marketing that boosts your customer connectivity.

Some things that can help you with these tactics are

  • Unique ways your products can benefit
  • How-to of your product 
  • Deep descriptions of your product
  • Product unboxing that reveals what a customer can anticipate when they buy yours

Tips to remember while creating your short videos:

  • Eliminate background disturbances/noise
  • White/neutral product backgrounds
  • Video length should not exceed 90 seconds

#6. Make use of PPC Advertising

Do you want to drive more traffic to your product listings? First, familiarize yourself with three types of PPC ads:

  • Sponsored product ads
  • Headline search ads
  • Product display ads

The advantage of Amazon advertising strategy is that it empowers you to set the budgets for those ads that resonate with your audience. 

What cost factors influence the budget?

The click-cost for the ads is clingy on several factors like bid rates the competitors rise for the same keyword. 

So, analyzing the audience requirements before implementing this strategy can help you witness expected conversions.

#7. Monitor Your Competitors

As mentioned earlier, Amazon has millions of retailers on board who have their ad campaigns and other tactics to climb up the competition. 

How do you find this kind of information?

  • First, find your key competitors.
  • Second, track their offerings and marketing techniques they deploy that have earned the results.

You can use Amazon Analytics tools like Analyze, ShopDoc, Jungle Scout, Helium 10, Sellics to conduct your competitor analysis.

#8. Target your Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs)

Target your Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs)

The most vital Amazon advertising strategy for 2021 is the use of ASINs. What are these ASINs? They are nothing but unique product identifiers that many online shoppers use to find your products. Well, many use the keywords for product search. But there exist others who still use this number. 

This attribute gets displayed on the product information page. So, when you use ASIN in a similar way like keywords, they can:

  • Increase product sales
  • Display for relevant product searches
  • Help target and move ahead of the competing products.

How to know whether this strategy can work for your product listing? Check out the Amazon Search Terms report section. If you find a good number of ASINs as your product search term, then give this marketing technique a try during your next campaign.

#9. Category Targeting for Brand Awareness

What is the most overlooked advertising goal by many marketers? Brand awareness. 

When you focus on building brand awareness, it automatically helps your business generate sales for the long term. It is a chain of the process that goes like this:

  • Brand awareness creates trust in the prospects' minds
  • This trust triggers them to search for your brand on the shopping platform
  • The more number of clicks earns you first page rankings on Amazon search results

If you have a website, it provides the needed flexibility to build your brand awareness. It, in turn, delivers increased visibility and sales for your online business.

So, the next time you set your sales campaign, make sure you allocate a budget for building brand awareness

You can try Sponsored Brands campaign for this Amazon advertising strategy that promotes better and attract more prospective customers for your business.

#10. Remarketing Campaigns

What is the best way to catch up with lost sales and customers? Remarketing. It is the best strategy that many marketers have deployed and succeeded to date. As far as Amazon platforms are concerned, the Sponsored Display audiences nurture the purchasers that trigger them to make more purchases. 

This clever remarketing campaign permits you to create a customized audience list for a specific product page based on:

  • Price range
  • Ratings
  • Brand
  • Prime eligibility

With this information, you can capture the target audience who visited yours and those pages similar to yours. Thus, it helps you get the best returns for your spending.

Amazon sponsored products strategy auto-pauses your campaign if your product inventory hits zero. Later, you can resume without any hassle.

In general, online shoppers take six to seven days to purchase after their first search. So, with Sponsored Display audiences strategy, you can keep those people on the top-of-your-list for that specific number of days and market to them and convert them into your leads.

#11. Campaign Testing and Optimization to Boost Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS)

Do you want to heighten your ACoS and boost product orders? Then you need to test and optimize your ad campaigns. Remember, all the first ad-version is not perfect, and you have to twist and turn them until you get the results you anticipated.

You can do A/B testing for the following features:

  • Keyword placements, bids
  • Ad variations
  • CTAs

Are you struggling with optimizing your ad campaigns? Please reach out to us for professional help.

#12. Enhancing Customer Experiences to Reach More 

Today brands look for engaging ways to enhance the customer experience while on audio or video streaming.

Modern consumers do not think their relationship with a brand ends after a single purchase. They want more and always look forward to connecting with a brand in genuine ways. As a result, brands use the most effective and impressive ways of customer engagement like Interactive Audio and Video Ads offered by Amazon Ads.

The viewers can access the IMDb TV app via their voice or remote control without interrupting their current viewing experience. But at the same time, do some real-time shopping action like Add to Cart.

With these rich interactive experiences, brands engage with their customers more effectively and make them remember their brand name.

#13. Topical Promotions

Amazon uses social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter that the audience prefers. It helps them connect with them and link them back to their site for that boosted sale.  

For instance, as part of their topical promotions, Amazon also celebrates many memorable days and festivals like Diwali, Pongal, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Doctors Day, Cancer Awareness Day, and much more.

They create simple messages that make their customers engage with their brand more. Topical promotions do not include any promotional message. 

We just now ended with our ideas list. Let us move into our next section that delivers some tips to shape your Amazon marketing strategy 2021

Tips for Shaping Best Amazon Marketing Strategy 2021

Let us start our Amazon Marketing Strategy 2021 with goal identification.

Identify your goals

What is your goal? Is it more sales or building and boosting brand awareness? With Amazon, it is easy to make your objectives and targets fall in line. 

For example, you can consider your ACoS as your success metric if your goal is to drive more sales. Else the number of impressions as the success metric if your goal is to build and boost brand awareness.

Pro tip: You can use display, audio, or video ads to build brand awareness. You experiment with these forms to find the one that works best for your products and goals.

Analyze Your Current Profitability

Before you start to play with the Amazon ad strategies, you have to figure out which product gets benefited the most through a PPC boost by looking into the product level profitability.

Hey, are you wondering what that means?

It is nothing but the revenue you earned from a product and the cost you had put up for that sale to happen.

For instance, the eco-friendly coffee mugs might have $7 off making charges, but you spent $15 on ads to sell them out to a customer. 

To find the product level profitability for your business:

  • Examine each product in the store
  • Figure out those with higher profitability margins and invest your ad costs on that items
  • Come up with a list and create an ad campaign for those specific products.

Make sure you follow these tips that serve as a money-saving tool and earn more.

Connect with the Correct Service Provider/Agency to Help you Plan the Marketing strategy and its Implementation

These tips are easy to narrate and read around. But in real-time, it has some intricacies that you might miss out on. As a result, you have to start again with the process that can cost time and money. 

With huge competition, these types of errors can open up the opportunity for your competitors to leap ahead and earn more reach and conversions than you. Does it sound convincing enough? Well, no. So, it is a wise decision to go for the right service provider who can help you out with the entire process.

Analyze, Learn and Implement

No marketing strategy hits the road to success on the first attempt. It requires analysis and learning of

In the end, you have to implement those Amazon strategic goals that work the best for your product category.

The last section of our article is a case study from the Amazon advertising blog that provides insights into the benefits of choosing the Amazon ad strategy for your business.

How Does Philips Amplify Product Launch with Amazon Ads?

Philips analyzed two significant ways to make their kitchen appliances product category better for their customer:

  • High-performing kitchen appliances 
  • Reduce heavy noises from their existing mixer grinders

What did they do?

They launched their brand new HL7777 mixer grinder considering the above user inputs.

What was their need?

With this launch, they planned to build awareness and run Amazon ads display campaigns to educate their customers about a new innovative product in the market.

What Amazon Ads feature do they deploy?

They utilized gamification in Stores to attract customers. Then subsequently used videos and quizzes that promised rewards to make them aware of the innovative product features.

Results of using Amazon Ads:

  • Witness more 17K+ customer engagement through the brand quiz
  • The engagement rate of customers in the store was between 90 seconds-2 minutes

That was epic marketing results!

Final words

Whoa! That was a huge list of Amazon strategies for success that can deliver for your business. Whatever be your products, marketing them on Amazon needs analysis of customer needs, competitors, and keyword research, identifying the right strategies and tools to implement them. 

There is a no-short cut formula to figure out yours, so make sure you follow these ideas and tips to earn more traffic and revenues for your business. Consider working with a a a professional digital marketing company who can help you with all that is required to make a noise on the giant platform!

We hope this article has provided you with insights that you can implement in real-time. 

  • Did we miss out on any amazon strategic goals?
  • Do you want us to add any more amazon strategies for success? 
  • Do you have any techniques that worked well for you?

Whatever be the query, do let us know in the comments below.

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